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Flexible “green” solutions for electric and heat energy production



the future drives us to green energy

specializes in the Waste-to-Energy




mercial, construction and consulting services. WASTEENERGY is an affiliate of the Swedish company SCIN AB. The company’s primary field of expertise is in the exploitation of biogas and various low-energy gases (such as waste gases) to produce electricity and thermal energy with zero emissions. In this framework,

has established a partnership with EECT-

Turbomachinery to install and service the cleanest power stations in the market – all manufactured by FlexEnergy, the leader in renewable, green

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and flexible energy production.


The implementation of the eco-friendly FlexEnergy electric and thermal power stations, installed by the partnership of EECT-Turbomachinery and , is a proposal not only ecological but also financially sound, due to the high prices of energy produced from renewable sources and enjoys the expertise and service support of the world leaders in this field. The legal framework regarding Renewable Energy Sources (RES), which ensures the sale of produced power and energy savings in commercial, industrial and residential implementations, guarantees the profitability of the corresponding technological investment. The partnership of EECT-Turbomachinery and

’s tar-

get is to install and service the FlexEnergy technology either through direct sale to interested producers (in the private or public sector) or through the installation, operation and exploitation of the technology on its own behalf under various types of collaboration with such producers.


 

The concept SCIN (ScandInvestor) AB was founded in Stockholm in 2010. The company takes pride in its efforts to become recognizable as a Swedish investment company that is both significant and valuable for its humanitarian message and the satisfaction of its investors-shareholders. It considers that businesses, profit, people and the environment are equally significant factors in attaining long-term success. In this framework, SCIN strives to be part of the solution to existing environmental problems and affect positively our way of life. This strong principle is fully implemented in the aims and priorities of the company and plays a lead role in the development of its strategy.



Α complete system that converts methane into clean energy with almost zero emissions.

The investment areas where SCIN is active include:  “Green” production of electrical power  Waste processing  Production of biogas and biodiesel Mining of gold, diamonds and other minerals,  oil, bauxite, etc.

 Activities related to the infrastructure and networks of a country  Development projects and activities  Social programs (education, training, health, etc.)

The collaboration EECT-Turbomachinery is an European bases company specialised in combustion technologies and official sales partner of FlexEnergy Inc. SCIN AB represents EECT-Turbomachinery in Scandinavia, Greece, Cyprus, Albania and the GCC.

The implementation SCIN AB, has entrusted the vision for green energy production implementation to

, an effort fully

supported by our international group, network and people with many years of expertise in the investment and energy sectors.


Clean energy production offers a range of innovative solutions for energy production with nearly zero emissions. These solutions revolve around the production of heat and electrical energy (cogeneration) from a wide range of fuel sources, including low quality gas. Its personnel specialization along with innovative technology guarantees the implementation of optimal solutions for the production of energy from gaseous waste.

The European legislative framework for renewable energy - DIRECTIVE 2001/77/EC September 27, 2001 for the promotion of electricity produced from renewable sources in the internal electricity market.  

- DIRECTIVE 2003/30/EC of May 8, 2003 on the promotion of biofuels or other renewable fuels for transport. - DIRECTIVE 2009/28/EC of 23 April 2009 on the use of energy from renewable sources and amending and subsequently repealing Directives 2001/77/EC and 2003/30/EC




The technology FlexEnergy Inc. is a technology firm. It is reputed for top technological solutions through its commitment to develop the cleanest energy platforms in the world· the Flex Turbine MT250 and the Flex Powerstation FP250. This dedication, combined with profound know-how and extensive expertise, has turned FlexEnergy into one of the fastest developing industries in the market.

FlexEnergy possesses the cleanest engineering technology for internal combustion turbines. Three from among FlexEnergy’s energy platforms are promoted and installed by the partnership of EECTTurbomachinery and

, as most appropriate for its

target collaborations in the public and private sector. They all use gases containing methane and natural gas, for the production of basic energy loads and the reduction of greenhouse gases. More specifically, these stations are: 

T he Flex Powerstation FP250, which runs on the widest range of fuels down to as low as 5% methane, while delivering emissions that are almost undetectable.

