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March 24, 2011

Games and Gadgets Supplement


Sun.Star Cebu | Thursday, March 24, 2011 Games and Gadgets Supplement

Digital Camera Guide Summer is just around the corner and most have booked their tickets for their favorite summer destinations, it may be partying in Boracay, touring Bohol, exploring Palawan, surfing in Siargao or contemplating during the holy week in Bantayan. Whatever your plan is, it’s best that you take a souvenir photo home or upload it Facebook to share with your friends. When people see nice photos some will ask, what camera the photographer use for this shot, for them to buy and get the same result. It’s easier said than done, here are some questions that you need to answer before you set on a quest to buy the camera on your next summer getaway.

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What will you use it for? How much is your budget? Are you willing to carry it around during trips? How often will you use the camera?

The most expensive camera doesn’t mean it’s the best camera for you. Here are the basic classifications of today’s consumer cameras:

can use them with no manual or training. Generally these cameras are affordable and widely available. These easily fit in your front pocket or a lady’s purse. Camera settings are usually set on automatic mode, you can change basic settings like photo size, self timer and video mode. Compacts are good for random photos like night out with your friends, dinner date and family or class reunions. Even if you already have a DSLR, it still makes sense to own a compact camera.

Cameras for those want to move up as a casual to serious photographer but are not ready to invest on a SLR system. Bulkier than compacts with very long zoom lens, it will allow wide to telephoto shots. Manual settings are available to manage ISO levels, White balance, Shutter speeds and Aperture. If you plan to travel light on your next vacation, bridge cameras will give you DSLR-like quality photos yet not the hassle of bringing extra lenses.

Are for people who still want to retain a small camera body yet want to get the advantage of interchangeable lenses. Only a few camera manufacturers have introduced this line of products like Panasonic, Samsung and Sony.

These cameras are small, lightweight and easy to use. Even a five-year old or your grandparents

Technically called mirror-less interchangeable lens camera, it replaces the optical to electronic view finder. One of the disadvantages for this camera type is the availability of the lens. Hybrids are nice cameras to bring when you want to take quality photos but you don’t want to bring the extra weight and attention that you get with a DSLR like taking photos inside the church or going to Museums.

SLRs Bridge



By George Parrilla

Single Lens Reflex cameras are previously exclusive for professional photographers, photojournalist and wealthy hobbyists. The prices of SLRs have gone down through the years and camera manufacturers like Canon and Nikon have introduced entry level camera bodies priced slightly higher than compacts and bridges. With the advent of photo sharing sites and social networking, it’s now a common sight to see students, families and young professional bringing SLRs everywhere they go. Even if they’re heavy and sometimes complicated to operate, DSLRs are the best tools of choice if you want to shoot RAW, manual controls and take advantage of interchangeable lens.

Here’s rundown of some of the hottest cameras available in the market:

Affordable Compact

GE A1250 There are hundreds of compacts available in the market today. If price is your primary consideration, try looking at the GE A1250. This 12.2 megapixel camera sells at P5,000 +. It comes with a 5X optical zoom, though not wide enough at 35mm to a good reach at 175mm. Viewing your photos at its bright 2.5 inch 234,000 pixel LCD screen makes it easier to take maximum image size of 4000 x 3000 pixel or more than enough to take 4R photo prints. It can take decent panoramic shoots of landscapes with 16:9 ratio and normal photos at 3:2 ratio. Its saves your photos in a normal SD card, it weighs at 5.1 ounces without battery and memory card and fits well in your pocket with dimension of 2.4 x 3.6 x 1.0 inches.

Canon D10 If you plan to take your camera to the swimming, biking, rafting or mountaineering, I recommend the Canon D10. Bring it while you’re snorkeling up to 10m underwater, even on rough activities its dust-proof, freeze-proof and shockproof at 1.22m meters. This 12.1 Megapixel Camera is sold for around P20,000. It is built like a tank, even its 2.5 LCD screen includes a 2mm protective shield. For shooting moving subjects like sports, it combats blur with its Image Stabilization and Motion Detection Strategy. Canon also made this camera dummy proof with its, Smart Auto mode with Scene detection technology and Special scene modes.

