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An Environmentalist Leader Expert in Technology with Its Experience of Over 20 Years Dear Business Partners, Operating in all the fields of waste and resource (material) management, Gintem Madde Yönetimi A.Ş was established in 1993 to serve municipalities and local administration on environmental cleaning and recycling. It has been maintaining its operations over 20 years as the first firm verbalizing and implementing Integrated Solid Waste Management concept. Gintem is conducting its works under the service of many local municipalities comprising a significant step of solid waste management like gathering, transferring and separation of solid wastes as well as cleaning of roads and streets within the residential areas. Undertaking waste classification, separation, recycling, construction and operation of energy generating facilities and landfill areas by using latest environment technologies, Gintem ensures operation of these facilities economically and technologically efficiently without damaging the environment. Continuously improving its accumulated knowledge and experience with the projects it materialized as well as with international joint ventures, Gintem preserves its leader firm position in the sector by carrying latest technologies to local implementations with its deep and professional approach in solid waste management. Gintem is constructing together with the environmental and mechanical engineers within its body versatile worksites containing garages where vehicle maintenance and repairs can also be done on the residential areas it gives service to. At every work site, engineers and managers expert in their fields, having sufficient knowledge and experience regarding the work field are posted. Gintem Madde Yönetimi A.Ş .is strengthening its corporate and technological infrastructure each day with its environmental vision to improve its sustainable resource usage, permanent prevention of pollution, and Resource management that will create zero damage to its surroundings.


Gintem Madde Yönetimi A.Ş. General Manager Kemal ÖZIŞIKÇILAR

GNCR Holding Experience Over 35 Years, 100% Turkish Capital! Staring its operations in 1976, Gencer Grup, by completing its process of becoming a holding in 2013, is continuing its venture with the name of GNCR Holding. By aiming to maintain competitive edge of Gintem Madde Yönetimi A.Ş, Toirent A.Ş, GR WinWin A.Ş, Turp, GNCR Enerji and Gencer İnşaat companies within the Holding body, it is carrying on its investments towards new technologies and solutions to facilitate people’s lives. Moving forward on its path with firm steps and by growing continuously with the experience it gained over 35 years and with its foundation made up of 100% Turkish capital, GNCR Holding, continues to offer necessary products and services for modern, high quality and healthy lives since the day it was established.


About Gintem Madde Yรถnetimi A.ลž. Over 20 years of experience Leader in the sector %100 Domestic Capital Total 2100 tons/day solid waste management Total 72 operational projects Total of nearly 2000 employees

Fields of Activity; Solid Waste Collection, Transportation, Transfer Urban Cleaning Sustainable Resource Management - Packaging Material Recycling - Energy Recycling from Organic Wastes - Production of Refuse Derived Fuel - Operation of Storage Area

R&D and Project Designing


Values Respectful to humans and nature As Gintem Madde Yönetimi A.Ş., our management concept is based on “respect to humans and the environment”. We believe we have the right to speak and obtain information on every subject affecting our environment and we make all our decisions in the benefit of our country with the “Environment First” consciousness. While targeting continuous improvement for using our country’s resources efficiently with clean product and clean production technologies, we take on the environmental responsibility of our products and services. We continuously review our environmental project performance and try to improve it. As a corporation, we adopt innovative and sustainable environmental approach on all our works. While we conduct our activities, we determine the risks that may harm the environment beforehand and take measures to minimize them as much as possible on time and in full.

Honest and reliable In our relations with all our stakeholders, primarily being the persons and establishments we give service to, with the aim to increase our reliability and the respect felt for our establishment, we act respectfully to humans, devoted to rules of honesty, in a manner and behavior both general rules of ethics and the law expects from us.


Values Highest service quality Service quality is one of the fundamental stones of our work ethics. We aim for the highest level of quality on each activity we execute and each service we offer. We always determine and share the areas that will carry quality standards of our stakeholders even higher. We identify organizational roles, responsibilities and authorities in infrastructure, technology, finance and human resources and we ensure improvement of environmental awareness.


Open to change and improvement As Gintem employees, we work with the consciousness of adding value to our world which gives us living space, to the community we are a part of and to our country, to the institutions and establishments we work in. By reliability protecting our values placed in the bases of our success and constitute our institution culture, we adopt this as a life standard. We carry a leading innovative spirit that is open to technologic improvement and changes in ourselves. Our aim is to bring innovation to all the fields we give service to and to lead changes. We continuously research to answer the needs of the market and our customers in the best way and we bring innovative solutions.