T he Flex Turbine MT 250 EX, an air turbine to be used with an external heat source that can be customized and easily integrated into an existing power generation process.

T he Flex Turbine MT250 G3, the third generation of FlexEnergy’s proven gas turbines, which offers specific tested enhancements in its performance.


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The proposal The partnership of EECT-Turbomachinery and

deploying the

innovative Flexenergy technology, utilizes a broad of fuel sources, including otherwise unusable low quality gases from industrial and other activities, in order to produce clean energy. Applications:  Active or inactive landfills  Sewage waste processing installations 

Biogas plants from anaerobic digestion of biomass

 Biomass combustion  Cogeneration of energy in industrial, commercial and residential applications  Enterprises in the exploitation of natural gas and oil  Concentrated solar power plants (CSP)

The partnership of EECT-Turbomachinery and

promotes and

installs the FlexEnergy power stations and turbines described above. The company’s target collaborations, in both the public and the private sector, fall into two different categories: 1. Direct sale of the energy platforms to producers (or prospective producers), with installation and service support. 2. Installation of the equipment and own exploitation of the produced energy under various types of collaboration. The service support and spare parts of these installations are provided from the company’s central facility in the Netherlands. They include monitoring and synchronization on a 24/7 basis over the Internet as well as local service support within 48 hours.






Ultra-clean electricity and useful thermal energy is generated from a rugged and efficient turbine system.

Flex Turbine ΜΤ250™ The MT250 successfully operates in a variety of environments.

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) The 250kW system provides clean, continuous power to a facility while it recovers heat for greater efficiency in on site heating, cooling and hot water systems. It is the cleanest burning and most robust gas turbine suitable for industrial or commercial applications, such as medical facilities, universities, public buildings.

Renewable Fuel Sources FlexEnergy technology enables customers to generate continu-

A Turbine for the times Gas turbine-powered generators represent the cleanest combustion technology available today. The 250 kW Flex Turbine™ leads the

ous energy from methane while attaining low emissions of NOx, CO and VOC’s. The technology is suitable for landfills, waste water treatment plants, food processing facilities, breweries, agricultural waste handling facilities and biomass plants.

Oil & Gas Production

way with its clean, low emissions

Hydrocarbon fuels can result from many operations along the

technology as the very best way to

oil/gas recovery stream. “Raw” gases associated with upstream

consume less and generate more.

recovery operations can often be conditioned for direct use

At the heart of this extraordinary

with a turbine. Hydrocarbon constituents can be used as fuel

equipment is a simple, powerful

as long as sufficient dew point suppression can be maintained.

single-shaft design that has proven

Overhead vapors from downstream processing with significant

to be one of the most reliable and

ethane and propane content represent good opportunity fuel

rugged in its class.





HOW IT WORKS The Flex Turbine™ MT250 operates effectively using a wide range of gaseous fuels. Its ability to adjust the combustion turbine technology, allows the MT250 to make clean and efficient fuel consumption of a broad spectrum of caloric values - even with gas 30% methane content. Thus, low-fuel blends (biogas) or too high in energy (natural gas) that other technologies are unable to exploit, the MT250 reclaims them. Advantages of a Flex Turbine™ MT250 • Generates reliable power that provides energy security and the ability to supply electricity to priority loads in the event of a grid outage. • Has a long-term field operating record in diverse applications and environments. • Contains an internal waste heat recovery system that results in a compact footprint. • Provides heating/cooling capability in addition to electricity resulting in energy savings over time. • Hedges against increasing electricity prices by ensuring predictable costs.

• Increases power output in colder temperatures. • Performs in the harsh environments due to its durable, rugged design. • Has low emissions as a result of its patented low-N Ox combustor. • Recuperates engine heat to enhance turbine efficiency. • Has




available. • Is CARB Certified for landfill gas, digester gas and natural gas







Flex Turbine ΜΤ250 G3 The MT250 G3 is a complete system for producing electricity and thermal energy with a gas turbine.

