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Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Winter 2016


Your new, family run Opticians in Long Stratton Your local, family run opticians at M Shepherd are here to provide you with the utmost in quality care for your eyes; a friendly, helpful and truly personal service and the latest in dispensing technology. For straightforward advice, comprehensive eye examinations, an extensive range of standard and designer frames and sunglasses, contact lenses, accessories and a warm welcome, drop in to see us at M Shepherd on The Street.

Opening Times Monday – Closed Tuesday to Friday – 9am to 5pm Saturday – 9am to 1pm Sunday – Closed

1 Cooper Court, The Street, Long Stratton, NR15 2XG Telephone: 01508 532669


Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Winter 2016

Useful Contacts Parish Council Chairman Parish Council Clerk District Councillor County Councillor Norfolk Police Safer Neighbourhood Team Church Reverend Martin Hartley Parochial Church Council Yellow Pages Village Hall Chair Bookings

Mr Dave Moore 01508 471041 Tina Eagle 01508 494569 Mrs Florence Ellis 01508 536540 Mrs Alison Thomas 01508 530652 Emergency 999 Non-emergency 101 Church News Mrs Julia Orpin Mrs Julia Orpin

07976 643560 01508 470983 01508 470983

Mr Tony Lacey Mrs Sheila Plunkett Mrs Melanie Goodall

01508 470870 01508 470485 01508 470195 01508 471189 01508 470454

Village Hall Preston Primary School Village Groups Playschool Mrs Julie King 01508 470759 Scout Group Mr Graham Pates 01508 471518 Social Club Mr Don Proudfoot 01508 471408 Netball Club Mrs Jackie Milton 01508 470976 Eurolink Mr Alan Jones 01508 470092 Allotment Society Mr Simon Orford 01508 471539 Tasburgh United Football Club 07892 408570 Coffee Pot and Crafts Mrs Shirley Brooks 01508 470369 St Mary’s Guild Mrs Margaret Madgett 01508 471525 Fitness Club (Over 50's) Mrs Ann Gibbins 01508 470225 Fat Dad’s Football Mr Bill Wheeler 01508 471633 Martial Arts Mr Andrew Gillingwater 07775 890359 Inaccuracies or omissions? Please contact the Parish Clerk


Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Winter 2016

Tasburgh Parish Council, Serving the Village of Tasburgh

Meetings Parish Council meetings are held on the third Tuesday of the month in the Committee Room of the Village Hall at 8pm (refreshments available from 7.30pm). Planning Meetings, if required, are usually held on the first Tuesday of the month, in the Village Hall Committee Room at 7pm. Agendas are posted on the village notice boards and the website at least three days beforehand. Public are welcome to attend all Parish Council meetings; there’s an opportunity to speak or ask questions. Please note, if you would like an item to appear on the agenda, details must be sent to the Clerk at least eight days before the meeting. The Council is unable to make a decision on anything not included on the agenda but can discuss newly raised matters and refer them to the next meeting. Minutes of meetings are posted on the website or are available from the Clerk. Parish Council Surgeries Councillors are always willing to discuss any issues with you; their contact details are on page 5. In addition, Councillors are available on the evenings of their main council meetings (third Tuesday of the month) between 7.30pm and 8pm during which time refreshments are served. 4

Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Winter 2016

Tasburgh Parish Council, Serving the Village of Tasburgh Contacting the Parish Council If you would like to know more, have any comments about Tasburgh Parish Council and its work or you have any issues you wish to be raised, please contact one of the Councillors or the Parish Clerk. Councillors Jill Casson 12 Hastings Close 470334 Willie Crawshay The Grange, Low Road 471650 Brian Hill 8 Harvey Close 471011 Geoff Merchant 14 Orchard Way 470606 Dave Moore 16 Henry Preston Road 471041 Keith Read Thornly Barn, Saxlingham Lane 470229 Matthew Read 1 Harvey Close Rachel Simmons 2 Prior Close 471197 Adrienne Watts Grove Cottage 470217 Clerk Tina Eagle 17 Alder Close 01508 Poringland, Norfolk, NR14 7LY 494569 Website


Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Winter 2016

Tasburgh Parish Council Parish Council Report Everyone by now will have noticed the signs around the village that light up to show your speed as you approach in a vehicle. These are not speed cameras, but SAM, or Speed Awareness Monitoring Machines, which were installed in response to numerous concerns raised to us about speeding within the village. They will be moved around between several selected spots where speeding has been raised as an issue, and have now nearly completed their first full ‘rotation’, after which the circle will begin again. These machines do not record vehicle number plates. However, they do record a lot of other useful information, such as the number of vehicles passing each machine, date and time, and the speed at which the vehicle was travelling. From this data, patterns are emerging. Firstly, that there are several thousand vehicle journeys through or within Tasburgh each week. Secondly and not surprisingly, vehicle numbers peak between 8 and 9 each morning, and 5 and 6 each evening. Thirdly, and pleasingly, the majority of drivers do keep to the speed limit of 30 miles per hour. However, a significant minority do not. Some frightening speeds have been recorded, including one of 70 miles per hour on the Low Road at 11 am on a Friday morning. As stated above, the SAM machines do not record details of individual vehicles. However, the data that they record will be shared with the Police and other relevant agencies, who can then use this information to decide when and where to set up their own enforcement measures, such as mobile speed cameras. On a different note, our village website which can be found via now has an information page. This will be used to pass important local information to parishioners, such as road closures and notices received by the other local 6

Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Winter 2016

Tasburgh Parish Council authorities, so please give it a regular look. It can also be used to advertise community events, such as fetes, coffee mornings or jumble sales, to the whole village. So if you have an event coming up and would like it to be posted on the website, just email our Parish Clerk at with the details . Watch out too for information on our new Facebook page coming soon. Finally, it is now November and Christmas is drawing near again. So for all the children in the village, an announcement that a special person will be visiting the village again this year. He will be in the Church porch on Christmas eve between 6 and 7 pm. Remember that everyone is welcome to attend Parish Council meetings. Agendas are available on noticeboards or on our website and there is an opportunity to give your views during the public participation item on the agenda. Jill Casson Vice Chair


Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Winter 2016

South Norfolk Council


Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Winter 2016

South Norfolk Council


Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Winter 2016

Tasburgh Eurolink Tasburgh Eurolink has had a quiet few months since be welcomed our Belgian friends in May and enjoyed our Safari Supper in the summer. Now as the leaves turn colour, the nights draw in and most people’s thoughts turn to Christmas, we are looking further ahead. Next year it will be our turn to visit our friends in Belgium (not the part of Belgium that is stopping the trade deal between the E.U. and Canada – Wallonia – I hasten to add! Linden is in the Flemish speaking bit). The date has been set for the 27th of April to the 1st of May. It’s rather earlier than usual but it suited most people at our AGM. Probably of more interest to the Village as a whole is the date for our next Wine Tasting which is on February 25th. Brian from Harper Wells has agreed to run the evening for us again, so expect some interesting wines helped along by the usual cheese and biscuits. The price has been held to £10 a ticket so it’s good value as well as great fun. The only drawback? Tickets are limited and they sell out fast! Tickets will be available from 12th November 2016 from our Secretary, Alan Jones. If you want to be sure of yours contact him by email:, or phone him on 470092. When they’re gone, they’re gone! There will be the usual Safari Supper next Summer but the date has not yet been set so look out for that in the Spring Quarterly. If you would like to join us, or want to know more about Eurolink, who we are and what we do please do contact us. We are a friendly lot and would love to hear from you.

Contacts: Helen Burnett : or Alan Jones:


Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Winter 2016

Tasburgh Village Hall


Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Winter 2016

Norfolk County Council

Long Stratton Library Opening Times Monday: 10.00–1.00; 2.00–5.30; Tuesday: 2.00–5.30; Thursday: 10.00–1.00; 2.00–7.30; Saturday: 9.00–1.00.


Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Winter 2016

Tasburgh United Charities The Trustees of Tasburgh United Charities would like to remind parishioners that they have available each year a certain amount of money to be applied in helping the residents of the Parish who, regardless of their age and for whatever reason, find themselves in need of financial help. Identifying those in need of assistance in the village can be our most difficult task. Whilst previously the elderly may have been seen as the obvious persons requiring help, and we continue to support them when we can, in the current economic climate working families may be those with the lowest income. Others could include those temporarily or long term unemployed residents enduring illness, students, or anybody suffering a loss of income for any other reason. We meet to make decisions about distributions twice annually in May and November and for urgent requests on other occasions in-between. Among the factors taken into consideration is a general idea of the family income, for that reason we ask for a few facts about the overall income / expenditure for the applicant’s household. Our application form is simple to complete, all information is kept completely confidential. Assistance can be given by outright grant towards general expenses, by contribution towards a particular expense, a temporary loan or by purchases of equipment for use. Items of further education will also be considered. Remember, the money is there for use by any resident of Tasburgh, all applications are considered in the strictest confidence. If your circumstances are not already known to the Trustees and you feel that they might be able to help you please contact one of the trustees: Mrs Jill Casson 12 Hastings Close 470334

Mr Keith Read Thornly Barn, Saxlingham Lane 470229

Mr. Geoff Merchant 14 Orchard Way 470606.

Mr Ben Goodfellow Rookery House, Saxlingham Lane, 470668

Rev’d Martin Hartley, The Rectory, Church Hill 07849105554 13

Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Winter 2016

Tas Valley Pre-School and Playgroup Tas Valley

Pr e - S ch o o l


Pl a y gr ou p

We run 5 sessions a week Monday to Friday 9.30 to 12.30 at Tasburgh Village Hall. for all children aged 2 to 5 plus a Monday afternoon session 12.30 to 3.30 for pre-schoolers We currently have spaces in all sessions. Funded 2, 3 and 4 year-olds accepted.

