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Minutes of the Meeting of Tasburgh Parish Council held on Tuesday 20th July 2010 at 8pm in Tasburgh Village Hall, Committee Room. Present:

Brian Hill Geoff Merchant Keith Read Don Proudfoot Dave Moore John Mann Deborah Sacks Lennie Thompson Tony Lacey Julie King, Clerk

Also present: 11 members of the public.


Apologies Alison Thomas, County Councillor had sent her apologies.


Declaration of interest for items on the agenda 9h) – Geoff Merchant declared an interest as the payment was for him.


Minutes of the meeting held on 15th June 2010 These were agreed as a true record of proceedings with no amendments, proposed by Deborah Sacks, seconded by Brian Hill, all in favour.


Minutes of the planning meeting held on 6th July 2010 These were agreed as a true record of proceedings with no amendments, proposed by Brian Hill, seconded by John Mann, all in favour.


Urgent Items to the raised through the Chair None.


Update on Matters Arising from Minutes Flooding Church Road The Clerk had reported the flooding between Owls Wood and Old Hall Farm Bungalow to Highways. Overhanging hedge – A140 A letter had been written to the landowners and it was believed that the hedge had been trimmed.


Correspondence Crime Stats In May there had been four crimes, two ‘criminal damage’, one ‘theft from a motor vehicle’ and one ‘other’.


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Grove Lane Bends A response had been received from Richard Bacon MP to the letter sent by the Council regarding the difficulties experienced with Highways whilst requesting a footpath around the Grove Lane bends. Harvey Close – Footway A customer feedback survey form, received from Highways, relating to the above works was discussed and completed. Norfolk Constabulary A letter had been received relating to personnel changes. Publications The following publications had been received and would be circulated: - Where can I get to? – Information on alternative transport - Norfolk Police Authority – Local Policing Plan Summary 2010 - Clerks and Councils Direct Meetings Highway and Community Rangers – opportunity to discuss and help shape this new venture Wednesday 4th August, 10am – 12pm, Thorpe End Village Hall It was hoped that John Mann would attend this event. 8.

Reports on Meetings Attended SNAP (Safer Neighbourhood Action Panel)Meeting John Mann and Brian Hill had attended the SNAP meeting on 29th June. They said that it was poorly attended and it appeared that the Police were no longer involved. It was agreed to write to the Chairman of the meeting and the Neighbourhood Officer from South Norfolk Council: - to express the Council’s disappointment at the public’s lack of interest in the meetings - to ask about the Police’s involvement - in view of the poor attendance, to ask how they saw the future of the meetings. South Norfolk Alliance (SNA) AGM John Mann and Geoff Merchant had attended this event on 8th July. It had been well attended by District and County Councillors although the representation from Parish Councils had been disappointing. They had been particularly impressed to hear from the young people involved in SNYA Radio and admired the work they were doing. Norfolk Association of Local Councils and Society of Local Council Clerks Joint Summer Conference John Mann, Geoff Merchant and the Clerk had attended. Topics discussed included auditing and the tax and national insurance obligations of the Council.


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a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h) i)

Finance It was resolved to pay the following, proposed by John Mann, seconded by Geoff Merchant, all in favour: Julie King Salary/Expenses(£386.41/£127.69) £514.10 Norfolk Pension Fund Pension Contribution £105.25 Sky Link Events Cutting of Burrfeld Park £60.00 Norse Commercial Services Ltd Verge Cutting £144.39 Norfolk ALC Summer Conference £100.00 Norfolk RCC Project Development Course £10.00 Post Office Ltd Tax and NI £210.56 Geoff Merchant Travelling Expenses £9.90 First Quarter Accounts Don Proudfoot said that he had studied the accounts and had found them to be in order. It was agreed to accept the first quarter accounts, proposed by John Mann, seconded by Brian Hill, all in favour. Don asked that Councillors give consideration to the £142.67 which was held by the Council for a future Youth Club. It was agreed to put this on the agenda for the next meeting to look at whether the money could be put in an account which may earn it more interest or granting it to the Explorer Scouts section for a future project.


10. Public Participation and Exchange of Information The meeting was suspended to allow the public and those Councillors with a prejudicial interest to speak. Kerry Riches-Smith of Old Hall Farm, asked Brian Hill about his attendance at a South Norfolk Planning Meeting, where a planning application relating to alterations to Old Hall Farm Bungalow was determined. She was also unhappy that Brian Hill had made the meeting aware that her and her husband lived in Dubai. Brian said he had attended the meeting to convey the decision made at the Parish Council’s planning meeting and had only referred to Dubai to put into context the reason for the e-mail correspondence. John Mann said that he had chaired the Parish Council’s planning meeting. Councillors had not at that meeting been aware of the difficulties regarding the alterations but had only recommended approval of the plans subject to the authorities being satisfied. It was agreed that the Clerk would forward a copy of the minutes from the Parish Council’s planning meeting to Mrs Riches-Smith. Discussions took place regarding Norfolk County Council’s proposals for improvements to the bus stops on Church Road. Mr Sendall expressed disappointment at the Parish Council’s lack of progress since he originally raised the issue in February. Issues discussed were: - the disadvantages of the stops being directly opposite each other - whether the stops ought to be nearer the Henry Preston Road Junction - whether permanent stops would see an end to the ‘hail and ride’ service that was currently on offer allowing for stopping where convenient to the passenger. serve-page.doc

