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apuji Educational Association is one of the oldest and famed association running Educational Institutions in Davangere, Karnataka, India. This small seed sown in 1958 has now grown into a giant tree with more than 50 Institutions under its arms. These Institutions has carved a niche for themselves attracting students not only from India but across the globe. Dr. Shamanur Shivashankarappa Chairman Bapuji Dental College & Hospital, Davangere, Karnataka, India



Fired by the zeal to create world class institutions, Bapuji Dental College was founded in the year 1979 by Bapuji Educational Association. This college has been one of the most vibrant and dynamic institution in the field of dental education. It has nurtured thousands of dentists to reach the zenith of their profession. Every day brings forth new discoveries and therefore an exponential increase in knowledge is inevitable. The college makes every effort to provide the required technology to assist students to keep abreast with the latest developments in the dental field to carve their own niche in the dental society. An exotic discovery of this era is dental implants. Implant dentistry has grown tremendously in the past 25 years. From Branemark's era, oral implantology has grown to become one of the most lucrative specialities in dentistry and now is in the pinnacle of dental innovations. Hence there is a need to train more and more dentists in the field of implantology. In view of this, Bapuji dental college has started Bapuji oral implantology course to provide delegates with the theoretical knowledge and practical experience to start their implant career within their existing general dental practice. With so many dentists becoming involved in implant dentistry, the emphasis must now shift towards looking at the quality of training and education available. The dental journals often have several advertisements for a variety of courses and we all receive flyers through the post from a number of commercially run events. For the inexperienced clinician, this presents a real dilemma with very little Dr. K. Sadashiva Shetty guidance as to which type of course to choose. Principal Implant dentistry is unavoidably linked with the implant industry due to Bapuji Dental College & Hospital the individual design features and subtle differences between different Davangere, Karnataka, India systems. Fortunately, the main companies involved generally take the Course Chairman responsibility for basic system training seriously with courses teaching Bapuji Oral Implantology Course the 'nuts and bolts' on offer throughout the year. The question is 'do they alone offer appropriate implant training?' Unfortunately at the moment, for many dentists, the answer is 'no'.The shorter one and twoday courses can only cover a small aspect of the subject and to expect anything more would be wrong. Care needs to be taken by the prospective applicant to ensure that a course will meet their individual training needs. A course that somehow integrates evidence based clinical practice with a structured, literature-based teaching is probably the best model of training for many clinicians. Keeping all this pitfalls in mind Bapuji Oral implantology course has been designed to give a holistic training to all dentists enrolling for the course. The implantology activities at the Bapuji dental college have formed a centre of excellence for research, education and treatment. The state of the art Implant center at Bapuji Dental college offers the best possible clinical education complemented by opportunities in research and community service.



















Bapuji Oral

mplantology Course Theme of the course : One to One Implant Training Program This will be a Multi-system Implant course conducted by the college and will be a comprehensive course for the dental practitioner wishing to introduce implants into their everyday practice. Implant dentistry is one of the most rapidly expanding fields of dentistry. It is now a requirement for any dentist wishing to train in implantology to meet a number of specific training requirements before treating a patient. With this in mind, we have developed a one year Implantology Course at an economical cost for our participants. This course provides the theoretical elements and provides a very strong one-on-one Live Surgery component and regular treatment planning group seminars. Participants will have the opportunity to observe live surgery demonstrations and to treat their own patients under close supervision, from initial assessment to surgery and final restoration. The course is designed for the complete beginner, with no previous experience in implantology required. Upon completion, the participants will have the knowledge and core skills required to start a career in the rewarding field of implant dentistry.

On completion of the course the participant will have completed the following: 4 Clinical assessment of a patient, treatment planning and case documentation (clinical logbook) under guidance of an experienced clinician (mentor). 4 Performance of a surgical dental implant procedure at the Bapuji Dental College & Hospital under oneto-one guidance of the mentor. 4 Review of the clinical case, arrangements for follow up and restorative treatment. 4 Acquisition of enhanced practical skills in implant dentistry. 2

Bapuji Oral

mplantology Course

THESE LEARNING OUTCOMES ARE FOSTERED BY Individual and small group case planning and discussion Clinical experiential learning One-to-one clinical supervision

