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“A significant contribution not just to Asian art, but to the humanities.� Maxwell K. Hearn The Metropolitan Museum of Art

How SUMO came into the world …and how everyone can profit

BIG, BOLD, BRIGHT! Alas, we cannot take credit for inventing the folio book—or as we like to call it, the SUMO—but we were able to breathe new life into this rare species when we first published Helmut Newton’s Limited Edition in 1999. Since then, we’ve launched the success story of the folio, much coveted by bibliophiles for over 500 years, into the 21st century by establishing the Limited Edition, which has collectors all over the world shivering in anticipation, as a fixture of our publishing program. Some may think that our love affair with the big and bold clashes with our roots and company credo: to democratize “great” books and make them accessible all over the world at unbeatable prices. Worry not, dear friends— read on for an explanation of how we start out with Limited Edition books and end up with books at a price to suit every pocket.

Michelangelo, Libyan Sibyl, Sistine Chapel


Since the TASCHEN adventure began in 1980, it has been our goal to make the greatest books in the world. Whatever the subject and whatever the retail price—from $ 10 to $ 30,000— we strive to edit, design, produce, and package each of our books beautifully, with a great deal of care and attention to detail. Collectors who buy a Limited Edition early on will have, in addition to a rare and exceptional book, the added benefit of seeing their asset grow; these books have been known to have their initial value often tripled, quadrupled, quintupled or even more within a short lapse of time. A few examples: Helmut Newton’s game-changing SUMO, whose market value went from $ 1,500 in 1999 to $ 20,000 today; Mick Rock’s David Bowie, which rose from $ 700 to $ 4,000; or the David Hockney art edition, originally sold for $5,000, which reached a whopping $ 20,000 within a year.

SMALL, SMART, SMASHING! The production of these books requires an unlimited budget and no-time-constraints policy The Helmut Newton for writers and editors—enabling us to source SUMO the best picture material and often painstakingly $ 1,500 re-photograph masterpieces through costly procedures. It’s this extra care that makes the astute collector feel privileged about their choice and happy to add a unique treasure to their library. It also allows book lovers with less extravagant budgets to enjoy the lavish production work that has gone into making these books; once the Limited Edition is sold out, we offer a smaller, condensed, well-produced edition with a much gentler price tag. It’s a win-win situation, and The we all live happily ever after. Helmut Newton $ 150 trade edition




The launch of Helmut Newton’s SUMO at Art Basel, 1999.



Thomas Laird

A thousand years of masterpieces revealed for the first time

Limited to ju each signed by His Ho

A World Herit

Take an epic journey to the Him

SUMO SIZE Thomas Laird. Murals of Tibet Hardcover, 498 pages, 50 x 70 cm / 19.7 x 27.6 in. With a bookstand designed by Shigeru Ban plus an 528-page scholarly companion book

Edition of 998 copies each signed by the Dalai Lama Copies 1–80 come with a hand-gilded print of a mural (p.22–23)

ust 998 copies oliness the Dalai Lama

tage Landmark

malayas’ most remote treasures

Bookstand designed by Pritzker Prize–winner Shigeru Ban

This book is copy number

in an edition of nine hundred ninety-eight copies, plus ninety-eight artist’s proofs

His Holiness the Fourteenth Dalai Lama, Dharamsala, India, 2013

Ten Years in the Making – A Transcendent Experience Today, we only know of some ancient Greek masterpieces through homages made by Roman artists. Some of these Tibetan murals, now gone, will only endure because of this work. Immerse yourself into the heart of Buddhist teachings.

“A unique treasure; a timeless gift from Tibet to the world – not only for this generation but for generations to come.” Richard Gere

Art Edition No. 1–40 Buddha Shakyamuni

Edition of 40

Buddha Shakyamuni, Gyantse Kumbum (ca. 1420) Print with 23.75-karat gold on plaster in a hand-gilded hardwood frame, 122 x 194 cm (48 x 76.4 in.) Signed by Thomas Laird



Art Edition No. 41–80 Green Tara

Edition of 40

Green Tara, Gyantse Kumbum (ca. 1420) Print with 23.75-karat gold on plaster in a hand-gilded hardwood frame, 122 x 194 cm (48 x 76.4 in.) Signed by Thomas Laird



Enchanting Encounter

TASCHEN is honored to present Murals of Tibet; one of our most ambitious books to date and a landmark project that has been a decade in the making. On March 9th, 2018, Benedikt Taschen traveled to Dharamsala, India, to give the very first copy of this Collector’s Edition to His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama. For a millennium, Tibetans have painted murals to transmit the Buddhist practice of mindfulness, compassion, wisdom, and other ideals. These astonishing artworks, many housed in sacred sites accessible to only a few devout monks, weave one of the most important—and until now hidden—threads at the core of Tibetan Buddhist culture. Murals of Tibet assembles hundreds of the last remaining paintings from a dozen major locations across Tibet in life-size resolution for the first time. The photographer Thomas Laird traveled the length, breadth, and far-flung corners of Tibet’s plateau for more than 12 years with a mission to conserve the spiritual, emotional, and historical significance of these mostly unseen masterpieces. Breaking through the temples’ lighting restrictions and other logistical challenges, Laird developed a photographic stitch technique that allowed these works (some as wide as 10 meters) to be captured in exquisite detail by shooting hundreds of

individual frames. This laborious task resulted in the first life-size mural reproductions from Tibet, and made what had been previously hidden now visible to the world. Each copy of Murals of Tibet has been blessed and signed by His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama. As a symbol of gratitude, TASCHEN made a donation to the Mind & Life Institute on behalf of His Holiness. Mind & Life’s mission is to integrate science and contemplative practices. The foundation funds research that examines how the brain, health, and human behavior can be transformed by meditation. The Institute advocates responding to the challenges of life with less anger, more resilience, and more compassion. For the Dalai Lama, this path is important for humanity, our survival, and the future of our planet. Many of these murals will vanish in the next few centuries despite the best efforts to conserve them, and some of the murals captured in this landmark publication are already gone. This book, however, will last and be treasured for generations to come.

ABOVE: The 14th Dalai Lama signs pages of Murals of Tibet with photographer Thomas Laird (right).

— 24 —

The Dalai Lama and the Murals of Tibet SUMO.


“Superlatives lose their luster, their power, and their meaning in describing TASCHEN’s latest triumph... A veritable Bible of everything you wanted to know about the vision of a little boy named Enzo Anselmo Ferrari.” Force One




A production unparalleled in scale, this massive tome is a veritable work of art to be prized by fans and collectors across the globe. Offering unrestricted access to hundreds of photographs from the Ferrari Archives and those of private collectors, this unique work reveals the full story behind Ferrari’s protagonists, its victories, its past, and its future. The handcrafted leather-bound tome is edited by journalist Pino Allievi and includes a complete appendix of Ferrari’s victories since 1947.

— 32 —

— 33 —

— 34 —

— 36 —

— 37 —

— 38 —

— 40 —

— 41 —







Includes never-before-seen photographs, original comic art, and rare comic book facsimiles that trace Stan’s dizzying career and his unstoppable influence on pop culture worldwide.

TM & © 2018 Marvel Entertainment, LLC

This Giant-Size tome is an unparalleled account of the life and times of Stan “the Man” Lee, the four-color splendor of the Marvel Universe he built, and the creative passion that has led him to pursuits beyond his earliest imaginings, from appearing in Hollywood blockbusters to forming POW! Entertainment.


© Alex Prager. Courtesy Alex Prager Studio and Lehmann Maupin, New York and Hong Kong.

