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Journal of Texas School Women Executives, Volume III, Issue 1 2014 Perhaps you will want to enter into this conversation about the future direction of TCWSE? If so, you may respond on our TASA Connect networking platform at . 1. For iPad or other smart device users, download the Schoology App, download the Schoology App. 2. Tap the app and select "Username Login" under Sign up for Schoology. 3. Where it asks you to "Begin with typing your school name" start typing Texas Association ‌ TASA will show up. Select it. 4. Enter your email address and password (that you use to access TASA's Member Services Center ‌ we have Single Sign On!). 5. You'll be in TASA Connect! From there navigate to your group or whatever else you want to do.


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JTWSE—Volume 3  

JTWSE—Volume 3  

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