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Using my research used on films of a similar genre as mine the title ‘Broken’ I thought fit my film. Like in the films I had researched I felt that the titles themselves of the psychological thriller genre; such as ‘Along came a spider’ or ‘Panic room’, added tension to the beginning of the film and basically gave the audience an idea of what the film is about, and that ‘Broken’ also had that purpose. The conotations of broken are death, destroyed innocence, illness, mentality decrease etc. all which can be related to a psychological thriller. I also found these titles has some relevance to the film, but that is not obvious until you have watched it. Films such as ‘Changeling’ which I researched, to me had a title of no relevance, but the others I found had, so I used this convention for my own film, fitting its genre and its own individual plot. This still from Panic room is similar to the flashback within My final film. The low angle shots makes her look vulnerable and Low key lighting set a tense atmosphere is it does in my own. This still from Changeling shows it being set within a home. However, You are supposed to feel safe in your home but because there is a Threat to the people living in this home, the audience will feel unsettled. We Want this emotional response from the audience due to its psychological part Of the genre. This still from the awakened shows A simular unknown make presence As in my own film. I followed this convention because the unknown Makes us more nervous. The low key Lighting, the fact they are alone in a Field just shows that these conventions Are used within films of the same genre to my own. While choosing the setting, I used similar conventions of films with a similar genre. I found in many films I researched such as ‘Panic room’ or ‘Changeling’, they were set in the middle of nowhere where hardly anyone lived or set at the characters home (which wasn’t where many other people lived). I also used this in my own film as these places help create tension also. If a film is set where no one is about the character will feel lonely, and as a consequence, you feel alone therefore creating tension within the audience. Costume was pretty simple. You must use costumes which fit the time period and genre as it makes the film seem more ‘realistic’. I found this in all the films I researched. ‘Along came a spider’ was set in the 90’s, and all the props and costumes were from that era and ‘Changeling’ was set in like the 60’s-70’s and all the costume was also from that time, making it more believable (Verisimilitude). The same for camera work and editing. To make it seem ‘real’. You can not have weird and crazy edits and camera work because it wont seem believable. This is the same in all my researched films and in my own.

The font I used had to fit the genre of the film. For a psychological thriller, I couldn’t have swirly, ‘pretty’ text as it would be too delicate. It needed to be something bold but disturbing, hence why I chose the text I did. Because it was jaggered around the edge, which I felt looked rather distorted. From my research however, I did not find this the case for the texts in these films, so I challenged the conventions in this case they used instead of using them. The narrative, used the conventions of other films I looked at. Generally about someone missing, kidnapped, someone who has run away or been killed. My narrative was about someone running away and being kidnapped. Narrative, I feel needs to hold the most tension, which is why the conventions of the other films, I used in my own as I felt they held tension to the film. The genre of my film being psychological thriller, needed to cause tension and be disorientating to the audience which I think is achieved. This is what a film of this genre needs to contain and I found that in my research, the films I looked at also contained these conventions. Films of this genre, really need to affect the audience psychologically and need to be gripping. The main character I also found needs to relate to the audience, so the audiences can sympathize with the character as they will no how they feel. For example, my target audience is 15+ and the age of my character is around 14-15 years of age, so we can see how the audience can relate to the young character. Even if the audience is male, as the same age, some relation cud be made. Special effects, I also found were not over used in the films I researched. I felt this was because verisimilitude (realism) is very important so over use of them would make the films look unrealistic, so in my own film I also used these conventions.

I have found in films of a similar genre to my own mostly all have characters following the same conventions. Panic Room has a young girl, Along came a spider has a you girl and Changeling has a young woman who are all the main characters within the texts. They are all vulnerable and rather young characters. I decided to follow the same conventions because I feel that using young characters in films of a psychological thriller genre, enhance the tension that the audience will feel.

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