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Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Spring 2015


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Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Spring 2015

Useful Contacts Parish Council Chairman Parish Council Clerk District Councillor County Councillor Norfolk Police Safer Neighbourhood Team Church Reverend Martin Hartley Parochial Church Council Yellow Pages Village Hall Chair Bookings

Mr Dave Moore 01508 471041 Mrs Catherine Moore 01493 749918 Mrs Florence Ellis 01508 536540 Mrs Alison Thomas 01508 530652 Emergency 999 Non-emergency 101 Church News Mrs Julia Orpin Mrs Julia Orpin

07976 643560 01508 470983 01508 470983

Mr Tony Lacey Mrs Sheila Plunkett Mrs Melanie Goodall

01508 470870 01508 470485 01508 470195 01508 471189 01508 470454

Village Hall Preston Primary School Village Groups Playschool Mrs Julie King 01508 470759 Scout Group Mr Graham Pates 01508 471518 Social Club Mr Don Proudfoot 01508 471408 Netball Club Mrs Rebecca Heaser 01603 812472 Eurolink Mr Alan Jones 01508 470092 Allotment Society Mr Simon Orford 01508 471539 Coffee Pot and Crafts Mrs Shirley Brooks 01508 470369 St Mary’s Guild Mrs Margaret Madgett 01508 471525 Fitness Club (Over 50's) Mrs Ann Gibbins 01508 470225 Fat Dad’s Football Mr Bill Wheeler 01508 471633 Martial Arts Mr Andrew Gillingwater 07775 890359 Inaccuracies or omissions? Please contact the Parish Clerk


Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Spring 2015

Tasburgh Parish Council, Serving the Village of Tasburgh

Meetings Parish Council meetings are held on the third Tuesday of the month in the Committee Room of the Village Hall at 8pm (refreshments available from 7.30pm). Planning Meetings, if required, are usually held on the first Tuesday of the month, in the Village Hall Committee Room at 7pm. Agendas are posted on the village notice boards and the website at least three days beforehand. Public are welcome to attend all Parish Council meetings; there’s an opportunity to speak or ask questions. Please note, if you would like an item to appear on the agenda, details must be sent to the Clerk at least eight days before the meeting. The Council is unable to make a decision on anything not included on the agenda but can discuss newly raised matters and refer them to the next meeting. Minutes of meetings are posted on the website or are available from the Clerk. Parish Council Surgeries Councillors are always willing to discuss any issues with you; their contact details are on page 5. In addition, Councillors are available on the evenings of their main council meetings (third Tuesday of the month) between 7.30pm and 8pm during which time refreshments are served. 4

Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Spring 2015

Tasburgh Parish Council, Serving the Village of Tasburgh Contacting the Parish Council If you would like to know more, have any comments about Tasburgh Parish Council and its work or you have any issues you wish to be raised, please contact one of the Councillors or the Parish Clerk. Chairman Dave Moore 16 Henry Preston Road 471041 Vice-Chairman Geoff Merchant 14 Orchard Way 470606 Councillors Jill Casson 12 Hastings Close 470334 Brian Hill 8 Harvey Close 471011 Tony Lacey 1 Grove lane 470870 Don Proudfoot Aprilia Lodge, Saxlingham Lane 471408 Keith Read Thornly Barn, Saxlingham Lane 470229 Deborah Sacks Glebe Cottage, Low Road 471002 Rachel Simmons 2 Prior Close 471197 Clerk Catherine Moore Jubilee Farm, Fleggburgh Road 01493 Rollesby, Norfolk NR29 5HH 749918 Website 5

Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Spring 2015

Tasburgh Parish Council Parish Council Report It has been another busy quarter for the Parish Council, with projects gathering pace and of course the budget setting process has been keeping us busy since October. No doubt many of you will be aware that Thursday 7th May 2015 will be Election Day - did you know that there will be parish and district elections as well as the general election? All 9 seats on Tasburgh Parish Council will be available for election, and more information on the nomination process and the role of a councillor is available over the page. This newsletter also seems like a good time to reflect on everything that your Council has achieved over the last four years. But first, our activities since the December Quarterly. We have for some time been discussing some works required to trees at Burrfeld Park. Following an inspection, it was found that one tree needs to be reduced to a monolith, and it is expected that this work will take place in April. The Parish Council has recently taken over full management responsibility for Burrfeld Park, and takes seriously its obligations towards health and safety. Hopefully this investment in the trees will mean that the Park remains safe for many years to come. The Council continues to look at prices for improvements to the footpath from Hall Farm to Brands Lane, working in partnership with the landowner and the developer responsible for the solar panels. A planning application has been submitted for the installation of a new village sign in Lower Tasburgh, opposite Flordon Hill. The sign itself is actually the prototype which was made when the sign on the village green sign was made, and was kindly given to the Council a few years ago when the manufacturer was clearing out his workshop. It was painted, and now just awaits permission for installation. The Council has set its budget for the forthcoming year, with a modest 6.37% increase resulting in a Band D property being rated at ÂŁ44.47. 6

Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Spring 2015

Tasburgh Parish Council A more detailed breakdown of the budget is available at Looking forward, the Council’s current projects include seeking planning permission for the construction of a new entrance to the Heritage Field from Church Hill. We are also working with the village hall, the allotment society and Tasburgh United Charities to formalise permission to install a water pipe to the allotments, which will cross the playing field and land belonging to TUC . The Council plans to apply for the Local Council Award Scheme ‘Quality Award’, which is a benchmark demonstrating that the Council not only meets the minimum requirements for a well run and efficient council, but goes further with community engagement, good employment practices and clear two way communication. ****** So what have we achieved in the last four years? Burrfeld Park has continued to grow and flourish, and thanks must go to everyone who has been involved in its success. The Park hosts Scout evenings, moth events, and of course is a lovely place to relax especially on a summer evening. The Allotments were completed and opened on time in September 2012, and have been greatly enjoyed by Tasburgh Allotment Society ever since. With community groups such as the playgroup having small plots to be able to grow plants, this truly is an example of learning and enjoyment across the generations. Play Equipment and adult fitness equipment has been installed at the village hall, thanks to the tireless efforts of Recreation for All in raising the money to achieve this. Recreational footpaths has remained on the agenda, and in April 2014 the Horseshoe Way was officially opened, providing a much needed off-road route from Lower Tasburgh to Upper Tasburgh. 7

Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Spring 2015

Tasburgh Parish Council Thanks must go to the landowners and Norfolk Archaeological Trust who were so willing to co-operate with the project. The Grove Lane Bends occupied a lot of discussion time, and eventually resulted in the installation of the vehicle activated signs warning drivers that pedestrians may be on the road. Quality Status Re-accreditation was achieved in December 2012. The Scheme has now been superceded by the Local Council Award Scheme, the Council has been accredited with the Foundation Award and is working towards achieving the Quality Award. In July 2014 the defibrillator was installed at the village hall. Purchased with grant funding from South Norfolk and installed on the outside of the village hall, this is available for use by any person, who would be instructed by the ambulance service how to access and use it. The Council is grateful to the village hall who have kindly absorbed the cost of the electricity needed for the cabinet. Highways issues have been dealt with in partnership with Norfolk County Council. Following successful campaigning, an innovative new drainage system was installed outside the church and has proven successful in alleviating the puddling issues that were present there. The Council continues to cut the verges on behalf of the highway authority. Finally, the Parish Council was proud to have commissioned the restoring of the war memorial which is housed in the churchyard. A fitting tribute to the men from Tasburgh who lost their lives, this was completed in time for the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War and was completed through the efforts of volunteers who gave the memorial a wash, and Mike Amiss who gave his time for free to infill the lettering. Of course, while this is all going on, the daily running of the Council continues thanks to the efforts of our councillors. Want to be part of this success? Read on.....! 8

Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Spring 2015

Tasburgh Parish Council

Elections 2015 Elections for Parish and District Councils will take place on Thursday 7th May, the same day as the General Election. Our polling station will be Tasburgh Village Hall. So why is this important and how can you get involved? Parish Councils are the part of local government closest to the people. They exist to serve the people of the Parish by providing services, representing people and involving them in decisions, working in partnership with voluntary agencies, private sector and other local authorities and public bodies and keeping the parish a place where people want to live, work and enjoy themselves. They have the ability to ‘precept’ – raise a sum collected with the council tax each year to improve facilities and services for local people. Their powers and duties cover many things that we take for granted including the provision and maintenance of village greens, allotments, bus shelters, open spaces, and footpaths. They can also comment on planning applications and are involved in shaping planning policy. Could you be a Councillor? To be a Councillor you need to care about getting the best for your community, have a willingness to represent your electorate and to make a difference and be committed and enthusiastic. Nomination papers can be submitted to South Norfolk Council from 24th March and have to be received by 4pm on 9th April. Forms can be obtained from the Parish Clerk (details on page 5) or from South Norfolk Council. For an informal chat about the role of a councillor please contact any of our current councillors, or the Parish Clerk, who would be happy to assist. 9

Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Spring 2015

Tasburgh Parish Council


Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Spring 2015

Tasburgh Parish Council Annual Meeting of the Parish Tuesday 28th April, 8pm, Tasburgh Village Hall As we approach the elections in May, it is important that you have an opportunity to express your views on the issues that you want your Parish Councillors to focus on during their four-year term of office. This is your meeting, an opportunity to express your views about the community of Tasburgh. Hear from Village Groups, learn more about activities in the Parish. Refreshments served from 7.30pm.


A large print version of the Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News is available upon request. Please contact 01493 749918. 11

Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Spring 2015

Tasburgh Parish Council

PARKING PROBLEMS IN TASBURGH Complaints have been received of inconsiderate parking throughout the village. One issue is the habit of parking with two wheels on the pavement in some cases obstructing the right of pedestrians to use the footpath. We realise that this is not solely a Tasburgh problem but in most cases it is of little benefit as drivers still have to wait for approaching vehicles to pass. Can others safely drive round your vehicle or have you obstructed their view where you park? Police have been consulted and will give attention to the problem advising drivers where needed and prosecuting offences where identified.

All we ask is for drivers to consider other drivers and pedestrians when you park.


Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Spring 2015

DO YOU NEED TRANSPORT? We can help! Borderhoppa are a local Community Transport charity operating in this area. Our service has been running successfully and reliably for over 12 years. We currently operate with 9 mini buses, 6 of which have wheelchair lifts, and offer a friendly door to door Dial a Ride service with helpful drivers, covering 60 parishes across South Norfolk & North Suffolk. From as far as Horham in the south to Newton Flotman in the north, Metfield in the east to Blo Norton in the west. We serve the market towns of Harleston, Diss and Long Stratton but can take you to anywhere of your choice within our coverage area. If you need transport, please call our office on 01379 854800 and we will do our best to meet your transport needs. Unfortunately we do not provide transport to any hospitals, but we can take you to catch a connecting bus or train. We can take you to local appointments at doctors, dentist, hairdressers, vets etc, shopping, to work or just to visit a friend or relative. To use our service you will need to become a member, forms are available to download from our website or by telephoning our office on 01379 854800. Membership is ÂŁ10 for 12 months or ÂŁ6 for 6 months. Journeys are priced depending on distance travelled. On Mondays and some Thursdays throughout the year we run members outings to the seaside, gardens, shopping trips, boat trips, pub lunches etc. We also hire our mini buses with a driver to local not for profit community groups. If you would like to make a booking or would like more information then please call 01379 854800 or visit:


Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Spring 2015

Mobile Library Timetable Dates of visits to Tasburgh

12th March 26th March 9th April 23rd April 7th May 21st May


Arrival Time 14.15 14.55 15.10 15.25 15.55 16.15

Harvey Close Valley Road Opposite No. 2 Valley Road Near No. 27 Lammas Rd / Henry Preston Rd Lammas Rd Near Prior Close Orchard Way

Any queries please telephone 01603 222267.

