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The Humpy Tied by Norm Cribbin Materials Hook: Thread: Tail: Wings: Body: Case: Hackle:

The “Humpy”

Kamasan B175 #12 Black 8/0 Uni-Thread Deer Hair Deer Hair Red Uni-Floss Deer Hair Hebert Grizzly and Coachman

Method Step 1 – Starting behind the eye form a bed of tying thread. Stop the thread when it is above the barb. Select a small clump of deer hair, remove under fur, stack and tie in forming a neat tail. Don’t excessively compress the fibres at the bend as this will cause the tail to flare. Wind thread to wing tie in point 1/3 shank length back from the eye. Step 2 – Select a pencil thick clump of deer hair, remove under fur, stack and tie in on top of the shank using the ‘Noose Loop’ method. This will keep the deer hair from flaring around the shank. Trap the butts of the deer hair on top of the hook shank as the tying thread is wrapped back to just short of the tail tie in point.

The Humpy

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May 2014

Step 3 – Wind thread back to the wing tie in point and figure 8 the wings and wrap the base of each wing to consolidate the wing root. The butt ends of the deer hair form the under body of the fly. As it is formed on top of the hook shank the gap of the hook is not reduced.

Step 4 – Reduce the bulk of the deer hair butts by about ⅓ to ½ by cutting out the top butt hairs. Tie in a length of floss at the tail.

Step 5 – Wind floss forward to the wing, back to the tail and forward again to the wing creating a rounded body profile. Secure with several wraps of thread. Trim excess floss. Note: The butts of the deer hair at the tail junction need to be shaped by the floss to form a neat transition. Check the by lifting the butts of the deer hair.

The Humpy

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May 2014

Step 6 – Wind thread back behind wings. Pull the deer hair butts forward and secure behind the wings with several tight wraps of thread. Trim waste deer hair and secure trimmed butts with further wraps of thread. Tie in the two hackles between the wings and wrap stems securely in front of the wings.

Step 7 – Wind the first hackle (Grizzle) forward to the eye making 3 turns behind the wing and 3 in front. Secure hackle with a two turns of thread. Repeat with the second (Coachman) hackle using a wiggling motion so that fibres of the first hackle are not trapped. Secure hackle with a two turns of thread.

Step 8 – Trim excess hackle, taking care not to cut the tying thread. Whip finish, apply head cement and groom hackles and wing to shape. The finished fly…

Photos by Norm Cribbin

The Humpy

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May 2014


Fly Tying instructions for the Humpy Dry Fly.

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