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Journal of Texas School Women Executives, Volume I, Issue 1 2012

In this Issue. . . Woman of Power, a poem by Dr. Sharon Ross, introduces and sets the tone for our first edition. The members of the organization are familiar with Sharon’s lyrical leadership that inspires and encourages others to see greatness in themselves.

Research Perceptions of Race and Gender in the Superintendency. Through narrative inquiry, researchers examined the perceptions of three women superintendents regarding the issues of race and gender in school leadership. The findings substantiate what many women have intuitively known. One Woman after Another: Superintendent Succession for Sustaining Organizational Change. Change in leadership is inevitable; however, managing a successful transition is not always the case. This story of successful succession from one woman superintendent to another is of interest for all leaders who realize the eventual need for departure and for those who aspire to assuming any vacated leadership position. It Goes Together! In this case study, one school district documents the effective use of stimulus funds through a collaborative effort with Southwest Educational Development Lab to improve student performance in math and science. Program evaluation is a critical and effective applied research that provides leaders with credible data to validate actions taken and support future decisions. From The Sandbox to the X-Box: Bullying at a New Level. This article documents a campus action research project. It provides the reader with a view of the process undertaken by a campus to make an informed decision for implementing an anti-bullying program. Surprising yet encouraging research results provided the campus with an appropriate response to the issue.

Professional and Scholarly Perspectives To Be or Not To Be: Gooey. This poem introduces Perspectives with Hamlet’s tortured question ―to be or not to be‖ with a bit of humor along with a serious message about self discovery and acceptance. Transformational Leadership and the Journey to Cultural Proficiency. In this scholarly perspective, school leaders who are moving beyond changing an organization to transforming it are challenged to embark on a journey to cultural proficiency. On this journey leaders’ actions build relationships by valuing all members of the school community. Redefining a New Professionalism. Leaders are inspired to transform schools by seeing that mission with new eyes. The transformed leader will focus on building capacity among the people of the organization. This leader will move beyond building knowledge and skills to affecting


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JTWSE—Volume 1  

JTWSE—Volume 1  

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