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2007/08 Media Plan Recommendation By Taryn Tardio

Table of Contents Media Overview

Media Tactical Plan

Marketing Problem  Marketing Objectives  Communication Objectives  Target Audience  Media usage, passion points

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Television Radio Magazine Newspaper Online Special Events

Marketing Problem Reach and motivate prospective automobile purchasers to test drive the new 1 series, provide contact information and make them aware of for further interaction.  Bridge BMW’s winning reputation to a market the automaker has yet to fully explore and dominate it. 

SWOT Analysis Strengths: 

Power of BMW brand  Dynamic – challenging- Joy- innovationcreativity-loyalty- performance BMW experience •Pure sports car, unparalleled handling, engineering and performance Performance of pricier BMW but priced to compete with the “lesser” competitive brands

Weaknesses:       

Targeting entirely new owners with no previous love for BRAND BMW Expensive for small luxury model Competitive brands entering into market at same time Potential purchasers are making important buying research decisions by viewing online sites, blogs etc. before visiting dealership and requesting Test drives Overall spend less money on advertising than Volkswagon, Lexus, Mercedes

Opportunities: •New entry point for someone to experience

BMW brand sooner •The opportunity for original 2002 owners to relive the experience (baby boomers) •Capitalize on BMW relationship with Susan G.Komen to attract female older Buyers

Threats: •Luxury nameplate, and other general market

competitors that have existing product lines or new entries into the product line •Convincing target buyer NOW to move up to next class level and higher priced car •Convincing baby boomers with high income to purchase a lower class car

Marketing Objectives Challenge- position as sports coupe in “class by itself”  Motivate potential buyers to visit dealerships to test drive Series 1  Convince New BMW buyers that Series 1 is the “entry point” into the BMW family  Reinforce brand position of affordability with premium design 

Communication Objectives To showcase the 1 Series as the model that bridges the gap for non-BMW owners.  Create awareness and preference for those looking to embrace the BMW Brand given the 1 Series’ general affordability in comparison to its other models.  To re-energize the past drivers of the 2002 model by providing a similar “back to basics” sports car. 

Media Objectives 

  

 

15 mil Budget Shorter higher impact time Support pre-launch / launch / sustain stage Local focus since BMW are not driven by a large amount of people in the majority of America Positive view of media of innovation, reliability and quality of BMW brand Distinguishing to media the key points of product differentiation in a competitive marketplace  Lexus launch in the Spring of 2008 the IS-F.

Target Audience Primary:  The demographic between the age of 18-30 is not the accustomed target market for BMW but for this product we believe it to be a viable market.  entirely new to BMW brand  Currently driving a Japanese or European brand (Acura,Audi,Infiniti)  Or a non luxury brand Honda, Toyota  White (85.6% BMW drivers) males (60.1%) who live in suburban communities outside a major metro area who for the majority are college graduates and married. Secondary:  Age 35-44 baby boomers (currently 48.7% of BMW brand drivers)  BMW enthusiasts back in 1960’s  May or may not be current BMW owners  Could be in addition to main car

Media Usage and Affluence BMW MRI data of current BMW owners     

Adults Age 18-49 Index 118 Men 18-34 Index 116 Post Graduate 215 HHI $150,000+ Index 398 Census Region West Index 177

Respondent Age 18-24 Primary Target Audience Magazine = Quintile I Index 139 Radio – Quintile I Index 127 Internet = Quintile III Index 120 Newspaper = Quintile III Index 137 Outdoor = Quintile IV Index III TV = Quintile V Index 142 Primetime = Quintile V index 157 Daytime = Tercile II 119

Target Passion Points Psychographics Mindset

Personally safe (50.40) Have a sense of personal freedom (58.71) Feel in control of my life (52.68) Am an individual (64.70%) Have fun in my life (57.81) In harmony with all aspects of my life (61.85) Complete (58.30) Am finished, sophisticated (51.89)


Conversations w/friends – 53.19% Fine restaurants/dining – 63.82% Going to the movies – 51.85% Reading – 59.34% Travel – foreign 60.60% Travel – USA 56.31%


22.3% empty nesters: married without children 45-59 20.5% married with children 35+ in mult veh 36.6%post-family income over $80K

Media Strategies Overall pulsing strategy with The Oscars March Madness and the Launch of the vehicle being the heavy up periods  Switch to Heavy intro in March, April and May  6 months after the product release a limited continuity strategy will be followed in order to maintain sales 

Media Strategies Cont. Focus on The cities and surrounding areas of San Francisco/Oakland/San Jose(BDI 270), Los Angeles(BDI 336), New York(BDI 231), Boston (BDI 247)  Los Angeles Luxury Car CDI 233 

 5.92% of US live in LA (DMA)

