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Winter 2010

No. 021

Tasburgh Quarterly & Church News

Inside this issue: Tasburgh Art Exhibition – the write up. New play equipment for Tasburgh. Events for the festive season.

Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Winter 2010

Useful Contacts Parish Council Chairman Parish Council Clerk

Mr Dave Moore Mrs Julie King

01508 471041 01508 470759

District Councillor County Councillor

Michelle Monck Alison Thomas

01508 550860 01508 530652

Norfolk Police Safer Neighbourhood Team

Emergency 999 Non-emergency 0845 4564567

Church Reverend Chris Martin Reverend Adrian Miller Parochial Church Council Yellow Pages

Inc Church News Mrs Pat Crowley Mrs Julia Orpin

Village Hall Chair Booking Secretary Village Hall

Deborah Sacks Mrs Sheila Plunkett

Preston Primary School Village Groups Playschool Scout Group Social Club Netball Club Tasburgh Tots Players Eurolink Coffee Pot and Crafts St Mary’s Guild Mill Inn Football Club Fitness Club (Over 50's) Fat Dad’s Football

01508 470768 01508 498317 01508 471228 01508 470983 01508 471002 01508 470485 01508 471189 01508 470454

Mr Dan Giacomelli Mr Don Proudfoot Mr Don Proudfoot Mrs Rebecca Heaser Mrs Melanie Goodall Mr Steve Beckett Mr Steve Beckett Mrs Shirley Brooks Mrs Margaret Madgett Mr Martin Brookes Mrs Ann Gibbins Mr Bill Wheeler

01508 470488 01508 471408 01508 471408 01603 812472 01508 470195 01508 471198 01508 471198 01508 470369 01508 471525 01508 471021 01508 470225 01508 471633

Inaccuracies or omissions? Call me, Julie King 01508 470759 2

Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Winter 2010

Tasburgh Parish Council, Serving the Village of Tasburgh

Meetings ANOTHER CHANGE OF MEETING DAY AND VENUE Parish Council meetings are now back to the third Tuesday of the month, in the Village Hall at 8pm (refreshments available from 7.30pm). Planning Meetings, if required, are usually held on the first Tuesday of the month, in the Village Hall Committee Room at 7pm. Agendas are posted on the village notice boards and the website at least three days beforehand. Public are welcome to attend all Parish Council meetings; there’s an opportunity to speak or ask questions. Please note, if you would like an item to appear on the agenda, details must be sent to the Clerk at least eight days before the meeting. The Council is unable to make a decision on anything not included on the agenda but can discuss newly raised matters and refer them to the next meeting. Minutes of meetings are posted on the website or are available from the Clerk. Parish Council Surgeries Councillors are always willing to discuss any issues with you; their contact details are on page 6. In addition, Councillors are available on the evenings of their main council meetings (third Tuesday of the month) between 7.30pm and 8pm during which time refreshments are served. 3

Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Winter 2010

Tasburgh Parish Council Parish Council Activities Planning Policy, Site Specific Consultation Thank you to all of you who took the time to come along to our consultation event on Saturday 6th November. Tasburgh Parish Council have now submitted their response to South Norfolk Council. This won’t be the last time that the Parish Council or you as residents of South Norfolk will have the opportunity to feed into South Norfolk Council’s Local Development Framework, the collection of policy documents that will shape the future development in South Norfolk up to 2026. If you would like to learn more details can be found on the Parish Council or South Norfolk Councils website or via the Parish Clerk, contact details on page 6.

Parish Council Chairman, Dave Moore, preparing for the Consultation event on 6th November.

Helping One Another Whilst welcoming a new Community Emergency Co-ordinator (more details in the next Quarterly) Tasburgh Parish Council will be 4

Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Winter 2010

Tasburgh Parish Council considering its response to non-emergency situations. In the meantime we ask for your help. As winter approaches it can be a lonely and isolating time for some. Please be aware and keep an eye out for those less fortunate than yourselves who may need support. Sometimes a friendly visit or a small amount of practical help is all that is needed. If there is cause for concern, in the first instance, the Police non-emergency number should be the one to use – 0845 4564567. Elections 2011 Parish Councillors are elected for a four-year term and the next Parish Council elections will take place in May 2011. Parish Councils have a wide range of responsibilities, from the right to make representations on planning applications and the future development of the village to providing facilities for the village such as Burrfeld Park, they make decisions that affect your everyday life. If you would like to make a difference and would be interested in becoming a Parish Councillor, or know someone who would, please consider finding out more. The contact details of the current Councillors and the Parish Clerk can be found on page 6 or you could come along to a meeting.

A large print version of the Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News is available upon request. Please contact Julie King on 470759. 5

Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Winter 2010

Tasburgh Parish Council Contacting the Parish Council If you would like to know more, have any comments about Tasburgh Parish Council and its work or you have any issues you wish to be raised, please contact one of the Councillors or the Parish Clerk. Chairman Dave Moore 16 Henry Preston Road 471041 Vice-chair Geoff Merchant 14 Orchard Way 470606 Councillors Brian Hill 8 Harvey Close 471011 Tony Lacey 1 Grove lane 470870 John Mann Bullswater Cottage, Low Road 470469 Don Proudfoot Aprilia Lodge, Saxlingham Lane 471408 Keith Read Thornly Barn, Saxlingham Lane 470229 Deborah Sacks Glebe Cottage, Low Road 471002 Lenny Thompson 22 Woodland Rise 471050 Clerk Julie King 22 Henry Preston Road, Tasburgh 470759 Website 6

Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Winter 2010

Dog Fouling, the Consequences and the Penalties Penalties for dog fouling The whole of South Norfolk is covered by the Dogs (Fouling of Land) Act 1996, which makes it an offence not to clear up after your dog on any area of land that is open to the public, with a few exceptions. Offenders can be issued with a fixed penalty notice of ÂŁ50 or if taken to court the fine is up to ÂŁ1,000. To say you were unaware that your dog had fouled is not a reasonable excuse, meaning that dogs should be exercised under direct supervision at all times.