Long Stratton Library Opening Times Monday: 10.00–1.00; 2.00–5.30; Tuesday: 2.00–5.30; Thursday: 10.00–1.00; 2.00–7.30; Saturday: 9.00–1.00.


Departure Time 14.50 15.05 15.20 15.50 16.10 16.30

Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Spring 2015

Norfolk County Council

Changes to opening hours at Morningthorpe Recycling Centre From 1st April 2015 the Morningthorpe Recycling Centre will close on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The site will continue to open Thursday to Sunday inclusive.

Further information, including opening times, is available from Norfolk County Council on 0344 800 8020


Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Spring 2015

Tas Valley Pre-School and Playgroup Tas Valley

Pr e - S ch o o l


Pl a y gr ou p

We offer 5 sessions a week Monday to Friday 9.30 to 12.30 at Tasburgh Village Hall for all children aged 2 to 5 plus a Monday afternoon session 12.30 to 3.30 for pre-schoolers We are now accepting children from age 2 including eligible funded 2-year-olds. If you are not sure if you are eligible for funding, please speak to us – we can help you apply. We’re happy to say that our numbers continue to grow, and we have welcomed another six new starters since December – all girls! The current female bias means that we are hearing a lot of ‘Frozen’ and ‘Let it Go’, although the boys enjoy this too even if they pretend not to. We welcomed Rhea Luxton to our staff team in January. The other change this term is that for the first time in several years we are running a Monday afternoon session, 12.30 to 3.30, for preschoolers so that we can prepare them for ‘Big School’ in September. We have recently been looking at themes of winter and weather, and we even managed to build a (very small) snowman recently. We have also just had a ‘Science Week’, where we melted ice, made volcanoes, looked at magnets and tried to dissolve various common substances in water. Some of the older boys even managed to make some simple electric circuits. Next we shall be celebrating Chinese New Year and Mother’s Day, and looking forward to Easter, with some egg and chocolate based activities, and then spring, when we are hoping to be able to begin work on our corner of the communal allotment. 16

Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Spring 2015

Tas Valley Pre-School and Playgroup For more information or to register a place please contact: Julie King 01508 470759 Or feel welcome to just pop in and see us any morning.

50/50 Sale of Nearly New Clothes and Toys Saturday March 14th 2pm-4pm at Tasburgh Village Hall Please contact Jill Casson 01508 470334 if you would like details or a sellers pack Also pop-up coffee shop with homemade cakes All proceeds to Playgroup funds

WE NEED YOUR PAPER!! (AND CARDBOARD AND NEWSPAPERS) Please save your paper, card and newspapers and bring it along to the paper skip at the Village Hall on March 14th. 8.30am – 11.30am The paper skip is at the village hall at the rear of the car park on the second Saturday of every second month. 17

Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Spring 2015

Preston Primary School

The previous bulletin to the Quarterly had to be submitted in November well before all the end of term Christmas festivities had commenced. The school was very busy during that time. On Tuesday 11th November an Eco Evening was held at the school. Wednesday 12th November Yrs R, 1 and 2 visited RAF Marham, an event organised by school governor and parent Will Clements. This was an exciting time for the children, sitting in fire engines and in the cockpit of a Tornado suitably dressed in a helmet and able to play with switches and levers. This event was a talking point for many days afterwards. Children in Need Day organised by the School Council on 14th November raised a grand sum of ÂŁ251.10. Parliament Week commenced on 17th November with visits from South Norfolk MP Richard Bacon, Baroness Scott and local political representatives Alison Thomas and Deborah Sacks. The children learned about how laws are made and parliamentary history and traditions which they shared in the Parliamentary Assembly on Friday November 28th. On Tuesday 18th November a team of eight children selected from Key Stage 2 entered a Cross Country competition at Long Stratton High School and we are proud to report that they tried their very best with four achieving first place in their races. They will now go on to represent our cluster in the County Cross Country Championships on February 3rd. 18

Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Spring 2015

Preston Primary School On Wednesday 26th November a team also from Key Stage 2 attended a Sportshall Athletics event and qualified for the finals at the UEA Sportspark on January 19th. On Wednesday 3rd December Years 5 and 6 had a Childline Workshop. Performances of the Christmas entertainment on 10th and 11th December were a delight and the children worked hard on their performances. The special performance for Senior Citizens and Playgroup was greatly appreciated. A Fun Maths event was held at Long Stratton High School on Thursday 11th December for Year 2. A Family Christmas Evening with carols, mulled wine and mince pies was held on Wednesday 17th December. On Thursday 18th December all children visited the ‘Living Nativity’ in the village. This was very well organised and enjoyable event. Also in school on 18th December children were able to purchase a Secret Santa Present and have it wrapped ready for them to take home. £136 was raised for School Council Charities. School Christmas was on 19th December after which school closed for the Christmas Holiday until 6th January. The first Street Dance Session was held on 12th January. 19th January Watercolour Club recommenced. Tuesday 27th Tag Rugby Final at Wymondham College for Years 5 and 6 and we are pleased to report that the team played well, showed good sportsmanship and came 6th out of 13 teams. Well done! Tuesday February 3rd Cross Country Norfolk Finals Jean Campling 19

Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Spring 2015

Tasburgh Allotment Society Down on the Allotments: March 2015 Really must get around to that digging… but then again there must be something else that needs doing - preferably in the warm? This is the internal battle that goes on during the cold winter months for a plot holder and I’m sure will echo with some of you weaker gardeners out there? Hopefully it will be warming up by the time you read this and equally hopefully I’ll have completed the 8 hrs of digging needed to turn the plot over. It’s the 1st February as I write, and I’m only 1hr out of the 8hrs done. Still, as I’ve reported in previous February write ups, lovely days can pop up and need to be taken advantage of. Actually the benefit of warming yourself up turning soil over is very rewarding. The plots of course look a bit tatty at this time of the year although Mick the Chairman, in particular, is still keeping on top of paths, verges and overhanging foliage to keep some order. He’s also good at getting the kettle on when he’s on site – a great asset in a Chairman. The muck heap is shrinking as plot holders get this Redwings-sourced ingredient onto their plots but water installation is still the big issue and although we are pushing forward, the pace is slow and often frustrating. We feel this could be a big year for us at the site though and this is the report to announce the events coming up throughout the year which should give all those interested around the village time to prepare fully. So here goes… and remember these events are not just for us at the allotments Open Gardens 2015 This event from the past has not been on the calendar for a few years and we at the Allotments feel it should be given another outing. Early days in the planning for now, but have you got a garden that you’d be willing to share with the public for an afternoon probably sometime in June or July (exact date TBC)? In the past this has been a real 20

Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Spring 2015

Tasburgh Allotment Society celebration day for Tasburgh. We have a village to be proud of and setting a trail out and opening up some gardens (big or small / neat or wild / plain or quirky) can really help you appreciate the village. So please get in touch with 07867914307 or 01598 471539 if you can offer something for this proposed, very special, Tasburgh community day. The allotments themselves will form part of the trail. Third TAS Produce Show This will be held at the Tasburgh Fete as with previous years. Further details to follow. Simon Orford , Secretary to TAS

The Tasburgh Tidy Network Tasburgh is a beautiful village and thanks to those people who help keep it so by picking litter from the verge. In the past we have had successful litter picking mornings under the direction of Deborah Sacks and I am hoping to build on this arrangement by forming a network of us like-minded people with a passion for verge tidying. So, I’m proposing that, as you individually tidy an area at any time of the year, then inform me 07867914307 or 01508 471539, and I will keep some record of which areas are getting done and where we should target in the future. Maybe a map could be produced showing this and be made available from time to time? We can still aim for an annual tidy up morning to keep morale high. If interested please meet at the Village Hall Saturday March 14th 9:30am. Just bring some bin bags and gloves. Simon Orford 21

Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Spring 2015


Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Spring 2015

Spring 2015

Some say seeing is believing! On 26 January this year I was sitting on an aeroplane where my thoughts were flitting from, ‘are we going to crash?’, (I'm not a good flyer) to wondering ‘whether this trip was going to deepen my faith in some way?’ I was part of a group of 52 people from the Norwich Diocese who were going on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. I'd always wanted to go and visit the place where the earthly ministry of Jesus started and finished. Some people call this, ‘walking in the footsteps of Jesus’. Have you ever been walking on a beach and have seen somebody else's footprints, and tried to walk in them? I have on occasion, and never really managed it well. Either the distance between the footprints was too short or too long, but for whatever the reason when I have tried to it never really felt natural trying to walk in them. There has of course been over 2000 years since Jesus walked on that land and many of the places he stayed in or visited have changed. In the old city of Jerusalem, there are some remnants of the old city of Jesus time, but in large structurally it's a different place. In some ways I needed to look beyond the structures around me and remember that there would have been a time when Jesus would have been here. Sometimes it can be so much easier to believe in something if you can see and touch it, but having faith is also about trusting in something you cannot see or touch.


We can never walk in anyone else’s footsteps because we have our own and they are just right for us. We may not always walk in a straight line, sometimes life takes us in different directions. But for the 7 days I was in Palestine and Israel, I was able to walk with 52 other people as we followed the story of the beginning of the Christian faith. Well, thankfully the plane didn’t crash and as for the second question I had on the plane, we’ll have to wait and see.

Martin Hartley

Saturday March 28 10.00am - 3.00pm Table Top Sale at Tasburgh Village Hall for Christian Aid Contact Brenda Davison 471567 Holy Week Monday 30 March 7.30pm Houses of Prayer at Newton Church Tuesday 31 7.30pm Compline at St Mary’s Church, Tharston Wednesday 1 April 7.30pm Compline at Tasburgh Church Thursday 2 April 7.30pm Maundy Thursday Service Swainsthorpe Good Friday 3 April 10.00am Family Service at Tasbugh 3.00pm 7 Words from the Cross Saxlingham 9.00pm Tenebrae at St Mary’s Shotesham Holy Saturday 4 April 7.30pm Easter Vigil Praise at Newton In Flotman Sunday 19 April 6.30pm Farewell Service for Revd David Sochon at St Mary’s Shotesham [ TBC]

Pentecost Sunday May 24 - Trinity Sunday May 31 24/7 Prayer Week across the Tas Valley Benefice. From the beginning of May anyone who would like to be part of this can sign-up for a one hour slot in the prayer room on their own or with friends on the Tas Valley website

Tharston Church Wardens:

Mrs Pat Read 530 325, Mrs Sue Hubbard 530 072 Please do check service times with the churchwardens or on the Tas Valley website as unavoidable changes may occur within the 3 months of the quarter covered by the newsletter. Please contact the churchwardens for further information