Values With principle and ethical As Gintem Madde YÜnetim A.Ş., we target for the satisfaction of our stakeholders and the public. In our projects, we make it our principle to answer our customers’ needs, demands and complaints within the scope of legal procedures in the most correct form and to find proactive solutions in these subjects by keeping the expectations of our human resources and stakeholders in balance. We believe that work and social ethic rules are most significant guides to us and we make right and realizable commitments and we execute what we commit to.

Socially responsible Believing that protection of socio-economic benefits is a requirement of being modern, we keep benefits of the community as priority in our activities and services. With the consciousness of being good citizens, we act sensitively as a leader in public subjects, we play an active role and work in services for the benefit of the public, especially in projects related to environment and education to give organizational and technical professional support to establish non-governmental organizations, education centers.


Work Policy Experienced Engineering Team

Approach to Quality

Investment Strength

Occupational Health and Safety


Engineers comprise 18% of our total labor force staff. 51% of our white collar workers comprises of technical personnel. Our aim is to bring the most correct and technological service to you, our customers in the fastest way possible. Our project works are prepared and implemented according to national and international quality standards with all the necessary approved quality certifications. Increasing its investment strength with its wide resources and sound financial structure, Gintem Madde Yönetimi A.Ş. secures its place in the sector each day.

As Gintem Madde Yönetimi A.Ş., our human resource is very important for us. We put significant importance in making sure to operate according to occupational health and safety requirements determined in line with international standards to protect our employees in the best possible way.

Work Policy Strong Organizational Structure

Resource Planning Management

Operational Efficiency

Sustainable Growth


Our most important principle is to give you faster and more efficient service with our strong organizational structure and our modern corporate management approach. Our engineering team guides us to manage processes efficiently, to use correctly processed data, to reach fast and effective decisions. Our objective is to predict what is necessary to be done with material resource planning and corporate resource planning and to minimize the risks. As Gintem Madde Yönetimi A.Ş., we give efficient and fast service, together with a wide supplier network based on product, service and budget alternatives and with distribution coordinates, to immediately meet the needs of our stakeholders. As Gintem Madde Yönetimi A.Ş., we believe in learning all lifelong and in continuous improvement. Thus, we generate innovative solutions for you by closely following technology and with research.

Waste is a type of resource. Gintem, constructs and operates facilities that support cyclic economy.

Waste Resource Center Management

Waste Resource Center

Recycle Center

Waste Logistic Services




Waste Storage Center

Organic Fertilizer



Waste Separation

Transfer Stations

Urban Cleaning

Sustainable Energy Management


Energy Production Center






Waste Water Management

Waste is a local resource and source of raw material. The Objective in Cyclic Economy Applications is to use all the waste as a resource by sending least possible waste to disposal facility; in other words, both recycle it to raw material and also gain it back as energy, organic fertilizer and RDF at the highest efficiency.

Fields of Activity Yerel Yรถnetim Hizmetleri

Energy Production

At the Organic Waste Disposal Unit bio-gas produced from domestic organic wastes, animal wastes and treatment water mud is retrieved as refined natural gas which is the final product or as heat-electrical energy.

Wastes that cannot be recycled / retrieved and have calorific value can be used in all kinds of facilities that need heat as Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF). RDF Production

Separated packaging wastes are regained to economy as raw materials after they go through necessary processes. Raw Material Production


Organic wastes are used as organic fertilizers with suitable conditioning techniques. Organic Fertilizer Production


Waste Logistic Services

Collected mixed domestic solid wastes are separated according to their types at high efficiency in the Sustainable Material Management Separation Facility to be suitable for recycling. Collection and transportation of domestic solid wastes are collected by latest technology vehicles in accordance to Solid Waste Control Regulations and are transported to our disposal facilities.

Fields of Activity Medical Waste

Medical wastes collected by vehicles with special license are disposed according to Medical Waste Control Regulations and their environmental impacts are decreased to zero. Hazardous wastes collected separately and/or are within the contents of domestic solid wastes are disposed according to Hazardous Waste Control Regulations.