New York Luxury Car CDI 177  6.94% of US live in NY (DMA)

Media Strategies Cont. DMA M18+

DMA M21-49

DMA M25-49

DMA W18+

DMA W21-49

DMA W25-49







New York














San Fran














Focus on: The cities and surrounding areas of San Francisco/Oakland/San Jose(BDI 270), Los Angeles(BDI 336), New York(BDI 231), Boston (BDI 247)

Media Mix Recommendation Media Mix 0 18%


newspaper radio 17%

online magazine Outdoor



spot tv 3.40%

national cable

Media Class Recommendations

Television   

  

Reach strategy in order to create awareness of the new product Begin to build awareness prior to launch – to be supported by print and online efforts Main goal since cannot deliver that much information is to create clicks on the website – motivate consumers to actively seek information about the new brand Only quintile V users, so not an ideal medium to reach target audience Many 18-34 year olds increasing utilizing DVR, Tivo, internet to obtain shows To utilize money most efficiently concentrate on certain events that will guarantee the most reach in order to direct audience to and create buzz Build emotional connection to brand 

Gen Y’s need for sense of personal freedom (58.7%) and individuality (64.7)

Spot TV focus on 

The cities and surrounding areas of San Francisco/Oakland/San Jose(BDI 270), Los Angeles(BDI 336), New York(BDI 231).

Share of Voice 

Brands that have a higher share of voice will overpower us in terms of national cable frequency Mercedes, Lexus, Acura all spend more on advertising per car than BMW

BMW=90,038 SOV 1.11%--------------$349 per car on adv  Lexus=234, 094 SOV 2.87%---------$773  Acura=190237 SOV 2.34%-------------$988  Mercedes Benz=161,165 SOV 1.98---$700 

The Oscars The Oscars on average have 41 million viewers over its 3 hour duration.  It airs in February, 2 months before the launch of the 1 series, ideal timing to create awareness of the new car and generate buzz.  Reaches the female demographic 

 

Women are often in charge of the final buying decision Highlight Relationship to Susan G. Komen

People watch the Oscars for the latest trends in fashion and lifestyle and we want to position the 1 series as one of these latest trends  The Oscars support and reward innovation and creativity both of which are core attributes of the BMW brand  Broad-based medium more efficient use of media dollars  Most people watch the Oscars while they are airing, don’t record and watch at a later date, even host Oscar watching parties. 

March Madness 

Is ideal to cover enthusiastic sports fans and part of the BMW experience is being in a pure sports car.  Value of joy

Our key target audience, males age 18-34 watch March Madness.  The prime times to watch March Madness are during daytime (9am-4pm)and early fringe (4-7pm).  Reaches our male demographic 

 Watching sports events on TV 27.28%

Late News is ideal because people watching television are mostly sitting in their bed undistracted and are not getting up and walking around during commercials.  It is not simply background.  Furthermore, many people 18-34 watch shows such as Late Night with Conan O’Brien, The Late Show with David Letterman, and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno 

 Traditional methods good for the Baby Boomers

February 28


60% daytime 40% early fringe 20% late news oscars


March 18








55 12

55 12

2 30sec spots

•To support heavy up in March have 177 spots per week for two weeks during March Madness. •Oscars to create awareness for the launch of the new car.

Television Breakdown NY


Wkly GRP

Spots per Week





Early Fringe




Late News








Early Fringe




Late News








Early Fringe




Late News






Breakdown of spots per week: Daytime 62% Early Fringe 31% Late News 6.8%

Radio Will create surround sound and support the visual in magazines and newspapers.  NY, LA, San Francisco 

 San Francisco (2.27% US pop DMA)

Morning and Evening drive in order to reach those on their way to and from work or school.  Exploit daily routine- 21.39% enjoy listening to the radio  Only for the month of May for heavy up period.  Quintile I users 

Magazine Most broadbased medium for entire country  Utilize frequency since most people quickly flip through magazines and often skip advertisements 

 Also because it is a high cost, highly competitive market

Spend more advertising money than Volkswagon and Audi in magazines  Quintile I users Index 139 so 28% of budget 

 Reading 59.34% (psychographics)

Strategy: Begin 6 months before in automobile enthusiast magazines (Autoweek) in order to create word of mouth and website traffic  Then utilize frequency April – July 

 Reread as often as want, long shelf life  High pass along readership, more eyes than pay for

     

Psychographics of BMW drivers 3.4% opinion leaders 43% Entertainment 1.9% Active Minded 7.9% Design/ Style 45.3% Business (Convincing baby boomers with high income to purchase a lower class car – must convince )