Toxocara canis Toxocara canis is a roundworm found in dogs. Roundworm eggs are found in dog mess, which can easily be picked up by young children. This causes stomach upsets, sore throats, asthma and in rare cases blindness. The eggs can remain active in the soil for many years, long after the dog mess has weathered away.

Advice for dog owners If your dog fouls in a public place, you must clean up the mess under the Dog Act 1996. Always carry a poop scoop, which is a specially designed plastic shovel, or a bag to carry the mess to a dog bin. If there isn't a dog mess bin, take it home and dispose of it there. Dog owners should not allow their pets to foul at random in public areas. Toilet training at puppy stage helps. If possible, you should encourage your dog to use your garden - you can then either bury the mess or flush it down the toilet. Do not put dog mess in green garden waste bags or rubbish bins. 7

Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Winter 2010

Burrfeld Park Well, we had another great Burrfeld Park volunteer day on 7th November. Over 18 adults and a few children got stuck into clearing some of this summer’s growth. The warm wet summer has meant that some things have grown a little too well! Our aim is to provide a diversity of habitats as this gives the most benefit for wildlife. We have deliberately left some areas undisturbed, as these areas are great for all kinds of wildlife, especially during the cold winter months. They provide much-needed winter food, safe places for hibernation of insects such as ladybirds, and cover for small mammals. If we have another winter like last year with lots of snow, the benefit of not having tidy short mown lawns everywhere is that many small mammals and invertebrates are able to survive underneath the snow when sufficiently held off the ground by a thick layer of vegetation. In my last article I wrote about the vast variety of moths and butterflies locally. These are fascinating creatures which have evolved with very different approaches to survive the winter months. Some such as the tortoiseshell will hibernate as adult butterflies in sheds or hollow trees, but most will be hidden in vegetation in some form, some such as the the elephant hawk moth will hibernate as caterpillars, others will spend the winter as a chrysalis, safely dormant waiting to emerge with wings in the early summer, and others will lay the next generation of eggs in late summer which will be able to survive the winter cold and then hatch into caterpillars in the spring. If we cut everything down and remove it, despite their attempts at survival we lose them all. However, sometimes we do need to remove vegetation, and this is particularly true of the wildflower meadow which is being developed in the western corner. Gardeners will be well aware of the benefits of providing food and nutrients to get the biggest and best fruit and flowers, but a wildflower meadow isn’t looking to develop the 8

Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Winter 2010

Burrfeld Park biggest and best, it wants variety. If there are nutrients available the strong quick growers (the thugs of the plant world) – like stinging nettle – quickly grow and dominate. However, if there are no nutrients available, the thugs don’t have the resources to take over, everything has to struggle to survive, no single plant dominates and diversity reigns. Therefore it is extremely important that the vegetation in the wildflower meadow is cut and removed, before it has a chance to rot down and release nutrients back into the soil. Constant cutting and removal of green growth will see a reduction in the nutrients available in the soil, which in turn should provide us with a greater variety of flowering plants. Burrfeld Park is a long-term project which will develop over the coming years, and it will be interesting to watch the changes each year. There is, however, still work to do and we are going to try having monthly volunteer days to give more people a chance to get involved. The next dates have been set as: Sunday 5th December Sunday 9th January Sunday 6th February Everyone is welcome, no experience is required – we can find a task for everyone – just turn up in sensible footwear and gardening gloves (we have a lot of bramble and thistle and uneven ground). The volunteer days are very friendly, we only work for 2 hours (10 -12), and we stop for tea and biscuits and a chat half way through. Hope to see you there. Angela Collins


Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Winter 2010

If you are interested in knitting, be it beginner or more advanced, then come and join us. We run every other Thursday at Tasburgh Village Hall from 7-9pm. For more details please ring Denise Kitchen on 470732. If anyone has any scraps of wool they want to donate to our club, we would really appreciate it as we knit items for charities.

Father Christmas Father Christmas will be paying his annual visit to Tasburgh on Christmas Eve, 24th December. He will be in the Church Porch between 6pm and 7pm.


Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Winter 2010

Tasburgh United Charities The Trustees of Tasburgh United Charities would like to remind parishioners that they have available each year a certain amount of money to be applied in helping the residents of the Parish who, regardless of their age and for whatever reason, find themselves in need of financial help. Assistance can be given by outright grant towards general expenses, by contribution towards a particular expense, a temporary loan or by purchases of equipment for use. Items of further education will also be considered. Remember, the money is there for use by any resident of Tasburgh. All applications are considered in the strictest confidence. If your circumstances are not already known to the Trustees and you feel that they might be able to help you please contact the Secretary: Mrs. E Cortis, Keepers Cottage, Dunston, Norwich, NR14 8PF (01508) 470478 or one of the trustees: Mrs. Pam Moore, 16 Henry Preston Road, Tasburgh, 471041 Mr. Keith Read, Thornly Barn, Saxlingham Lane, 470229 Mr. Ben Goodfellow, Rookery House, Saxlingham Lane, 470668 Mr. Geoff Merchant, 14 Orchard Way, Tasburgh, 470606. 11

Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Winter 2010

Tasburgh Village Hall


Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Winter 2010

Tasburgh Village Hall Art Exhibition in Tasburgh Village Hall The fourth art exhibition held in Tasburgh over the first weekend of November was again a very popular event. It was an opportunity for amateur and professional artists alike to exhibit their works of art, some for the first time, with many different styles and mediums. This art exhibition was part of a number of fundraising events for the Village Hall Development Project and was generously supported by the Hempnall Art Club. It was well supported by both local residents and those from farther afield, as word had got out about the delicious home-made soups and cakes. I'd like to thank everyone who contributed to its great success, to the lifters and movers of those really heavy presentation boards, (the risk assessment says only lift one at a time!), the receivers and distributors of the pictures at the end of the exhibition – always a worry that someone gets the wrong piece of art – the sales desk ladies, those that sat and froze by the front door, the social club staff, the cake and soup makers and finally the ladies who worked tirelessly for 2 days in the kitchen, producing wonderful things to eat. In all, the event raised just over £1130 so once again many thanks to every one who supported this by either giving freely of time or by spending your hard-earned pennies. Julie Lawrence, Tasburgh Village Hall Committee Artwork from some of the Children of Preston Primary School, Tasburgh was exhibited. 13

Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Winter 2010

Tasburgh Village Hall The Village Hall Years – Finance comes full circle Village Hall Treasurer, Tony Lacey, compares the finances of the 80’s to today. When I was elected Treasurer of Tasburgh Village Hall earlier this year, one of my first tasks was to prepare the hire rates for 2011. The User Groups like to have this information as early as possible to make it easier for them to budget for the following year. As treasurer. it also helps you focus on the cost of resources and how you can make the hire costs palatable for everyone whilst keeping a close eye of the current financial situation and how it affects things like the cost of electricity. Of course, what I did have to help me in setting these rates, aside from my predecessor, who was a mine of information, and my finance committee, was the Village Hall accounts going back to the 1980’s. It’s interesting to compare the financial constraints the Trustees were under in those days and our current situation with the credit crunch. To put things into context, at present, the average cost of a house is £176k. Back in the early 80’s (the oldest records I have from the Village Hall) the average was £24k – a significant difference. In those days the user groups consisted of some familiar names – like the Players, the Parish Council and Playgroup, but also some that are no longer around, like the Monday Club the Youth Club and one of the original groups, the WI. The treasurer of the day wrote to all of the user groups apologising that “…due to rising costs it is necessary to increase the hiring fees for the following year.” Truly, those groups were going to have to dig deep in their pockets to afford the rates published back in 1980! Regulars had to fork out an extra 50p as the rate rose to £4, per session for the main hall (remember the small hall hadn’t been built 14

Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Winter 2010

Tasburgh Village Hall back then) But interestingly there was a ‘half rate’ for sessions of two hours (£2) which made sense if groups only wanted to hire the hall for part of the day. Non-regular users (now known as Casual Users) had to stump up £6 a session and if you wanted an evening function ‘licensed use’, it would cost the princely sum of £12 (or £20 for non regulars) The booking secretary, Mrs Harwood, would collect the hire fees in advance, and there was also a charge of 10p per chair per day, if anyone wanted to hire these away from the hall. A wholesale price list of beer still exists from 1985 with bottles of Witney’s Pale Ale for 55p and a bottle of Sam Smiths “Nourishing Stout” costing 70p. By the mid 80’s some new groups had started using the hall on a regular basis, including a karate club, the bowls club and cubs and scouts had started their one night a week hire on Thursdays. I’m pleased to say they are still going strong!

The Booking Diary still exists from 1988 and shows just how busy the hall was in those days with regulars and casual hire. On 15

Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Winter 2010

Tasburgh Village Hall Saturday 11th June the hall hosted a “teenage disco” from 8-11.15 with entrance £1. I can’t think that it was a huge success as I have several hundred tickets left! The 500 club, as it was in those days, made a big contribution towards the upkeep of the hall, as it has always done since its inception back in 1985. It proved much-needed income alongside the halls only other source of income – hiring. The upkeep of the playing field was paid for by the Parish Council, who still pay to have the field cut regularly. You can find more about the 300 club (its new name) elsewhere in the quarterly. Having acquainted myself with all of the work of my predecessors, whose job it has been to keep the hall on an even keel, I launched into the role with vigour and a certain amount of trepidation. This isn’t the easiest time to be asking people for more money, or raising rates, but in order for the village hall to survive I had to come up with some plans. Looking back over the years it was clear that there needed to be some way of repaying the good folk of Tasburgh who, over the years, had supported the work at the hall and also to encourage those who maybe haven’t used the hall, to do so in the future. It is with this in mind that we have now introduced a special ‘Tasburgh Residents Rate’, which offers an attractive fee across all of our room hires. I also wanted to attract smaller user groups to use the hall and was mindful that a full 5 or 6 hour rate might be too excessive. So, just like in 1980, there is now a 2 hour rate for both of our small rooms for those groups who maybe only want to meet for a chat, have a business meeting, or some other use. Of course, in today’s modern world people like to use their computers and the internet to book holidays, buy goods and services and have an ‘electronic’ option over the traditional methods. The trustees are well aware of this and I have been researching options to 16

Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Winter 2010

Tasburgh Village Hall provide a simple and safe way for users to view our diary on-line and to make a booking using credit and debit cards. Our new booking software is already being put through its paces and will provide all users with a swift and efficient service next year. And, just because we can’t always trust new technology, Sheila can always be relied upon to maintain a hand-written back-up of everything (thank you Sheila)! So, if you haven’t used the village hall, remember it’s a resource that the whole community can use. The trustees are embarking on some radical plans for the future to provide you with a first-class resource and you can also support us in many different ways these days, from trying your luck winning with the 300 club, or helping us raise funds when you shop online. You really can make a difference! The Village Hall’s Hire Rates are available to download from: (click on ‘Hire The Hall’ from the menu)

Tasburgh Village Hall – 300 Club: 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th

£30 £20 £10 £10 £5

September Mr I Anderson Mrs Beckett Mr C Austin Mr D Gibbons D A Southgate

October Mrs E Fry Mr G Watts Mr A Oldbury Mr J Smith Mr L Thompson

November Mrs P Wright Mrs G Read Mr J Harwood Mr C Fleming Mrs S Alcock

If you would like to make a contribution towards the Village Hall, please join the 300 Club. A form can be found on the Village hall website at or obtained from Tony Lacey on 470870. 17

Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Winter 2010

If you have a baby or toddler then why not come and join If you baby or toddler thenduring why not come and join the have fun ona Wednesday mornings term ti me, the fun on Wednesday mornings during term time, 10—11.30a m in Tasburgh Village Hall.

