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April 2010

p.1 Senior Tutorial

Go to and select the Member Login in the top right-hand corner. Enter your school’s username and password.

Once on the Member Home page select the Scholarship link from the maroon toolbar

Once on the Scholarship page select the link: Tasseltime Tutorial for Seniors-webpage Accessing the Student Calendar: Once you are logged in select Scholarships from the maroon toolbar. Scroll down the page and select the graphic NEW TASSELTIME STUDENT CALENDAR Important 2009-10 Click HERE

Specific Reminders for Seniors: APRIL-JUNE 1. If you plan to fill out your FAFSA, make sure you have submitted FAFSA by the appropriate deadline. 2. If you are going to apply for Challenge, make sure you have submitted Challenge application. Although the deadline is not until June 1, IT IS VERY WISE TO SUBMIT IT ASAP.

This calendar has important deadline dates for college admission, scholarships, ACT, and SAT. Arkansas colleges’ priority financial aid and scholarship deadlines are marked on this calendar. Direct link to calendar (you must be logged in to access: alendar.asp *you have to be logged in to Tasseltime to access this calendar

Please see our counselors if you need more information.

3. Make sure an 8 semester transcript (after you have graduated) gets to the college. Again, find out if you college choice is going to directly request it from the school or if it is your responsibility to see that it is mailed. 4. If you have been offered several scholarships to different colleges, respond to all college/scholarship offers appropriately. Let all of the colleges know of your plans. This allows other students who are on a waiting list to also find out ASAP. 5. If you are still needing that magic 19 in a certain area or are trying to push for that one last try at a higher score, find out if your college choice will allow you to update your scores with the April or June test results. See if it is possible for you to take the Residual test on the campus of your specific college choice. .

TasselTime Newsletter

April 2010

Online Universal Application: If you are applying for Arkansas Scholarships administered by Arkansas Department of Higher Education (ADHE), the online application is now available for you to start your account. Look for the icon below on the ADHE Website:

Once you have selected the ICON on the ADHE page your will be taken to the page to start your application:

You begin the application by selecting the SEARCH NOW icon on the page. Create your account so that you can apply for scholarships. Be sure you create the account with a valid email address. You will be able to receive alerts and notices through email. CHECK YOUR STATUS/ACCOUNT regularly over the next few months. DO NOT MISS THE DEADLINES—THERE ARE NO DO-OVERS


Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA): You need to submit your FAFSA form online as soon as possible. If you have not applied for a PIN then you need to do this before you can submit your FAFSA application on line. MOST of the state sponsored scholarships will require you to submit the FAFSA. ** More financial aid information found on the Financial Aid page in Tasseltime: Aid.asp *you have to be logged in to Tasseltime to access this link

Select Financial Aid in the maroon toolbar

Although the deadline for the Arkansas Academic Challenge (Lottery Funded) Scholarship is June 1st, 2010, you should get your application submitted ASAP!! You have to follow the steps within the YOUniversal to submit your application. YOU have to fill out a FAFSA for your application process to be completed. ALSO, there may be local scholarships that are specific to your area of the state or county; be sure you are watching your counseling department’s announcements and/or checking with your counselor frequently.

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