Keynote consultant/specialist lecturers 4 Comprehensive teaching programme including 4 hands-on practical sessions Course fee includes placement of TEN implants of 4 different implant designs in different situations Full certification for surgical & restorative implant 4 treatment Full clinical practice support and treatment 4 planning/advisory service Develop knowledge and skills with not just one 4 system but major implant systems in India

MODULE ONE Day One - Principles, Basic and Clinical Sciences of Implantology Osseointegration: Concept of Osseointegration. 4 Volumetric classification of available bone for 4 implant surgery. Evolution of dental implantology 4 Equipment and hygiene concepts in Implant 4 Practice Asepsis and sterilization 4 3

Bapuji Oral

Day Two - Principles, Basic and Clinical Sciences of Implantology

mplantology Course

Patient selection: clinical examination, diagnostic 4 criteria. Treatment planning: comprehensive patient care from first consultation to final restoration and follow up. Modern dental implant design features 4 Clinical assessment of an implant patient 4 Transfer of radiographic data to anatomic situation 4 Medical contraindications in implantology 4 Practical hands-on placement of implants into 4 models

Day Three - Hands on training: Asepsis, Clinical cases, Surgical techniques Hands on implant placement: Incision, osteotomy, 4 implant insertion, management of soft tissue closure. Hands on asepsis: gowning and patient preparation. 4 Clinical cases: How to plan and prepare a 4 treatment. Literature review. 4 MODULE TWO Day one - Healing mechanisms of soft and hard tissues. 4 Bone: Overview of basic principles of physiology and metabolism, bone modelling and remodelling. Healing: Healing mechanisms of muco-osteo4 periosteum, hard and soft tissue necrosis. Day Two - Surgical anatomy of head and neck 4 Practical and critical anatomic landmarks necessary for the success of implant and reconstructive surgery. Handling and manipulation of bone and soft 4 tissue on animal Jaws Day Three - Surgical Implant placement by participants.


Bapuji Oral



Day One: Contemporary medical imaging in implant and reconstructive surgery

Course 4 Radiography (periapical, panoramic, tomography) CT-scan & MRI. Hands on: Analysis and interpretation of 4 radiographs and CT scans, measurement of bone volume. Day Two: Live surgery. 4 Briefing and de-briefing of surgeries Day Three: Biomaterials and biocompatibility in implant and reconstructive surgery Panorama of natural and synthetic metals and 4 metal alloys, organic and inorganic materials. Heterogeneous and autogenous graft materials. 4 Biological interfaces. 4 Precise and successful indications. 4 Literature review 4

MODULE FOUR Day one - Overview of graft procedures and guided tissue regeneration techniques 4 Repair of limited volume bone defects, segmental bone defects, and major bone defects. 4 Principles of Guided bone regeneration, classification of membranes, surgical procedures, precautions, advantages, disadvantages, major pitfalls & statistics. Literature review. 4 Day Two - Live surgery. 4 Briefing and de-briefing of surgeries


Bapuji Oral


Day Three - Immediate implantation. Anesthesia in implant and reconstructive surgery

Course 4 Immediate implantation: Basic sciences, surgical techniques, indications and contraindications. 4 Anaesthesia in implant and reconstructive surgery: Local and block anaesthesia, pharmacopoeia, IV sedation and general anaesthesia. MODULE FIVE Day One - Implant prosthetics and occlusion. Bone expansion-compaction technique Basic principles of occlusion, impression 4 techniques and laboratory protocols. Implant abutments: Removable and fixed 4 prostheses, selection of abutments, choice of trays, screw/cement retentions, biomechanics and aesthetics of implant supported prostheses, concept of immediate loading. Bone splitting, bone spreading and expansion 4 technique in management of thin alveolar ridges: Cortical and cancellous bone deformation factors. Indications and contra-indications. Literature review. Day Two: Live surgery. 4 Briefing and de-briefing of surgeries. 4 Hands on implant prosthetics: Selection of impression copings, abutments and impression taking.