March 8

11.00am BCP Morning Prayer [Matins]

March 15 March 22 March 29 March 31 April 5 April 12 April 19 April 26 May 12

11.00am Mothering Sunday Service 10.30am Benefice Service at All Saints, Shotesham 8.00am BCP Holy Communion 7.30pm Benefice Compline for Holy Week 11.00am Easter Day Holy Communion 11.00am BCP Morning Prayer [Matins] 8.00am BCP Holy Communion 11.00am Morning Worship with Holy Baptism 11.00am BCP Morning Prayer [Matins]

May 17

8.00am BCP Holy Communion

This year St Mary’s Church, Tasburgh are hosting the Women’s World Day of Prayer at 2.00pm on Friday March 6. The service will finish in time for people to be able to collect children from school. The service has been prepared by the Christian women of The Bahamas, West Indies . A warm welcome to all

St Mary’s Freedom Café has now opened its doors 3 times at Preston Primary at 10.30am on the first Sunday of the month. Café church is for people of all ages and an opportunity to meet and get to know each other, share experiences in an very informal way over a mug of coffee and bacon rolls and other goodies, to engage with some questions of life, have some time for an optional fun craft activity, have a time for quiet reflection in response to some faith questions and to worship in an informal setting. We prayerfully hope that this that this may attract new people so that they can share in our faith. Please feel welcome to come to see what it’s about. Thanks to the Tasburgh Players the 5 bells at St Mary’s have new bellropes with royal blue sallies. They look very smart indeed. The ropes were installed by some of the ringers in December last year in time for Christmas ringing. Some electrical work has also been undertaken at the church by a contractor for the P.C.C ; outside security lights have been replaced and uplighters installed in the ringing chamber. These have been a great improvement.

“For a community to be whole and healthy, it must be based on people's love and concern for each other.”-- Millard Fuller The pastoral care team has formed a confidential telephone ‘prayer chain’ of 9 people, the purpose of which is to offer prayer for urgent situations or just situations that arise in an individual’s life. If you have such a need you could phone Kate or Jenny with a name and a need and they would pray and pass on the prayer request to the next person in the chain so that you would know that others are with you and bringing the situation to God. Kate 471356 Jenny 470141

Tasburgh Church Wardens: Julia Orpin 470 983

Kate Cakebread 471 356,

If you have been accustomed to supporting St Mary’s through the ‘weekly envelope scheme’ ‘ and have concerns about the new arrangements please do speak to Julia Orpin. The Church Electoral Rolll will be revised [not renewed] before the A.P.C.M on April 21. If you you are not on it and would like to be please speak to either of the wardens about getting an application form.

March 1 9.30am BCP Morning Prayer 10.30am Café Church at Preston School ‘ Wonderfully made’ March 8

9.30 Family Family Communion & Children’s Church

March 15 9..30am Mothering Sunday All Age Family Service March 22 10.30am Benefice Service at All Saints Shotesham March 29 9.30am Palm Sunday All Age Family Service April 5

9.30am Easter Day Holy Communion 10.30am Easter Café at Preston Primary School

April 12

9.30 am Family Family Communion & Children’s Church

April 19

9.30am All Age Family Service

April 26

9.30am Holy Communion & Children’s Church

May 3

9.30am BCP Morning Prayer 10.30am Freedom Café Church at Preston School

May 10

9.30am Family Holy Communion & Children’s Church

May 17

9.30am Service of Holy Baptism

May 24

9.30am Holy Communion for Pentecost & Children’s Church

May 31

9.30am Holy Communion for Trinity Sunday

6.30pm Evensong

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Sarah and Tasburgh Choir for leading our Carol Service we again had a full church and hope this started everybody's Christmas in a true traditional manner. Our New Year has started with ongoing repairs to cracks in the Chancel. These simple repairs should make the whole area easier to clean and enable us to monitor any further movement in the building Our future plans this year are focusing on our Open Gardens, this will take place on Saturday 13 of June. We are hoping to have about 15 gardens open for viewing. Please put a note in your diary. Further details as we get nearer the date. Sue Hubbard.

The Coffee Morning on January 17 raised £272.60p . Thank you for your support We usually meet at 2.30pm on the first Monday of each month, in the Tasburgh Church Room March 2 April 13 May 11 June 1st

Helen Burnett ‘The Wild Life of Asia’ Trixie Dye ‘Poetry’ Pauline Anderson ‘A Drive around Vancouver Island and a Train Ride to Toronto’ Caroline Beer ‘The Women of the National Trust’

Fundraising Coffee Morning and Bring and Buy Saturday April 25 10.30-12 noon at The Grange, Lower Tasburgh

Cells are vital units of the body - and cells in church life are small groups, which contain the DNA of what it means to be church. We meet to grow in faith, to pray and support each other, to learn from the bible and to join in actively sharing our faith and serving the wider community. New members are welcome do get in touch. Contacts: Mart Hartley -

15 yrs +, Sun eves, Tasburgh)

0784 910 5554

Sally Gaze -

Monday day daytime

Chris Gaze

11-14yrs, Mon evenings in Newton 470 762

William Ball -

Wednesday evenings in Newton

471 506

Rach Hartley -

Wednesday evenings in Tasburgh

471 474

Richard Bond -

Wednesday evenings in Saxlingham 578 093

Vicky Ball -

Thursday evenings in Newton

471 506

Andy Cox

Thursday evenings in Newton c/o


Wayne Doman -

Sat afternoon Special Me Group

471 933


Youth Cells (JAM) meet on Monday evenings 7-8.30 to explore our faith and have fun together. Contact Chris Gaze, e-mail:; or call on 470 762