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The meeting was reconvened. 11. Planning a) Planning Decisions 2010/0827 – 22 Orchard Way 2010/0658 – The Limes, Low Road b)

Approved Approved

Next Planning Meeting It was agreed that the next planning meeting would be on Tuesday 3rd August, Councillors available: Lenny Thompson, John Mann, Geoff Merchant, and Don Proudfoot.

12. Committees a) Remit and Make-up The remit and make-up of the four committees had been discussed at a recent ‘brainstorming’ meeting. It was agreed to adopt the committees, their members and the remits as detailed below, proposed by Brian Hill, seconded by Keith Read, all in favour. Traffic Solutions • Review action taken by Highways to previous requests. • Investigate service footpath linking Upper and Lower Tasburgh. • Investigate service footpath on Church Hill / Heritage Site. • Promote cycle path to Long Stratton. • Investigate trees/shrubs for Church Road. • Investigate provision of bus shelters. • Progress footpath from Low Road to Village Hall. • Progress further recreational footpaths. • Produce map of footpaths (to Long Stratton etc). • To consider strategies to deal with inconsiderate parking. • To progress Community Speedwatch Geoff Merchant (Chair), Deborah Sacks, Lennie Thompson, Brian Hill, Keith Read. Procedural • Review Standing Orders. • Review Agenda. • Training – investigate options available. • Review the effectiveness of the system of Internal Control (Financial Standing Orders, role of Internal Auditor). • Review the Council’s risk assessments and risk management policy. Brian Hill (Chair), Geoff Merchant, Keith Read, John Mann. Development / Parish Plan • Ensure policies of PC are taken forward by SNC. • Champion the protection of land for the school. • Promote necessary infrastructure and village facilities. • Encourage the use of the Marshes and other open spaces for recreational serve-page.doc

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purposes and the enhancement of biodiversity. • Press for the provision of affordable housing. • Investigate the provision of allotments. • Revisit, review and update the Parish Plan. • Carry out biodiversity audit of the village. Dave Moore (Chair), Geoff Merchant, Deborah Sacks, John Mann, Brian Hill, Lennie Thompson. Recycling • To make recommendations to the full Parish Council on the distribution of the recycling fund. Keith Read (Chair), Lennie Thompson, Don Proudfoot. Traffic Solutions Geoff Merchant said that the Traffic Solutions committee had met and discussed how to progress its eleven tasks. The committee recommended writing three letters: 1. To Highways to request that a pedestrian/cycle route is included in the planning stage of a Long Stratton by-pass. 2. To Highways to confirm their ownership of a strip of land bordering the land between Old Hall Farm Bungalow and 60 Church Road. 3. To Long Stratton Safer Neighbourhoods Team asking for a letter that could be used to ask residents of Church Road and Woodland Rise to refrain from parking on the pavement. It was agreed that the above letters be sent, proposed by Dave Moore, seconded by Keith Read, all in favour. 13. Actions arising from the ‘brainstorming’ meeting on 6th July a) Determining of Planning Applications John Mann suggested improvements to the procedure for dealing with Planning applications. It was agreed that from those Councillors volunteering for a planning meeting, one should be nominated to: 1. Agree to receive and look at the plans prior to the meeting 2. Along with another Councillor, visit the premises of the applicant and if appropriate discuss the application. 3. Along with another Councillor, check that the applicant and anyone immediately affected by the plan(s) are aware of the date and time of the Parish meeting at which the plan(s) would be considered. When plans are to be available at a normal Parish Council meeting a member of the Development committee should agree to undertake 1, 2 and 3 above, proposed by John Mann, seconded by Keith Read, all in favour. b)

Councillors Surgeries It was noted that the Parish Council had opened the meeting room 30 minutes before meetings to provide an opportunity for Parishioners to speak with Councillors. The possibility of extending this to include Saturday surgeries was discussed. It was agreed to continue with just the ‘prior to meeting’ surgeries, proposed by Geoff Merchant, seconded by Keith Read, five in favour, three against, one abstention.


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Distribution of Quarterly The distribution rounds for the Quarterly were reviewed. It was agreed that the offer would be made to John Crowley to relieve him of his round and that Don Proudfoot would take this on and that Tony Lacey would take on John Lowton’s responsibility, eight in favour, one against. Delegation of Duties It was suggested that the following tasks be undertaken by Councillors: Posting of notices – Dave Moore Health and Safety Inspections – John Mann Parish Council report for the Quarterly – Tony Lacey Collating Quarterlies and distributing to deliverers – Geoff Merchant to assist Clerk Maintaining and improving the website – Tony Lacey It was suggested that the agenda and supporting paperwork be delivered to Councillors via e-mail. The Clerk advised that this required a change in the Standing Orders and since the model Standing Orders had recently been revised it was suggested that the Procedural Committee meet to review the Standing Orders and make recommendation to the full Council. All of the above suggestions were agreed proposed by Tony Lacey, seconded by Geoff Merchant, all in favour.