A Limited and Signed Edition of Only 1,000 Copies! BABY


Collector’s Edition No. 1–1,000 Hardcover in acrylic box, 444 pages 31.5 x 47 cm / 12.4 x 18.5 in. Signed by Stan Lee

— 47 —

— 48 —

— 49 —

The Complete Rocky Films Celebrating the original Italian stallion, Rocky Balboa

“In many ways, Rocky is a picture that should make movie history.” Hollywood Reporter, 1976

Rocky, a Pop Culture Icon All the guts and glory of an enduring hero and cinematic masterpiece

— 52 —

— 53 —

Collector’s Edition No. 51–1,976

XXL Edition of 1,926 Hardcover in clamshell box with notebook facsimile, 380 pages 29 x 44 cm / 11.4 x 17.3 in. Signed by Sylvester Stallone

— 55 —

Art Edition No. 1–25 Rocky III, 1982 by Neil Leifer

Edition of 25 Pigment print, 50 x 50 cm / 20 x 20 in. Signed by Neil Leifer

— 56 —

Art Edition No. 26–50 Rocky II, 1979 by Neil Leifer

Edition of 25

Pigment print, 50 x 50 cm / 20 x 20 in. Signed by Neil Leifer

— 57 —

From Paper to Building Original sketches by Renzo Piano and Tadao Ando

Piano, Virtuoso The Italian master’s complete oeuvre in an updated 2018 edition, with a signed print of the Menil Collection Foundation

— 60 —

XXL Edition of 200 Hardcover, 716 pages 30.8 x 39 cm / 12.2 x 15.4 in. with a signed print of a sketch of the Menil Collection Foundation in Houston, Texas 28 x 36 cm / 11 x 14.2 in. Signed by Renzo Piano The book and artwork come in a custom-built wooden crate designed by Piano, as those used by his workshop to ship 3-D miniature models.

Perfection in Simplicity Tadao Ando’s complete works from 1975 until today, with a signed sketch

XXL Edition of 100 Hardcover in a red leather box designed by Ando 720 pages, 30.8 x 39 cm / 12.2 x 15.4 in., with a sketch of the Walter de Maria artwork at Chichu Art Museum in Naoshima (right) Signed by Tadao Ando

— 62 —

Sketch of the Walter de Maria artwork at Chichu Art Museum, Naoshima, 28 x 36 cm / 11 x 14.2 in., on Japanese rice paper Signed by Tadao Ando

— 63 —

25 Unique Artist Books

— 64 —

Artist Book No. 1–25


Hardcover in clamshell box, 496 pages 25 x 33.4 cm / 9.8 x 13.2 in., each with a unique collaged book cover made by the artist for his TASCHEN monograph Signed by Albert Oehlen

— 65 —

Albert Oehlen Screenprint Untitled, 2018

Edition of 100 Four-color screenprint on Zerkall mold-made paper, 120 x 92 cm / 47.2 x 36.2 in. Signed by Albert Oehlen

— 67 —

Bon Voyage Françoise Gilot’s travel sketchbooks

— 68 —

“These little books are a step toward freedom.” Françoise Gilot

— 69 —

Text booklet

Senegal Sketchbook, 1981

— 70 —

India Sketchbook, 1979

Venice Sketchbook, 1974

— 71 —

“I’m more abstract when I paint than when I draw. Drawing allows me to express my feelings and to get rid of the images. I draw to forget.” Françoise Gilot

— 72 —

Art Editions by Françoise Gilot La Salute, Venice, 2017

Edition of 60 Six-color hand-printed lithograph 45.7 x 61 cm / 18 x 24 in. Signed by Françoise Gilot

— 73 —

Art Editions by Françoise Gilot Indian Soul, 2017

Edition of 60 Six-color hand-printed lithograph 45.7 x 61 cm / 18 x 24 in. Signed by Françoise Gilot

— 74 —

Music in Senegal, 2017

Edition of 60 Six-color hand-printed lithograph 45.7 x 61 cm / 18 x 24 in. Signed by Françoise Gilot

— 75 —

A Limited XXL Book with Four Signed Prints by Bruce W. Talamon

Nearly 300 photographs take you behind the scenes of the 1970s music explosion—a hair-raising period in soul, R&B, and funk that lasted past the midnight hour and may never come again.

Art Edition No. 1–500

— 78 —

“An electrifying new book that captures the infectious spirit of the decade from 1972 to 1982.”

XXL Edition of 500

Hardcover in plexiglass slipcase, 372 pages 31.5 x 44 cm / 12.4 x 17.3 in. with four signed prints in portfolio 27.9 x 40.6 cm / 11 x 16 in. James Brown, ABC Television Center, 1973 Parliament-Funkadelic, Los Angeles Sports Arena, 1977 The Jacksons, Los Angeles, 1976 Stevie Wonder, Inglewood, 1980 (previous spread) Signed by Bruce W. Talamon

— 79 —

David LaChapelle’s Magic Artist Box

XL Edition of 500 2 volumes in artist box, 554 pages 27.8 x 35.5 cm / 10.9 x 14 in. with a set of three prints (pp. 84–87) Signed by David LaChapelle

— 80 —

A two-volume book set with three signed prints by the master of surreal photography

— 81 —


David LaChapelle returns with his first new publication in a decade. This two-volume collection narrates the photographer’s career through his own lens; the first tome traces LaChapelle’s rise in the heat of 1980s New York, while the second explores his spiritual and artistic renaissance in 2006–2016. Together, they constitute an unparalleled visual map to the inner workings of a unique, creative mind.

— 82 —

“His photos, as blinding as they are, have a penetrating force … Our fantasies and derangements have risen to the surface, where LaChapelle was looking for them all along.”

— 83 —

Art Edition with three prints by David LaChapelle She Stood by Him till the End His Loving Friend. Elizabeth Taylor

She Stood by Him till the End His Loving Friend. Elizabeth Taylor, 2002 33 x 40.5 cm / 13 x 16 in. Signed by David LaChapelle

— 84 —

— 85 —

Archangel Uriel

Archangel Uriel, 1985 33 x 40.5 cm / 13 x 16 in. Signed by David LaChapelle

— 86 —

Earth Laughs in Flowers. Rite of Spring

Earth Laughs in Flowers. Rite of Spring, 2008–2011 33 x 40.5 cm / 13 x 16 in. Signed by David LaChapelle

— 87 —

“Albert Watson is a photographer in the same way Lionel Messi is a footballer.�

The Crown Prints A major Albert Watson retrospective


SUMO Collector’s Edition No. 201–1,200 Hardcover with faux chimpanzee fur fitting in clamshell box, 408 pages 37.2 x 50 cm / 14.6 x 19.7 in. Numbered and signed by Albert Watson Art Editions No. 1–100 are sold out

— 90 —

— 91 —

Art Edition No. 101–150 Breaunna, Las Vegas, 2001

Edition of 50 33 x 48.3 cm / 13 x 19 in. Signed by Albert Watson Art Editions No. 1–100 are sold out

— 92 —

Art Edition No. 151–200 Kate Moss, Marrakech, 1993


L FEW Edition of 50

33 x 48.3 cm / 13 x 19 in. Signed by Albert Watson

— 93 —

Welcome to Heimat An enchanted trip through Bavaria with Ellen von Unwerth

XXL Collector’s Edition No. 401–1,900 Hardcover in clamshell box, 454 pages 33 x 44 cm / 13 x 17.3 in. Numbered and signed by Ellen von Unwerth

— 94 —

— 95 —

Art Editions No. 1–400 Follow Ellen von Unwerth on a tantalizing tour through her childhood homeland of Bavaria. Amid stunning scenery and charming traditions, you’ll frolic in the company of the most rugged farmhands and luscious maidens, all too ready to share their love for the region, and to discard their lederhosen and dirndls.

Edition of 100 each with a signed print, 45 x 35 cm / 17.7 x 13.8 in. Tête-à-tête (No. 1–100) The Cooks (No. 101–200) Spy Device (No. 201–300) Heidi (No. 301–400) Numbered and signed by Ellen von Unwerth

— 96 —

“Blending old-world charm with a uniquely provocative eroticism . . . a riot of fun and sly subversion.”

