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Winter 2012/13

Tasburgh and Tharston Church Newsletter Christmas in the Heart “He who has not Christmas in his heart will never find it under a tree.” So the saying goes. Christmas is not something to be found in the commercial trappings, nor in the turkey dinners, nor in the office parties, nor even in the family get-togethers. In fact, you can search for Christmas in all manner of places and not find it. Or you may find that you have no need to search at all because you are carrying it with you all the time. If you have Christmas in your heart you will even find it in June. Christmas is without a doubt our greatest annual festival. It is the celebration of the Chosen One, who came as a baby, grew up, showed us what God is like and how to live as human beings, and then conquered death for us, blazed a trail into God’s new creation, and made the way open for God Himself to take up residence in our hearts. Wow! I know this is familiar, but really - wow! When our Queen is at home in Buckingham Palace, a flag flies from the castle to show it. There is a flag flying high from the castle of my heart, because the King is in residence there. This is what Christmas opens up. A new resident in our hearts - one that changes everything, and gives joy that trees and trappings alone can never bring. Wishing you a heart full of Christmas just now, Adrian

Tasburgh and Tharston Church Newsletter - Winter 2012/13

Tharston Church News Tharston Church Wardens Mrs Pat Read 530325, Mrs Sue Hubbard 530072 We are very pleased to have seen some recent improvements to the fabric of the church building, with excellent rainwater drainage being installed to replace the former cracked, root-ridden drains. Special thanks to Mr Hubbard , Mr Lawson and Mr Hawkins for their generous volunteer labour. We report that our plea for help with the churchyard maintenance didn’t result in any offers of volunteer support, but if you know of anyone who would like to help, please let us know. We are looking forward to the Christmas season and we do hope that we will see you at one of our special festive occasions.

Tharston Church Services 2nd Dec 14th Dec 16th Dec 23rd Dec 25th Dec 13th Jan 20th Jan 3rd Feb 10th Feb 17th Feb

11am 7.30pm 8am 4pm 8.30am 11am 8am 11am 11am 8am

Holy Communion Traditional Carol Service, with Choir Holy Communion Christingle Christmas Day Holy Communion Holy Communion Holy Communion Holy Communion Village Praise Holy Communion

Confirmation & Bishop’s Visitation We welcome Bishop Alan on Sunday 6th January, who will conduct a benefice confirmation service at 10am in Newton Flotman Church. Please do come along to this special occasion for all the benefice.

Tasburgh and Tharston Church Newsletter - Winter 2012/13

Tasburgh Church News Tasburgh Church Wardens Vivienne Taylor 471790, Julia Orpin 470983 We are delighted to have the new sound system installed in memory of the late Pat Crowley. It has been put to good use already and provides the best of both worlds - ease of use for simple services and powerful flexibility for visiting bands, etc. - but always superb quality sound reinforcement and loop to assist hard of hearing. Do come and check it out! We hope to see you especially over the Christmas season. We are trying a new approach to our worship pattern on 1st Sundays from February. We shall have TWO services on the Sunday morning: one more traditional 1662 language with our splendid robed choir, and the other more informal with modern language, with refreshments in-between. Why not give one a go? You’ll find a warm welcome awaits.

Tasburgh Church Services 2nd Dec 9th Dec 16th Dec 23rd Dec 24th Dec 25th Dec 30th Dec 13th Jan 20th Jan 27th Jan 3rd Feb 10th Feb 17th Feb 24th Feb

9.30am 4.30pm 6.30pm 9.30am 4pm 11.30pm 9.30am 9:30am 9.30am 9.30am 9.30am 9.30am 11am 9.30am 9.30am 9.30am

Morning Service, Children’s Church, Sat Nav Christingle Traditional Carol Service, with choir Holy Communion Crib Service Midnight Communion Christmas All Age Service Family Communion & Children’s Church Holy Communion & Children’s Church All Age, with shared breakfast Communion, Children’s Church & Sat Nav BCP Choral Matins Morning Light, Children’s Church, Sat Nav Holy Communion & Children’s Church All Age, with shared breakfast Communion, Children’s Church & Sat Nav

Tasburgh and Tharston Church Newsletter - Winter 2012/13

Dates For Your Diary December Tharston PCC - Mon 3rd Dec, 7:30pm, Tharston Church Tasburgh Village Carol Singing - Mon 17th Dec, 6:30pm - meet outside PO, finish with refreshments at 18 Henry Preston Road Tasburgh Village Carol Singing - Wed 19th Dec, 6:30pm - meet at Harvey Close, finish with refreshments at ‘Akela’, Low Road