Day Three - Management of complications. Advanced implant and reconstructive techniques 4 Management of complications: Implant complications, abutment complications, prosthetics complications, Reconstructive surgery complications. Overview of maxillary sinus cavities: anatomy and 4 histophysiology, surgical techniques, biomaterials used. Overview of advanced implant techniques: 4 Zygomatic, BOI & Pterygoid implants. 6

Bapuji Oral



Course Course fee includes placement of TEN implants of different implant designs in different situations Implant Placement In Anterior Maxilla Implant Placement In Posterior Mandibular Molar Implant Placement In Posterior Maxilla Anterior Implant Supported Bridges The Implant Overdentures Immediate Implant Placement in Extraction Sockets

Surgical Demonstrations ? Direct and indirect sinus lift procedures. ? Ridge splitting, ridge expansion ? Flapless Implant surgery ? Autogenous Block bone grafting

Examinations and Certification Sl.No





1 X 100 = 100 Marks


Long Answers

5 X 04 = 20 Marks


Short Answers

10 X 03 = 30 Marks


075 Marks


025 Marks

All the participants will be awarded Certificate of Implant Dentistry after completing their clinical cases and after successfully passing the examination.


Bapuji Oral

mplantology 's


For whom is the course intended ?

Will I be able to place implants between modules of Implant course?

For all dentists interested in providing their patients a total solution and for all those who wish to integrate dental implants into their practice.

Yes. Every participant is encouraged to attend clinical sessions between the main modules.

As a beginner to implantology, would this be an ideal course to start with?

Can I practice procedures first before placing implants in the patients?

Yes. You will start with the correct knowledge without prejudice, to lay the most rock-solid foundation on which your fundamentals are based.

Yes. Every participant will practice every procedure and technique as many times as they like on animal skulls in every module. You place implants, do soft tissue procedures and hard tissue augmentation. Even newer techniques such as connective tissue graft will be practiced before actually performing on patients.

Which implant system will be used in the clinical and hands-on sessions? The focus of the Course is NOT implant systems; but on the science of implantology. The participant will be exposed to ALL the different designs, surfaces and prosthetic platforms that are time-tested and clinically proven. At the end of the curriculum the participant will be able to make an informed decision totally based on clinical evidence and proven science. Systems used during all modules are US-FDA approved and with CE-Mark. Where will the clinical demonstrations be held? At the state-of-the-art Bapuji Implant Center,Bapuji Dental College & Hospital,Davangere. Will I be able to place implants myself during the course?

Will I be able to place implants after I complete the course? This is the very objective of the Bapuji Oral Implantology course. We will be very disappointed if you are not confident enough to place implants after the course. How qualified are the faculty of Bapuji Oral implantology course The faculty of the Bapuji Oral implantology course are well known academicians, original researchers and accomplished clinicians. They are of the highest standards.

Yes. You will be able to place implants under the supervision of our well trained faculty.

How does Bapuji Oral implantology course compare with other courses in India? Bapuji Oral implantology course

Other Courses

Highly scientific and evidence based

Based on implant companies that sponsor the course

True "non-biased" faculty

Faculty sponsored by companies

Faculty has original research

No known research

Faculty has scientific papers to their credit

No known scientific papers

No compulsion to buy any System

Generally tied with implant companies that sponsor

Universal scientific based peer-reviewed education

Since programs are sponsored by companies, education is biased

Simple, straight-forward approach leading to Multiple company sponsors ensure participants are successful start of implant practice without any totally confused with the contradicting concepts presented by each speaker. Multiple company sponsors confusion and haggling. then haggle with participants and in the confusion participants make a "bad" decision to choose the "wrong" system or the "wrong" supplier who provides poor service. Non-commercial educational experience

Education biased towards sponsoring company

Participants made to practice various advanced Participants will not be exposed to advanced surgical procedures. surgical procedures on animal models


Bapuji Dental College & Hospital, Davangere

Bapuji Oral Implantology Course

Your Name here

E L P M A S Dr. Ramesh

Successfully passed the theoretical and practical examination after regular attendance of a one-year theoretical and practical training.

According to the quality criteria set by Bapuji Implant Center, Bapuji Dental College & Hospital, Davangere, here by certify profound knowledge and skills for restoring patients with implants according to state-of-the-art of science.

Dr. K. Sadashiva Shetty Principal, Bapuji Dental College & Hospital.

For Further Details of Course Contact

Dr. K. Sadashiva Shetty Principal and Course Chairman

Dr. Tarun Kumar A.B.

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Bapuji Oral Implantology Course  

One to One Implant Training

Bapuji Oral Implantology Course  

One to One Implant Training