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Free Tibet Candlelight Vigil March 10, 2011 (Iron-Hare Year 2138)


The Taiwan Tibetan Welfare Association 西藏青年會台灣分會

The Regional Tibetan Youth Congress, Taiwan 西藏婦女會台灣分會

The Tibetan Women’s Association, Taiwan

Join us as we light butter candles and raise the Snow Lion Flag

Never forget the suffering “If you’re a leader, the time has come to lead. If you’re a student, the time has come to learn. If you are wealthy, the time has come to give. If you have hands, it’s time to raise the flag. If you’re Tibetan, it’s time to fight for freedom. If you’re Tibetan, it’s time to fight for freedom.” .............. These are lyrics from “No Next Time,” by exiled Tibetan singer Namgyal Yeshi, translated into English. Since 1959, the people of Tibet have raised the Snow Lion Flag, calling for freedom and peace for their homeland and drawing the world’s attention to their plight. If you’re not Tibetan, but you support Tibet: The time has

March 10 ,2011,19:00~21:00 , 2011, 19:00~21:00

Time: Time:

Place:228 Place: 228 Peace Park, Taipei Event:Candlelight vigil with Tibetan butter Event:Candlelight candlesand andBuddhist Buddhistprayer. prayer.There Therewill willalso alsobe be candles brief statements in support of Tibet, a photo brief statements in support of Tibet, a photo exhibitand andaasilent silentwalk walktogether. together...... ..... exhibit

Other public events March 12, 14:00

Free Tibet march |Zhongxiao-Fuxing MRT station March 14, 19:00

Candlelight vigil to remember the protests of March 14, 2008 |Liberty Square

come to participate!

For more events and information, check these websites: RTYC-Taiwan, TFOT; SFT-Taiwan

Tibetans everywhere invite you to remember the events of March 10, 1959.

For more information or media inquiries, please contact Tashi Tsering +886-(0)910-145117 |


52th Tibetan Uprising Day in Taiwan