— 97 —

Picture Perfect Mert and Marcus—the photo duo behind some of fashion’s glossiest shots

XXL Collector’s Edition No. 251–1,250 Hardcover in clamshell box, 408 pages 31.5 x 42 cm / 12.4 x 16.5 in. Signed by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott

— 99 —

Art Edition No. 1–125 Lara Stone


Edition of 125 Lara Stone, Vogue Paris (London 2010) 35.5 x 45 cm / 14 x 17.7 in. Signed by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott

— 100 —

Art Edition No. 126–250 Kate Moss


Edition of 125 Kate Moss, Love Magazine (London, 2009) 35.5 x 45 cm / 14 x 17.7 in. Signed by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott

— 101 —

Within a Multiple Artwork by Pop Art Legend Allen Jones

Limited to 1,000 Copies, Signed by Naomi Campbell BABY

SUMO Collector’s Edition No. 201–1,200 Hardcover with four fold-outs, 496 pages, 33 x 46.2 cm / 13 x 18.2 in., plus companion volume, 368 pages within a multiple artwork by Allen Jones Signed by Naomi Campbell


Art Editions No. 1–200 are sold out

“I did not attempt to illustrate Naomi, but to encapsulate her.” Allen Jones

City of Lights The master mid-century photographer Marvin E. Newman

XXL Collector’s Edition No. 301–1,000 Hardcover in slipcase, 236 pages 30.5 x 44 cm / 12 x 17.3 in. Numbered and signed by Marvin E. Newman

— 104 —

“The native New Yorker is notable for his incredible range.”

— 105 —

“Is Marvin Newman the U.S.A.’s most overlooked photographer?”

Edition of 75 each 30.5 x 45.6 cm / 12 x 18 in. Coney Island (1953) (No. 1-75, opposite bottom) Broadway, Believe It (1958) (No. 76–150, left) Broadway (1954) (No. 151–225, opposite top) 42nd Street (1983) (No. 226–300, above) Signed by Marvin E. Newman

— 106 —

Art Editions No. 1–300 by Marvin Newman The first major career retrospective of Marvin E. Newman, the remarkable New York photographer largely undiscovered beyond a prestigious collector and gallery circle. Some 170 images reveal Newman’s flawless technique and humanist sensibility in vivid New York cityscapes, as well as top sports shots, and other images from across the US.

— 107 —

We Shall Overcome A letterpress edition of James Baldwin’s seminal The Fire Next Time, with photographs by Steve Schapiro

Winner of the 2017 Lucie Award, Book Publisher of the Year for a Limited Edition

XL Collector’s Edition No. 151–1,963 Hardcover in slipcase, printed in letterpress with two different paper stocks 272 pages, 24 x 34 cm / 9.4 x 13.4 in. Signed by Steve Schapiro

LEFT FEW — 108 —

Art Editions No. 51–100 God Is Love, James Baldwin (1963)

Edition of 50 27.9 x 35.6 cm / 11 x 14 in. Signed by Steve Schapiro


Art Edition No. 1–50 is sold out

— 110 —

Art Edition No. 101–150 March for Freedom, Selma to Montgomery (1965)

Edition of 50 27.9 x 35.6 cm / 11 x 14 in. Signed by Steve Schapiro

LEFT FEW — 111 —

“Schapiro and Baldwin showed the possibility of what strong writing and photography could achieve in their time. In ours, we’d do well to look to them.”

Tom Wolfe’s Wild Ride Through ’60s Counterculture

XL Collector’s Edition No. 201–1,968 Hardcover in slipcase, letterpress-printed on two different paper stocks with tip-ins, 356 pages 24 x 34 cm / 9.4 x 13.4 in. Signed by Tom Wolfe

— 112 —

The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test Letterpress Collector’s Edition of 1,968 copies

— 113 —

— 114 —

— 115 —

Art Edition No. 1–100 The Hollywood Acid Test, 1966

Edition of 100 C-print, 22.9 x 33 cm / 9 x 13 in. Signed by Lawrence Schiller

— 116 —

Art Edition No. 101–200 Me and My Shadow, 1966

Edition of 100 Fiber-based gelatin silver print, 22.9 x 33 cm / 9 x 13 in. Signed by Lawrence Schiller

— 117 —

Frank Sinatra Has a Cold by Gay Talese XL

Collector’s Edition No. 1–5,000 Hardcover in slipcase, letterpress-printed on two different paper stocks, plus tip-ins and a fold-out 24 x 34 cm / 9.4 x 13.4 in., 244 pages Principal photography by Phil Stern Signed by Gay Talese

— 118 —

Letterpress-printed, each book signed by Gay Talese

“With never-before-seen photos of Sinatra, Talese-penned introduction, and marked-up manuscripts accented in swoony blue, this is the glossiest journalism textbook imaginable.” 

— 119 —

“Sinatra with a cold is Picasso without paint, Ferrari without fuel  —only worse.” Gay Talese

— 120 —

“TASCHEN has released 5,000 Collector’s Edition copies of this central text of New Journalism and one of the greatest celebrity portraits ever written. Signed by author Gay Talese, these silkscreened hardcover editions are a must for the Christmas wish list. The legend is printed.”

— 121 —

“A lavish, spectacular two-volume set . . .  a love letter to Mad Men and its fans.”


From left to right: publisher Benedikt Taschen, actress Jessica Paré (Megan Draper), executive producer/director Scott H ­ orn­bacher, actress Kiernan Shipka (Sally Draper), creator Matthew Weiner, actress January Jones (Betty Francis), costume designer Janie Bryant, actress Christina ­Hendricks (Joan Harris), and actor Jon Hamm (Don Draper).

The Complete Mad Men: An Inside Look

“Mad men were admired and kind of became these rock stars of the period.” Matthew Weiner

XL Art Edition No. 1–500 (Script Edition) Two vol. in slipcase, 1,040 pages Seven vol. of the complete scripts in slipcase, 3,936 pages with a signed print by Brian Sanders, 32 x 45 cm / 12.6 x 17.7 in. Signed by Matthew Weiner Art Edition No. 501–512 (Signed Pilot-Script Edition) is sold out.

Ladies and Gentlemen...

The Definitive Authorized Illustrated History — 126 —



— 127 —

The Rolling Stones SUMO Hardcover in clamshell box, 518 pages 50 x 50 cm / 20 x 20 in. Signed by all four band members

Collector’s Edition No. 451—1,600


Art Edition ‘Bent Rej’ No. 76–150 Keith playing the piano, Copenhagen (1965) Pigment print, 50 x 50 cm / 20 x 20 in. Signed by Bent Rej

Art Edition ‘Gered Mankowitz’ No. 151–225 Smiling Buttons (1966) C-print, 50 x 50 cm / 20 x 20 in. Signed by Gered Mankowitz


Art Edition ‘Guy Webster’ No. 226–300 Big Hits (1966) Pigment print, 50 x 50 cm / 20 x 20 in. Signed by Guy Webster

Art Edition ‘Ethan Russell’ No. 301–375 Mick and Keith “Laugh” (1972) Pigment print, 50 x 50 cm / 20 x 20 in. Signed by Ethan Russell Art Editions ‘David Bailey’ and ‘Anton Corbijn’ are sold out

— 128 —


— 129 —

Mick Jagger, New York, 2014. Photo: Brigitte Lacombe.

Three years, four Stones, sixty journeys around the globe, 1,600 signed editions Compiling the definitive, authorized, illustrated history of the world’s greatest rock’n’roll band isn’t just an epic creative enterprise. It’s also a mammoth logistical feat. The greatest challenge was the element that will be most cherished by any Rolling Stones fan: the signature page for the limited edition. We produced thirty special aluminum cases to transport the signing pages to each of the band members. That’s four ultra high profile, endlessly globetrotting stars, each with different residences and offices around the world. So these precious pages traveled from location to location until each and every one was signed by Mick, Keith, Charlie, and Ronnie. It proved quite the trip, covering thousands of miles across three continents. Some signing pages joined The Stones on tour through Europe and the United States. At one point a few hundred pages were inexplicably held over by Norwegian customs. In total, it took three years and two round-the-world trips for each aluminum case to get all 1,600 signing pages the mark of approval from Ronnie, Mick, Keith and Charlie. Once complete, the pages voyaged by special transport to our binder in Italy. Carefully unloaded, they are then stored in a security vault to rival fort knox until the final, historic books are bound, printed, and ready for shipment. An odyssey of a journey, but what a rock’n’roll destination: the ultimate endorsement to The Stones’ official photographic record. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Bob Dylan by Daniel Kramer

