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A Book About Japan Written by the children in KC, Yokohama International School Dedicated to @TexasKinderClass, Texas, USA

Japan is made up of so many islands.

Japan is a Japanese world so there are not so many English people in Japan.

Japan people speak Japanese. If you don’t know Japanese you won’t understand things.

We can see Fuji san from our school. Fuji san is the biggest mountain in Japan.

There is lots of interesting food in Japan. Some is yummy and some is yucky.

People in Japan eat a lot of rice! You need to eat rice with chop-sticks, called hashi.



These are rice crackers called senbei. We eat senbei.

Japanese people eat a lot of seafood, especially octopus legs called tako no ashi.

Japan has lots of weather. Sometimes it is very hot and sometimes it is very cold. Really hot

Really cold

Japan has a lot of plants because Japanese people love plants. Lots of trees and carrots

In autumn, called aki, people like to go to the park to look at leaves.

In spring, people go to the park to look at cherry blossoms, called hanami.

The cherry blossoms fall on the ground and children like to play with them.

Yokohama is the second biggest city in Japan. This is where we live.

There are lots of shops in Yokohama and sometimes the streets are very small.

We love living in Japan!

Thank you to these people for allowing us to use their photographs. Jacquie Pender Kim Cofino Adam Clarke

A Book About Japan  

A book about Japan, written by the kindergarten children in KC class, Yokohama International School.

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