STRENGTHS Low Emissions; Carb Certified

The MT250 G3, the third generation of FlexEnergy’s proven gas

High Maximum Output

turbine with nearly one million operating hours in the field,

Regulatory Compliance

boasts the following improvements:

Long Term Field Operating Experience Robust System Design

MARKETS Higher Quality Fuel Sources Cogeneration Applications Active Landfills Associated Petroleum Gas Digester Gas Natural Gas Systems

CHARACTERISTICS Nominal Electrical Output Minimum Fuel Higher Heating Value Minimum Fuel Supply Pressure NOx Concentration in Exhaust Gas CO Concentration in Exhaust Gas Heat Rate (HHV) Electrical Efficiency (LHV) Exhaust Gas Temperature Exhaust Gas Mass Flow System Weight System Footprint

250kW 300Btu/scf 80-115 psig <5ppm <5ppm 12645 Btu/kWh 30% 450-5000 F 4.7 lb/sec 14500 lbs 11 ft x 7 ft


   Flex Turbine ΜΤ250 EX The Flex MT250 EX is a gas turbine, which takes advantage of hot air from an external heat source to produce electricity. This system provides customers the flexibility to produce electricity and useful thermal energy through their applications. The Flex MT250 EX is the only turbine in its class to offer such options to the customer.

CHARACTERISTICS Nominal Electrical Output 250kW Air Mass Flow Rate 2,13 kg/sec. (4,7lb/sec.) Package Footprint 3.35 mx2.13 m (11ft x 7ft)

STRENGTHS - Easy Integration to Custom Processes or Systems - Comprehensive Development Packaging - Robust System Design


- Compact Power Source - Integrated High Effectiveness Recuperator

MARKETS Ideal for applications such as biomass combustion. Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) heating and heat capture from industrial processes.








Flex Powerstation™ Generating clean energy from greenhouse gas sources such as landfills, digesters, coal mines, oil fields and industrial processes is beyond the capability of existing energy technologies. The Flex Powerstation™ (FP) now fills this gap with its ability to utilize all sources of methane. The Flex Powerstation™ is the integration of an oxidizer system (instead of conventional internal combustion engine) and a FlexEnergy turbine, that creates an electricity and thermal energy

MARKETS PRODUCTION OF RENEWABLE ENERGY SOURCE • Landfills • Wastewater Treatment Plants • Agricultural processing plants, dairies, industrial waste etc. by anaerobic digestion • Biogas-Tail Gases

production system with almost zero emissions and a wide range of gaseous fuels. The FP250 is able to operate on dilute gas streams with as little as 5% methane content. The FP250 tolerates siloxanes and moisture.  Near Zero emissions  Fuel Flexibility (50 Btu/scf to 2,000+)  <1 ppm NOx and CO Emissions  Minimal Fuel Conditioning  Low Maintenance  Integrated Heat Recovery Nominal Electrical Output1


Minimum Fuel Higher Heating Value

1.9 MJ/m3 (50Btu/scf)

Fuel Supply Pressure Range

21-34 kPa (3-5 psig)

NOx Concentration in Exhaust Gas


CO Concentration in Exhaust Gas


Heat Rate (HHV)1

15400 kJ/kWh (14600 Btu/kWh)

Exhaust Gas Temperature

232-2600C (450-5000 F)

• Flue gas from other applications

Exhaust Gas Mass Flow1

2.13 kg/s (4.7 lb/sec)

System Weight

24500 kg (540000 lbs)

• Natural Gas Pipeline

System Footprint

732cm x 274 cm x 716 cm tall (24 ft x 9 ft x 23.5 ft)

ADDITIONAL GAS SOURCES • Associated Petroleum Gas • Gas fields • Preparation of Natural Gas Pipeline (gas)



The Flex Powerstation™ eliminates the complexity and expense of fuel conditioning required by traditional technologies. Advantages of the Flex Powerstation™  Generates electricity from existing gas sources at landfills, anaerobic digester applications, such as wastewater treatment plants or dairy farms, coal mines, industrial plants and oil fields.  Eliminates the need for gas compression and prior siloxane removal  Runs equally well on 100% (1000 Btu/scf), 50% (500 Btu/scf), 15% (150 Btu/scf) and 5% (50 Btu/scf) methane fuel.  Operates cleanly and efficiently with a wide range of fuels including fuels with varying energy content.  Produces emissions (NOx, CO, VOCs) below 1ppm, significantly lower than those from other power plants and flares.  Integrates two proven and mature technologies – gas turbine technology with thermal oxidation – in a ground-breaking fashion.  Scales to match the available gas energy.  Low cost service.