XXL Collector’s Edition No. 201–1,965 Hardcover in clamshell box, letterpress-printed chapter openers with tipped-in photographs, two different paper stocks, and three fold-outs, 31.2 x 44 cm / 12.3 x 17.3 in., 288 pages Signed by Daniel Kramer

Art Edition No. 1–100 Bob Dylan with Dark Glasses, NYC


Edition of 100 Gelatin silver print 30 x 40 cm / 11.8 x 15.7 in. Signed by Daniel Kramer

— 134 —

Art Edition No. 101–200 Bob Dylan: Columbia Records, Studio A “He was a man who set his own marks and resisted being manipulated. He knew what he wanted to do and what he wanted to produce.” Daniel Kramer

Edition of 100 Gelatin silver print 40 x 30 cm / 15.7 x 11.8 in. Signed by Daniel Kramer

— 135 —

Partners in Life and Art Kishin Shinoyama’s intimate portrait series of John Lennon & Yoko Ono

XXL Collector’s Edition No. 251–1,980 Hardcover and clothbound in clamshell box, 174 pages 31.2 x 44 cm / 12.3 x 17.3 in. Signed by Kishin Shinoyama and Yoko Ono For Art Editions check

— 136 —

Limited to a total number of 1,980 copies signed by Yoko Ono and Kishin Shinoyama

— 137 —


Annie Leibovitz with Frank Goerhardt, TASCHEN’s director of production, at her New York studio, 2014.

TASCHEN Store Milan

— 140 —


“Reproduced with breathtaking clarity, texture, and vividness, the colors and subjects practically leap off the page.”

— 141 —

Take your pick! Book jacket available in four iconic shots

Whoopi Goldberg

Keith Haring

David Byrne

Patti Smith

— 142 —

Annie Leibovitz Art Edition Keith Haring

Keith Haring (contact sheet, New York City, 1986) Archival pigment print, 50 x 50 cm / 20 x 20 in. Signed by Annie Leibovitz

Art Edition No. 1–1,000

Collector’s Edition No. 1,001–10,000

Leather-bound with signed print (above) with all four book jackets and a bookstand by Marc Newson, 476 pages, 50 x 69 cm / 19.7 x 27.2 in. Signed by Annie Leibovitz

Hardcover with a bookstand by Marc Newson Available in one of four different covers 476 pages, 50 x 69 cm / 19.7 x 27.2 in. Signed by Annie Leibovitz

— 143 —

Lights, Camera, Teeth The ocean’s endangered predator as never seen before

“I couldn’t bring the shark to the studio. So I had to bring the studio to the shark.” Michael Muller

XXL Collector’s Edition No. 201–1,000 Hardcover in metal shark cage, 334 pages 33 x 44 cm / 13 x 17.3 in. Signed by Michael Muller

— 144 —

— 145 —

Art Edition No. 1–100 Tear You Apart, 2009

Edition of 100 Pigment print, 53.5 x 68 cm / 21.1 x 26.8 in. Signed by Michael Muller

— 146 —

Art Edition No. 101–200 Under Study, 2015

Edition of 100 Pigment print, 53.5 x 68 cm / 21.1 x 26.8 in. Signed by Michael Muller

— 147 —

“My Love Letter to the Planet.”

Salgado’s Photographic Homage to the Earth in Pristine State


Art Edition No. 1–500


Five editions of 100 copies each, bound in full leather, with a gelatin silver print Signed by Sebastião Salgado

Sebastião Salgado. GENESIS Two vol., 704 pages, 46.8 x 70 cm / 18.4 x 27.6 in. with a wooden bookstand designed by Tadao Ando Signed by Sebastião Salgado

Art Edition No. 401–500 is sold out

— 150 —


Collector’s Edition No. 501–3,000 Quarter-leather and cloth-bound Signed by Sebastião Salgado

— 151 —

Art Edition No. 1–100 Two Mursi Women Each print is titled, dated, and signed by Sebastião Salgado, printed under his personal supervision

Edition of 100 Two Mursi Women, Omo Valley, Ethiopia, 2007 Gelatin silver print, 40 x 30 cm / 16 x 12 in. Signed by Sebastião Salgado

— 152 —

Art Edition No. 101–200 North of the Ob River

“There could be no more powerful reminder of the paradise from which we are falling.”

Edition of 100 North of the Ob River, Yamal Peninsula, Siberia, Russia, 2011 Gelatin silver print, 40 x 30 cm / 16 x 12 in. Signed by Sebastião Salgado

— 153 —

Art Edition No. 201–300 Black-browed Albatrosses “I set out to record those places, animals and peoples least affected by the hand of modern man.”

Edition of 100 Black-browed Albatrosses, Falkland Islands, 2009 Gelatin silver print, 40 x 30 cm / 16 x 12 in. Signed by Sebastião Salgado

— 154 —

Art Edition No. 301–400 Marine Iguana

“Hauntingly beautiful and intensely serene.” Sphere, London

Edition of 100 Marine Iguana, Galápagos, Ecuador, 2004 Gelatin silver print, 30 x 40 cm / 12 x 16 in. Signed by Sebastião Salgado

— 155 —

— 156 —

Salgado’s Extraordinary Series on the 1991 Kuwaiti Oil Fires

XXL Collector’s Edition No. 101–1,100 Hardcover in clamshell box, 188 pages 45 x 41 cm / 17.7 x 16.1 in. Signed by Sebastião Salgado

Art Edition No. 1–100 Kuwait (left), 1991 Archival black-and-white print, 40 x 30 cm / 15.7 x 11.8 in. Signed by Sebastião Salgado

— 157 —


The Magnum Opus of HR Giger Our publishing history with HR Giger goes back to the mid-1980s. Project work for this monograph dates back 10 years and included close curatorial and design collaboration with Hansruedi. Due to his untimely death in 2014, Giger was unable to witness the final printing and binding of his magnum opus.

Art Edition No. 1–100 (Relief + Photogravure) Art Edition No. 101–200 (Relief) Collector’s Edition No. 201–1,200 36.7 x 50 cm / 14.4 x 19.7 in., 400 pages Signed by Carmen Giger / HR Giger Estate

— 158 —



“A disturbingly beautiful tribute to HR Giger’s nightmarish work.”

— 159 —



Collector’s Edition No. 101–1,100

Art Edition No. 1–100

Hardcover in clamshell box, 480 pages 33 x 44 cm / 13 x 17.3 in. Signed by Beatriz Milhazes

with the silk-screen print Mango and Passion Fruit in Lilac and Violet Signed by Beatriz Milhazes

Tropical Abstraction The colors and concepts of Beatriz Milhazes

“My interest in abstraction is about creating a world that comes from reality, but only exists in art, and that yet could change our perspective of the world.” Beatriz Milhazes — 161 —

“Rhythm is an expression of culture. The compositions I create lead you to places in history, music you have listened to, memories from your own experiences in life.” Beatriz Milhazes

— 162 —

— 163 —



“I know the book is going to last 100 years, at least.” David Hockney


Collector’s Editions No. 1,001–10,000 Hardcover, 498 pages, 50 x 70 cm / 19.6 x 27.5 in. with a 680-page chronology book and an adjustable bookstand designed by Marc Newson Signed by David Hockney Art Editions No. 1–1,000 are sold out

— 164 —

Each SUMO is signed by David Hockney

Christo and Jeanne-Claude Floating Piers Collector’s Edition No. 161–1,000 Hardcover in slipcase, with a swatch of the original dahlia yellow fabric, 846 pages 29 x 27 cm / 11.4 x 10.6 in. Signed by Christo and Wolfgang Volz

Art Edition No. 21–40


Signed collage multiple The Floating Piers (Project for Lake Iseo, Italy) Sulzano, 2017, framed in plexiglas, 55.9 x 35.5 cm / 22 x 14 in. with the Floating Piers project book Signed by Christo and Wolfgang Volz

Art Edition No. 41–60


With signed collage multiple The Floating Piers (Project for Lake Iseo, Italy) San Paolo, 2017, framed in plexiglas, 55.9 x 35.5 cm / 22 x 14 in. with the Floating Piers project book Signed by Christo and Wolfgang Volz Art Editions No. 1–20, 61–160 are sold out

