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In the past 5 years, social media networking sites have shifted from casual social networking to being serious tools for both large and small businesses to promote, sell products, share ideas and engage and connect with their client base. I think the key words here are engagement and relationships. We've all grown tired of being 'sold to', bombarded with ads (though of course it's still as prevalent as ever, if not more so). As customers, we want to be informed, and be able to connect with a product or service and social media gives us the perfect platform to do this. It really should be part of any businesses online marketing plan. For businesses, word of mouth has always been powerful, but has become even more so with social networking. One of the main 'concept abilities' is the ability to share up-to-date information easily and in a concise way. On social networking sites, if you like a product, people will know it almost instantly and of course if you're unhappy that information will be shared just as easily, at the click of a button. Another benefit is that social media gives clients and customers the opportunity to provide almost immediate feedback to the business. The key is to kick start the conversation process, participate by creating relevant content your clients can engage with then let your clients pass it on. I'm not saying we need to shun traditional forms of paid advertising, these are still relevant, but what I am saying, is companies who choose to tap into social media and engage with their customers, without a doubt, do better than those companies who rely on more traditional means of communication. These are simply the facts. Just to give you an idea of numbers, Twitter has over 20 million users, it's estimated that 180 million people log into Facebook every day while there are around 800 million users in total. All this exposure for free! Just look at the recent reactions to the death of Steve Jobs. This outpouring of grief, as well as the personal connections many people felt to Steve Jobs, would not have happened if it weren't for social media sites. The most well-known social media sites are Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Myspace and YouTube, yet there are also more industry specific social media sites in areas such as Tourism, Finance, Parenting and a quick search on Google, as these seem to be growing daily.

Be creative with social media. For businesses, writing blog and articles, and sharing these on social networking sites can be beneficial in two ways. Not only will it keep your clients updated on the latest news on your industry or business, but it could also help with search engine optimization on your website - another powerful internet marketing tool. Or you could post an online survey! Finally, remember the 'social' part in Social Media. It is a regular, ongoing commitment, keep on top of it, otherwise one day you'll find your followers or friends will have disappeared! If you don't have time to manage your online marketing or social media, give Virtual Admin Angel a call. Our team has plenty of experience managing our client's online social marketing, such as social media, search engine optimization, article writing, blog and e-newsletters.

Maintain a high quality, professional image without the costly overheads. If you are a sole trader or operator or the director of a small to medium business who would like to take on an administration assistant for only a few hours a week - even sporadically - then Virtual Admin Angel can help. We support many local businesses to maintain their administration needs in an efficient, reliable and convenient way. Our team are on standby to answer your phone, invoice your clients, create your business website, manage your diary, chase your debtors, type and proof read, create your business brochures and presentations.....and much more! We are your virtual personal assistant or online secretary. We operate as if we were sitting in your office on a full time basis. We can create a website for you, as well as perform all your website optimisation requirements. Contact Virtual Admin Angel today on 02 8977 4085 or visit our website to read more

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