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This is about high quality leads, not just a lead, as a lead is worthless unless that person is looking for what you have and is responsive. Correctly change your approach straight away to attraction online marketing, and you will head towards a new invigorating course, that attracts high quality prospects. Network marketers are one of the many groups of business owners, who tend not to follow this fundamental requirement. If you become part of a social community to establish credibility, you will more likely be perceived as a valuable expert. The people who need to use the attraction online marketing strategy the most, are the ones that shy away from it. They cannot see themselves ever being of any value within a social community. Most think it would not pay off fast enough to take the trouble anyway. Well, that is not exactly true, because the question that must be answered is, how well has the so called short cut worked so far? It is time to plug up that void where the money and time is disappearing into. This void is the misconception that your business will grow faster, if you focus on just generating leads to sell to. But these leads will feel this, and rebuke your advances. You must gain exposure and credibility to a social community which blocks up that void. That is what will attract people to you, and the leads you generate will be more responsive towards you. How do we make this happen? In normal traditional business you would join different associations and networking clubs, to become established as a credible contributor to these groups. This can work well, but it is not close to the leverage you get on the Internet doing the same thing. Attraction online marketing is what we are doing now, on the Internet, contributing to social networks and communities. The most successful traditional businesses have always done this and we are copying their success. Positioning yourself. If you wish to attract lots of business, you must establish yourself as trustful and credible which will draw people to you. It is not about finding fresh vegetables to sell every day but cultivating the fields that they grow in. Look at all the most successful network marketers, they have been doing attraction online

marketing for years without informing anyone else. The first network marketing company I was involved with, was all about sell, sell, sell and bring in more people to sell, sell, sell. This was good for up front commissions but rubbish for retiring on residual income. What I realise now is that the top earners in that company were playing a completely different game to me, "attraction online marketing". They were influential people who belonged to numerous societies, placing themselves in front of people as trustworthy and knowledgeable. Not many network marketers approach their business this way but this makes them very short sighted. The path they have chosen will lead them nowhere as it is the same as the one I took, until I discovered attraction online marketing. People feel uncomfortable buying from them, due to the way they are programmed to systematically sell. Yes they make some sales like I did, but the work required to stay focused this way, building a business is torture. They will be fortunate if they manage to break even, without learning how to attract prospects to them. So many network marketers resist the things that would position themselves as a credible resource in the social communities. Many believe it is because of all the way opportunities are presented, no work involved, get rich quick or guaranteed to win the lottery. It really is shameful.

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==== ==== Ken Silver's Multi-million Silver Lotto System! 1 Minute Setup, Winning 9 Out Of Every 10 Games Since 1991. ==== ====

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