Rugged and Sporty

Polariod goes Digital

Polaroid PoGo

Do you wish that you can print your photos immediately from your camera like you were used to using Polariod cameras yet retain the photo on a memory card for re printing? If you say yes, then the 5.0 Megapixel Polariod PoGo camera is for you. Like any other digital camera you it comes 3 inch LCD and stores your photos on a regular SD card. Plus it print 2” x 3” full color, sticky-back prints from the camera, no wires and inks required. You can view and crop photos before printing, it takes 60 seconds per print. The camera is very affordable at P9,995.00. It can print borderless or with fun borders and classic Polariod frame. A full battery charge can print up to 20 photos.

*photos from the net

Sun.Star Cebu | Thursday, March 24, 2011 Games and Gadgets Supplement

Panasonic LX5

Professional Photographer’s Point and Shoot

Professional Photographers now have a choice not to bring their large and heavy SLRs if they are on a holiday. Products like the Pansonic Lumix LX5 inherit DSLR qualities like fast lens, flash hot shoe adapter and manual controls. This 10 Megapixel camera retails around P22,000, with a 3.8x optical zoom it creates excellent wide shoot to its 24mm minimum focal length. Even on low light conditions, this camera performs well with its fast f2.0 lens and adjustable ISO 80 to 3200. External controls for aspect ratio, focus mode and provision for an external Electronic View Finder.

Colorful DSLRs

Canon 1100D

Who said that you can’t have colorful DSLRs? Canon just released the new Canon 1100D in four colored variants of the red, brown, silver and black. This entry level camera can attract real fashionistas and younger market. This 12 Megapixel camera body has 9-point Auto Focus system higher than its predecessor the 1000D with only 7 points). It inherits the same 63 area IFCL color sensitive metering from the expensive Canon 7D. It can take 720p or HD movie recording at 25 Frames per second. The large 2.7” LCD screen will be amazing with ISO control from 100 to 6400. Personally, I like that it features Eye-Fi wireless SD cards and have menu options for it. Eye-Fi SD cards don’t only store you photo but sends you photos through an assigned WiFi router to your PC or straight to your preferred online photo hosting site.

for the Nikon D7000 DSLRs serious hobbyists The Nikon D7000 was introduced last year as an upgrade to the successful D90. It has a 16.2 Megapixel resolution sensor, 1080p HD movie mode, movie editing functions, Auto Focus during video, twin SC card and a new 39 Point Auto Focus System. For budding movie makers, this camera has a dedicated external microphone jack and can shoot as fast as 30 Frames per second.

Camera Buying Reference Sites Deciding on which camera, lens or accessory you will save up for and buy next, has been easy with the help of the following websites: – is packed site on information of current, upcoming and discontinued cameras. It also features news on the camera industry and forum site for photographers. It features in depth reviews of different kinds of cameras and lenses. – offers loyal Canon customers on honest and extensive reviews of Canon camera bodies and lenses. It offers technical test and comparison on its reviews and the site recommendations are useful. – though a personal photographer’s websit e, it features reviews on a lot of camera brands but mostly Nikon. Some finds his recommendations biased but it gives a quick check if the reviewed gear is right for you. – doesn’t offer reviews on cameras and lenses but it offer sample pictures of the camera or lens that you want to buy. You can mix and match the camera body and lens and see the results of each combination. It will also show sample Flickr photos on your desired Aperture, Shutter speed, focal length and ISO level for the camera or lens combination that you are trying to test. – Flickr is mainly a photo sharing site but since it keeps stored photos EXIF data if tracks the camera settings of each photo uploaded to the site. You can view total users usage of the point and shoot and DSLRs. It also – is largest Philippine forum site outside of Manila, it’s not a photography site but it offers feedback and reviews from mostly Cebu based photographers and enthusiasts. It also a site to find good deals from Cebu based camera shops and resellers. The site also features a “buy and sell” section for second hand cameras and accessories. When you buy a camera, always consider your usage, purpose, function and budget.



