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An overall grade does not serve any purpose for students (up to class 8) since all of them have to be promoted in any case2 . It does not truly indicate their overall performance, instead categorizes students into different groups. Performance in each subject needs to be focused on, rather than the overall. 2

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While trying to make sense of the sea of alphabets that floods the inner pages of the report cards, it is extremely cumbersome to keep flipping the page to refer to the grading system guide given on the last page. The sections are divided in alpha numeric parts in the inner pages while there is no reference to that system in the legend.

The different proportions of weightage of FA and SA are explained here in a confusing manner. This needs to be simplified and put in context.

The grading scales for different sections are different. When a parent is going through the report card, it is difficult to comprehend the meaning of the grades since they might not remember that the scales are different.

This legend can be clubbed with the legend for the other sections of the report card, or could be placed near the section itself for easy reference.

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04 / The Report Card Project

Proposal for CBSE Report Cards  

mentored academic project at NID. Student: Akshan Ish, PG Graphic Design under my guidance