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Journal of Texas School Women Executives, Volume II, Issue 1 2013

SPECIAL NOTE: If you are a woman or you care about a woman, focus on your M.I.L.E.S:

Mammogram screenings – make time for monthly self-exams and a yearly screening by a medical professional; Inner voice and intuition – listen to your inner voice and intuition. Both know when something is right or wrong; Lean on your Faith, family, friends and fortitude for strength and comfort. Exercise and eat right to combat cancer, dementia, and depression. State of Mind – Focus on your blessings. Do the M.I.L.E.S and YOU will overcome any obstacle on your journey!

Karla Moyer has over twenty-five years of diverse educational experiences. Currently, she is the Region 13 Sr. Coordinator of Human Resources and the TCWSE Region 13 Representative. She has served as Superintendent of Schools, Assistant Superintendent, Director of Special Programs, Curriculum & Instruction, Staff Development, principal and classroom teacher. Dr. Moyer is a passionate advocate for public education. When she is not volunteering, she can be found riding and driving her horses, or adventuring on her motorcycles.


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JTWSE—Volume 2  

JTWSE—Volume 2  

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