The Flex Powerstation™ runs on the widest range of fuels down to as low as 5% methane while delivering emissions that are almost undetectable. HOW the Flex Powerstation™ WORKS figure 1

The Flex Powerstation™ is the only solution of pure energy that works directly with a gas of low BTU. Figure 1 shows a traditional gas turbine station: In conventional technologies, compressed fuel is injected into compressed air and combusted to raise the temperature even further. This high-temperature and high pressure fuel/air mixture spins the turbine at high speeds to generate electricity. Each fuel is different and therefore requires its own compressor, clean-up and unique combustor. The siloxane removal and fuel conditioning system is the weakest link in traditional gas power plants. The fuel conditioning consumes up to 20% of the power generated.  Such fuel conditioning and

figure 2

siloxanes removal are substantially eliminated with the Flex Powerstation™, as shown in Figure 2. Figure 2 shows the operation of Flex Powerstation™ with its unique characteristics - of discrete box at the bottom of the chart. Fuel is aspirated with air forming a fuel/air mixture of 15 Btu / cft that is compressed. The energy released is oxidized by the Flexidizer in a gradual oxidizer. The high temperature and pressure developed in the oxidizer is then used to spin the turbine and generate electricity. The Flex Powerstation™ does not require a fuel compressor or fuel processing. Regardless of the initial fuel Btu content, diluted with air at 15 Btu / cft (1,5% methane, or 1.5% of the power of natural gas).



The Flex Powerstation™ efficiently operates on a wide variety of fuel sources, including waste gas with as little as 5% methane.




Fuel Flexibilty


Over 300 million tons of man-related methane seeps into the atmosphere each year from locations around the world.

Emissions Flex Powerstation™ emissions are slated to meet the stringent California Air Resources Board 2013 regulations for waste gas and are over 30 times lower than the U.S. average for existing power plants. The table below represents a comparison of emissions data between the Flex Powerstation™, current emissions standards and future emissions standards. (Emissions Standards diagram. PPMV @15% O2.)



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Flexenergy Powerstation™ FP 250 the only solution for Inactive landfills that generate gases discharged freely into the atmosphere, polluting our environment for many decades. The environmental problem caused has now a unique solution. The FlexEnergy Powerstation™ (FP), working on low caloric gases, is the only station that converts the problem into efficient and profitable use. The FP 250 offers the sole holistic solution with no need of fuel conditioning. The FlexEnergy Powerstation™, not only produce energy from otherwise useless gases, but also relieves the atmosphere of pollutants.


With the ability to run on ultra low quality methane, the combi足 nation of micro-turbine and thermo oxidiser technology being installed at the closed Santiago Canyon Landfill site in California will be the biggest landfill gas project delivered be FlexEnergy so far.



PUBLIC BUILDING The Phillip Burton Federal Building in San Francisco is the largest federal building in the western US. Built in 1959 this 21-floor multi purpose federal facility has a 24/7 demand for both electricity and heat. A study was completed to first capture and measure the facilitiesâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; energy usage, then select the technology to best fit the load profile and achieve the maximum available energy savings. The Flex turbine MT250 gas turbine was chosen. It provides round the clock power and heat thereby reducing base load power consumption by 250 kW/ht and also generates up to 1.100.000 Btu/hr of hot water for space heating. Annual Energy profit $275.000