We said goodbye to a large group of children this year, but we have also welcomed a number of new children and our numbers remain healthy and still growing. Our pumpkins on the allotment swelled to enormous size over the summer holidays, and we were proud to win the prize for the largest again this year at the annual produce show. The children loved making our ‘Bob the Builder’ for the Scarecrow trail, and also enjoyed walking to the Church to see him in situ. There seemed to be a bumper crop of conkers this year, which we collected with excitement and which found their way into many activities. So far this term, we have also cooked apple crumble and chocolate and courgette cake, made a fantastic Autumn display board, and done lots of painting and other fun creative crafts. During November, we celebrated Halloween and Bonfire Night by carving our pumpkins, making soup, and creating rockets and bonfire pictures. We also celebrated Children in Need Day with a cake bake. Now we have started the countdown to Christmas, and are getting ready for lots of glittery and other craft activities, as well as our own nativity play and party on the last day of term.


Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Winter 2016

Tas Valley Pre-School and Playgroup For more information or to register a place please contact: Gemma Rose at Or feel free to pop in and see us any time


Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Winter 2016

Tasburgh Scout Group I started at 1st Tasburgh Sea Scouts when I was eight, at a time when I only had a slightly hazy notion of precisely where Tasburgh was located. The word ‘Sea’ in the name was a particular source of confusion once my name finally reached the top of the waiting list to join the Cubs, as I was unwilling to commute an hour each way to and from the coast every Thursday afternoon. However, my parents reassured me that it was in fact located only a few miles away from our house in Shotesham, and so I agreed to go along to see what the whole Scouting business was all about. It is no exaggeration to say that, if I had not gone, I would be a completely different person – my ten years as a Tasburgh Cub, Scout, and Explorer, now sadly ended, provided me with some of the most formative experiences of my life. The first session I attended was problem-solving with bamboo canes and rope – having to move water and baked beans from one place to another; constructing structures; lifting an egg as high as possible; and things like that. But there were lots of other things I would later do at the weekly Thursday sessions, from wide games in the woods to hikes with the destination at a chip shop, from cooking on ovens or on open fires to playing one of the endless selection of games that the leaders would run for us, from tubing to the annual water fight at the end of the summer term. And then, of course, there were the camps. I got quite easily homesick when I started at Cubs, but a few years in (by which point I was in the Scout section), I was as enthusiastic as the next person about heading off to Thetford Forest or the North Norfolk coast for a weekend. Every year, there would be Water Activities Weekend in May at Decoy Broad – a couple of days of repeatedly falling into a lake after discovering that kayaks are surprisingly unstable and sometimes other camps as well, 16

Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Winter 2016

Tasburgh Scout Group where we would hike, play card games, and build ludicrously large fires. The best thing about a Scout camp was the wonderful sense of community it engendered – within a few hours of putting the tents up (which would sometimes take a few hours in itself), all of the people camping would be a sort of surrogate family, or at least firm friends, with each other for the weekend. Meanwhile, everyone would have a full licence to behave as bizarrely as they wanted without fear of judgement. Of all of the camps I attended, the best one was certainly NorJam, in 2014 – an entire week at the Norfolk Showground, with Scouts from all around the world (indeed, four Kenyans stayed in our camp for the duration of the week) and almost endless activities laid on for us. That week was definitely one of the best of my life, spent as it was in the company of my fellow Tasburghians (Tasburghites? Tasburghfellows?). Unfortunately, I’m no longer allowed to attend sessions of Explorers to help construct the fires, as I’ve recently turned eighteen, and am consequently now a highly responsible adult. But this doesn’t mean that my involvement with Tasburgh Scouts is over – I now help out at Scouts sessions as a leader. Without the leaders that give up their time to run these sessions on weekday evenings, Scouting would simply not be possible, so I felt that I owed it to the group to give something back. And not only the collection of odd socks and spare tent pegs that I accumulated over the years after each camp.) So, if you think that Scouting might be something you’d be interested in – whether as a child from six to eighteen, or as an adult who fancies helping out – then do come along to Tasburgh Village Hall on a Thursday afternoon. Scouting changed my life significantly for the better, and I hope that it will continue to do so in Tasburgh for years to come. I still don’t know why we call ourselves Sea Scouts, though.

Tom Musgrove 17

Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Winter 2016

Tasburgh Scout Group If you feel you could get involved with the Tasburgh Scout Group please get in touch with me.

Graham Pates (Group Scout Leader) 07825 727736 or Paul Williams (Explorer Scout Leader) for a chat

TASBURGH OUTREACH POST OFFICE TASBURGH VILLAGE HALL Opening Times: Tuesday 9.30am - 12.30pm Thursday 1.30pm - 4.30pm


Father Christmas will be paying his annual visit to Tasburgh on Christmas Eve, 24th December. He will be in the Church Porch between 6pm and 7pm.


Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Winter 2016

Winter 2016Tasburgh Earthworks

As Christmas Day moves ever closer and the preparations are nearly complete, let us just take a few moments to think about this special time. Christmas for some people is a wonderful time of year, and for others it can be a difficult time, especially if you are alone, and it might be a time where you remember your loved ones who are no longer with you. The Christmas season does seem to start very early giving plenty of time for preparation, to buy the presents, to get food and drink in, and to decorate the home. Personally I’m not a fan of the build-up to Christmas, and don’t really get into the spirit of it until Christmas Eve. After our Crib service I have some time to think about the midnight Communion service that leads into Christmas Day. I’m always struck by the realities of the first Christmas day for Mary and Joseph. Their preparations and lives were far from complete or ideal as they struggle to even find somewhere to stay that evening. The couple would have gone through so much before arriving in Bethlehem that night. The reality that Jesus was born into was a cold damp stable with “no crib for a bed”. But that day a gift was given in Jesus that would change the world that we live in. Mary, Joseph and Jesus may not have had the ideal start, but one thing they did have was a sense of God being with them and guiding them, and this must have given them comfort and strength. Our lives do not need to be in order for God to want to give us comfort and guidance either. I often feel that God looks at the chaos of the world that we live in and weeps, as he longs for us to reach out and to know his Love and his peace, and for us to ask for his guidance. I do wish you all a merry Christmas, and pray that you may experience the peace and love God has to offer you.


This operates in the Long Stratton Area providing emergency help in all sorts of family crises to people referred by local care agencies. Many of you will leave groceries at Tasburgh or Tharston Churches. There is a continuing need for UHT milk, long-life fruit juice, small jars of coffee, instant mash, rice pudding and men’s and women’s toiletries. The organisers are very grateful for the continuing support. Bi-monthly newsletter and more info:

December 3 Christmas Fayre, 10.30-12noon, St Marys, Tasburgh December 4 Christingle Service 10.30am at Freedom Café, Preston School December 15 ‘Away in the manger’ - The Christmas story, simple craft and singing specially for under 5s. Refreshments and a chance to chat for parents and carers at Newton Flotman Church January 1 Benefice Service 10.30am at St Marys, Tasburgh January 14 Guild Bring and Buy Coffee Morning

Wednesday 14th December, St Mary’s Church at 6pm Over the last couple of years members from the Open The Book team and others, have performed the nativity story for the children of Preston Primary School. This year we are doing an evening performance, which you and your family are warmly invited to attend. The performance lasts for half an hour, and then you can warm up with a glass of Mulled cider! For more info contact Rev Martin

Tharston Church Warden:

Mrs Pat Read 530 325 THARSTON CAROL SERVICE You are invited to attend our Carols by Candlelight Service with Tasburgh Church Choir to be held on Friday December 16th commencing at 6.30pm, Mulled Wine and Mince Pies will be served after the Service. Please feel very welcome to come to worship at Tharston Church. The services at Tharston are usually from the 1662 Book of Common Prayer with its traditional language. Please do check service times with the churchwarden or on the Tas Valley website: as unavoidable changes

December 11

11.00am B.C.P 1662 Morning Prayer

December 16

6.30pm Carols by Candlelight

December 18

8.00am B.C.P 1662 Holy Communion

December 25

9.00am Christmas Communion

January 8

11.00am B.C.P 1662 Morning Prayer

January 15

8.00am B.C.P 1662 Holy Communion

February 12

11.00am ‘My Church’ Service - John Torbitt

February 19

8.00am B.C.P 1662 Holy Communion

If you are alone, its very easy to feel isolated during the winter months, Coffee Pot in the church room can provide you with some company. We are a friendly group who meet every Wednesday from 2 - 3. 45pm, for a chat with tea or coffee & cake. So come along, meet some old friends and make some new ones. All ages welcome. Contact Val on 470 298

St Mary’s Freedom Café gathers at 10.30 on the first Sunday of every month, at Preston Primary School. We are so pleased to see new people and to welcome back regulars. Please feel welcome to just come to see what it’s about or speak to Martin and Rach Hartley on 471 474

Prayer Visiting from house to house has taken place during the lighter warmer months and we continue to pray for the residents of the village at the fortnightly local house of prayer meeting. If you know of anyone who needs visiting or has a prayer request please contact me. Remember there is a confidential telephone ‘prayer chain’ to offer prayer for any situations that arise in life, for which you would value the prayers of others. Contact: Kate on 471 356

Tasburgh Church Wardens:

Julia Orpin 470 983

Kate Cakebread 471 356

As the seasons change so do things at St Mary’s, we have said farewell to our fabric officer Jim England, and we welcome Willie Crawshay onto the PCC into this role. This is a vital role in maintaining our beautiful and historic church and not a job to be taken lightly especially with the church quinquennial inspection due, (a church building five yearly health check). So a big thank Willie for stepping into the breech! Christmas is fast approaching, and we look forward to hosting the living Nativity which will be visited by local Schools, and the very special Carols by Candlelight Service to name but a few, not forgetting the Crib Service on Christmas Eve, which often is attended by families to start their Christmas celebrations. So keep an eye on the Tas Valley web site for up coming events. Blessings Julia and Kate

December 4 December 11 December 18 December 24 December 25 January 1 January 8 January 15 January 22 January 29 February 5 February 12 February 19 February 26

9.30am BCP Morning Prayer 10.30am Christingle at Freedom Café, Preston School 9.30am Family Communion & Children’s Church 6.30pm Carols by Candlelight Service 3.00pm Crib Service 11.30pm Christmas Midnight Service 10.00am Christmas Day Communion 10.30am New Year Benefice Service 9.30am Holy Communion & Children’s Church 9.30am All Age Worship Service 9.30am Holy Communion & Children’s Church 9.30am Word Service 10.30am Freedom Café at Preston Primary School 11.00am BCP Morning Prayer 9.30am Holy Communion & Children’s Church 9.30am All Age Worship Service 9.30am Holy Communion & Children’s Church

The Tharston History Society meets every other month, each meeting having a main theme or topic, sometimes with a guest speaker, which we hope helps people to understand and appreciate the people and events which have helped to make Tharston what it is today. We also have some on-going projects that some of our members are undertaking. Whilst our society names Tharston, it is open to others from neighbouring villages; already we have people from villages nearby who join us, including Tasburgh. Should anyone wish to participate please do so and join a group of extremely friendly people, all with an interest in some way with history. We would not be averse to helping others from nearby to find out more about their village and its people, so widening our geographical remit. We also have members who are involved in genealogy, and anyone with similar interests might find our group worthwhile. Anyone interested in getting started on their family tree will find people here to help. We have a website which can be found at containing quite a lot of information and which also includes details of our meetings. If you are interested make contact through the website or email Nigel at:

We meet on the first Monday at 2.30pm in Tasburgh, Church Room New members and visitors would be very welcome. December 3 - Christmas Fayre at the Church 10.30-12noon December 5 - Christmas Tea & Quiz 2.30-4pm January 14 - Bring and Buy coffee morning 10.30- 12noon at 14 Henry Preston Road, the home of Mrs Julia Orpin, all welcome February 6 - A.G.M. March 6 Thailand with Helen Burnett Please contact Janet Baker on 471 063 or Ann Crawshay on 470 634 for more information Thank you for all your support at fundraising events.

Cells are vital units of the body - and cells in church life are small groups, which contain the DNA of what it means to be church. We meet to grow in faith, to pray and support each other, to learn from the bible and to join in actively sharing our faith and serving the wider community. New members are welcome to get in touch. Cell Contacts: Rach Hartley Freedom Cafe Cell, Tuesday evenings 471 474 Kate Cakebread Wednesday evenings in Tasburgh 471 356 Sally Gaze Wednesday evenings in Newton 470 762 Richard Bond Wednesday evenings in Saxlingham 578 093 Andy Cox Thursday evenings in Tharston 471 334 Vicky Ball Thursday evenings in Newton 471 506 Wayne Doman Saturday Special Me Group for people with special needs and their families 471 933 Youth Cells (JAM) meet on Monday evenings 7-8.30 to explore faith and have fun together. Contact:; or 470 762 Parent and Toddler Alpha Group meet on alternate Thursday mornings at Newton Flotman. Contact:; or 470 762

The Local House of Prayer (HOP) meets in Tasburgh, to pray for and bless our community. We would like to invite Christians of all denominations who live here, to join us in this venture, especially if you do not worship at St. Mary’s. Our vision is to see brothers and sisters in Christ, meeting together to pray for the residents of the village of Tasburgh and surrounding area, to be truly blessed and that all will come to know the Living Lord. We meet on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month at 10 - 11.15am at 26 Chestnut Road, Tasburgh. If you would like more information or to enquire further please contact Andrea on 471 529. We look forward to welcoming you to our home.

