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Journal of Texas School Women Executives, Volume I, Issue 1 2012

Looking Forward‌ No step forward can be made without lifting one foot from the past and firmly planting another in the present. Today I am both excited and anxious as we unveil and launch the Journal of Texas Women School Executives. The Journal gives voice to the diverse members of Texas Council of Women School Executives. Although membership is not required for authors in this publication, the published works reflect interests and concerns of our members. We are leading in school districts and campuses across Texas, and we are found teaching and researching in universities. JTWSE mirrors these women. Academic research is necessary for our survival and progress. Disciplined and systematic research gives our voices credibility and substance. Valuing and respecting university research contributions to the profession, JTWSE offers our thanks to the research contributors in this edition. We are equally proud of action research coming from districts and campuses. It is exciting to see research concepts applied in school improvement activities by school practitioners. We also proudly share professional and scholarly perspectives from both the university world and from the community of district and campus practitioners. Their messages inspire, challenge, and inform us. We gladly provide this forum for their voices to be heard. We have body and soul represented in the research and perspectives, but it is heart that is found in creative works. Goodness, truth, and beauty find their expression in the creative works of women school executives. Writers write to be read, and it is our sincere hope that you read, learn, and enjoy what the authors have contributed. As we have taken this first step, we stand poised to move forward, ready to adapt to challenges and needs of women school executives in the coming years. I look forward to the journey!

Genie Bingham Linn, Ed. D. Editor. Member since 2000


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JTWSE—Volume 1  

JTWSE—Volume 1  

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