10-11.30am in Tasburgh Village Hall. Each week we meet for play, puzzles, dressing up, craf t, Each week we meet for play, puzzles, dressing up, craft, stories, cha t, ref reshments and friendship.

stories, chat, refreshments and friendship.

Wetwo have‘nights 2 ‘Nights Out’ over the term, We have out’ over the term, and a special and a special forchildren the children outingouting for the eacheach term.term.

The Health Visitor runs a clinic on the Wednesday The Health Visi tor runs a clinic on the lastlast Wednesday of of each month. each month. £2 per family, first session free.

£1.50 per fa mily, first session free.

For further details please contact: For further details contac Mel Goodall onplease 470195 or t Mel Goodall on 470195 or Rebecca Orford on 471539 Sarah Miller on 471922


Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Winter 2010

Tasburgh Village Cricket 2010

Ivan and Di Cooper of Anglian Peugeot Centre, main sponsors of Tasburgh Village Cricket, present the cheque for £2065 to Claire Lelievre of Quidenham Hospice.

Once again huge thanks to everyone who helped make TVC 2010 such a success. Don't forget TVC 2011 – Sunday 3rd July 2011.

Plant Sales 2010 Pauline & Ian would like to thank everybody for their continued support in buying plants & ‘oddments’ throughout the year. We are very pleased to have donated these proceeds, totalling £650.00, to the Church Tower Repair Fund.


Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Winter 2010

The Recreation for All team have been on a roller coaster ride – without leaving Tasburgh! How is this possible? Well, if you have been following the fortunes of the RfA group (made up of most of the regular users of the Village Hall) you will know that they were fortunate to win a grant from the Playbuilder scheme of £47,000 towards new play equipment. A subsequent change of Government put all that on hold, to the point that it seemed that none of the money would be coming Tasburgh’s way. The group felt more than a little dejected but continued fundraising. And then two weeks ago came the news that the DfE would be reinstating the grants, albeit at a lower level and at a meeting in early November it was announced that Tasburgh would be getting £27,500. The group were overjoyed! Meetings were hastily arranged and battle plans drawn up with prospective suppliers about just what equipment the group could have for the money. Children in the village had been consulted about the sort of equipment earlier in the year and the main points were that new equipment should encourage climbing and swinging. The preferred option is for a large ‘rock’ made of a new sturdy material with the appearance of a natural rock which is attached to several climbing ropes and a ‘natural’ slide at the end. It looks amazing and should ensure that the 8-13 year olds can have something that really challenges them!


Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Winter 2010

But now the real work starts, because this funding requests that all equipment must be installed by the end of March 2011, so contractors will be on site early next year to start digging foundations for the new equipment. This good news has really kick-started the group into other avenues of funding to complete their dream of totally overhauling the outside space at the village hall. In order to cater for the other age groups they are already planning for Festival 2011 after the success of the event this May and organising other fundraising events. If you would like to join the roller coaster and get involved in any aspect of Recreation for All, the group would love to hear from you! Please contact the Chair, Angela Schug on 01508 470788.

Tasburgh Eurolink The group had a useful meeting in October when we agreed the programme for 2011. We intend to hold our annual wine tasting on the 19th February which will be at the village hall, details will follow. Our trip to Linden will be from the 29th April and it seems most of us will use the Dover to Calais ferry about midday which is always an enjoyable part of the weekend. Finally we hope to have a safari supper on the 9th July. Steve Beckett, Secretary


Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Winter 2010

Greenest Community Competition "Do you want to make a difference to your local environment?" "Do you have the ideas but not the money?" There is £65,000 available to communities in South Norfolk to deliver environmental projects. This comes from a joint project between South Norfolk Council, South Norfolk Alliance and the Energy Saving Trust. £50,000 will be awarded to the best projects which will improve the energy efficiency of private housing. This will enable communities to work together to reduce household fuel bills, increase affordable warmth and reduce fuel poverty. An additional £15,000 from the South Norfolk Alliance will help deliver community environmental projects such as community composting schemes, improvements to the energy efficiency of community buildings or initiatives to improve local biodiversity. The money will be allocated across three categories according to the size of the community. For more information on the competition visit or call South Norfolk Council’s Energy Team on 01603 430627.


Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Winter 2010


Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Winter 2010

Father Christmas's Outfit Father Christmas has offered the use of his ‘outfit’ for the clubs or organisations of Tasburgh and surrounding Parishes!! There is no cost if it is to be used in Tasburgh, just a returnable deposit of £30. If the club or organisation is outside the village the cost is £40 (plus the returnable deposit of £30). The suit is not available after 21st December, sorry Father Christmas needs it back to ensure it is in tip top condition for the 24th!! If you would like to hire the suit please contact the Parish Clerk, Julie King on 01508 470759 or who will contact Father Christmas on your behalf.

Thank you... I would like to say 'A Big Thank You' to everyone who helped me celebrate my special birthday in September and support my chosen charity, Help For Heroes. All those little brown envelopes raised well over £1000 for the special men and women who paid a high price for risking their lives and will help with their care and rehabilitation now they are home. Many thanks for your kind generosity. Julie Lawrence


Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Winter 2010

Norfolk Police

The police rely on the vigilance of communities and would appeal to residents to report all suspicious activity to the police on the following numbers: 999 – emergencies only 0845 456 4567 – Police non-emergency line 0800 555 111 – Crime Stoppers which is anonymous

Tasburgh Players Following our great success in September with Wonders of the West End, we have had a disappointing end to the year. For the second year running we have been unable to cast and support a pantomime, and even the idea that we could change the performance dates to February did not change the outcome. We did have a night with the cast of Wonders reliving the show, there was a more optimistic outlook which has prompted the committee to book dates next May and November for a play and panto respectively. We are now looking at scripts and trying to encourage one or two of the group to help direct, which is where we are struggling at the moment. We are planning a quiz and chips on the 20th November, but again our usual crew may not be able to run the evening, and a pre-Christmas social at the Countryman on the 8th December. We are spreading the word about the group in an effort to get us back on track in 2011. If you know of anyone who might be interested in joining the group, be it on or off stage, get in touch, we do need a wide variety of skills to make us tick. 25

Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Winter 2010

Long Stratton High School

Specialist School Status During the summer, even before term had started, we received the excellent news that we had been re-designated as a specialist school for Maths and Computing. At the foundation of this success is the fact that Government data shows that students at Long Stratton High school make more progress in maths than could be expected and that our ICT results are some of the best in the country. Exam results Staff and students are delighted by this year’s exam results. In 2008 we achieved 55% 5A*–C and in 2010 this has risen by 21% to 76%. There is a similar picture of improvement for students achieving 5A*– C grades including English and Maths. This has risen from 45% in 2008 by 15% to 60% in 2010. I am pleased to report that there has been an increase of nearly 100% in the number of higher grades achieved by our students. Students and staff were determined to get higher grades, they worked hard, kept believing and achieved their goal. It is exciting to see the expectations and performance of students, of all abilities, continue to grow. Students tell me that they are well taught, are making good progress and believe they can do well. This belief is now being translated more and more into improving exam results. As a school we have tasted success over the last two years, there is no doubt that this will continue in the coming years. P. Adams, Headteacher 26

Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Winter 2010

Mobile Library Timetable Dates of visits to Tasburgh

9th December 23rd December 6th January 2011 20th January 3rd February 17th February


Arrival Time 14.40 14.55 15.15 15.35 16.00 16.15

Valley Road Opposite No. 2 Valley Road Near No. 27 Lammas Rd / Henry Preston Rd Lammas Rd Near Prior Close Orchard Way Harvey Close

Any queries please telephone 01603 222267.

Long Stratton Library Opening Times Monday: 10.00–1.00; 2.00–5.00; Tuesday: 1.00–7.30; Thursday: 10.00–1.00; 2.00–7.30; Saturday: 9.00–1.00.


Departure Time 14.50 15.10 15.30 15.55 16.10 16.45

Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Winter 2010

Preston Primary School

A new school year has begun. The old year 6 children have moved to various High Schools and we now have a lively new year 6 ready to carry on the excellent work of their predecessors. At the lower end of the school we have the bright, eager faces of the new intake, who seem to have settled in happily already. After-school clubs started on 20th September including Mad Science, games club, skipping club, book club and gardening club. The ICT Suite is also opened for years 2 - 6. With the exception of Mad Science and Musical Theatre Club, all clubs are cost free. Music lessons for drums, flute and violin have begun. Guitar and Keyboard lessons are awaiting a new tutor. The 23rd of September was a ‘Languages Day’ in school with the children ’visiting’ France, Germany, Spain and Estonia. In addition, a special school lunch was laid on incorporating some of the foods of these countries. A coffee morning was held on 30th September where parents took the opportunity to meet with the Headteacher to ask questions, and ideas or share concerns. It was a very well attended and was hopefully a useful session. The theme for this term is Art, and on Tuesday 5th October the school visited the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Art. The children have been very busy with their own art projects and on 7th October there was an 28

Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Winter 2010

Preston Primary School impressive exhibition of their art in the school hall when pictures could be purchased and framed. Some of the pictures were chosen to be included in an Art Exhibition in Tasburgh Village Hall. Harvest Festival on the afternoon of 15th October was well attended by parents and friends. The Friends of Preston Primary School met on 18th October and are keen to find new members. The friends are a group of parents who organise many fund raising events in support of the school. A greenhouse and classroom cameras were among the benefits the school received from their efforts and they also funded the whole school trip to the Sainsbury Centre. School closed for half-term from 25th–29th October. On Saturday and Sunday 6th and 7th November at Tasburgh Village Hall there was an Art Exhibition which included some of the art by children from the school. Once again we have filled shoe boxes for the Samaritan’s Purse appeal. We had a great response and are waiting to see if we have topped last year’s total. Wednesday 17th November was an Open Evening at school. The Friends of Preston Primary displayed their School Grounds Project, and there was an opportunity to speak to members of the Governing body and meet our Parent Support Adviser. On 19th November we will be fundraising for Children in Need organised by the School Council. Wednesday 24th November is a Victorian Day at Gressenhall Museum for the whole school – more about this in the next bulletin. Christmas break begins at the end of school on Friday 17th December. A very Happy Christmas to you all from everyone at Preston Primary School. 29

Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Winter 2010

Tas Valley Pre-School And Playgroup T as Va l l ey

Pr e- S ch oo l

& P l ay gr ou p

Offers pre-school education and play for children aged 2½ years to school age. If your child likes painting, sticking, dressing up, walks to see the lambs Tas Valley Pre-School and Playgroup could be for them. Educationally we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum. Children will be introduced to things such as Jolly Phonics and have the opportunity to use a laptop computer. Four to six sessions a week are held at Tasburgh Village Hall and new for the Autumn term we can now offer a full day session on Mondays. Regular Ofsted inspections have reported: “The quality of teaching is very good.” “There is a happy, working atmosphere and children are eager to learn.” Qualified, experienced and caring staff. Close links with Preston Primary School, Tasburgh, and Hapton Primary Schools including some sessions run at the schools just prior to starting school to help the children to make the transition. Eligible for government funding for 3 and 4 year olds. We have recently introduced a discounted rate for twins! For more information or to register a place please contact: Paula Simmons (registrations) Phone : 01508 470422 e-mail : 30

Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Winter 2010

Tas Valley Pre-School and Playgroup Autumn term news This term we have been concentrating on Halloween, Guy Fawkes Night, and the Hindu festival of Diwali, making masks, Diwa candles and junk rockets. We will also be looking at some popular stories and fairy tales, recreating these in our role play area, and also investigating ‘how things work’, looking especially at gears, magnets and light. Then we will move on to winter and Christmas activities, with lots of festive crafts and cooking. Some of you may have already noticed the new toys we have been buying, and there are more on the way. We have recently been awarded a grant from Norfolk County Council to replenish our toys and equipment, many of which were I think older than us! We now have a new kitchen for our role play area, a new postbox, garage, fire station and dinosaur park, along with new construction toys which have proved very popular already, especially the gears set. On the way we have some screens that we can use to divide up the areas in the room, new tables, a light set, a wigwam for creating a cosy area, and new mats and cushions, as well as puzzles, games and more small world and construction toys. All of these should help to create a welcoming and yet challenging environment for your children. (Jill has also made an extra profit by selling the old toys on eBay!) Children in Need Day is Friday 19 November, and we shall be making special cakes for the children to sell at the end of the session. The last day of term will be Friday 17 December, and, as usual, we will mark this occasion with a party and short nativity play by the children. The session will begin as usual at 9.30 and all children are welcome even if they do not usually attend on a Friday. Then parents will be invited back at 11.40 to have a mince pie and watch the play. The next paper skip will be at the Village Hall on Saturday 8 January. All papers, magazines, cardboard, telephone directories etc. gratefully received – please bring these down for us as this raises valuable funds. 31

Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Winter 2010

Tasburgh Social Club


Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Winter 2010

Tasburgh Social Club Tasburgh Social Club is providing you with a wealth of entertainment throughout December and January, but for those of you who still have reservations, here’s a positive little introduction. Evolving, in 1994, from the hospitality of the Tasburgh Carpet Bowls team, the purpose of the club today is to provide an environment where the residents of Tasburgh and its surrounding communities can meet and enjoy a variety of entertainment and competitively priced drinks; the income of which [following deductions and retained capital] is used to promote social and recreational activities within the village of Tasburgh. The Social Club has at present two Ladies’ Darts teams competing in the South Norfolk Ladies’ Darts League and a Pool Team competing in the Tunmore South Norfolk League. Tuesday nights have become known as ‘Grumpy Old Men Night’, while our Sunday Quiz night, on the 3rd Sunday of each month, is very popular with all the teams who regularly attend. The Club also shows a variety of sporting events on the large projection system including The Football Championship, Champions League and Europa League. The Social Club is managed by a strong and tireless volunteer committee who organize events and staff the bar, and like many businesses are conscious of the issues surrounding global warming. In a small way the club does its bit by sourcing all its drinks and food from local companies within 30 miles of Tasburgh, by making every effort to spend its money locally and by refitting its cellars improving chiller efficiency and reducing electrical demand. Membership is not by invitation it is open to all, all we ask is a £5 membership fee per adult over 18 (Children and OAPs free). A £3 renewal fee is then payable annually (Correct Oct 2010). So whether you’re 18 or 81 you are welcome at Tasburgh Social Club. Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year from us all.


Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Winter 2010

Tasburgh Scout Group

We have had a busy Half Term, cooking over open fires, raising money for the RNLI and learning basic scouting skills with 100 other Beavers from the Southern Norfolk District. Next year we will be celebrating 25 years of Beaver Scouting. Due to a second cub pack being opened after Christmas, I am able to open the Beaver waiting list again. We meet at Tasburgh Village Hall during Term time from 5-6.25pm. Beaver Scouts are aged between 6-8 years. If you would like your child to go onto the waiting list please contact me on 01508 471739 or New Cub Pack for Tasburgh

Demand for places in 1st Tasburgh Cub Pack as risen to such a level that following on from July's AGM, the leaders and the exec committee have put plans in place to ensure that scouting in Tasburgh continues to flourish. This means that from January 2011 we will be running two cub packs. The plan is to run both packs on Thursday night at the Village Hall, with Trudy Musgrove, Mike Dawson and Duncan Rae running one pack, and Kirsteen Mills, Sammy Harlow and Graham Pates running the second pack. The logistics of this will involve a shared programme of events, and sometimes we will need to use alternative venues (school, church hall) if we need one pack to have more room. We will trial this until Easter, and review how it is working throughout the term. The leadership team for the second pack is NOT a permanent 34

Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Winter 2010

Tasburgh Scout Group solution. Due to other duties within the Scout Group, Kirsteen and Graham will only be able to help until Easter 2011, and Sammy hopes to go to University in September 2011. We will be looking for more adult leaders to join the team right from the start, allowing them to get to know the Cubs and settle in, ensuring a smooth transfer of leadership over the next year. Please let Graham Pates know whether you would be interested in helping with the new Cub Pack. This does mean that there will be some space for children who wish to join Cubs to have a place, although priority will be given to current Beavers. If your child is interested, please contact Graham Pates on 01508 471518 for details.

The Autumn term started with a great evening 10-pin bowling with the Explorer Scouts, a good opportunity for the different age ranges to mix, and we’ve also been Tubing at Norwich Ski Centre (described as “awesome” by the Scouts!). Other outdoor activities included a treasure hunt around Tasburgh following clues from our Senior Patrol Leaders and a night hike from Tasburgh to Ashwellthorpe. The Scouts have also been working hard at earning some badges, demonstrating their artistic, craft and model-making skills. October saw our first ever Scout talent show where we had a real variety of acts – dancing from Charlotte, Storm and Hannah, stand-up comedy from Emily, a rap from Felix, a circus act from George, a short performance from Grace, Jack, Lizzie and Courtney, and a whole range of musical instruments from Don, Chris, Matthew, Anna, Eve, Katie, Rachel, Rebecca, William, Alexander and Matthew. Apologies if I have missed anyone out! A special mention should go to our flautist Florence, whose excellent playing won her first prize. I think that we were all pleasantly surprised by the quality of the performances for the entire evening. 35

Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Winter 2010

Active Norfolk are asking villages across the county to assemble squads of players to compete in different sports varying from Archery, 5-a-side Football, Tennis, Short Mat Bowls, Darts, TableTennis, Rounders, Badminton and a Watt Bike Challenge. They are looking to appoint Village Sport Co-ordinators across the County as part of the project. These posts will receive a ÂŁ300 yearly payment with a further ÂŁ200 available for justifiable expenses. There is also the potential for funding to be available to each co-ordinator to work on any agreed project. In order to establish the interest in Tasburgh and to encourage an individual/s to become Village Sport Co-ordinator/s, Tasburgh Parish Council will be hosting a:

Village Games Open Meeting on

Tuesday 11th January 8pm Tasburgh Village Hall Come along to learn more and to meet the Rural Sports Development Officer from South Norfolk. For further details on the project and to register your interest, visit 36

Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Winter 2010

Give Blood Give blood at: Saxlingham Nethergate Village Hall Blood mobile - appointments only Friday 14th January, 13.00 to 15.30 and 17.00 to 19.00 Hempnall Village Hall Tuesday 21st December, 13.00 to 15.15 and 16.30 to 1900 Poringland, Budgens Supermarket Blood mobile - appointments advisable Monday 6th December, 13.00 to 15.30 and 17.00 to 19.00 Tuesday 15th February, 13.00 to 15.30 and 17.00 to 19.00 Hethersett Village Hall Thursday 24th February, 13.00 to 15.15 and 16.30 to 19.00 Wymondham Central Hall Friday 4th February, 13.00 to 15.15 and 16.30 to 19.00 Thursday 17th February, 13.00 to 15.15 and 16.30 to 19.00 For further information, and to book an appointment to give blood locally, please contact the 24-hour donor help-line on 0300 123 23 23 or log on to

‘For your entertainment……’ Saxlingham Players present a medley of comic sketches, music, song and much more performed by a talented cast of all ages at Saxlingham Nethergate Village Hall on Friday 3rd December and Saturday 4th December at 7-30pm. So join our Master of Ceremonies for an evening of laughter and entertainment by ringing our Box Office 01508 499369 (9am-9pm) Tickets £6 concession £5 - Licensed Bar available 37

Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Winter 2010

Trading Standards Top Ten Tips for Christmas Shopping Did you know you have no automatic right to a refund if you just change your mind? Or that you may have more rights when you buy from a catalogue than a shop? If we all know our rights we can make better decisions and avoid some of the pitfalls of Christmas shopping. Using feedback from Norfolk shoppers, Trading Standards has put together a list of 10 top tips to help people have a merrier Christmas. Unwanted presents Shops don’t have to take things back unless there’s something wrong with them but often help out of goodwill. Check before you buy and ask if they do gift receipts. Receipts Proof of purchase is very important if you do need to return anything. Put receipts in a safe place as soon as you start shopping. Check it out Check presents before you wrap them. This avoids upsets on Christmas day and helps you sort things out quickly with shops if there’s a problem. Credit Think about paying by credit card for goods over £100. You may get extra protection if things go wrong, but make sure you know the full cost and can afford the repayments. Debt Don’t let money problems pile up. Free impartial advice at A booklet, ‘Looking to the future’ highlights some of the support available locally. Download it from the site or call 0344 800 8020 to get a copy. Christmas shops Be very careful with ‘Christmas shops’ and oneday sales that appear overnight. They often disappear just as quickly with no one left to complain to if things go wrong. Delivery If you’re ordering presents, get written confirmation they’ll be delivered in time. If you don’t, you might get an


Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Winter 2010

Trading Standards Top Ten Tips for Christmas Shopping estimated delivery date only and have to accept goods after Christmas. Buying from home You have the right to change your mind with most things bought on-line or by mail order. If you’re buying over the internet, you also get protection against fraud if you pay by credit or debit card. Fakes Watch out for cheap fakes as they’re likely to be poor quality and could be unsafe. Common ones at Christmas are designer clothes, watches and perfume. Toys Stick to age warnings on toys and look for safety signs like the Lion mark. Make sure younger children don’t get hold of toys made for older ones and check for loose parts or sharp points. For more advice contact Consumer Direct on 08454 04 05 06 or visit


Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Winter 2010

Country Notes, by Heidi-Jo Swain ‘Holidays are coming, holidays are coming…’ as soon as I see the rosy complexion of Father Christmas smiling out of the television screen, coca-cola in hand, I know that we are nearly there. Racing towards Christmas in a frenzy of shopping, visiting, ordering and posting… and then I make my self stop…take stock, put my feet up and relax…steal some time to plan next season’s seed order with a steaming cup of cocoa whilst the world beyond the window freezes. The garden has taken on a calm tranquil presence, no longer the menace it was in the summer. The lawn has finally stopped growing and the borders, cut back and cleared, demand minimal attention. Just the odd tantalising poke about with a magnifying glass in search of the first snowdrops is required. It is time to sit back…breathe out…relax and embrace the weather – whatever it throws at you! With less demand on our time in the garden this is the chance to admire the slightly wider world and the seasonal delights of East Anglia. Woodland walks where your breath streams ahead of you, frosted cobwebs, holly ivy and mistletoe and, if you are lucky, the ghostly appearance of a barn owl hovering and swooping over fields which are transfixed by frost. The harsh winter weather means that all owls are out hunting whenever they get the chance, so make the most of a dry or even sunny spell to take a look around. The RSPB reserves at Snettisham and the Wash offer spectacular views of wader roosts and viewers of Autumnwatch will know what an awe-inspiring sight that can be. Even elusive Bitterns are easier to spot now as they go about their daily search for food. Try Minsmere in Suffolk, but do wrap up! My favourite day last winter was spent with the family in Wells. We set off early on a bright but very frosty morning and headed for the beach armed with flasks, warm sausage rolls and hot water bottles for de-frosting frozen fingers! It was bitterly cold but the sky was cloud 40

Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Winter 2010

Country Notes, by Heidi-Jo Swain free and the sun shone bravely making the whole scene staggeringly beautiful. We had the beach to ourselves and it was the first time we had ever had the pleasure of walking on frozen sand – very strange to hear crunching underfoot at the seaside! As we left the car park we saw a barn owl hovering not far from the sea front, just beyond the dunes, obviously capitalising on the sunshine as much as we were. If the weather is really awful or venturing out isn’t for you then make sure you keep the bird table and feeders full and the water bowls topped up and ice free. Chances are the birds visiting your garden will offer as much drama as the Christmas pantomime – enter Robin stage right! My Nan used to cook extra mashed potato for Sunday dinner especially for the bird table in winter but I don’t think such pampering is a pre-requisite to being a bird lover! By the end of February (traditionally the coldest month) the first snowdrops, catkins and celandines will hopefully be making a brave show and birds and wildlife will have more than food on their minds. By the time early spring arrives I can guarantee you will be fired up and ready for all the country can offer you! Enjoy!


Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Winter 2010

Recipe of the Season Rather Special Ice Cream! Ice cream tastes just as good in cold weather, and our thanks go to Joanna Merrills for these delicious recipes. Joanna writes “the recipes are not to be recommended for anyone with high cholesterol, but they are very good for the odd treat!” Irish Coffee Ice Cream 500ml double cream 379g tin full cream condensed milk 15ml instant coffee granules 60ml whisky In a small bowl dissolve the coffee granules in the whisky, then stir in the condensed milk. Whisk the cream until stiff then stir in the coffee mixture until well mixed. Spoon into a plastic container, cover and freeze. Can be frozen for two months. Apricot and Macaroon Ice Cream 250ml 250ml 4 30ml

apricot purée made from fresh or tinned apricots double cream macaroons Cointreau

If using fresh apricots, poach gently in a light sugar syrup. Strain the syrup from the poached or tinned fruit. Purée the fruit in a food processor or press through a sieve. Lightly whip the cream. Break the macaroons into pieces and pour over the Cointreau. Combine the purée and cream and fold in the soaked macaroons. Spoon into a plastic container, cover and freeze. Can be frozen for two months. Note: When making ice cream it is important that the mixture is well flavoured, because freezing reduces the flavour. 42

Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Winter 2010

Would you like faster broadband speeds? OK so who wouldn’t! BT are inviting rural communities to vote to have there exchanges upgraded to the new fibre optic broadband, giving the most powerful connection to the Internet and super fast broadband download speeds of up to 40Mb. To find out more and to place your vote, please visit

Classifieds The Norfolk and Norwich Association for the Blind

THOMAS TAWELL HOUSE Specialist Residential Home for People with Poor Sight Tel : 01603 767526

Magpie Road Norwich NR3 1JH Email :

We are proud of the service we provide. Friendly, homely and happy atmosphere with all rooms en-suite Residents receive a comprehensive sensory assessment of their needs Highly trained staff who receive Deaf/Blind and Visual Awareness Training Beautifully maintained Home and gardens with food of a high standard Reading/IT Room with qualified help and activities tailored to meet resident’s needs in the Home and in the new Activity Centre Respite care also available For further info please contact: Mrs Sharon Gaul or Mrs Janet Benson Charity No. 207060


Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Winter 2010


Classic Choice Catering Anita Mann Hill House, Low Road, Lower Tasburgh All Events Catered For Specialising In Weddings – take the stress away Funerals Christenings Parties All Special Occasions Hot and Cold Deliveries Only Working to your Requirements Mobile Bars, Marquee Hire, Cutlery, Crockery Linen & More

ONE CALL DOES IT ALL TEL: 01508 470574 MOBILE: 07903 534647 44

Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Winter 2010

Classifieds Amanda Mills Proprietor & Therapist Willow Farm The Street Tharston Norwich NR15 2YP Tel: 07918907518 Women’s Waxing ½ Leg Wax ½ Leg & Bikini Line Bikini Line Wax Lip or Chin Eye Brow Wax

£10.50 £14.50 £ 5.00 £ 3.50 £ 4.50

Full Leg Full leg & Bikini line Underarm Lip & Chin Forearm

£15.00 £17.50 £ 5.00 £ 4.50 £ 8.00 £15.00

Men’s Waxing Chest or Back


Chest and Back

Spray Tan ½ Spray tan £ 9.00


Eyelash Tinting Eyebrow Tinting

£ 9.00 £ 5.00

STRATTON CABS The Editors of the Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News would like to be among the first to wish you a very merry Christmas and a peaceful New Year.

Tel: 0800 2800430 01508 532452 Competitive Rates Friendly & reliable service Local & long distance 4,6, and 8 seater vehicles Pre-bookable 24 hour service Tasburgh to Norwich from £15 Silver Jaguar S Type for executive or wedding hire 45

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M.D.MANN ROOFING Specialists In High Performance Flat Roof Coverings Tile & Slate Roof From Repairs to Complete Re-roof General Building and Property Maintenance We are very competitive on: UPVC Facia and Guttering Work Insurance & Grant Work Undertaken Ruberoid Approved Contractor Full Public Liability All Written Guarantees 30 Years Experience Ring For Free Site Visit and Estimate Office Tel: 01508 470574 Mobile: 07885 080157 Hill House, Low Road, Lower Tasburgh


Tasburgh Quarterly and Church News - Winter 2010


Cost of Advertising If you wish to advertise in the Quarterly please contact: Julie King (01508) 470759,

General Landscaping & Gardening Services Contract & Private work Planting Maintenance Hedge cutting Fencing Seeding Turfing Patios/Driveways All clearance No job too small, Free Quotes 01508 470482

Prices as follows: full page £30, half page £20, quarter page £10. Discount of 10% available to those living and trading in Tasburgh.

Next Edition The spring edition of the Quarterly and Church News will be distributed by the end of February. All regular articles to the Parish Clerk, Julie King, 22 Henry Preston Road, Tasburgh, (01508) 470759 or by Sunday 13th February. Any suggestions for stories or articles to Jane Mann, White Horse Farmhouse, Saxlingham Lane, Tasburgh (01508) 470207 or Many thanks. 47


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