Total Insertions    

1 page color - 67 2nd cover - 9 3rd cover - 6 4th cover - 12

93 total insertions over a 12 month span

Magazines Create awareness of automotive enthusiasts so as to spread word-of-mouth •Autoweek: 3 series / Lexus Index 333 / BMW Driver Index 331 •Car and Driver Blender: Heavy male readership •39.15% enjoy music or concert performance Business Week: Males BMW owners Index 403 / Lexus Index 403 / Toyota Index 136 •Stocks, bonds, investments 28.31% •Convincing baby boomers with high income to purchase a lower class car – must show quality of car just lower price still same prestige

Newsweek: • 57.9% of readers are Age 18 –49 •46.9% HHI 75,000+ •Circulation of 3.1 million •Low CPM 48.9

Rolling Stone:   

Travel and Leisure:     

Vanity Fair 190 Index BMW drivers Shopping 42.86% Maintain Prestige of car, to get baby boomers to buy lower than their usual bracket

Architectural Digest: 

Mercedes Index 367 / Toyota Index 147 3 Series Male BMW owners Index 403 Lexus Index 404 Travel - foreign 60.60% Travel - USA 56.31%

Vanity Fair / Vogue :   

circulation of 1.4 mil 86% age 18-49 Covers anything newsworthy among young leaders (viral strategy)

Mercedes Drivers Index 329

Entertainment Weekly:    

139 Index for BMW drivers Top DMA in NY (circulation 180,000) and LA (circulation 123,000) 51.85% of BMW 3 series drivers enjoy going to the movies CPM 66.8

Print Recommendations by category Entertainment

Opinion Leaders

Active Minded


Design / Style

Gross Impressions     

     

Entertainment Weekly – 10,661,592 Architectural Digest – 7,415,460 Newsweek – 6,194,652 Autoweek – 5,896,022 Rolling Stone – 8,596,896 Vogue – 7,759,110 Vanity Fair – 2,550,000 Business Week – 6,515,054 Car and Driver – 11,738,169 Travel and Leisure – 5,913,762 Blender – 6,550,029

Newspaper Not a preferred medium Quintile III Can be read anywhere at the readers convenience, sense of immediacy  More Niche Medium  

 Can give local dealerships and more locally designed ads

NY Times, LA Times, Chicago Tribune and San Francisco Chronicle since these are the areas with the highest BDI’s  NY (231), LA (336), San Francisco (270)  High circulation papers  List local distributors

 

Use a dominant page color Not full page because typically people completely skip this page and less than ½ a page cannot adequately display the car  Chose only Sunday papers since these are the ones that most people

view and with a higher retention rate  Relaxed on Sunday as opposed to frantically looking through before work or school

Newspaper Cont. Flexible  Request far forward, 6 pages away from competing brands  Dominant on page with editorial content  Los Angeles Times (Sunday) Index 197 Toyota drivers  Tribune Sunday edition Index 329 among BMW drivers 

 Among Toyota drivers Index 138

Online 

Feedback with customization for different niche websites  Interaction, measurable

  

Interaction High reach – especially of hard to reach consumers (TiVo, flip through ads in mag.) Not large allocation of money  Ask as perk for magazine advertisements that can have spot on

their corresponding website (i.e.  

Surfing the web 26.14% Read anytime they want when they want to not invasive  Can easily and conveniently lead to more information

Online cont.  – Index 247 BMW drivers / Index 154 Toyota Drivers – Index 250 BMW Drivers / Index 168 Toyota Drivers  Supports our advertising in the print edition surround


ZD - Index 231 BMW Drivers - Index 154 Toyota Drivers   

 Fine restaurants/dining – 63.82%

Outdoor    

Reminder after television and majority of magazine Bold way to reinforce presence of brand Airport Admiral Centers Televisions Los Angeles / Boston Airport diorama 50 showings each for 2 months ○ Boston 2.07% US pop (DMA) ○ Travel - foreign 60.60% Travel - USA 56.31% ○ Niche who can afford a BMW ○ Surround sound visual and sound while costing less than


San Francisco Transit 50 showings ○ Majority of population use bus, subway, and train systems ○ High frequency low CPM

Special Events Sponsor after party for the Oscars  BMW CD Rom game  Similar to Chevrolet “Year in Rock” with Rolling Stone Magazine 

 12 month calendar with popular artists featuring

various BMW vehicles

North American International Auto show/ Detroit auto show  January 19-27  Show prototype get the enthusiasts aware

so as to spread word-of-mouth

Summary Net Investment # of spots

#GRP's /units



Spot TV/ Cars












93 insertions



7 weeks

28 insertions



6 months

xx banners



5 months

300 showings

850,000 15000000

BMW 1 Series Media Plan Recommendation  

Project for media strategies course in 2007/2008 academic year.

BMW 1 Series Media Plan Recommendation  

Project for media strategies course in 2007/2008 academic year.