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Journal of Texas School Women Executives, Volume II, Issue 1 2013 accelerated academic performance, job assignments, and accomplishments are indicative of her intelligence and a tireless work ethic. The ability to see oneself with the power to determine life choices is a critical element of resiliency. Throughout the interview, Rebecca’s internal locus or control is a major theme of her success. She is a designer of her own destiny, which models and encourages greater social justice, competition, and quality in the areas where she works. Continued Education with New Opportunities Rebecca went back to school for a degree in primary school education. After completing this degree, she spent time in schools away from home to learn better instructional strategies to bring back home. Then I got the study leave for my bachelor’s in primary education. So I moved to [city]. I did my bachelor’s there. I did my field experience in one upstate government school to get experience. And when it was time for my internship I did not return home. I did my internship at [school]. So that I can see how it’s like out there and then bring back some of my knowledge to [home district]. So that was what I did. And when I came back, after my studies, the manager asked me if I can take up the principalship. And I said, “sure” I didn’t have a problem with it because I wanted the challenge. I wanted to challenge myself and so I was posted at [school] from April, just after Easter, after I had my baby, from April to June I was at [school]. And then I requested to go to [rural school], which is at the farthest point. And I know that females are not usually sent there, but I wanted to see what it’s like out there. I mostly work around like close to urban schools and even though they’re run not very far from town, but it’s not, I have never really been like way out I only hear experiences but I wanted to get the experience. So I ended up going to [rural school] last school year [as principal].

Rebecca’s confidence and intelligent curiosity drive her to go and do what others would not. She made this pioneering decision even while accepting her own personal and cultural expectations in the role of mother. No one works harder than Rebecca. Her strong work ethic continues to be a significant factor of resiliency for Rebecca. Balancing a Woman’s Life Role and Woman as Principal Rebecca had several challenges as a principal in a rural district. All of the other principals were men, as well as her staff. The village had never had a woman principal before, and cultural expectations for women did not include leadership. Most women in the culture married young, had children, and supported their husband. Rebecca valued family, but she had ambitions to make a difference within education, as well.


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JTWSE—Volume 2  

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