— 168 —

Christo and Jeanne-Claude

XXL Collector’s Edition No. 107–1,106


Hardcover in clamshell, 754 pages 33 x 44 cm / 13 x 17.3 in Signed by Christo

Art Edition No. 7–106


Signed pigment/silk-screen print Project for Jewelry on Jeanne-Claude’s Hand, after a 1965 study 33 x 44 cm / 13 x 17.3 in. Signed by Christo Art Edition No. 1–6 is sold out

— 169 —

Christo and Jeanne-Claude Wrapped Trees

Wrapped Trees, Basel 1997–1998 Art Edition No. 1–1,000 With cibachrome print and piece of original fabric, 23.5 x 30 cm / 9.3 x 11.8 in., 136 pages Signed by Christo, Jeanne-Claude, and Wolfgang Volz

— 170 —

The Gates & Wrapped Reichstag

The Gates, New York City 1979–2005 Collector’s Edition No. 1–5,000 Hardcover in slipcase, with a piece of original fabric, 968 pages 29 x 27 cm / 11.4 x 10.6 in. Signed by Christo, Jeanne-Claude, and Wolfgang Volz

Wrapped Reichstag, Berlin 1971–1995 Collector’s Edition No. 1–5,000


Hardcover in slipcase, with piece of original fabric 29 x 27 cm / 11.4 x 10.6 in., 700 pages Signed by Christo, Jeanne-Claude, and Wolfgang Volz

— 171 —

A Royal Masterwork by Vivienne Westwood and Harry Benson

XXL Her Majesty Vivienne Westwood Edition Two Art Editions of 500 copies each Hardcover in clamshell box, 350 pages 29 x 39.5 cm / 13 x 15.6 in.

Art Edition No. 1–500 with print Royal Greeting, 1966 (opposite) 45.7 x 33.5 cm / 18 x 13.2 in. Signed by Harry Benson

Art Edition No. 501–1,000 with print Royal Departure, 1966 33.5 x 45.7 cm / 13.2 x 18 in. Signed by Harry Benson

London Calling Tailor-made for TASCHEN by Paul Smith

XL London. Portrait of a City Paul Smith Edition Two Art Editions of 500 copies each Hardcover in clamshell box, 552 pages 25 x 34 cm / 9.8 x 13.4 in.

— 175 —

A Photographic Tribute to the British Capital

Art Edition No. 1–500 Piccadilly Circus

Edition of 500 Pigment print, 68 x 52 cm / 26.8 x 20.5 in. Signed by Elmar Ludwig

Art Edition No. 501–1,000 Traffic Policeman

Edition of 500 Pigment print, 68 x 52 cm / 26.8 x 20.5 in. Signed by Elmar Ludwig

The Bettina Rheims Retrospective 35 years of daring, defiant photography

XXL Collector’s Edition No. 201–1,000 In clamshell box, 454 pages with a 146-page companion volume 30.5 x 39 cm / 12 x 15.3 in. Signed by Bettina Rheims

— 180 —

— 181 —

The Art of Fine Binding with Nobuyoshi Araki

Collector’s Edition No. 151–995 Japanese binding, 3 vols. in wooden box 29 x 33 cm / 11.4 x 13 in., 600 pages Signed by Nobuyoshi Araki

LEFT FEW — 182 —

— 183 —



Edition of 50 Digital C-print, 29 x 24 cm / 11.4 x 9.4 in. Signed by Nobuyoshi Araki Art Editions Untitled 1990 and Untitled 1994 are sold out

— 184 —

Art Edition Untitled 1992 by Nobuyoshi Araki

— 185 —

Araki’s Forbidden Fruits



Collector’s Edition No. 1–2,500 Hardcover in clamshell box, 636 pages 34.5 x 50 cm / 13.6 x 19.7 in. Signed by Nobuyoshi Araki

— 186 —

— 188 —

— 189 —

The Ultimate Monograph with a Book Bag by Issey Miyake

XL Collector’s Edition No. 1–1,000 Within an book bag by Issey Miyake exclusively designed for TASCHEN 36 x 36 cm / 14.2 x 14.2 in., 512 pages Signed with Issey Miyake’s inkan, the traditional Japanese seal

— 190 —

— 191 —

Marc Newson’s Design Encyclopedia

— 192 —

XXL Collector’s Edition No. 101–1,100 Hardcover in slipcase, 610 pages 33 x 44 cm / 13 x 17.3 in. Signed by Marc Newson

Art Edition No. 1–100 Hardcover with leather inlay in Micarta slipcase, 610 pages 33 x 44 cm / 13 x 17.3 in. Signed by Marc Newson

“Marc Newson is one of the most influential designers of his time, and all time.”

— 193 —

Own a Piece of the Moon

— 194 —

“Probably the most extravagant expression of TASCHEN’s Collector’s Edition philosophy: make it big, make it exclusive, make it unlike anything else.” Rolls-Royce Magazine

— 195 —

The Marc Newson MoonFire edition, with a genuine lunar rock

Limited to just 12 copies numbered 1958–1969, the Lunar Rock Edition of Norman Mailer’s MoonFire is designed by Marc Newson. His concept was inspired by the Apollo 11 LEM (Lunar Excursion Module). Each book is contained in a case made from a single piece of aluminum—its surface an actual 3-D topography of the Moon—and comes with a unique piece of lunar rock.

— 196 —

“There are things which, if attended to with half-measures, will fail. Moon landings are one; books about moon landings are another. Thank god, then, that TASCHEN does nothing by halves.”

— 197 —

Only three Lunar Rock Editions left A piece of the moon—one of the rarest substances on Earth!

Already sold: Edition No. 1958 NWA 2995 Edition No. 1959 NWA 2995 Edition No. 1960 NWA 2727 Edition No. 1961 NWA 2995 Edition No. 1962 No name Edition No. 1963 NWA 2200 Edition No. 1964 NWA 5153 Edition No. 1965 NWA 482 Edition No. 1966 Shişr 160

Edition No. 1967 NWA 5153 Type: Basalt-Bearing Mingled Feldspathic Breccia Discovery site: North West African corridor near the Moroccan / Algerian border Size: 38 x 27 x 23 mm / 1.5 x 1.1 x 0.9 in. Weight: 41.88 g / 1.5 oz.

— 198 —

Edition No. 1968 NWA 4936 Type: Lunar Feldspathic Breccia Discovery site: Siskou, Morocco Size: 69 x 42 x 17 mm / 2.7 x 1.7 x 0.7 in. Weight: 91.26 g / 3.2 oz.

Edition No. 1969 NWA 4936 Type: Lunar Feldspathic Impact-Melt Breccia Discovery site: Morocco Size: 90 x 75 x 51 mm / 3.5 x 3 x 2 in. Weight: 348 g / 12.3 oz.

The Apollo 11 mission was responsible for the procurement of more than 22 kilograms of lunar specimens. NASA regulations prohibiting any sale of collected specimens limits the market to meteorites only, found mostly in the deserts of North Africa. Each of the Lunar Rock Editions come with an authentic, documented lunar rock. All specimen are shown in actual size.

— 199 —

Pure Magic A fantastic voyage through Walt Disney’s animation works

— 200 —

“The quality in general is absolutely superb, and no fan of animation, or indeed film history, should spare the cost of acquiring this volume.”

In TASCHEN’s first volume of one of the most expansive illustrated publications on Disney animation, 1,500 images take us to the beating heart of the studio’s “Golden Age of Animation.” The landmark volume includes behind-the-scenes photos, story sketches, and cel setups of famous film scenes. It spans each of the major animated features made during Walt’s lifetime, as well as lesser-known short films, episodic musical films, and unfinished projects.

— 201 —

The Walt Disney Film Archives Art Edition No. 1–2,500

XXL Edition of 2,500 Hardcover in clamshell box, 620 pages 41.1 x 30 cm / 16.2 x 11.8 in. with 64-page storyboard facsimile and a portfolio of five cel setups

— 202 —

“An unparalleled feat of publishing and authorship. A miracle. A gift. A revelation.”

