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”Cultural diversity” by Jonas, Sara & Natascha

Cultural diversity in Australia Australia is one of countries in the

Christian. Australia is therefore one of

world with most cultural diversity; also

the most dynamic countries in the

half of Australia’s population is identi-

world. Because of this big difference in

fied with another origin than Australia,

their society, there have been made dif-

there are actually 200 different back-

ferent community language schools,

grounds in Australia. Other than that

different religious groups and lots of

Australia also has different religions;

varieties in food, clothes and art. Aus-

however the majority of the people are

tralia doesn’t have any official religion

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�Cultural diversity� by Jonas, Sara & Natascha

because of all these different popula-

you can see that Buddhism is one of the

tions who live in Australia. The biggest

biggest beliefs and it could be because

religion in Australia is Christianity

of all the people from Asian who be-

with 64 % who believe in this religion.

lieves in the Buddhism. After the

The freedom to believe in whatever

Buddhism Islam is coming and on the

religion is protected by the Australian

graph you can see how it has developed

Constitution in which there stands that

very steady through time. All the other

the government has no rights to push a

religions have a very small percentage

religion down on the Australian people

compared to Christianity.

or forbid any religious groups in Aus-

This might make the minority of the

tralia. People are allowed to have dif-

population who believe in other reli-

ferent religions but as an Australian

gions than Christianity different or ab-

you may not hate others because of

normal in the majority of the popula-

their beliefs. In Australia there are also

tion’s eyes, and therefore they might be


easier targeted by disrespect or prejudice, which also might lead to racism, which is a serious problem in Australia. Also 87% of Australians believe there is racial prejudice in Australia. This proves that racism is a well known problem in Australia. The Cultural diversity in Australia also causes ethnic profiling, which is a discriminating treatment that is caused

At the graph in the middle of the page before you can see how the religions have developed through time. In this

by racial or ethnic background. Ethnic profiling involves actions such as stopping people on the streets or highways and sometimes even frisking people. Page 2 of 6

”Cultural diversity” by Jonas, Sara & Natascha

These actions are used by the police, who seem to be just as prejudiced as the majority of Australia’s population. Ethnic profiling is also seen on the media, where things like terrorism often is linked to religious groups, discriminating some people, like Muslims. Some are also discriminated caused by the color of their skin. People who suf-

This makes people uncomfortable

fer because of this are for example

and scared of walking the streets. It

African-American or Latin-American

isn’t only people with another back-


ground who are being used as dump-

Because of the many different reli-

sters but also gays and lesbians are

gions you can imagine the many prob-

having problems in public because of

lems there can be because of this, but it


doesn’t seems to be a problem. Mostly

seem to be suffering from ethnic profil-

it is more because of the immigrants as

ing and discrimination. As an example

Asians and others who are being dis-

Australia made a low in 1860s only for

criminated because of their skin. Some

the Chinese people, because they were

Chinese immigrants has experienced

afraid they would get to much influ-

different things as had things thrown at

ence on Australia with their different

him/her and people shouting at one for

religion and habits, because of their

no reason but to irritate and show that

large numbers, and thereby threaten the

they don’t like them.

democracy. This is however a long


Asian people

time ago, but even though things do not seem to have changed that much science then. In the late 1990 Pauline

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”Cultural diversity” by Jonas, Sara & Natascha

Hanson from the Australian Federal

and therefore there isn’t much to do.

Parliament claimed that a country with

But at the time the government is try-

cultural diversity would never be able

ing to reduce the crime by trying to

to become a strong country. She also

stop it while it’s starting. When people

claimed that Australia was in risk of

have been used to knowing that it is

being “swamped by Asians” and she

okay, then people will continue. So in

said that immigrants "have their own

Australia there are some problems with

culture and religion, form ghettos and

religion, but that isn’t the only thing.

do not assimilate".

The Aboriginals are also having problems in society. The Aboriginals have been isolated for over 40.000 years. When the white man came and colonised, the aboriginals were not further advanced than the stone-age in technology. With the British settlers came new deceases and a disagreement about land and water resources. British scientist wished to study aboriginal bones and skulls, and many are still on display in different countries, even though their

Ethnic profiling is in particular a

people have demanded them back for

problem in the poor regions of Austral-

proper burial. Throughout the years the

ia, and areas where drugs and criminal

aboriginals were subjected to racism

activities are a major problem.

and abuse by the state. A “protectoral”

The Australian government is trying

law was put out, which gave the right

to stop it, but it is very difficult to

to take aboriginal children away from

change people’s view on immigrants,

their families and tribes, and then place Page 4 of 6

”Cultural diversity” by Jonas, Sara & Natascha

them in white families and Christian

one, a mix of the white’s and the abo-

churches. The law can be compared

riginal’s cultures.

with the law passed upon the Scots in



the medieval times, which gave the


English noble-men the right to lay with

Australia in many

the bride on the wedding night before

ways has been

her husband, in an attempt to breed the





Scots out and into a more submissive

the Aboriginals and they wanted eve-


ryone to be alike, which they weren’t.

The aboriginal children were thrown

So even though the diversity is minor,

into a white society and getting washed

it’s still there, and in many ways it

their old culture away. The children

seems like Australia has been embar-

were forced to be a part of white soci-

rassed by the Aboriginals and they now

ety and for the most part never become

it. That is also the reason why Kevin

a real part of aboriginal culture again.

Rudd has apologized for this mistake in a speech he has held. As the globalisation and Americanisation hit Australia, it also hits every other western minded country in the world. Americanisation further helped destroying the cultural diversity in

This has effectively blended Australian cultures together, and made the cultural diversities smaller, but many aboriginal fought to become a part of their ancient culture and have therefore made a new

Australia and pushing out home made products. Americanisation is one of the things that globalisation uses to destroy cultural diversities and instead make a global urban culture in the vision of American films mainstream culture.

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”Cultural diversity” by Jonas, Sara & Natascha

The new inter-

Neither the aboriginals nor the Aus-

national gaming

tralians are safe from this global men-



ace. It is show-able through the genera-

have developed a

tions to see their culture merge into a

subculture, known as internet-culture,

new and international culture, which

and spreads across the internet through

enables the big corporations to further

funny websites and YouTube, with

their marketing and grow even more

well known characters such as meme,

powerful, just like the saying “the

Pedobear and the likes. All these things

world drinks Coca Cola”. This shows

are helping globalisation making that

us that Australia is very diverse in cul-

international mainstream culture.

ture and fashion which can be a prob-

Even though many people try to

lem in the end because Australia will

fight globalisation and trying to keep

lose their real identity and become

their cultural diversities alive, they all

more and more like America or any

must relent, because of the massive in-

other country as they seem to copy.

ternational cultural import and export.

This can also show us that Australia

The only way to get away from the cul-

isn’t proud of what they have and they

tural globalisation is to live in a stone

want to be respected like any other


country in the world, and therefore they copy other countries.

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Cultural diversity in Australia  

Cultural diversity in Australia

Cultural diversity in Australia  

Cultural diversity in Australia