Bible Study Group - Meets on Tuesday afternoons at 2.15pm. New people would be very welcome. Please contact Philip Simmons 499 041 Children’s Church - Tasburgh has a Children’s Church for children aged from three years. This runs on the second and fourth Sunday each month 9.30-10.30am All welcome. Contact Andrea Sluman on 471 529 Emmanuel Group. Local House of Prayer - Meeting weekly, at 10am on Fridays. For more details phone Shirley Brooks 470 369 Local House of Prayer - 1st and 3rd Wednesday Mornings at 10.00am Please phone Andrea 471 529 for further information Music in Worship - If you’d like to sing in Tasburgh Church Choir or explore learning the organ, phone Sarah Norman on 471 505 Prayer - for the parishes takes place every day. Please give prayer requests to a churchwarden, clergy person, prayer box or board in church. On Wednesdays we meet to pray at Tasburgh Church at 9.00am Tasburgh Craft Group - Come and try new skills in a relaxed atmosphere. We meet on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month, 10am – 12noon in the Church Room, Tasburgh. Contact: Julia 471 833 Tasburgh Coffee Pot - Come and make new friends at the Coffee Pot. We meet every Wednesday from 2 - 3. 45pm in the Church Room, Tasburgh for a chat with tea or coffee & cake. All ages welcome. Contact Val 470 298

Team Rector Rev’d Canon Sally Gaze: 01508 470 762 The Rectory, Church Road, Newton Flotman NR15 1QB Team Vicar and main minister for Tharston Rev’d Dawn Davidson: 01508 498 924 The New Rectory, The Street, Saxlingham Nethergate, NR15 1AJ Pioneer Curate and main minister for Tasburgh Rev’d Martin Hartley: 0784 910 5554 The New Rectory, Church Hill, Tasburgh NR15 1NB Contributions for the next Church Newsletter by Friday Feb 3, 2017

Tasburgh Earthworks

As many of you will know, the earthworks near the church, sometimes known as Tasburgh Camp, are owned and managed by the Norfolk Archaeological Trust. The Trust are a small local charity, founded in 1923, to promote and foster the discovery, excavation, preservation, recording and study of sites and objects of archaeological and/or historical importance within the County of Norfolk for the public benefit. From time to time small maintenance tasks arise at the earthworks such as a mending a broken gate latch, pruning back stray growth around entrance gates or replacing a rotten fence post. Some of you will have noticed that the steps have been cordoned off in recent weeks because the handrail needs replacing. Although I have now ordered the repairs to be done, it is difficult to find contractors who are willing to quote for such small jobs, and so I'm hoping that somebody living locally - it could be you! - might be willing to act as our local volunteer 'Handy Person' to occasionally carry out these kinds of maintenance tasks. The Trust would of course pay for all materials. Other practical tasks, such as weeding the new hedge planting on Church Hill, come up from time to time - if you would be interested in helping out, I'd love to hear from you. If you would be interested in helping the Trust in this way please do get in touch Tel: 01603 462987

Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Winter 2016

Preston Primary School

New start, new School Year. A fresh and eager Year 6 are ready to help the new children in the Reception class settle in. Everyone seems to be fitting in really well. Swimming commended for Years 5 and 6 on Thursday 15th September and Harvest Festival was held on 28th September. The Friends Scarecrow Trail was a big success again this year and on Friday 30th September awards were given to the best three scarecrows at the Bingo Evening. A huge variety of scarecrows were scattered around the village and some even managed to get their picture in the Eastern Daily Press. A vote was taken at the Bingo Evening as to whether the trail should continue next year and the result was a resounding ‘yes’. Planning this event makes a lot of hard work for the Friends Committee but we hope they will agree to run the trail again next year as it now looked forward to at the beginning of the new school year. Parent/Teacher meetings were held on 10th 11th and 13th October. Tuesday 18th October KS2 visited the Tide and Time Museum which they all enjoyed. Wednesday 19th October pupils completed in Cross County at Long Stratton High School. 28

Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Winter 2016

Preston Primary School School closed for half term from 24th - 28th October and November has started full of activities. Tuesday 1st November Set Your Sights Drama Club started, and on 2nd November the Netball Club started. Thursday 3rd November it was a Tag Rugby Tournament at Long Stratton High School, Year 4 Swimming has commended and the Garden Gang started once again. 4th November Strictly Come Dancing began. There will be lots more activities in the coming months but as this is the last bulletin for this year we will report on these in the next quarterly and wish you all A Very Happy Christmas and New Year. Jean Campling

POWER CUT? CALL 105 There is a new national phone number “105” which was launched earlier in the year by electricity network operators for customers to call should they need to report or get information about a power cut in their area. Dialing 105 will put customers through to their local electricity network operator. 105 is just one of the ways that customers can contact their electricity network operator – they can also contact them by phone or via their website, and most network operators are on social media too. 105 is a FREE SERVICE and customers can call 105 no matter who they buy electricity from. 29

Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Winter 2016

Tasburgh Allotment Society Down on the Allotments The toil of the year has been rewarded as gardeners, cooks and artists of the region have hung their well earnt TAS certificates on the walls of potting sheds, kitchens and WCs following a thrilling Village Produce Show judged by Ann ‘Mary B’ Crawshay and Dave ‘Paul H’ Moore (thankyou both for your time) As Secretary to the Allotment Society I get the honour of trailing the judges to record their decisions. Before the morning I was unaware that so many adjectives (10 mins of them in fact) existed for simply describing jam and this was indeed an intensely judged show this year. More so, actually, with the addition of the second judge enabling healthy discussion. Believe me, as a pair they have high standards and prizes were not easily sought. A special mention must go to Best in Show that went to Gilly Read for her ‘three onions from sets’. The day got off to a wet start though and added to this with a tough year for gardeners (cold spring and baking hot summer that pushed veg to seed a little too early) we were pleased that so many people supported the event with entries. For the first year a few certificates left the village as we opened up to all comers. Just a few highlights from the Show in my eyes were; A marrow that we failed to weigh due to its enormous size (G Flack over 25Kg probably), the tremendous flower arrangements (J Lawrence) and a particular favourite of mine, witnessing the fall out as partners and family members went head to head in classes (the Chutneys from Colwyn seeing very fierce rivalry). The sun did come out for the afternoon and just in time to get the wellies out for another bout of traditional wanging with a twist. This year the victors and recipients of gardening mugs and sweet goodies were Simon Bealing (adult) and a very enthusiastic James Smith of Leeds (Jnr). Thanks for all the support from flower arrangement sales to volunteers shifting tables and to the public for dipping into their pockets. Down on the allotments themselves of course it’s quiet, cold and damp. Leeks, cabbages and the like are finding their way to kitchens around the village when needed and some turning over and strawberry transplanting is evident. The group are pushing the boat out this year with a Xmas get together at the Countryman Pub where we will set the old year to rest and discuss the new season just around the corner. 30

Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Winter 2016

Tasburgh Allotment Society PRODUCE SHOW CLASS RESULTS 2016


Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Winter 2016

Tharston & District WI September saw us celebrating our 50th birthday with a party and mini show of produce and craft exhibits. There were a pleasing number of entries in each of the 16 classes and they certainly highlighted the talent and skills of our members. The food entries were judged by Di Woodham from Long Stratton W.I. and I think she may now have an addiction to tea loaf from having to sample 16 entries for this class alone ! Beautiful entries for the patchwork, embroidery, knitting, bags, artwork and photography classes as well as some cheeky limericks that had to contain the word ‘Broads’ were all much admired and made for a very enjoyable evening. Best in Show was won by Jo Rawlins for her lovely knitted throw. Cheese and glasses of wine was then served and we listened to a singer from Upper Octave who sang some well-known songs from the shows. All in all and very successful evening made all the more memorable for having 3 founder members present who still attend our monthly meetings. Here’s to our next 50 years ! For further information about Tharston & District W.I. Contact Gill Banks 01508 532468

TASBURGH FILM CLUB Are you interested in seeing films, recent and classic without travelling into Norwich? Villages all over the country have set up film clubs to enable residents to see the latest films without the expense or difficulty of travelling into the nearest town. If we have enough interest from residents, we can easily set up a film club in Tasburgh, and show films monthly on a bigger screen in the Village Hall. If you are interested in this idea and would support a film club and/or would like to be involved in setting one up and helping to run it, please email by 1 January 2017 and include your contact details - name, email and telephone number, so we can let you know what’s happening. 32

Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Winter 2016

Tasburgh Memories There are many 16th century documents including parish registers which began in 1558 At this time villagers were divided between those who were stakeholders in the village by being property owners and those who were their servants many of whom travelled around the country looking for work. Owners of property were either yeoman farmers, husbandmen farmers who owned smaller farms and those who had a trade or craft. Most holdings were small less than 30 acres. Some farmers rented land from nearby manors. A typical farmer was Edward Alexander who described himself as a husbandman and a blacksmith in the village. It is though he lived by the side of Roughgatestreet present day A140. He owned A House and 24 acres of free land in small pieces in the parish. He died in 1569 and left all this to his son William. He left a small house with the yard and further land to his second son Richard. The corn crop, farm implements, stock and household goods were to be divided between the two sons. His married daughter Barbara was left a small sum of money. Many farmers and trades people who could afford it bought in a holding to leave their second son. Those who could not left all the land to the first son with the proviso that he gave money earned from the land to the other sons and daughters. The alternative was for the land to be sold and divided between the children and the widow. If the widow remarried she often forfeited a claim to her late husbands estate. I am interested in seeing copies of any year Kellys or Whites Directories for Norfolk if anyone has them . Please give me a call if you have on 01508 471041 Dave Moore (or Dave of Earlham!)


Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Winter 2016

Tasburgh Tips and Treats As the days shorten, the temperature drops, many of us think that the small mammals have the right idea in hibernation for the next few months. The high street stores decorate their windows, enticing us in, and we hear Wizzard’s ‘I wish it could be Christmas every day’ for the fifth time that day. Many of us will have one thing that conjures up thoughts of the big day. For me the festive season is all about mince pies, any time of day, small ones with a cup of coffee, larger ones with brandy butter or cream or both. This recipe gives a different twist on the normal mince pie and makes them rather special. You can’t freeze them but could make up the pastry then make them in batches as required. You can make your own mincemeat if you wish, however I tend to get some good quality mincemeat and just add finely chopped or grated cooking apples to expand it and make it less heavy. Ingredients For the pastry 500g strong plain white flour 175g icing or caster sugar 375g butter finely grated rind and juice of 1 large orange For the pie filling 250g cream cheese or mascarpone 25g golden caster sugar 500-625g good quality mincemeat the grated rind and juice of 2 lemons milk to glaze Make the pastry first. Sift the flour and sugar into a mixing bowl. Cut the butter into small pieces, stir these into the flour and rub lightly with your fingertips until the mixture resembles breadcrumbs. Stir in the orange rind. Using a knife, stir in the orange juice until the dough just begins to stick together. Gather up the dough into a ball, wrap in clingfilm and refrigerate for 30 minutes before using. Put the cream cheese and caster sugar into a bowl and beat until smooth. Knead the pastry lightly and roll out about three quarters fairly thickly. Using a 7.5cm diameter pastry cutter cut out 24 rounds, re-rolling the 34

Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Winter 2016

Tasburgh Tips and Treats pastry as necessary. Butter two sheets of patty tins and line them with the pastry rounds. Spoon the mincemeat into a bowl and stir in the lemon rind and juice. Fill the lined patty tins to about half their depth with mincemeat, then put a teaspoonful of the cream cheese mixture on top and spread level. Roll out the remaining pastry and using a star-shaped pastry cutter cut out 24 stars. Place the stars on top of each mince pie. Pre-heat the oven to 220C/gas mark 7. Brush the tops of the pies with a little milk and bake in the centre of the oven for 15-20 minutes until light golden-brown. Let the pies cool down before easing them from the tins gently with a round-bladed knife. Serve warm (they can be reheated), or at room temperature. Before serving, sprinkle with caster or icing sugar. Instead of pastry lids on your pies, try a generous teaspoonful of mascarpone, with some flaked almonds scattered on top. Bake as usual and allow to cool before serving. Only make as many as you need (without being mean!) as these won’t keep well for more than a day or two.

Julie Lawrence Cost of Advertising If you wish to advertise in the Quarterly please contact the Parish Clerk, Prices as follows: Greyscale: full page £31.00, half page £21.00, quarter page £11.00 Colour: full page £62.00, half page £42.00, quarter page £22.00. Discount of 10% available to those living and trading in Tasburgh, and a further 5% when four issues are booked and paid for in advance. 35

Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Winter 2016

Tasburgh Sports and Social Club

Chairmans Blog Since the last blog the Club has continued to support the Village Hall User groups, and also met some really nice people who have had parties at the hall and used the very good facilities of the club bar. Its nice to receive thanks from then with comments on how well the bar is stocked and also how polite and friendly the bar staff are. Yes, the bar is well stocked and I think we can cater for any type of party or celebration and most people’s taste in drinks. With 4 real Ales, 2 Largers, 1 Pilsner, 6 Gins, 12 Malt Whiskey’s, 2 Vodka’s, and lots of soft drinks and drinks for children. I could go on and tell you the complete stock but why not pop down and find out for yourself just like the other 200 members have. The club will be very busy over the next few months. Check out the advert on the back of this issue or better still become a member and get the very informative monthly e-email news letter. I would like to thank all the members for their continued support over the past year and wish them and everyone in Tasburgh A Very Happy Christmas. Don Proudfoot, Chairman


Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Winter 2016



Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Winter 2016


Saxlingham Players Present

Robin Hood & the Babes in the Wood Saxlingham Village Hall December 1st - 2nd & 3rd at 7.30pm Saturday 3rd Matinee at 2pm Adults ÂŁ7 : Children ÂŁ5 Call Vicky Stocks : 01508 499361

Dates for Your Diary Father Christmas Visit

24th December The Church Porch 6pm

Saxlingham Village Hall

Robin Hood & the Babes in the Wood 1st, 2nd and 3rd December 7.30pm

Tasburgh Village Hall Pudding Night

Saturday 2st January 7.30pm

Tasburgh Village Hall Jumble Sale

Saturday 18th March 2pm-4.00pm

If you would like your event listed on this page just let us know. 38

Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Winter 2016

A large print version of the Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News is available upon request. Please contact 01508 494569. Next Edition The spring edition of the Quarterly and Church News will be

distributed by the end of February Contributions from local organisations are always welcomed and can be emailed to the Parish Clerk for inclusion. We would be particularly pleased to receive suggestions for regular articles. All articles to the Parish Clerk, by 3rd February 2017


Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Winter 2016


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Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Winter 2016



Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Winter 2016



Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Winter 2016



Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Winter 2016


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Winter quarterly 2016