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Cuckoo’s Nest Pen one

To/Fro Lamp two

Chaise three

Loss Table four

Trink-it 3D Printer five

OGMO Tischgrille six

Birch Outdoor Speaker seven

Keramik eight

Photography nine


This pen is designed based on the character of Nurse Ratchet in One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest, namely her deceiving appearance and her gradual loss of control over both herself and the hospital.

My main inspiration for materiality was Parker Pens. I lathed a very thin shell for the outer part of the pen, destroying the end of it slightly to serve as a timeline of her loss of control.

Victoria University, Wellington, NZ 2011

The inner metal was a piece of steel that brought an unexpected weight to the pen. I did this to represent Nurse Ratchet’s kind, motherly appearance that contrasted greatly with her cold-hearted ability to sign off on such terrible therapies for her patients.

Cuckoo’s Nest Pen


To/Fro is a lamp that allows the user to decide the direction and strength of the light by simply pulling it to one side or the other.

I used an LED strip for ultimate flexibility, and the wood is all recycled, the main pieces coming from an old gymnasium floor.

Victoria University, Wellington, NZ 2011

Each piece was individually cut and stuck back together with the LED strip to form a snake-like strip of light that ran through the two pulleys with ease.

To/Fro Lamp


This group project looked at outdoor seating for couples. Featuring two seats that could slide in and out, our chaise allowed couples to decide on how intimate they wanted to be. After researching the classic “love seat� we decided that intimacy would be heightened when couples were facing each other, rather than sitting side-by-side.

We interlocked the two seats and placed rollers on the bottom for easy sliding. The slats created a cool effect when sliding, while the interlocking prevented the seat turning in to two separate chairs that would completely defeat the purpose of spending time with a loved one.

Victoria University, Wellington, NZ 2011



The Loss Table combines principles of scarcity and potential loss to persuade the user to be more organized in their study habits at home.

Made from sleek Ash wood and a handcrafted steel frame, it combines affordance principles with clean aesthetics to produce a visually appealing design that utilizes study time more effectively.

Victoria University, Wellington, NZ 2012

We arranged it specifically to only allow space for what is afforded, while the negative space reminds the user that they could lose their items if they aren’t placed in the right positions, thereby persuading them to keep their desk organized for optimal study time.

Loss Table


Trink-it is a 3D printer specifically for printing rings using Silver Clay, a substance that once fired turns to 99% silver. We designed Trink-it to be displayed in a gallery or boutique jewellery store. Patrons can then see their own unique ring being made and fired right before their eyes.

The printing platform of Trink-it is a stepped rotating spindle. With an even rotation we were able to get clean lines and patterns. Each step on the spindle represented a ring size, so users can check their own size and print directly on to that area of the spindle to ensure a perfect fit.

Victoria University, Wellington, NZ 2012

An Arduino board controls the movement of the syringe that holds the Silver Clay, with the co-ordinates relating to the chosen date of the person the ring is being made for. We also created a kiln, thereby keeping the entire process simple and completed all in one place.


Trink-it 3D Printer

The OGMO tischgrille is a stackable table grill system that allows users to grill,cook, steam and warm all at once, without compromising table space.

Through experimenting with materials, we developed a product that mixes wood, steel, cast iron and bamboo veneer into a system that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but practical.

Hochshule f체r Gestaltung, Schw채bisch Gm체nd, DE 2012-13

The entire product family fits together with ease. The simple bowls can be used again when not grilling, so the only piece you need to worry about finding a place in the cupboard for is the compact grill and drip-tray.

OGMO Tischgrille


After extensive research in to Bang and Olufsen, I designed the Birch Speaker, an outdoor speaker that connects wirelessly with the B&O’s beolab system.

Made from highly polished anodized aluminium, the Birch Speaker can withstand all weathers, without loosing that high quality B&O sound.

With a 270º range of sound, the speakers are made to be placed around the garden to achieve a full sound coverage.

I wanted to create something aesthetically pleasing, that would appeal to the B&O target market. By using birch trees as a precedent I created an organic form, by the use of metal, highlighting the fragility of our technology in comparison to nature.


Hochshule für Gestaltung, Schwäbisch Gmünd, DE 2012-13

Birch Outdoor Speaker

A short project learning how to make ceramic cups.

I began with the silhouette of my cup, from which I created the positive mould which I filed down to create the three flat planes. From this, the negative mould was created and the liquid ceramic poured in. After drying, the cups were sanded for a smooth finish then fired and glazed.

Hochshule f체r Gestaltung, Schw채bisch Gm체nd, DE 2012-13



My most recent photography explorations, all taken on disposable cameras.

Aalen, Stuttgart, F체ssen, Schw채bisch Gm체nd, Heidelberg, Berlin 2012-13



Taryn Hart - Product Design Portfolio  

Bachelor of Design Innovation from Victoria University, Wellington, NZ

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