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==== ==== It's a smart concept to include everyone in your family in The Excellent Power Diet. ==== ====

I bet you have been in the same situation like me, when you get your bills and you see that HUGE electricity bill and your eyes almost pop out. As I said, this had happened to me several times until one day I got really frustrated and made some research on how to reduce electricity bill. And I found 5 effective different ways to do it and I will share them with you. 1. Turn off the lights Even if I were alone at home and I was watching TV I kept my lights turned on everywhere, in the same room, in the kitchen, in the corridor and even in other rooms that were closed. Really, who needs all those lights? So if you have any unnecessary lights on, go turn them off right now! I'm serious! :) 2. Do not use electricity to heat water Electric water heaters consume an awfully lot of electricity. Probably the smartest move here would be to get yourself some solar water heaters. You can buy them or make them yourself anytime. Surf the net to find out how to make them, it's not hard and it should really help to reduce electricity bill. 3. Be smart using home appliances Another bad habit that I had was not to turn off the radio but to turn down the volume instead, but it still kept consuming electricity. Also do not forget to turn off the TV not only by remote but even on the main, also if you leave your PC even for a minute switch off it's monitor, don't forget about speakers and DVD players. 4. Use programmable thermostat It will reduce electricity's waste while you are asleep and it can really help to reduce electricity bill. Separately these 4 ways do not save a lot of electricity, but by combining them you can reduce electricity bill by up to 40%. But those ways have a slight minus, you have to develop yourself new habits and for some of us to reduce electricity bill up to 40% isn't enough. And that brings me to the fifth one. 5. Use green energy By having your own mini solar or wind power plant can help you to reduce electricity bill to up to 100%. And you even do not have to develop any new habits. Ain't it great? It is probably the ONLY guaranteed energy saving way that can reduce electricity bill for a long period of time which doesn't require any new habits.

I hope these ways will help you to reduce electricity bill and if you would like to find out more about using green energy to reduce electricity bill [] just visit my squidoo lens []. Good Luck

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==== ==== It's a smart concept to include everyone in your family in The Excellent Power Diet. ==== ====

How To Reduce Electricity Bill