Sun.Star Cebu | Thursday, March 24, 2011 Games and Gadgets Supplement

Gadget Lust and the IPad “Clones”

By Max Limpag

THE reply was quick and succinct as it was emphatic. “The iPad 2, of course,” said Yahoo! Philippines country editor Erwin Lemuel Oliva when asked which gadget he looked forward to having this year. The iPad is the seminal tablet---portable and exceedingly useful for certain tasks, primarily media consumption. The idea of a tablet computer is nothing new---it’s precursors dated back decades, including the proto-personal digital assistant Newton by Apple in the early 1990s. But it took Apple to turn tablets into must-have devices. In producing the iPad, Apple created a whole new market for a portable, secondary computing device. The market was ready-having accepted a stripped down, lowpowered computing device in the netbook a couple of years earlier.  By all accounts, 2010 was the year of the tablet, particularly the iPad. Apple said it sold just under 15 million iPads in the first nine months of the device. Some analysts say this year would still be the year of the tablet. Apple co-founder Steve Jobs was reported to have asked snidely in a press conference early this year, “is 2011 the year of the tablet copycat?” He then quickly dismissed that possibility by saying the iPad 2 will blow the competition away. 

It is still too early to say whether the iPad 2 will blow away competition. But this much is confirmed---it has spurred Samsung to change the pricing of its next version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab. It will likely affect other Android manufacturers. But apart from the iPad, what other devices do people look forward to having this year? Jerry Rapes, Exist Software Labs, Inc. chief executive officer and Exist Global, Inc. vice president for Asia-Pacific sales, confesses to a “never-ending addiction to Apple products.” Rapes said he looks forward to getting the 11.6inch Macbook. “I have the 13” now but the 11” is easier for me to carry since I travel quite a bit,” he said. JV Rufino, director for mobile of the Inquirer Group, is interested in checking out the BlackBerry Playbook and the Motorola Xoom. The Playbook is BlackBerry’s late entry into the tablet line. The Motorola Xoom, on the other hand, is the first device to come with Android 3.0 or Honeycomb, the first Android version specifically designed for tablets.

Sun.Star Cebu | Thursday, March 24, 2011


Games and Gadgets Supplement

Motorola Xoom

Rufino, however, said he is trying not to add any more gadgets to his technical menagerie. He carries an iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Blackberry and a Nokia N95. “The iPad is for reading newspapers and magazines at home or in my leisure time. The Galaxy Tab is for quick reads of the same while running around and also general surfing on the go (basically the same stuff you’d do on a netbook). The iPhone is for personal social media/SMS/Foursquare. The Blackberry is for work e-mails. And the Nokia is for monitoring our services on Sun and as a backup line,” Rufino said in an interview.

Apple iPad 2

Throughout the day, he goes with a different mix of gadgets but his main set is the iPhone, Galaxy Tab and the BlackBerry. “The bare minimum is the iPhone and Blackberry. I won’t feel comfortable without the two being near at hand,” he said. Wilson Ng, businessman and tech columnist, said he looks forward to having a Windows 7 tablet, Windows 7 phone and a Dell Streak. Ng, who describes himself as a voracious reader, owns an Amazon Kindle and a Hanvon e-reader. He has an iPad and a Galaxy Tab. His choice of cellphone is a BlackBerry Curve. He has two laptops, a Lenovo Ideapad and an HP Pavilion.  Ng admits feeling overwhelmed with the number of gadgets that he carries. He described as “ridiculous” the scene in the airport when, during a security check, he took out from his bag a laptop, Kindle, Hanvon e-book reader, iPad and Galaxy Tab. The guards, he said, gave him a questioning look. But Ng said his purchases are justified, owing to his job as a computer reseller and IT columnist. But before you start falling in line at the Apple store for the iPad 2, take heed with what the Babbage blog of The Economist said. The blogger said, “the tablet computer is on the verge of becoming the fastest product in the history of consumer electronics to be commoditized.”

Samsung Galaxy Tab

“It took little more than a year for e-readers to go from being premium products costing well over $300 to selling for $100 or less. Sharing many of the same components, but with vastly more suppliers bidding for a piece of the action, tablets will suffer even greater price attrition.” His projection? The Chinese will be massproducing Android tablets that are cheaper. Let’s echo his prayer: “send in the iPad clones!”

Blackberry Playbook *photos from the net


Sun.Star Cebu | Thursday, March 24, 2011 Games and Gadgets Supplement

Rise of the Androids By Marlen Limpag

Samsung Galaxy S Nokia N8

Apple iPhone 4

LG P500

Huawei Ideos

Sony Ericsson Xperia 10

Go to any mobile phone store in Cebu and ask what models are currently popular right now, and chances are they’d say that smartphones top the list.