— 203 —

GREATEST OF ALL TIME A tribute fit for the champion

Muhammad Ali with the GOAT Champ’s Edition. Photo by David LaChapelle, 2003

Champ’s Edition No. 1–1,000



Edition of 1,000 In clamshell box, 50 x 50 cm / 19.7 x 19.7 in., 792 pages with inflatable sculpture Radial Champs by Jeff Koons, two inflatables and a stool, 175 x 170 cm / 69 x 67 in. Plus four gelatin silver prints, 50 x 50 cm / 19.7 x 19.7 in. signed by Muhammad Ali and Howard L. Bingham All books are signed by Muhammad Ali and Jeff Koons

— 206 —

Cassius Clay in Louisville, 1962 Sitting on a Million Dollars, 1963 Ali vs Liston II, 1965 Muhammad Ali, 1978 Signed by Muhammad Ali and Howard L. Bingham

— 207 —

Collector’s Edition No. 1,001–10,000


Edition of 9,000 In clamshell box with photolitho Radial Champs by Jeff Koons (right), 792 pages 50 x 50 cm / 19.7 x 19.7 in. Signed by Muhammad Ali and Jeff Koons

— 208 —

“I didn’t know I was so great.” Muhammad Ali upon seeing the first copy of GOAT

Photolitho Radial Champs 50 x 40 cm / 20 x 16 in. Signed by Jeff Koons

— 209 —

Norman Mailer’s Masterpiece on the Epic “Rumble in the Jungle”

XXL Collector’s Edition No. 251–1,974 Hardcover in clamshell box, 260 pages 36.5 x 44 cm / 14.4 x 17.3 in. Signed by Neil Leifer and Howard L. Bingham

— 210 —

“A puglistic drama as exciting as the reality.”

— 211 —

Art Edition No. 1–125 Ali Glaring at Foreman by Neil Leifer

Edition of 125 Ali vs Foreman ­— Ali Glaring at Foreman, October 30, 1974 Pigment print, 30 x 40 cm / 11.8 x 15.7 in. Signed by Neil Leifer

— 212 —

Art Edition No. 126–250 Foreman Being Counted Out by Neil Leifer

Edition of 125 Ali vs Foreman — Foreman Being Counted Out, October 30, 1974 Pigment print, 30 x 40 cm / 11.8 x 15.7 in. Signed by Neil Leifer

— 213 —

A Short TASCHEN History from 1980–today

James Bidgood installation, New York, 1999.


Comic beginnings…





Photo 2-4: Michael Kriegeskorte

… for young Benedikt Taschen: 18 years old + 25 square meters = TASCHEN COMICS shop in Cologne, Germany (1, 4). After years of collecting, Benedikt settles down in his own shop, selling a huge selection of new and rare collectors’ comics. Invite for the opening of the shop (2). The very first TASCHEN COMICS publication, Sally Forth (3).




TASCHEN COMICS gets off its feet,


producing its own catalogs (1, 5) and welcoming some new collaborators: Ludwig Koenemann (2), a brilliant young man full of fresh and unconventional ideas, responsible for worldwide distribution; Hubertus Röder (4), who takes care of administration & finance; and Michael Kriegeskorte (circled, left) in charge of design & production. Not yet 20, Benedikt (3) has big hopes and plans for the future of his company …



1982 New digs




High hopes, learning the ropes: Here are

4 3

A three-floor shop becomes TASCHEN COMICS’ new home (2). Benedikt sends out funny invites (1) for the grand opening, poses for Der Spiegel in front of one of his posters (3), and has great success with Ray Banana (4), a detective story.

two examples from this year’s wonderfullooking but unfortunately not-so-well-selling comics lineup. People claimed to love them, but appar­ently forgot to buy them. (Too bad  — today they’re worth a small fortune!)

Surreal success!

Relief, happiness and revolution: Magritte saves the day (and the company). Penniless Benedikt borrows last money from mother, father, and aunt to buy 40,000 remainders of a Magritte book printed in English (1). The bet pays off: 40,000 Germans go for it. The year’s summer catalog features a photo of Woody Allen by Annie Leibovitz (2) and a book of her photographs is also printed under TASCHEN’s name (3). 1984 also sees the buying of rights for Reinhart Wolf’s New York (4), photographs of skyscrapers face-to-face. The original edition was priced at 168 Deutschmarks — too much! TASCHEN sells it for 30 and sales go sky high.






Benedikt Taschen in his first shop, Cologne 1980





Bingo with Ingo

TASCHEN’s edition of Dalí (4) sports 1,000 misprints, according to editor Ingo F. Walther, who boldly claims he could do much better. So he is hired to edit the very first TASCHEN original publication and the first book in the Basic Art series, Picasso (1) (which has been translated into 25 languages and is still in print today). Ingo and Benedikt (2) at the Frankfurt Book Fair, have an early and successful foray into non-book territory with the Build Your Own Skeleton cut-out book. Rolf Bürgel (3), the careful c­ aretaker, takes care of Kölsch-beer.



Some ideas simply don’t fly: e.g. Cologne Bachelors (3), a photo guide to the city’s single men, was meant to be the first in a series featuring bachelors and bach­elorettes from cities all over the world. This one was a Rohrkrepierer (lonely loser). And editor Angelika Muthesius, the future wife of Benedikt, was hired especially to catch all these bachelors. A poster features Benedikt’s daughter, Marlene (opposite page), announcing


“I don’t want a taschen-book, I want a book by TASCHEN!”

(You see, “TASCHEN” means “pockets” in German.) The TASCHEN-MOBILE hits Germany (1, 2) — if you can’t get the books to the booksellers, bring the book­sellers to the books (and keep them locked in the van until they seal their order — whatever is proposed!). Sleeping beauty M.C. Escher (4) had been lying low since the ’70s until we acquired the rights.




3 1 5 4

1987 1988


inflatable business.

TASCHEN decides to pump up the action and move into Marsupilami squeaky toys (1) and blow-up animals hit bookstores by the thousands as TASCHEN sees a great future for non-books being sold in bookstores. After selling 200,000 inflatable gorillas (2), book­stores are tired of the idea and 100,000 more orphaned apes have to find new homes. Hey, what’s cooking? Well, unfortunately not the Dinnerparty à la Perestroika Russian cookbook (3). Relief (5), a 3-D photo book, helps relieve us from the pierogi misfortune, but then the flipbooks (4) flop.




Gaudí (1), which means “crazy fun” in southern Germany, is the first title in the Big Art series and a huge seller for years. B ­ enedikt celebrates with Klaus Honnef (2), author of Contem­porary Art (3). 20th Century Furniture Design (4) by Peter Gössel and edited by Angelika, is the first TASCHEN book to sport a stylized, modern design. On the 1987 catalog (5), Salvador happily complains


Say no to kimono: TASCHEN really sucks in the fashion business (1), so it’s

“A genius like me for just DM 9,95?”

Now publishing in over 20 languages and minimizing distribution costs, TASCHEN has figured out how to make and sell great books for ridiculously low prices!



back to books and bucks 1

with a serious double jumbo set (2) on The Complete Paintings of Van Gogh, marking the centenary of his death (sales are spectacular — thanks, Vincent and Ingo!) 2

Poster girl Marlene Taschen, 1986

Photos 2-3: Klaus Frahm

1 Photo: Uli Sigg




Old house, new house, bauhaus…

TASCHEN relocates into a 19th-century mansion in Cologne (2), hangs up a Kippen­­berger sculpture (3), celebrates the publication of Karl Lagerfeld’s photography (1), and publishes more very successful titles: bauhaus (4) and ­Architecture in the 20th Century, all three edited by Angelika Muthesius.


Ein Jahrhundertkünstler aus Deutschland:


Martin Kippenberger at the office (opposite page), and signing Cicciolina’s T-shirt at her book launch party (4). His first book (1) really establishes TASCHEN as a publisher to celebrate contemporary artists by working with them while they are still young and alive. Triple X: ex-porn queen, ex-member of Parliament, ex-wife of Jeff Koons, Cicciolina (4). Benedikt croons Edith Piaf’s “A quoi ça sert, l’amour” on his first and only record album (3). Giger and Starck are two of TASCHEN’s favorite shining stars (2, 6). The publication of Ingo F. Walther’s Picasso double jumbo (7) is regarded as “…the definitive introduction to the scope and range of Picasso’s work” by The Times, London.