FACTORY The Ethicon facility in Cornelia, Georgia - a Johnson & Johnson Company- manufactures surgical and medical instruments. In the process, Ethicon uses both heat and electrical energy on a consistent 24X7X365 basis. The FlexEnergy Inc MT250 gas turbine became an obvious choice as a consistent provider of on site heat and electrical energy. They installed two MT250 gas turbines that deliver 2.200.000 Btu/hr as part of a modified exhaust system that feeds a steam boiler. The heat energy generated by the gas turbines aids in the sterilization process by reducing the amount of natural gas that the existing steam boilers consume for regular operation. Results: Boiler Savings: $ 150.000/year Annual Energy Savings: $ 350.000/year




HOSPITAL The John Muir Medical Centerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Walnut Creek campus is an acute-care 324 bed facility that in 2007 began construction for a Central Utility Plant expansion with a plan to increase energy efficiency and reduce grid-purchased power. A feasibility study was conducted to predict the facilitiesâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; power and hot water usage, then selected the technology that generates reliable output to best fit the defined profile. 3 Flex Turbine MT250 configuration for a total of 750kW/hr won the bid. To help fix cost and maximize uptime, hospital agreed to a Total Care Service Agreement with FlexEnergy Inc for its low maintenance gas turbine system. Results: Boiler Savings: $ 200.000/year Annual Energy Savings: $ 350.000/year

LABORATORY / OFFICE BUILDING EMERYSTATION, EMERYVILLE, CA Laboratory / office building Wareham Development, a forward-looking real estate firl based in San Francisco Bay Area, were seeking to offer their tenants the unique benefit of low cost energy. Distributed generation was chosen to produce the desired result. It limits cost exposure to future rate increases and the thermal energy generated from combustion can be used for space or process heating for the EmeryStation facilities. By installing 3 250kW Flex Turbine MT250s Wareham Development benefits from secure power energy savings and reduced energy cost volatility. The tenants benefit from ultraclean onsite, reliable power and an installation that is unobtrusive. All 3 units are natural gas fired. Results: Annual Emissions: $ 200.000/year Annual Energy Savings: $ 50.000 to 60.000/year in energy


Landfill gas to energy Toland Road Landfill Ventura county CA Ventura Regional Sanitation District wanted to take advantage of all the landfill gas as it became available rather than waiting 5-10 years for the optimal flow required for a large scale reciprocating engine. With installation of the FlexTurbine system, Ventura County affirms itsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; commitment to renewable energy and environmental stewardship. The partnership with Flex Energy will continue to pay dividents in future years as the 9 commissioned 250kW MT250 turbines will increase to 15 to meet the full capacity of Toland Road Landfill. Results: Annual Emissions: CARB certified for operation on landfill. Annual Energy Savings: $ 1.9MM/year in energy savings. Renewable Portfolio Standard: 2,25 MW towards Californiaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s overall renewable energy goals.



25 Frequently Asked Questions _ FP250

What is the Flex Powerstation™ FP250? The Flex Powerstation™ FP250 is simply the cleanest, most versatile pollution control and power generation solution in the world. The revolutionary Flex Powerstation FP250 oxidizes fuel gases, especially previously unusable fuel gases, to produce clean, green electricity. The Flex Powerstation FP250 significantly expands the range of fuels that can be used to generate power. Unlike other current power plants that are available, the system operates cleanly and efficiently with a wide range of fuels, including landfill gas as low as 5% methane (50 Btu/scf). It is also atypical in that it accepts fuel gas near atmospheric pressure, so a gas compressor is not needed and it needs minimal fuel conditioning. For landfills, why not just use a flare to destroy the methane? A flare certainly destroys the methane, but creates combustion-related pollution and provides no beneficial use. The Flex Powerstation™ FP250 destroys methane, has virtually zero emissions and generates electricity which creates revenue or savings to pay for the pollution clean-up and methane destruction. What range of methane gas can the Flex Powerstation™ FP250 run on? Unlike current market solutions, the Flex Powerstation FP250 can operate on waste gases like methane in concentrations from 100% down to 5% methane.