Among Optimus One’s features: fast web page loading, voice search, and GPS navigation system. Junrex sells the glossy model for P13,990, and it comes with a Bluetooth headset and a silicon case and is expandable to 32gig, said Booc.

While there is a surge in demand for smartphones worldwide, a 99.4 percent hike from the last quarter of 2009 to 2010 according to International Data Corporation (IDC) figures, Android phones outperformed other platforms with sales increasing by 1,508 percent for the same period.

Samsung has i9000 or Galaxy S, also an Android phone, with its 3G, super AMOLED 4-inch capacitive touch screen, 5MP camera, wi-fi, GPS, and Bluetooth features. The Galaxy S sells for P15,190 in Samsung stores.

Buyers prefer Android phones, whatever the brand, because most of these devices are cheaper than other smartphones, and their capability to download thousands of applications for free is what attracts users, said Junrex sales associate Rhainer M. Booc.

A bit pricey at P24,990, Sony Ericsson’s Xperia 10 or X10 makes up for this by providing units with high definition video capability and an 8.1-megapixel camera. Like many smartphones, Sony’s X10 allows pinch-tozoom, has HSPA or a high speed mobile internet connection, and is with built-in GPS.

With increasing consumer demand for phones with more advanced computing capability and connectivity, manufacturers are turning out devices with such features.

Symbian 3 powers Nokia’s latest smartphone model, the N8. Symbian is another type of open source phone operating system (OS) maintained by Nokia.

The cheapest Android phone currently available is the Huawei Ideos, which is sold through telecommunication companies. Smart Communications said during its launch announcement last month that it will sell the units from P5,000 to P6,000. Ideos is powered by Version 2.2 (Froyo) of Google’s Android operating system. LG’s newest offering is the LG P500 or Optimus One, and it also runs Froyo.

Take and edit high-definition videos, capture clear images using a 12-megapixel camera, show off images and videos and play music on compatible home theatre systems, download thousands of applications, access favorite channels with on-demand web TV, navigate with GPS anywhere in the world, and play your record collections, with the Nokia N8.

Blackberry devices are also popular, especially among corporate clients. Blackberry is a pioneer of the smartphone market and its devices offer push email and messaging solutions. Its decline, however, started with the rise of the iPhone, the first consumer-oriented smartphone. One of the most expensive smartphones, the iPhone 4 sells at P37,500 for the 16 gig and P43,700 for the 32 gig. July Nino Cabigas of the SM City Cebu iStore said iPhone 4’s titanium case, retina display—which boasts of 137 pixels/inch and is the best display so far, front and back cameras that make video calling possible, fast processing and downloading speed, and thousands of applications on its app store make it way better than any Android phone. In Android devices, Froyo is the way to go. Units that run Froyo can be turned into a portable wi-fi hotspot providing mobile internet connection to multiple devices. Users whose phones have operating systems older than Froyo may also have to wait a year or more before an upgrade is possible. Thinking of buying a smartphone? Ask yourself first which features you really need. It has been reported that of the four million who bought a smartphone, only close to one million actually use it as such.

Another smartphone manufacturer is HTC, which produces Android and Windows phones. *photos from the net

Sun.Star Cebu | Thursday, March 24, 2011


Games and Gadgets Supplement Guild Wars 2

Latest Cyber Gaming Craze

By Maria Armie Sheila Boco Garde

Are you among those hooked into offline and online games? We couldn’t just blame you because in the Philippines, a number of Role-Playing Games (RPG) and Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) games, with a variety of interesting features, are anticipated and launched every year. In 2011, more and more interesting MMORGPs are to watch out for. The Secret World

Guild Wars 2 is a whole new game with different professions and races, new technology, and expanded gameplay. It is not possible to directly use an original Guild Wars character in Guild War 2 but the original Guild Wars character names will be reserved for use in Guild Wars 2. The Hall of Monuments in Guild Wars 2 recognizes the accomplishments commemorated by the player’s original Guild Wars characters and it also provides unique rewards to showcase those achievements. In addition to humans, players will be able to create, customize, and play a variety of non-human races.


Bloodline Champions

The Secret World is a massively multiplayer online world with a unique modern-day setting and unparalleled freedom of character progression. It has no classes or levels. It gives players complete freedom to be whoever they want to be and play however they want to play. It allows players to adventure through their own, modern-day world and explore cities and adventure locations spanning across continents.


