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Tight Budget Kitchen Revamp Kitchen Cupboards open up new possibilities itchens cabinets are intended to be functional, K but few design professionals or homeowners leave the choice simply at that. Otherwise, cardboard or plywood boxes might suffice. Instead, kitchen cabinet choices have become hotly debated as the options have grown. This is true whether for a kitchen, bathroom, library, family room, bedroom, basement, wine cellar, closet, or any space in a home.

They've become part of the jewellery of a house--what makes a house a home. We’re putting in an inordinate number of cabinets in all rooms these days, even in window seats because they increase space. But how much you pay for all your cabinets can vary greatly. Higher-priced custom cabinetry can easily consume 50 to 60 percent of the cost of a kitchen remodeling budget, for example . While custom kitchen cabinets may last longer, come with a longer warranty and better fit into all those nooks and crannies, you don't always need to spend the most. You can opt for mostly stock ready-made kitchen cabinets and add some custom pieces for hard-to-fit areas or unusual demands.

A major impetus has been the realization that kitchen cabinets can add an important aesthetic cache to the kitchen, thanks to the wider variety of styles, materials, How do you choose? Your decision should be based in part trims, hardware and pulls available. on how much you put into the building or remodeling of your entire home and the room in question, so that costs are proportionate. Since homeowners generally spend a large portion of their time in the kitchen, it makes sense to spend much more in that space than in any other room in your home.

You also should weigh how long you think you'll stay put in hat home. If you're there for many years, you don't want to have to replace kitchen cabinet doors within five years. If, how ever, you intend to remain only a few years, you can cut costs by replacing knobs or pulls for a fresh look. Refinishing - A slightly more expensive option is to refinish fronts or replace them, though cost effectiveness will depend on the condition and look desired.

Kitchen Cabinet Possibilities Size - Custom cabinets can be made in all sizes and shapes; stock comes in 3-inch increments. Among an owner's bigger decisions is whether to build them all the way to the ceiling for extra storage and a clean, crisp look or to leave a soffit above for displaying baskets and other decorative objects and not make high-cabinets hard to reach. The height of below-counter cabinets reflects a different decision. Many homeowners today opt for European-style 36-inch high cabinets so they don't have to bend as they do with the typical 32-inch ones, particularly for vanities in bathrooms. Finish - Along with the detailing on the front of the cabinet, this choice will determine as much as three-quarters of the cost of the cabinet. At the low end, are laminates, common woods like oak, and medium-density wrapped fibreboard. Detailing. Raised panels and moulding will add to the cost of the cabinet front, but if rooms, both with cabinetry, open to one another, you probably want to be consistent in your design choices. Interior hardware. Hinges represent an area of cabinetry where homeowners may think it's fine to scrimp since it may not be visible, yet the pros know otherwise. The best hinges keep doors aligned, are concealed or partly concealed, made of chrome, nickel or brass, and adjust in every direction. Exterior hardware. When it comes to knobs and pulls, endless choices abound, and you may decide to buy these separately rather than from your cabinet company. Interior fittings. These days, you can outfit the interior of your cabinet with everything from rollout shelves to fancy spice racks, appliances and carousels. Again, every extra adds an expense, so decide where you feel the costs are most worthwhile, says Stern. How much cabinetry? The best way to decide is to measure in linear feet existing cabinets and give yourself at least one-third more storage for future needs. Having too much kitchen cabinet storage is rarely a negative. You can always find something to put in it.

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Making The Most Of A Small Kitchen Space he kitchen is becoming more than just a food preparation area in today's society. Yet, on average, the kitchen still remains one of the smaller rooms in the house. Normally we considers any kitchen 150 square feet or smaller to be a small kitchen, but that doesn't mean you can't make it look more spacious with some big ideas.

Use unique storage solutions. Install high pantry cabinets to eliminate extra small cabinets. Add pullout shelves, rotating inserts and tilt-out bins to increase accessibility and storage within the cabinets. Light coloured cabinets, open shelves, wire organizers and glass-front doors will help to lighten the space. Also, by adding more open display shelves/cabinets, the room will look greatly expanded. Too many cabinets, especially made of dark materials, will give the illusion that the room is much smaller.