Hazardous Waste

R&D and Project Planning


GÄ°NTEM Madde YĂśnetimi A.Ĺž, due to partnerships it established with international research institutions, carries on R&D activities and designed all engineering works within its field of operation.

Waste is recycled to economy at the Resource Centers. All waste types are transformed to raw materials, fertilizer and energy at the resource centers Gintem has built.

Fields of Activity Sustainable Resource Management In a structure where recycling systems that will support Cyclic Economy are targeted to be used, waste is no longer garbage but it is an economic resource ensuring creation of big employment opportunities with creation of sub sectors on raw materials, energy, fertilizers and related others. All elements in Cyclic Economy Implementation must be evaluated as a whole for ensure environmental and economic sustainability. In return, it has been observed that regional management is significantly affective for waste to be used as a resource. Turkey is at a model position among developing economies with its dynamic structure and strong financial structure. However, in order to feel the minimum impact of possible crises and financial fluctuations, we need to decrease our input costs and plan investments in sectors that generate more added value. Resource Center investments, each one them successful applications of Cyclic Economy, are operations having diversified benefits regarding creation of cheap resource to industry fur to raw material production, decreasing of operational costs, production of renewable energy, motivation of organic fertilizer in agriculture and elimination of harm given to environment to zero. Dependency of countries that invest in Resource Centers to outside countries get less each day. In Turkey where daily 1,21 kg solid waste per person is generated, 3.215 municipality manage 30 million ton garbage per year. Our objectives is, while taking generating of solid wastes under control at their source by separation, to implement technologies that will use recycling and retrieving most efficiently to make use of collected urban solid wastes. Gintem Madde YĂśnetimi A.Ĺž gives high quality service with principles to local administrations with its engineers in its structure who are experts in Resource (Material), specially trained employees, machinery in line with latest environment technologies and with its licensed vehicles.


Waste creates new investment fields and employment in the economy. Gintem, creates new investment fields and employment with its projects supporting cyclic economy.

Fields of Activity Sustainable Resource Management As part of Integrated Material Management, Sustainable Resource Management is not only an environmental tool, but it also at the same time, is an economic DEVELOPMENT tool. Gintem Madde Yönetimi A.Ş, operating in fields of collection of solid wastes by separating them at the source, their processing, their recycling, obtaining electrical and heat energy with bio-gas generated from organic wastes, production of organic fertilizers and final disposal of wastes that cannot be used; offers Sustainable Resource Management services for municipalities and all local administrations. Gintem Madde Yönetimi A.Ş is also the founder of International Solid Waste Management and Technologies Association with short name UKAB, that serves to contribute to development of Solid Waste Sector and to adapt new technologies to the sector.


Fields of Activity Energy From Waste and RDF Production Energy and Fertilizer Production from Bio-gas In our world, energy need increases each year, and in return, fossil-fuel reserves that meet this demand decreases at a faster rate.Therefore, use of clean, in other words, renewable energy resources instead of fossil fuel reserved has gained big importance. - Bio-gas and organic fertilizer are produced by processing domestic and animal organic wastes in special facilities. - Produced bio-gas is transformed into electricity and heat in the energy production plants with high efficiency. - By conveying electricity to the nearest electricity network, large percentage of the electricity of the region service is taken to be met this way from here. At the same time, generated heat energy is obtained as low cost energy at factories and facilities. - By using small portion of produced electricity and heat energy in the internal consumption of the sustainable material management facility, ZERO ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT has been adapted in the establishment. Gintem Madde YÜnetimi A.Ş, by combining its expertise in integrated solid waste management with energy gain from bio-gas, is offering contribution to country’s economy. Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) Objective in sustainable material management is both use of all the waste as raw material by processing it as a resource and also recycling of energy at the highest efficiency. - In this respect, packaging wastes and organic wastes that cannot be recycled/retrieved are processed under suitable conditions and Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) is obtained. - This fuel, by transforming it into gas, is retrieved as electrical and heat energy at the energy production plants with high efficiency. - Also, resource as energy raw material is created for facilities having waste processing license and need high energy like cement plants.


Waste supports regional development. Gintem, yGintem, in cooperation with local authorities, generates projects that add value to economy.

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Tekirdağ Municipality Urla Municipality Yenimahalle Municipality Yıldırım Municipality

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