The player will have to choose a side and join one of three secret societies – the Illuminati, the Dragon or the Templars – and battle with or against other players for world domination. Pistols, assault rifles, black magic, fireballs, katanas, explosives – there are hundreds of different weapons and powers to use. Diablo III (

Diablo III, a continuation of the Diablo series, will allow players to adventure through rich and varied settings, unravel an epic storyline, engage in combat with hordes of monsters and challenging bosses, grow in experience and ability, and acquire items of incredible power. Diablo III will be a fitting sequel to Diablo II, with the easy interface, fast-paced action, and visceral gameplay that Diablo players have come to expect and enjoy. It will also include many new features that will take the Diablo action-RPG experience to the next level. Players will create a male or female hero from one of five distinct classes -- barbarian, witch doctor, wizard, monk, or demon hunter -- each equipped with an array of spells and abilities. New customization options will provide for an even greater level of character specialization than the previous Diablo games, allowing the player to create unique characters brimming with power.

*photos from the net

Guild Wars 2 (

Star Wars: The Old Republic Diablo III

Bloodline Champions is a competitive online multiplayer game for up to ten players per game, in which two teams fight for dominance. Each player can choose between a variety of playable Bloodlines with different spectacular abilities, from the awesome strength of the Vanguard to the deceptive magic of the Harbinger. Bloodline Champions is a game primarily based on player skill instead of character level. Most abilities in the game are projectile based; meaning that if your attack hits something it really hits. There are no miss chances, no critical strike chances, no min/max damage, no chance values at all. This makes Bloodline Champions more of an action game akin to first person shooters, than its’ competitors. Star Wars: The Old Republic

Let’s Refresh! Q: What is RPG and MMORPG?


Star Wars: The Old Republic represents a new approach to online entertainment, featuring immersive storytelling, dynamic combat, and groundbreaking companion characters. The game takes place in the Star Wars™ galaxy approximately three hundred years after the events of Star Wars™: Knights of the Old Republic™. It will be similar to other MMOs but with several key innovations. It will be built on four pillars; Exploration, Combat, Progression, and Story. The interactive storylines in Star Wars: The Old Republic are a significant innovation to MMOs and will offer an entertainment experience unlike any other.

A: According to Kristel Cuenta of Timepers (Philippine Games Portal), “RPG or Role-Playing Game is any online or offline game in which the players take on the roles of some fantastic characters in a fictional setting made and lead by a game master. MMORPG or Massively Multiplayer Online RolePlaying Game, meanwhile, is a genre of RPG in which a great number of players network, interact, and work together in a fictional world with various themes such as science, sword and sorcery, and crime.” For more news and update in online and offline gaming, you may check out Timepers (Philippine Games Portal) at It is a gaming blog that also provides tutorial in online and offline games to Filipino gamers.


Sun.Star Cebu | Thursday, March 24, 2011 Games and Gadgets Supplement

iStore announces availability of Macbook Pro Family with Next-Generation Processors, Graphics and Thunderbolt I/O Technolgy Apple® updated the industry-leading MacBook® Pro family with next generation processors and graphics, high-speed Thunderbolt I/O technology and a new FaceTime® HD camera. Featuring the very latest dual-core and quad-core Intel Core processors, the entire MacBook Pro line is up to twice as fast as the previous generation.  Starting at P64,890 the new 13-inch MacBook Pro offers amazing value and performance in a compact design. The highly portable 13-inch MacBook Pro features Intel Core i5 and Core i7 dual-core processors up to 2.7 GHz and Intel HD Graphics 3000. The powerful 15-inch and 17-inch MacBook Pro models feature quad-core Core i7 processors up to 2.3 GHz and AMD Radeon HD graphics processors with up to 1GB of video memory for high performance gaming, pro video editing and graphics intensive applications.  MacBook Pro is the first computer on the market to include the groundbreaking Thunderbolt I/O technology. Developed by Intel with collaboration from Apple, Thunderbolt enables expandability never before possible on a notebook computer. Featuring two bi-directional channels with transfer speeds up to an amazing 10Gbps each, Thunderbolt delivers PCI Express directly to external high performance peripherals such as RAID arrays, and can support FireWire and USB consumer devices and Gigabit Ethernet networks via adapters. Thunderbolt also supports DisplayPort for high resolution displays and works with existing adapters for HDMI, DVI and VGA displays. Freely available for implementation on systems, cables and devices, Thunderbolt technology is expected to be widely adopted as a new standard for high performance I/O. The MacBook Pro now includes a built-in FaceTime HD camera with triple the resolution of