Choose appliances wisely. There are numerous high efficiency, sleek appliances that will allow individuals with small kitchens to have the same luxuries as those with large kitchens. Try to keep your cook top and oven in the same area. This saves valuable counter space. Have microwaves built into the cabinetry to increase counter space.

Keep all small appliances stored in either an appliance garage or pantry to maintain a clutter-free workspace.

Maintain a mix of natural and ambient lighting. A skylight will open the ceiling to more light and raise a portion of the ceiling, visually expanding the space. Bay or greenhouse windows create an open feel Natural light should be complemented by ambient and task lighting to provide the same feeling during the night.

Add personalized touch. Add personalized touch. Display small, simple items that add a personal touch without creating a feel of clutter. Too many displays will cause the kitchen to look much smaller, but the right amount can add to the warmth and provide an illusion of a larger space.

All of these ideas can give your small kitchen that large kitchen feel.

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How To De-clutter Five Rooms In Your Home It’s time for a fresh perspectiv e on home organization. Start new

by clearing clutter from y our life and start fresh with a clean and clear home, and most importantly , a clear mind. There’s nothing more frustrating than losing or misplacing something. By following these easy tips from Allan Y oung, CEO and co-founder of ShelfGenie, a franchise concept that designs, builds and installs Glide-Out shelv ing sy stems that are custom-built to fit into ex isting cabinets, for quick organization in each area of the home, y ou’ll rest easy that ev ery item in y our home—from y our key s, to that bottle of nutmeg y ou’re sure was in the cabinet behind the cocoa, to grandma’s fav ourite Christmas tea cup, or y our husband’s dress pants—is ex actly where it belongs

When it comes to pots and pans, alway s store one pot inside another to reduce the amount of space they take up. Since y ou access cookware on a daily basis, it would be smart to inv est in a slide-out shelv ing tray to ensure easy access. ShelfGenie’s Single Height Glide-Out shelv es are ideal for v irtually ev ery organization need, but they ’re perfect for storing cookware, bake ware, and other low-height items because they allow for easy access to the kitchen items y ou need when y ou need them . Glide-Out shelv es can also be used in cabinets throughout the home and in the pantry for food storage. When storing food, organize box ed dry goods by ty pe so that cereals are together, rice and beans, and pasta are together, snack foods are in one place, etc. Store sugar, flour, and other commonly used staples in see-through plastic bins with labels. Organize canned items by ty pe. Since ShelfGenie’s Glide-Out shelv es slide in and out with a touch of a finger, they make it easier to find what y ou need when y ou need it.

1. The Kitchen

Since the kitchen is ty pically

the most heav ily -used room in ev ery home, it makes sense to start y our organization project here. Start with the drawers. Food prep tools should be stored in the drawer near the largest av ailable kitchen workspace, and it makes sense to put cooking utensils in the drawer nearest to the stov e. Storage wraps, tin foil and storage dev ices should be placed in a drawer near the fridge. The key here is to make the most frequently used items the most accessible. So, ev ery day items like plates and glasses should be within reach at all times, while less-frequently used items— like a juicer, bread-maker or food processor—can be kept in less conv enient places. Store drinking glasses in a row, so it’s clear where they belong.

The Bathroom

The bathroom accumulates clutter faster than any other room in the house. That’s because it’s the smallest space, and if y ou or someone in y our family uses lots of products—shampoos, hairspray 's, deodorant sticks, hair dry ers, lotions, razors—y ou know they can stack up fast and make a big mess. Start tackling the bathroom by throwing out any old products that y ou hav e more than one of. Y ou know what I’m talking about: that bottle of conditioner with just a drop left that y ou just kind of let sit there for months on end because it’s not technically empty —it’s time the two of y ou part way s. These items take up unnecessary counter space or they clutter up the edges of the tub. After throwing away what y ou don’t need, get a wire or plastic container (known as a “shower caddy ”) that hangs from the shower head, and put the essential items in it. Y ou can also reduce bathroom clutter and improv e efficiency by using ShelfGenie’s single-height Glide-Out shelv es with risers. The risers are installed abov e the lower-lev el shelf, adding a whole new shelf to store the items cluttering y our bathroom, creating twice as much space. The slide-out function makes it easy to find what y ou need quickly , and since y ou can essentially stack items abov e the cabinet floors