January Bishop’s Visitation - Bishop Alan will be visiting and conducting reviews of team members and parishes from 6th January

February Tasburgh PCC - Tuesday 29th Feb, 7:30pm, Tasburgh Church Room

The Big Christmas Card at Tasburgh Church Has your Christmas card list got out of control? Have you ever thought that it might be a bit pointless to send cards to the church members you are going to SEE (possibly more than once!) over Christmas? If so, then Tasburgh PCC has the answer. We have commissioned a giant Christmas card from Julia McNulty. It will be in church from Advent Sunday, and anyone who wishes can sign it instead of sending lots of individual cards. There will be a box for people to donate to the Children's Society to celebrate the saving we will have made on cards! Any queries to Sarah Norman on 471505.

Beware Chancel Liability Scams! It has come to our attention that some residents in our villages have received letters offering to insure them against possible chancel repair liability, and saying not to discuss this with clergy or wardens. Please be assured that there is no chancel liability among any of our parishioners. This is nothing to worry about.

Tasburgh and Tharston Church Newsletter - Winter 2012/13

Tas Valley Cell Church Cells are vital units of the body - and cells in church life are small groups, which contain the DNA of what it means to be church. We meet to grow in faith, to pray and support each other, to learn from the bible and to join in actively sharing our faith and serving the wider community. If you'd like to join a cell, contact Jo Luxton (daytime, Newton) 473030; Andrew Gibson (Tues eves, Saxlingham) 499004; Sally Gaze (Wed eves, Tasburgh) 470762; Richard Bond (Wed eves, Saxlingham) 578093; William & Vicky Ball (Weds & Thurs eves, Newton) 471506; Andy Cox (Friday eves, Newton) 471334; Chris Gaze (Sunday eves youth & Wed eves, Newton) 470762 Youth Cells (JAM) We meet on Monday evenings 7-8.30 to explore our faith and have fun together. Once a month, we have a social event – cinema, bowling, circus skills, lazer quest etc. Other nights, there’s a fast moving programme, with bible bits, drama, games, praying about stuff that means a lot to us and crazy stunts all mixed up. Contact Chris Gaze, e-mail:; telephone 01508 470762.

St. Mary's Guild – Tasburgh We meet on the first Monday of each month in the Church Room at 2.30pm. Please come and join us, everyone is welcome. 4th February 4th March 8th April

Coming up.... Mrs A Crawshay AGM Mrs H Burnett Vine La Differce Mrs P Anderson Norway - Fjords, Mountains & Churches

Coffee Morning - 36 Henry Preston Road, Tasburgh Sat 19th Jan, 10.30am - Noon £1 Entry

"Our greatest fear should not be of failure but of succeeding at things in life that don't really matter." - Francis Chan

Tasburgh and Tharston Church Newsletter - Winter 2012/13

Regular Events/Groups Bible Study Group – New members are always welcome. Please contact Philip Simmons 499041. Emmanuel Group – Meeting weekly in Tasburgh. Ask Renee Hollinger for more details or phone Shirley Brookes on 470369. Fairtrade – Fairly traded products catalogues are available on request from Val Cook on 470298. Music in Worship – If you’d like to sing in Tasburgh Church Choir or explore learning the organ, phone Sarah Norman on 471505. Prayer for the parishes takes place every day. Please give prayer requests to a churchwarden, clergy person or prayer box or board in church. On Tuesdays we meet to pray at Tasburgh Church at 9:30am. Children’s Church – Tasburgh has a Children’s Church for children aged from three years. This runs on the first, second and fourth Sunday of each month. All welcome. Contact Jane Rae on 470692. Tasburgh Crafts Club – Come and try new skills in a relaxed atmosphere. We meet on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month, 10am – 12noon in the Church Room, Tasburgh. Tasburgh Coffee Pot – Come and make new friends at the Coffee Pot. We meet every Wednesday from 2 – 4pm for a chat with coffee & cake. Church Room, Tasburgh. All ages welcome.

Making Contact Rev’d Sally Gaze: 01508 470762 The Rectory, Church Road, Newton Flotman NR15 1QB Rev’d Adrian Miller: 01508 498317 The Rectory, The Street, Saxlingham Nethergate NR15 1AJ. All contributions for the next edition to Adrian by Thu 7th February 2012.

Church News Winter 2012  

Tasburgh Church News Winter 2012

Church News Winter 2012  

Tasburgh Church News Winter 2012