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Journal of Texas School Women Executives, Volume I, Issue 1 2012

Looking Back… The year was 1993 and the first publication of Women as School Executives: A Powerful Paradigm, edited by Genevieve Brown and Beverly J. Irby was ready for print. The dreams of a pioneer group of women was about to come to fruitation. The role of the female administrator was no longer to be ignored in academic print and the Texas Council of Women School Executives began a ―practice of taking the feminine perspective into account‖ (Brown and Irby, 1993), a practice that was echoed by other women in administrative and executive position across the nation. A total of seven monographs were published, each showcasing women as researchers, practitioners, poets, artists, and experts in the arena of education, sharing and leading by example. 1992-93 TCWSE President Dawn Youdan said in the Forward of the 1993 monograph, ―The Texas Council of Women School Executives exists to create, sustain, and nurture women in leadership.‖ I found this vision in each of the monographs and recognized the efforts of our past editors to focus writings that ―...other female school leaders can benefit from…‖ (Funk, Pankake, Reese, 1998). In a time where iPads, iPods, Twitter, Google, Facebook, texting and blogging are only a few of the digital platforms available at the ―iTouch‖, moving forward to an online journal just make good academic sense. We are propelled forward from what we learn by looking back. But, we encourage you to remember that technology does not negate the most important factor in the development of this journal…the wisdom of those we learn from, both past and present. As we move forward in our journey, don’t forget to check your rearview mirror!

Karen Saunders, MEd. Editor, member since 2005


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JTWSE—Volume 1  

JTWSE—Volume 1  

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