Clutter in the bedroom can take away from

the room’s décor and make what should be a clean and peaceful room feel sloppy and chaotic. Tackle nightstand clutter—like medications, TV remotes, tissue box es and other stuff that doesn’t complement the room— and put it into the drawers on y our night stand. If y ou hav e a basic table-sty le nightstand, consider inv esting in one with multiple drawers for easy storage and access, or install a mov able shelf underneath y our ex isting nightstand. The shelf will keep items concealed during the day time and easy to obtain when y ou need them. It’s also a great place to keep magazines and books. Dresser drawers are a project all their own. Y ou know that shirt y ou hav en’t work since high school? Donate it or throw it out. Get rid of any thing y ou hav en’t worn in the past two y ears, then start organizing. Neatly group all the clothes in y our dresser by ty pe—each drawer gets its own ty pe of clothing, whether it’s jeans, py jamas, undergarments, etc. When organizing smaller items like socks, undergarments or jewellery , try drawer div iders or inserts, which can be customized to y our drawer shape and let y ou find what y ou’re looking for quickly . Organize closets by ridding them of shoes and apparel y ou no longer wear, and organizing racks by ty pe of clothing, then colour. So, dresses should all be in one section and then organized by colour, dress shirts in another, casual weekend wear in another area and so on. Under the bed makes a great place for storing out-of-season items like sweaters in the summer or flip-flops and tank tops in the winter. Use storage bins with labels or v acuum seal bags to max imize space.

Laundry Room ithout proper organization, laundry rooms are W one area in the home where clutter and messes often thriv e. Separate laundry supplies by ty pe by putting them into plastic bins. So, stain and spot remov ers and pre-treating can be kept in one bin, with fabric softener and detergent in another. Detergent and liquid fabric softener is kept nex t to the washer and dry er sheets nex t to the dry er. Washer and dry er pedestals with storage drawers are an additional option for stay ing organized. The washer or dry er is placed on top of the pedestal, which prov ides for ex tra space in the drawer and raises the height of the unit, which reduces back strain caused by bending ov er repeatedly


The foy er-area is usually the most high-traffic area in the home, and can quickly become a place where key s, mail, shoes, coats, coffee cups and other clutter accumulate. Keep track of where y ou put y our key s by alway s leav ing them in the same place when y ou walk in the door ev ery day . Put a small glass dish on the side table closest to the entry way , or install a hook directly nex t to the door, and tell y our family to get in the habit of alway s putting their key s in that one spot. Y ou’ll nev er go searching for y our key s again! Sometimes mail can get lost in a sea of clutter if not placed in a regular spot. Purchase a simple mail organizer, and place it in the foy er where the whole family will see it, and know to alway s put the mail there. Important letters and bills often get lost or discarded when they get mix ed in with other clutter. In colder months, coats can pile up on railings and stair cases. Especially if y ou hav e kids, y ou know that their coats get tossed wherev er they please as soon as they set foot in the door. The nex t morning often turns into a game of hide-and-seek try ing to find it. If y ou don’t hav e a storage or coat closet in the foy er, place a coat rack in the front hallway near the door. It keeps coats neat and clean, and best of all, y ou’ll nev er be searching for y our outerwear again. If shoes are making a mess of y our hallway , start keeping them in the laundry room, which often dual-functions as a mud room. Or, place them in a bin near the door or an ov erhanging door organizer in a storage closet.

Using these simple tips to de-clutter your home will help you start of the new season with the sense of clarity, simplicity and confidence—perks that come with having an organized living



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