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Boys Dress Code for Freshers 2010 Theme: “Gladiators” 1.You have to wear two shirts with one arm in one shirt and the other arm in the other shirt. Make sure that one of the shirt is full and the other is half and both the shirt should have contrasting colors(like red and yellow).shirts should not be white or black 2. White Vest (baniyan) has to be worn on top of the shirts and fold or tie the vest so that it does not cover your stomach .Gym vest not allowed. 3.You have to make ponytails and braids (चोट) with your hair as many as possible using

rubber bands and

. In case your hair is too short then u have to oil your hairs and look like a champuGels not allowed.


4.Skirt is to be worn( use innovative ideas or get a skirt from somewhere) and make sure that it doesn't fall

off while you are performing on stage.(better wear bermuda/shorts beneath the skirt).Skirt should not go

below your knees. 5. Wear a shoe on one foot and a hawai chhapal on the other(without socks)

Accessories: 1.Wear a belt and and carry a broom with yourself just like a sword . 2.Apply excessive powder over your face and


lipstick on your lips and cheeks(u can share among

yourselves).Carry some powder with yourself in case it gets off. 3.Wear fake earrings on both ears with unique designs. You can also use nose rings. 4.Pink or/and light blue nailpolish /paint has to be applied on nails(hand and feet). 5.Design a dummy


and wear it on the foot with hawai chapal.(you may use a short cycle chain.)

6.You have to make and wear a tail which should be at least

2 feet

long and 1cm thick.

7.You have to wear a cape .but it should be a half cape ie only hang till your waist . You should look funky and stupid. Be innovative and follow the dress code strictly. If you face any problems feel free to contact your seniors.


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read it have fun