Photo: Wolfgang Bellwinkel






Embrace your past: Jeff Koons, the American Jahrhundertkünstler and his TASCHEN book (3). Benedikt (sitting) makes a serious face after reviewing this year’s returns in front of a Paul McCarthy sculpture (1).

Koons or cookbooks?

Taschen and Koenemann (2) don’t see eye to eye: After 12 years of collaboration, Koenemann doesn’t agree on TASCHEN’s publishing philosophy (whether or not a particular title sells is not wholly the point, it’s about producing a collection of books you can be proud of) and sets off on his own. 2





From here to the world, from Osaka to No-saka…

Photo: Ralph Gibson

our first Japanese office in Osaka was losing one yen after the other. Maybe we would have committed hara-kiri if we hadn’t loved the country and, in particular, our secret Japanese weapon and mysterious supporter, Satomi-san (3). On the other hand the catalog is in full bloom (1), the Soutine œuvre catalog (2) is a serious success and flies out of the warehouse (4).






Luxury 4 le$$

Dinner at TASCHEN: Paris Interiors (2) is born and editor Angelika Taschen (3) is called “the mother of all coffee table books.” Other 1994 highlights include Eric Kroll’s Fetish Girls (1) and Dalí: The Complete Paintings (4) by Gilles Néret.

Martin Kippenberger, TASCHEN office, 1991


Leg language your kind of talk? Elmer knows Batters and gets his first book (6) out at the age of 76. As Benedikt tells Vanity Fair: “You see, it’s nice for these older guys to finally have their work taken seriously. Then they die. But they die happy.” Wolfgang Tillmans (3) is not that type of guy. He gets published at the age of 27. And neither is Albert Oehlen (4). The Chicago Book Expo (1) surprises bookworms with X ­ XL-size books, including the ever-pop­ular Erotica Universalis (1) by Gilles Néret. Moroccan Interiors (2) is booming and while Christo & Jeanne-Claude (5) wrap the Reichstag many talers cash into TASCHEN’s pockets.






Some like it not

Photo: Jeanloup Sieff

Photo: Eric Kroll





Eric Kroll’s photo for the Satisfy your Senses campaign wins the prestigious award for “the most tasteless advertising of the year” (3), while Benedikt’s iguana mohawk (1) has no chance. Art tycoon Daniel Wilden­stein and Benedikt get snapped by Jeanloup Sieff (4) on the occasion of this year’s art book sensation, the Monet Œuvre Catalogue by the Wildenstein Institute, edited by Gilles Néret. Another seller is 20th Century Photography Klotz (2), edited by Simone Philippi.


3 1

Eye to eye to Eric Stanton


TASCHEN heats up with an amazing volume on The Art of Eric Stanton (2), edited by resident friend and collaborator, photographer Eric Kroll (3) and Burkhard Riemschneider. Frans Lanting’s Eye to Eye (1) is published, recently pro­claimed one of the century’s best nonfiction books by National Public Radio’s FORUM show as well as The Complete Work of Pierre et Gilles: “surreal, dreamy, sexy hand-painted photos” (4).



1997 3

1998 1



A passion for TASCHEN

The Male Nude by David Leddick (1) and 1000 Chairs by Charlotte and Peter Fiell (2) are 1998’s Cashklötze. And Jazz Seen by William Claxton (4) wins this year’s publisher’s darling award. TASCHEN Spain opens its Madrid office. Fewer and better troops and ­simpler administration: the TASCHEN staff in the pink at the annual Christmas party in Cologne (3).

1999 2



SUMO takes it all Vanity Fair writes,“Sumo is the biggest bound volume produced in the


20th century: 460 pages, measuring two and a half feet tall by one and a half feet wide, and weighing 66 pounds.” The production is a nightmare and it’s the team that makes it work (1). Sitting: June Newton, Sumo editor, and Helmut Newton. Other highlights: Art at the Turn of the Millennium by Burkhard Riemschneider (3), the year’s best-selling art book. TASCHEN starts an international advertising campaign with Helmut Newton, featuring Billy Wilder, Marianne Faithfull, and Albert Oehlen (2) among others. Frans Lanting, Bill Claxton, and Julius Shulman celebrate at the Giants of the Camera party at the Chemosphere House, Hollywood (4).

Wolfgang Tillmans, TASCHEN office, 1995

Billy Wilder and Helmut Newton with Benedikt Taschen at the Chemosphere House, Hollywood, 1999, photographed by June Newton

2000 Helmut the Great

World record for the most expensive book published in the 20th century: Helmut Newton’s SUMO copy #1, autographed by over 80 celebrities featured in it, goes for US $304,000 at an auction in Berlin, giving Helmut Newton, Benedikt Taschen, and auctioneer Simon de Pury cause to celebrate (1). Our Paris TASCHEN Store, located in the heart of St. Germain, opens its doors to the public (2). Designed by Philippe Starck (3) — c’est magnifique! Modernism lovers rejoice when Neutra Complete Works (4) is published.





2001 Walk on the wilder side

Photo: June Newton

We publish our first widescreen film book, dedicated to Wilder’s raucous comedy Some Like it Hot (2). The partici­pation of Jack Lemmon and Billy Wilder (1) is a very special privilege. The warm and e­ nthusiastic echoes we hear from around the world encourage us to make film a permanent category in our catalog. The fun continues with hot wrestling chicks and scary dudes in Exquisite Mayhem (3, 4) edited by Mike Kelley. Albertus Seba’s Cabinet of Natural Curiosities (5) sells like hot cakes.






Photo: William Claxton


TASCHEN goes Hollywood


We move offices from cool New York to hot Hollywood (1), Case Study Houses (2) makes a splash, and our two-­volume reprint of Martin Luther’s 1534 Bible (3) becomes an instant bestseller soon after its publication in December. Who would have thought?








GOAT — knockout!


We celebrate the US premiere of Muhammad Ali tribute book GOAT at the historic site of Ali’s 1964 triumph over Sonny Liston (1, 2). Honoring the Champ are many of the book’s contributing authors and photo­graphers, including principal photographers Howard Bingham and Neil Leifer, trainer Angelo Dundee, and Jeff Koons, who created the art piece included with the Champ’s Edition of the book. Another Italian heavyweight knockout: our XL Leonardo da Vinci (4). Old Europe in Beverly Hills — TASCHEN opens its first US store (3) designed by Philippe Starck. The stunning interior features glossy walnut, cast bronze, purple mirrors, golden leather, and one-of-a-kind handmade glass walls. Albert Oehlen creates 20 computer-generated collages for the walls and ceiling, inspired by the wide selection of TASCHEN books, setting the shop apart from any other bookstore in history.

Faulpelz found



The first-ever Faulpelzfest is held in Los Angeles to reward the eight “Find Faulpelz” contest winners, who get to meet the mysterious editor hidden in many TASCHEN books (1). We enter Terryworld (2) and are touched by Tadao Ando (3).


Helmut Newton photographs Albert Oehlen, Cologne, 1998

Howard L. Bingham and Muhammad Ali with the first copy of GOAT, Los Angeles, 2003


Good to be alive when you are 25

Dozens of perennial TASCHEN favorites are reborn as special 25th anniversary editions (2). Our dear friend Gilles Néret (1), longtime art book editor extraordinaire and author of many of our bestsellers, passes away and is sorely missed. This year we also enter The Gates (3), go deep into the The Stanley Kubrick Archives (4), and swing to the beat of William Claxton’s Jazz Life (5).








Kind David and Saint Peter

2007 1


David LaChapelle’s book Artists & Prostitutes has a suitably raunchy launch party (1) and we collaborate with the incomparable Peter Beard (2) on his jumbo tome (3). New York’s swanky SoHo neighborhood has a new resident, a TASCHEN store, with murals by Brazilian artist Beatriz Milhazes complementing Starck’s sleekly designed space (4).