The Gathering 7.30pm March 8 at Newton Flotman Church

The Community Choir has not met during the winter months. It is an ‘all comers ‘ activity where all are welcome and a willingness to sing and have fun is all you need. Meeting at The New Rectory Sunday March 29 at 3.00pm Are you interested? Want to know more? Contact Martin 0784 910 5554

Bible Study Group – Meets on Tuesday evenings. Please contact Philip Simmons 499 041. New members are always welcome. Children’s Church – Tasburgh has a Children’s Church for children aged from three years. This runs on the second and fourth Sunday each month. All welcome. Contact Andrea Sluman on 471 529. Emmanuel Group. Local House of Prayer – Meeting weekly, at 10am on Fridays. For more details phone Shirley Brooks on 470 369. Local House of Prayer - 1st and 3rd Wednesday Mornings at 10.30am Please phone Andrea 471 529 or Jenny 470141 for further information Music in Worship – If you’d like to sing in Tasburgh Church Choir or explore learning the organ, phone Sarah Norman on 471 505. Prayer - for the parishes takes place every day. Please give prayer requests to a churchwarden, clergy person, prayer box or board in church. On Wednesdays we meet to pray at Tasburgh Church at 9:00am. Tasburgh Crafts Club – Come and try new skills in a relaxed atmosphere. We meet on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month, 10am – 12noon in the Church Room, Tasburgh. Tasburgh Coffee Pot – Come and make new friends at the Coffee Pot. We meet every Wednesday from 2 – 3-45pm for a chat with coffee & cake. Church Room, Tasburgh. All ages welcome.

Rev’d Sally Gaze: 01508 470 762 The Rectory, Church Road, Newton Flotman NR15 1QB Rev’d Martin Hartley: 0784 910 5554 The Rectory, Church Hill, Tasburgh NR15 1NB

All contributions for the next Church Newsletter by Friday 1 May 2015 to Jenny Cooper 01508 470 141 or

Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Spring 2015


Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Spring 2015

St Mary’s Church

St Mary’s New Bell Ropes The Church of St Mary’s and the bell ringers would like to register our grateful thanks to Tasburgh Players who have funded the cost of 5 new bell ropes in the tower. The previous ropes have been retained for emergency use here and for other neighbouring churches, but were coming to the end of their useful life. Many had been “spliced” on a number of occasions and at least one of the ropes was down to the last few inches and could not have accommodated a further repair. The timing of the Player’s help could not have been better. The new ropes were commissioned from Loughborough and took several months to make and were only installed early in December. They will take a bit of getting used to as they are very stiff so please excuse any erratic ringing you might hear on a Tuesday; it really is not always our fault this time. The ropes should last for many years and allow future generations of bell ringers to carry on the tradition. If you are interested in bell ringing please come along; we usually ring at least every other Tuesday, or contact me on 471198. Steve Beckett


Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Spring 2015

Dates for Your Diary 14th March

Litter Picking Morning, Village Hall, 9.30am

28th March

Tabletop Sale, Village Hall, 7pm

11th April

Spring Bingo, Village Hall

26th April

Macmillan Fund Raising Concert, Village Hall, 2pm

If you would like your event listed on this page just let us know.

Next Edition The summer edition of the Quarterly and Church News will be distributed by the end of May. Contributions from local organisations are always welcomed and can be emailed to the Parish Clerk for inclusion. We would be particularly pleased to receive suggestions for regular articles. All articles to the Parish Clerk, by Friday 1st May.


Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Spring 2015

Tasburgh Scout Group The Explorers have had an eventful term so far, following the exciting visit from Australian exchange Explorer, Asha Healy. She was in the UK staying with Chloe Hallett for six weeks, and so we managed to fit in lots of extra activities over the Christmas holidays to make her stay as enjoyable as possible. In order to fully acclimatise her to the British December, we thought a freezing cold 'pre-Christmas camp' would suitably chill us all to the bone! Despite copious servings of hot chocolate, a roaring (and somewhat terrifying) campfire and an abundance of blankets; hiking and ice cream in North Norfolk was enough to send more than one of us home with a cold! Other much warmer activities included a couple of stunning murder mystery meals (both of which were catered by the culinary genius that is Laura Williams), a Christmas party and tie-dying. Not enough excitement? Add a tubing trip to Trowse ski slope as a farewell to Asha and two consecutive weekend camps at Two Mile Bottom and it doesn't leave a lot of time to spare! But in classic scouting manner we left ourselves plenty of time for more standard activities too. Halloween was spent attempting to navigate Tyrrells Wood in the dark (admittedly to avoid being caught by 'slender man') and the Scouts and Explorers did an excellent job of bag packing at M&S on a particularly rainy day in November, raising the fantastic total of ÂŁ784.91! Proceeds went towards new camping equipment and a mini-bus for Newton Flotman School, who have lent theirs to us on more occasions than we can count. We look forward to the spring and summer terms, and hope everyone has had as enjoyable a chilly season as we did! Explorer Scout Charlotte


Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Spring 2015

Tasburgh United Charities The Trustees of Tasburgh United Charities would like to remind parishioners that they have available each year a certain amount of money to be applied in helping the residents of the Parish who, regardless of their age and for whatever reason, find themselves in need of financial help. Identifying those in need of assistance in the village can be our most difficult task. Whilst previously the elderly may have been seen as the obvious persons requiring help, and we continue to support them when we can, in the current economic climate working families may be those with the lowest income. Others could include those temporarily or long term unemployed residents enduring illness, students, or anybody suffering a loss of income for any other reason. We meet to make decisions about distributions twice annually in May and November and for urgent requests on other occasions in-between. Among the factors taken into consideration is a general idea of the family income, for that reason we ask for a few facts about the overall income / expenditure for the applicant’s household. Our application form is simple to complete, all information is kept completely confidential. Assistance can be given by outright grant towards general expenses, by contribution towards a particular expense, a temporary loan or by purchases of equipment for use. Items of further education will also be considered. Remember, the money is there for use by any resident of Tasburgh, all applications are considered in the strictest confidence. If your circumstances are not already known to the Trustees and you feel that they might be able to help you please contact one of the trustees: Mrs Jill Casson 12 Hastings Close 470334

Mr Keith Read Thornly Barn, Saxlingham Lane 470229

Mr. Geoff Merchant 14 Orchard Way 470606.