14. Ongoing Projects a) Burrfeld Park Deborah Sacks reported that the weed-killing had been carried out; she said that it had not been hugely effective and may need to be repeated. The Clerk said that she had noted that the chain across the entrance to the pond dipping platform had been removed. Councillors considered the risks involved and in view of the fact that the pond was very visible and there were signs on all gates, concluded that a chain was unnecessary. b)

Recreation for All Deborah Sacks reported that the group had had a successful meeting on the previous evening where they had considered the location for the toddler play area, Playbuilder area and seating. In addition they had looked at the kind of equipment that would be required for the toddler area. She was however disappointed to report that unconfirmed reports had been received that afternoon that the Playbuilder funding was likely to be withdrawn. Discussions took place regarding the Clerk’s continued commitment to Recreation for All. Councillors spoke for and against the Parish Council paying the Clerk to support the group. Some felt that the Clerk’s continued involvement would help with delivering a valuable asset for the whole village, something that the Council ought to be involved in. Others were concerned that paying for a Clerk for a group that had been constituted in its own right would set precedence. Keith Read and Dave Moore asked that it be minuted that they supported Recreation for All.


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Geoff Merchant expressed an interest as the decision was likely to affect his daughter’s pay; he said that although he had strong feelings on the subject being discussed he would neither express them nor vote. John Mann proposed that the Council reimburse the Clerk for time spent on Recreation for All until the schedules were agreed and confirmed, seconded by Deborah Sacks, three in favour, four against, two abstentions. 15. Ongoing Items a) Bus Stops, Church Road The views of effected residents had been sought and letters had been circulated from three residents. It was agreed to: • Form a small group of Councillors to look at the latest suggestions from Norfolk County Council and to report back to the full council at the next meeting. The group would consist of John Mann, Dave Moore, Keith Read and Geoff Merchant. • Make Norfolk County Council aware that the Council were still considering its suggestions and would be formulating its opinion at a meeting on 17th August. • Contact Simmonds to ask if they would still be operating the ‘hail and ride’ service once the bus stops were established. b)

Overhanging Hedge, Pinewood Lodge, Grove Lane The matter had been referred to Highways who would be taking a look at the hedge. It was agreed to leave in the hands of Highways and to take no further action at that stage.


Website Tony Lacey was thanked for his work on the website. It was agreed to purchase the use of the interactive map at a cost of £26 per year, proposed by Tony Lacey, seconded by Keith Read, eight in favour, one abstention. Tony said that the website would continue to be developed and encouraged Councillors to let him know of anything that they thought should be added.

16. New Items a) Consultations i) Norfolk Fire Authority Safety Plan 2011/14 It was agreed that no response was necessary. ii) Greater Norwich Development Partnership – Green Infrastructure Brian Hill said that it was an interesting document which encouraged community involvement in increasing bio-diversity. He said that the Parish Council appeared to be pursuing in the way suggested. iii) Norfolk County Council – Minerals and Waste Local Development Framework Deborah Sacks said that this document seemed to be encouraging new land fill sites in South Norfolk, Broadland and Yarmouth as there were sufficient in the west of the county. She said that the criteria for choosing the location of these sites was not very tight and that there should be increased criteria. It was agreed to pass on these comments.


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Clerk Clerk



Councillors’ Group Legal Protection Insurance Consideration was given to taking out this additional insurance. It was agreed not to take out the insurance, proposed by Keith Read, seconded by Brian Hill, all in favour.


‘Tree Week’ Tree Planting It was agreed to adjourn this item until the following month.


Items for the Next Quarterly Items agreed were: - Notification of autumn litter pick. - Advice of bonfires. - Promotion of Parish Council website. - To ask Parishioners to e-mail the Clerk if they would prefer to receive the Quarterly in electronic format. - To include ‘phone recycle’ envelopes on behalf of the Village Hall.


Resolution for Norfolk Association of Local Councils’ AGM It was agreed to second Bunwell’s resolution to urge Norfolk ALC to initiate, on behalf of all town and parish councils in Norfolk, a Loyal Address to commemorate the Queen’s upcoming Diamond Jubilee, proposed by Keith Read, seconded by Don Proudfoot, five in favour, three against, one abstention.

17. Items for Next Month’s Agenda To look at the condition of the footpaths in the village – September’s agenda. To consider the renaming and renumbering of the section of Woodland Rise beyond the junction of Chestnut Road. 18. Date of Next Meeting The next meeting would be Tuesday 17th August 2010. The meeting closed at 10pm.


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