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Journal of Texas School Women Executives, Volume III, Issue 1 2014

In this issue This issue of Journal of Texas Women School Executives includes literary work from three categories:  Research is the hallmark of educational professionalism and scholarship. Scholarly research builds leadership capacity and strengthens our voices.  Professional and Scholarly Perspectives offer both scholarly positions and professional understandings.  Creative Works inspire us and enrich our understandings of self, others, and the world around us.

Leader…a look at the past First Conference of Texas Women Executive Educators by Dr. Margaret Montgomery Sheffield as told to Dr. Genie Linn. This piece offers a historical perspective of the first conference in 1984 based on interviews with Margret and participants from that meeting. Their stories help us to understand how far women in administration have come, and yet how far we have still to go. We are indebted to their courage and hard work that opened the door for Texas Council of School Women Executives. Celebrating 30 Years! Texas Council of School Women Executives: Leader…Leading…Leadership Legacy… Directed by the TCWSE Executive History Committee. Filmed & Produced by Jerry MacLaren with Lets Roll DVD's. View a multimedia production that presents 30 years of TCWSE history as seen through the reflections of the organization’s presidents. The film, highlighted at the 2014 Conference, not only documents history of the organization, it focuses on the significant role TCWSE has played in the lives of these women leaders and others. Hall of Presidents: 30 Years of Presidential History, Produced by Jerry MacLaren with Lets Roll DVD's. The Hall of Presidents is a library of interviews done with the past presidents of TCWSE. Take a stroll through the library to hear their words and read their messages. You will be inspired with their narratives that offer a look back to each president’s tenure. A look back to the past reminds us of our commitment to the future.


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JTWSE—Volume 3  

JTWSE—Volume 3  

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