Mr Ben Goodfellow Rookery House, Saxlingham Lane, 470668

Rev’d Martin Hartley, The Rectory, Church Hill 07849105554 35

Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Spring 2015

Age UK Norfolk is asking you to make volunteering your New Year’s resolution for 2015 A little of your time could make a big difference... Age UK Norfolk is a local charity, helping local people. Each year we provide support to thousands of older people in Norfolk and have been doing so for over 65 years. Our free Information, Advice and Advocacy Service offers support on a wide range of issues, including benefits and entitlements, advocacy, bereavement advice, money matters, housing and care options and much more! Age UK Norfolk also offers dementia support services, telephone befriending, day support clubs and respite care. Last year our Benefits Outreach service helped older people living in Norfolk receive a total of £2,942,986 in benefits and entitlements that otherwise would have been unclaimed. Could you help? The services and support Age UK Norfolk offers would not exist without our volunteers and we are currently in urgent need of new volunteers! Volunteering for Age UK Norfolk is an opportunity to learn new skills, meet new people and work within a friendly, professional organisation and have the satisfaction of knowing that you are making a real difference to people’s lives. Pick up the phone to find out what Age UK Norfolk can offer you! Call our volunteer recruitment line on 01603 785241 or check out our website to find out more. 36

Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Spring 2015


Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Spring 2015

Tasburgh United Football Club


Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Spring 2015

Tasburgh United Football Club


Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Spring 2015

Tharston and District WI People have many images of the WI and one is invariably of ladies who cook. Well, if they had been lucky enough to attend the December meeting they would have been delighted to have been proved right. The spread was amazing. The variety of dishes and the way they were presented and displayed was so impressive that the 52 members who attended could only have been tempted to over indulge their taste buds and appetites in preparation for the Big Day. The food and mulled wine was followed by the entertainment courtesy of the Committee. To start the mirth came the Sugar Plum Fairy dressed in white net and pink pumps and majestically waving her wand. As her dulcet tones warbled out “Every Little Girl Would Like to be the Fairy on the Christmas Tree!” and “There was I waiting at the Church”, the massed voice of the WI joined in in true festive spirit. She was followed by a reading of that well-loved poem “The Night Before Christmas”. This was acted out by characters dressed in onesies (one in vivid green, face unseen), Father Christmas with a wayward paunch and a cheeky looking elf driving a sleigh pulled by reindeer with flashing red noses. But too soon it was all over. The last meeting of 2014 had ended on a high note. The speaker at our January meeting, Pat Burr, gave a talk on the ACWW – the Associated Country Women of the World. Very few of our members knew of this organisation even though it has a long association with the WI and is the exception to the rule of supporting only local charities. 40

Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Spring 2015

Tharston and District WI The aim of the ACWW is to help raise living standards of rural women and their families through education, training and community development programmes and to provide practical support. There are 460 member societies in over 70 countries. ACWW speaks for rural women at UN meetings and updates the UN about its activities. It works with women worldwide supporting grass roots projects thereby recognising that it is women who feed the projects and in 2002 it funded more than 900 projects. Between 2010 - 2013 the focus was on water, vegetable gardens and tree planting projects. In 2014 it promoted family farms, small scale farming and the consumption of native foods. Applications for funding must meet specific criteria to be successful: they must help the status of women and/or girls and promote the health and education of women and/or girls. Projects are monitored throughout to make sure they continue to meet these requirements and ACWW gives updates so it is possible to see how the money is spent. One example of how ACWW funding can benefit a family was of a woman working for £28 a month to support her family but with access to clean water she could wash herself and her clothes and get a job earning £40 per month – a huge increase in the family income and enough to send her children to primary school. Three statistics underlined why supporting such women is so important: women do 70% of the world’s work; 70% of adults living in poverty are women; women own only 10% of the world’s property. Tharston & District WI meets on the second Thursday of the month at 7.30pm in Forncett Village Hall. If you would like more information about our WI contact the secretary Gill on 01508 532468. Jean Aldridge


Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Spring 2015

Tasburgh Memories I thought I would vary the article this time and give those who have moved here in recent years an idea of what was happening in 1985. Everything changes and everything remains the same (or so it seems!). The information comes from Tasburgh Quarterlies (4 A4 sheets double sided) that Pam had kept. PARISH COUNCIL - 14 members of the public at the Annual Meeting! A penny rate would have raised £930. INTER VILLAGE SPORTS - Tasburgh won the South Norfolk round for villages in the under 1,000 population category. The Badminton Club (formed in 1982) and Netball Club were formed as a result of this competition. The competition has seen a revival in recent years. ST MARY’S GUILD - We had a new rector Tom Raven and an annual Flower Show in the village hall (sounds familiar...). TASBURGH PLAYERS - Their articles was written in ‘Franglais’ apparently the name of one of their many successful productions. 1ST TASBURGH SCOUTS - The group was very active with plan for canoeing, patrol camps and sailing. The same enthusiasm thrives today. TASBURGH VILLAGE HALL - A fun day in September (fore-runner of the Village Hall/Recreation for All events still being run today) and a fundraiser cheese and wine event at Rainthorpe Hall. TASBURGH WINE CIRCLE - A very active and enthusiastic group. Enough said! TAS VALLEY SINGERS - Looking for new members. TASBURGH YOUTH CLUB - An extensive programme of events including 10 pin bowling, disco and BBQ nights. We had a baby-sitting circle, Tasburgh Parent and Toddler Group, Tasburgh Playschool, a Bridge Club, a Monday Club, 1st Tasburgh Brownies, and Tasburgh Tennis Club. 42

Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Spring 2015

Tasburgh Memories There are many familiar names from the Quarterlies so if we have someone who would like to go to print with a ‘Memories’ story, please let me know. Dave Moore

Table Top Sale On Saturday, 28th March there will be a tabletop sale in the Village Hall from 10am - 3pm. Entry is free, refreshments will be available to purchase and there will be a raffle. Profits will be for this year's Christian Aid appeal. If you would like to book a table for £10 please contact Brenda on 01508 471567 or 07932 146512. Or if you have anything 'good as new' to donate for sale please ring Brenda to arrange collection. Any unsold items will be given to the Salvation Army charity shop unless otherwise instructed. 43

Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Spring 2015

Tasburgh Sports and Social Club Chairman’s Blog Where does the time go, it seems like only yesterday that I was putting pen to paper for the pre-Christmas / winter blog, but here we are with the spring edition. I expect the festivities of Christmas and New Year’s Eve have been forgotten and have been stored in the memory bank, well we had a great festive time at the Club, some lucky ones winning an early present from the Christmas draw, others having to wait for their chance to win at the New Year’s Eve ticket draw. And a cracking New Year’s Eve we had, with some terrific music from the band Without Motif and a great disco with James and Jordan, I hope we do the same when we see in 2016. This year we are going to be a little bit patriotic with some Club food nights to celebrate various Saint days and other festive occasions. We started the season by capturing a number of Haggis and had a great Burns Night with music supplied by Them Harvey Boys, no bagpipes but good entertainment. The Ode to the Haggis performed by a Kilted Dave Casson, {cameras being banned during the ceremony}. Tickets on sale now for next year. Our Saintly food nights at the time of going to press are: St David’s (March 1st) - food night is 7th February St Patrick’s (March 17th) - food night is 13th or 20th St George’s (April 23rd) - food night is 24th St Edmund (November 20th) - food night TBA. St Andrew’s (November 30th)- food night is 27th We hope to see you at some of these event check the notice boards for tickets price and menu.


Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Spring 2015

Tasburgh Sports and Social Club Another event for the ‘things to do’ diary is our Beer and Music Festival 12th, 13th and 14th June when we will have top local bands, groups ,and singers to entertain you while you sample some of the finest local and national ales and beer, with a selection of ciders and continental lagers as well, more info nearer the time via notice boards and the web. Of course not to be stumped or forgotten the Village Cricket Match will be Sunday 5th July, a sporting afternoon not to be missed. Yes its just about that time of year when club membership should be renewed, our year ends 31st March so please return your subs before the end of April, its only £3, you will have a reminder either by e-mail or letter. The Directors of the Club also welcome Nicky, Steven, and Gary on to the committee, if like them you think you can help the Club in any way, because by helping the Club you are helping other groups and the village hall in the community of Tasburgh. Cheers for now, Don Proudfoot(Chairman Director)

• Opening Times • Tuesdays 7pm - 11pm; Thursdays 7.30pm - 11pm (Pool Night - check the board) Fridays 6pm - 11pm Every 3rd Sunday Quiz 7.30pm - 10.30pm 45

Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Spring 2015


Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Spring 2015


MACMILLAN NURSES SUNDAY 26TH APRIL 2015, 2PM - 5PM at TASBURGH VILLAGE HALL Entertainment by the popular Norwich Harmony Ladies Chorus. Craft stalls, raffle etc. Refreshments included in admission. Donations of £5 on the door (children free). Further details from Janet Few, 01508 471655

SAXLINGHAM NETHERGATE (SAXON) BOWLS CLUB New members are welcome to join our expanding, thriving and friendly Bowls Club. It’s a sport for all ages. If interested please contact Chris Lacey on 01508 499700 or email for further information. 47

Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Spring 2015


The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen's Guild Dramatic Society Murder Mystery Every drama group has experienced the horrors of what can go wrong on opening night, and the ladies of the F.A.H.E.T.G. Dramatic Society are no different, with the possible exception that almost everything that could happen does! Side-splittingly funny! Thur 15th – Saturday 18th April 2015 @ 7.30pm Saxlingham Nethergate Village Hall Tickets £7 or £5 for 12 years and under Call Vicky Stocks on 01508 499631 (9am-9pm) Visit our website 48

Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Spring 2015


Phoenix Oil Tank Replacement Services Oil boiler servicing New tank installations (plastic and steel tank options) New bases installed (where required) New sight tubes fitted, vent caps & maintenance etc Oil tank moves (re-sites) Water in oil tank problems resolved Fuel moves Remote fill points installed Oil line pressure testing Qualified and experienced engineer

For a prompt and friendly service please call Gary Cooper 01379 674370 or 07880 546457 Cost of Advertising If you wish to advertise in the Quarterly please contact the Parish Clerk, Prices as follows: Greyscale: full page £31.00, half page £21.00, quarter page £11.00 Colour: full page £62.00, half page £42.00, quarter page £22.00. Discount of 10% available to those living and trading in Tasburgh, and a further 5% when four issues are booked and paid for in advance. 49

Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Spring 2015



Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Spring 2015



Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Spring 2015


Quarterly Spring 2015  
Quarterly Spring 2015