How much NOx (Nitrogen Oxide) emissions does the Flex Powerstation™ FP250 generate? Less than 1 part per million (ppm). How much CO (Carbon Monoxide) emissions does the Flex Powerstation™ FP250 generate? Less than 1 part per million (ppm). Where can the Flex Powerstation™ FP250 be used? The Flex Powerstation FP250 can be utilized in Landfills (open and closed), Coal Mines, Digesters, Oil & Gas Operations, Waste Water Treatment Plants, Industrial Processing Plants and Waste Fuel Sites (military bases/ships, etc.), to name a few. New applications for the Flex Powerstation FP250 are discovered every day. Does the Flex Powerstation™ FP250 have a combustion process? No. Does the Flex Powerstation™ FP250 require fuel conditioning and clean-up? Many less than conventional technologies. What is LFGTE? Landfill Gas to Energy, using a potent greenhouse gas pollutant and waste product to create electricity. How destructive is Methane gas for the environment?

How much power can a Flex Powerstation™ FP250 generate?

According to the EPA, methane gas is 20-25 times more potent to the atmosphere than the greenhouse gas CO2.

The Flex Powerstation generates 250 kW per system.

How long does Landfill produce methane?

Is the Flex Powerstation™ FP250 scale-able? Absolutely. The Flex’s modular design enables easy scaling based on the specific requirements of the site.

A landfill continues to emit methane gas for up to 100 years

26 Frequently asked questions _ MT 250

What is the Flex Turbine™ MT250? Gas turbine-powered generators represent the cleanest combustion technology available today. And the FlexEnergy Inc Flex Turbine™ MT250 leads the way with its on-site, clean, low emissions technology… the very best way to consume less and generate more. At the heart of this extraordinary equipment is a simple, powerful singleshaft design sharing a heritage with the legendary Dresser-Rand KG2 two-megawatt gas turbine that has proven to be one of the most reliable in its class. With typical FlexEnergy ruggedness and reliability, the 250 kW turbine has a product design life of 80,000 hours. What types of methane gas can the Flex Turbine™ MT250 run on? The FlexEnergy, 250 kW Flex Turbine™ can use pipeline natural gas and renewable “waste” fuels with a wide range of energy content, including landfill gases, digester gases, gases recovered from oil and gas processes and even gases that include significant hydrogen content. Where can the Flex Turbine™ MT250 be used? The Flex Turbine™ MT250 can be deployed at facilities such as Landfills, Wastewater treatment plants, Food processing facilities, Breweries, Agricultural waste handling facilities and Oil and Gas recovery facilities. How much power can a Flex Turbine™ MT250 generate? The Flex Turbine™ MT250 generates 250 kW per system. What types of electrical generation can the Flex Turbine™ MT250 provide? Grid parallel, dual-mode, or grid-isolated. Is the Flex Turbine™ MT250 scale-able? Definitely. The MT250’s modular design enables

easy scaling based on the specific requirements of the site. How much NOx (Nitrogen Oxide) emissions does the Flex Turbine™ MT250 generate? Less than 5 parts per million (ppm) @ 15% O2 at 100%* load (*natural pipeline gas only). How much CO (Carbon Monoxide) emissions does the Flex Turbine™ MT250 generate? Less than 5 parts per million (ppm) @ 15% O2 at 100%* load (*natural pipeline gas only). Where can the Flex Turbine™ MT250 be used? The Flex Turbine™ MT250 can be utilized in Landfills (open and closed), Coal Mines, Digesters, Oil & Gas Operations, Waste Water Treatment Plants, Industrial Processing Plants and Oil and Gas recovery facilities, to name a few. Does the Flex Turbine™ MT250 feature integrated heat recovery? Yes, the Flex Turbine™ MT250 offers built-in heat recovery integration with controllable output levels, the ability to reduce overall footprint, no need for ducting and is suitable for potable applications. Is the Flex Turbine™ MT250 recuperator unique? Yes, the Flex Turbine™ MT250 has a pa-tented recuperator that is critical to high efficiency and is considered the best in the industry. Is the Flex Turbine™ MT250 combustor unique? Yes, the Flex Turbine™ MT250 has a patented combustor that generates dry low NOx and easily meets stringent environmental regulations.

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SCIN AB - WasteEnergy  
SCIN AB - WasteEnergy  

Clean power production from gaseous waste