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VR + Exoskeleton

Utilization of VR and EXOSKELETON Technologies in the Medical Field



An innovative approach and design of a new scenario proposed for, during and posttreatment programs of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation (PTR) with development of new methods, integrating EXOSKELETON, VIRTUAL REALITY, AUGMENTED REALITY and MIXED REALITY applications.






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Although current Virtual Reality applications mostly on demand in the gaming industry and perceived by a large percentage of general public as, intended for younger audiences; the rapid development of this industry and expertise vision prevails that it is not only a digital playground. It is not far when VR, AR and MR technologies will be more approachable and affordable that, they will be common and available for individual use and utilized for business purposes of various sectors. We envision that the peak of these technologies will be through integration with Exoskeleton applications. There are already ongoing studies that utilize VR/MR with and without Exoskeleton Techs (and vice versa) in health, construction and military industries. Also, applications in the very beginning processes can be observed.

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APPLICATION OF VIRTUAL REALITY + EXOSKELETON This proposal’s intent is to build a new program that utilizes developing techs and is more time and cost efficient while being beneficial in various extents all for the PTR experts, health establishments and patients. Exoskeleton operates as a sensory and physical support system that endorses patients’ movements in control of the PTR expert and in the extent of their individual PTR program. Exemplary cases: Spinal Cord injuries, local injuries and disabilities, veteran injuries and disabilities, birth defects and disabilities etc. Virtual Reality operates on an emotive level which will be supporting the treatment through an audio-visual experience, taking the patient out of the hospital room to any virtual multidimensional space. Exemplary virtual experiences: a walk through Amazon Forest, the Great Wall of China, a coffee shop on a ring of Saturn or maybe a personalized experience that also supports PTR treatment of the individual patient etc. Since the early 90’s we can find clinical studies that support positive outcomes where virtual reality is integrated as an experiential tool for clinical psychology treatments. In addition, more current studies explore utilization of BMI technologies on Neurotherapy and PTR.

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Target Establishments This proposal of integrated systems is intended for health industry. Medical centers, chain hospitals and health institutions that are specialized in PTR and sports medicine. Target Patients The program is intended for patients that require physical therapy for various causes and in various scales. We envision the program to be developed in multiple stages and the first stage targets patients whom require PTR with PTSD treatments after physical trauma and patients that will under go sports medicine treatments.

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With the solutions that convene technology and human beings, the priority should be understanding the human physiology and being aware of the detailed knowledge and needs of human anatomy. With this reasoning, from the early stages of the process, M. Hakan Erturk (MD. PgDip FTR & Sports and Exercise, PMR & SEM Specialist) has been administrating and consulting our studies. Following the established PTR program and successful applications of the proposed technology, the objective of the next stage program will be the development of systems in psychiatry and neuropsychology fields. We envision that as the ongoing studies of utilizing BMI technologies in these fields continue, new findings will bring a better understanding of the human brain and physiology and our aim to be a part of this astounding process.

HP, with the scope of being headline sponsor, will be presented and promoted with its own brand in diverse sectors, which will naturally create great exposure, PR and marketing support in various fields especially of health, design; celebrating innovation and futurism. The world is on the verge of a digital and technological revolution in the health industry. These are yet the beginning stages and there is much room for improvement, adaptation, exploration and invention. Studies and actions on the application and utilization of Virtual Reality and Exoskeleton technologies in the field of health have started globally. However, it can be observed that no solid formation that integrates the two technologies in this field yet. With established health industry and especially the growing health tourism in Turkey we believe that our proposed system will rapidly work into the local industry; however, our essential target is the global market. As our aimed market is vast, our solution partner must be as capable and for this reason, we invite one of the globally leading brands, HP.

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Why HP?

Hewlett-Packard is one of the game changers in the technology and innovation fields, especially in Turkey and has a solid infrastructure and an established corporate structure both in Turkish and global markets. What makes HP our priority in choice of partnership is their partnership with Microsoft and their leading implementations in Mixed Reality technologies. In addition, another basis that has led us to HP is that their supporting systems of infrastructure and funding in the health industry. With the stated intent and context, our expectations from solution partnership with HP are; Branding and Marketing support upon sponsorship and providing the necessary hardware and software.


December 2017 Going to start all project software

Software Launch (Closed Beta on Steam) April 2018 with HP Z VR Backpack PC, HP Windows MR headset

Software Launch Speaking and Branding May/August 2018 TEDx, Jeff Talks, Youtube Viral, Microsoft Meetings, University Meetings

Prototype Launch September 2019 with Exoskeleton

Prototype Launch Speaking and Branding

September - February 2019 / 2020 TEDx, Jeff Talks, Youtube Viral, Microsoft Meetings, University Meetings


A. Burçin Gürbüz Designer, Architect

H. Kübra Özgürler Designer, Architect

Tuğbek Ölek Business Developer

Dr. M. Hakan Ertürk MD. PgDip FTR & PMR & SEM Specialist

Burcu Doğru Designer, Architect

Çiğdem Düzgüneş Designer, Architect

Özgün Makina

Uğur Sezgin

Mechatronic Engineer

Uğurcan Uysal Software Engineer

Cihan M.Gaytanoğlu Design Specialist

Robotic Sponsor (Area, Machine Lab)

GA | VR + Exoskeleton PTR Proposal  
GA | VR + Exoskeleton PTR Proposal