the previous generation for crisp, widescreen video calls. With Apple’s innovative FaceTime video calling software, the new camera allows high definition video calls between all new MacBook Pro models and supports standard resolution calls with other Intelbased Macs, iPhone® 4 and the current generation iPod touch®. FaceTime is included with all new MacBook Pro models and is available for other Intelbased Macs from the Mac® App Store for 99 cents. The MacBook Pro lineup continues to feature its gorgeous aluminum unibody enclosure, glass MultiTouch™ trackpad, LED-backlit widescreen display, illuminated full-size keyboard and 7-hour battery.

features for portable computing such as Multi-Touch navigation, advanced wireless networking, easy file sharing, automated data backup and intelligent power management. The new iLife ’11 features iPhoto® with stunning full screen views for browsing, editing and sharing photos; iMovie® with powerful easy-to-use tools to transform home videos into fun theatrical trailers; and GarageBand® with new ways to improve your playing and create great sounding songs.

As the industry’s greenest notebook lineup, every Mac notebook achieves EPEAT Gold status and meets Energy Star 5.0 requirements, setting the standard for environmentally friendly notebook design. Each unibody enclosure is made of highly recyclable aluminum and comes standard with energy efficient LED-backlit displays that are mercury-free and made with arsenic-free glass. Mac notebooks contain no brominatedflame retardants, are PVC-free and are constructed with recyclable materials.

Pricing & Availability 
The new 13-inch MacBook Pro, 15-inch MacBook Pro and 17-inch MacBook Pro are available through the iStore. The 13-inch MacBook Pro is available in two configurations: one with a 2.3 GHz Dual-Core Intel Core i5 and 320GB hard drive; and one with a 2.7 GHz Dual-Core Intel Core i7 and 500GB hard drive. The new 15-inch MacBook Pro is available in two models: one with a 2.0 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7, AMD Radeon HD 6490M and 500GB hard drive and one with a 2.2 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7, AMD Radeon HD 6750M and 750GB hard drive. The new 17-inch MacBook Pro features a 2.2 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7, AMD Radeon HD 6750M and 750GB hard drive.

Every Mac comes with Mac OS® X Snow Leopard®, the world’s most advanced operating system, and iLife®, Apple’s innovative suite of applications for creating and sharing great photos, movies and music. Snow Leopard builds on more than a decade of innovation and includes multiple

Configure-to-order options include faster quadcore processors up to 2.3 GHz, additional hard drive capacity up to 750GB, solid state storage up to 512GB, more memory up to 8GB DDR3, antiglare and high-resolution display options and AppleCare® Protection Plan.

iWALK products at Aerophone

VOL. 7 and NO. 5 A Supplement Produced by Sun.Star Cebu Marketing Department

Here are some iWalk products available at Aerophone:


Product Features - Trendy design - Charge and discharge at the same time - Powerful - Charges and powers most smart phone anytime, even with a dead battery - ALL types of micro / mini Connector charge  (Blackberry/motorola/HTC/Samsung/LG/ Nexus One, T-mobile etc) - Charge via USB Port(from desktop PC or Laptop) With the supplied USB Cabled


Product Features - Unique and most compact design to match you iPod, iPhone Look - Charge and discharge at the same time - Apple Certified Compatible with iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPod, iPod Classic, iPod Touch, iPod Touch 2G and iPod Nano - Lithium-ion power cells providing high capacity with in it’s compact size - Last up to 500 Full charges - LED battery life meter display to check the status of the battery - Charge via USB Port(From desktop PC or Laptop) with the supplied USB Cabled


Emily Jade B. Valero


Max Limpag Marlen Limpag George Parrilla Maria Armie Sheila Boco Garde

advertising consultants

Joy Guevarra Peter Lozada

marketing coordinator

Kim Yuhico

production & creative head

graphic designer

Logane Echavez

Dexter Duran

Cover photo credit:

Photography by: Joseph Ong Fotoholic 09209036596 Grooming by: Bobbie Albert 09053426555 Model: Jake Maningo Special thanks: Roselle Reyes

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