V for Valentino — and Vanessa!





We throw a party for the King of Fashion and Valentino (1) personalizes copies of his book. Queen of ’70s porn Vanessa Del Rio presides from a golden throne at the TASCHEN NYC shop’s launch for Fifty Years of Slightly Slutty Behavior (2). Modernist buildings make a comeback in Julius Shulman’s triple-volume set of forgotten mid-century architectural masterpieces (4), here with a­ ctress Kelly Lynch (3). On a sad note, our friend and longtime art editor Ingo F. Walther, responsible for many TASCHEN successes, passes away. 4



A sizable splash


Members only: The Big Penis Book (2), the result of editor Dian ­Hanson’s quest for the world’s most remarkable dicks, makes a sizable splash. The ultimate Jeff Koons limited edition retrospective (2) sells out before it even has time to hit the shelves. Circus (4) becomes the greatest show on Earth and Hiroshige’s wonderful woodcuts take us to old Tokyo (3). 3




Riding high with Buzz and Dennis


Norman Mailer’s MoonFire (1) celebrates the historic Apollo 11 moon landing on its 40th anniversary with an ultra-limited edition, featuring actual pieces of lunar rock. American rebel Dennis Hopper’s photo book (4) launches. The conceptual books-in-a-book p ­ ublication on Stanley Kubrick’s unmade N ­ apoleon film ALL sell out in record time (3). Publishing legend “Hef” releases his illustrated autobiography Hugh Hefner’s Playboy (2).



Annie Leibovitz and Quincy Jones, Chateau Marmont, Hollywood, 2014

Marlene Taschen presents a copy of GENESIS by Salgado to Pope Francis, St. Peter’s Square, Rome, 2016


Supersize me


It’s a bird? It’s a plane? It’s 75 Years of DC Comics! A huge, fun-filled retrospective of Superman’s publisher (1). Meanwhile, The Book of Symbols (3) gives meaning to our visual world, and, speaking of visual delights, super Mario Testino shoots Kate Moss (2). Our celebration of Emilio Pucci, the prince of prints, is a perfect fit (4).




The Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm (4) brings together the Grimms’s most beloved stories with beautiful vintage graphics, delighting both children and adults. With the gracious ­collaboration of Paul McCartney and his children, Linda McCartney’s best photos are picked from her m ­ assive archive for her first major monograph (1), and Frédéric Chaubin’s CCCP (3), f­eaturing photographs of Soviet-era architecture, is the year’s surprise bestseller. Surrealist painter Mark Ryden’s carnival of c­ uriosities Pinxit (5) comes into town. Alas, not all is good news in 2011: It is with great sadness that we mourn the loss of our beloved canine mascot, Souci (2), just short of her 15th birthday.


2011 Sans Souci



Best of British 2





The monumental Klimt monograph (1), featuring the great Viennese ­artist’s complete paintings, gives readers the opportunity to see his works in eye-popping detail, including the rarely seen and exclusively photographed Stoclet frieze. The year 2012 also sees the publication of our friend Marc Newson’s book Works (2, 3, here with Jony Ive), a 600-page tribute to his outstanding design career. The Queen gets her photographic tribute in Her Majesty (5) and our licensed-to-thrill The James Bond Archives (4) celebrates another British icon.




2013 Going green

Sebastião Salgado’s masterpiece Genesis (3) sets the tone for a new environmental consciousness, and his Instituto Terra initiative in the Brazilian rainforest inspires us to go officially carbon neutral. We close the year with the ultimate global and historical photo a­ nthology: National Geographic: Around the World in 125 Years (1) and the XL Hieronymus Bosch: Complete Works (2), both instant bestsellers.



1 2






The staggering Annie Leibovitz SUMO (1, Annie with Charlotte, Benedikt, and Lauren Taschen; 2, with Sylvester Stallone at the Chateau Marmont book launch) brings together a family album of our time, showcasing Annie’s portraiture of some of the most famous actors, dancers, writers, athletes, politicians, musicians, and beyond. The 6,000-square-foot TASCHEN Gallery on Beverly Boulevard in Los Angeles (6) launches in December 2014 with “It’s Just a Shot Away: The Rolling Stones in Photographs,” legendary photographer David Bailey with Jack Nicholson at the opening night (5). More than 10,000 visitors get satisfaction at this inaugural show, adding to the buzz around the other SUMO blockbuster this year: The Rolling Stones, authorized and signed by Mick, Keith (opposite page), Charlie, and Ronnie. Other 2014 page-turners include 75 Years of Marvel ­Comics (3) and a limited edition Ai Weiwei monograph (4).


Bright lights

Keith Richards signs the Rolling Stones SUMO, 2014

Naomi Campbell with Lenny Kravitz and Dave Chapelle, Chemosphere House, Hollywood, 2016


Frankly speaking




We revive the famous New Journalism essay “Frank Sinatra Has a Cold” by Gay Talese with classic photos of “Ol’ Blue Eyes” in this letterpress edition (2). Nice jacket! Book Covers in the Weimar Republic assembles 1,000 striking examples from this golden age of publishing (3). Instant Andy: the definitive book of Warhol P ­ olaroids decades before Instagram (1). The David Bowie and Mick Rock collector’s edition of The Rise of David Bowie, 1972–1973 is glamtastic (4).



David and his Goliath book







It is a year of sad farewells and bright new beginnings. Over the course of 2016, we mourn some of the world’s most visionary artists and some of our greatest collaborators: David Bowie, Zaha Hadid, Howard Bingham, Ken Adams, and the Greatest of All Time, Muhammad Ali, are all much-missed but enduring inspirations. With his vivid colors and endless visual curiosity, David Hockney (1) keeps us smiling with his spectacular SUMO-sized retrospective A Bigger Book. The one and only Naomi Campbell celebrates her TASCHEN h ­ omage with a night at the Chemosphere house (2). P ­ eter Lindbergh (3) shows just what makes him the supermodels’ favorite with A Different Vision of ­Fashion Photography. Our ­reprint of Diners de Gala (4), combining Dalí drawings and original r­ ecipes, is a Lobster Thermidor success. The year wraps up with the opening of our elegant new Berlin store (5). Benedikt announces that his daughter Marlene (yes, the poster girl from 1986) will step up to the role of CEO of TASCHEN (6).


Good to be back 2





In this turbulent period in American history, a timely reissue of James Baldwin’s race-relations themed 1960s classic (1), with dramatic civil rights photographs by Steve Schapiro; we then land in posh Mayfair (2) in Central London with the opening of a new gallery and store; d ­ inosaurs are forever in our XL (what else!) Paleoart (3); our friend and collaborator, the incomparable D ­ avid LaChapelle, holds up his twins: Lost and Found and Good News (4); while the magical vision of Christo and Jeanne-Claude continues with The Floating Piers (5); and we return home older and maybe wiser with a new C ­ ologne store (6). It’s good to be back! 6


Reaching for the stars




We kick off the year with an exploration of a World Heritage landmark in the Himalayan mountains, the Murals of Tibet (1). This SUMO makes history; signed by the Dalai Lama, it gathers the most precious surviving murals of Tibetan Buddhist culture photographed in life-size by Thomas Laird. Next, our Eastern travels take us to central Hong Kong, where TASCHEN opens its first store in Asia at the Tai Kwun Centre for heritage and arts (2). We pay homage to the Cavallino Rampante with our limited-edition Ferrari, complete with a motor-inspired bookstand signed Marc Newson that captures all the beauty and excellence of Italy’s driving force. (3) That’s no moon!—that’s an XXLsized investigation of the captivating Star Wars universe, realized with the full cooperation of George Lucas. (4)


The Dalai Lama and Benedikt Taschen with the first copy of Murals of Tibet, Dharamsala, 2018


“TASCHEN has a unique ability to look back as much as he can look forward, in both his business and personal choices, seeing opportunities where others do not. The new store is equally a celebration of the past greatness of Italian design, forever linked to the city of Milan, and a joyful embrace of the global influences that shape the world of design today.�

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TASCHEN Limited Editions 2018/19  
TASCHEN Limited Editions 2018/19