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COME TO THE UNIVERSITY! ▶▶ Develop your professional knowledge by attending various continuing education courses. ▶▶ Order a training course tailored to your needs from the University. ▶▶ Complete your interrupted studies. ▶▶ Flexible opportunities for acquiring higher education. CONTINUING EDUCATION

You can get acquainted with the services offered by us on our website, but we are also prepared to solve very unique problems.

The University of Tartu is the largest provider of continuing education among all Estonian universities. In 2012, more than 33,700 learners participated in approximately 1,500 courses. We have successfully cooperated with enterprises such as Eesti Energia AS, Ericsson Eesti AS, Playtech Estonia OÜ, Molycorp Silmet AS, Rakvere Lihakombinaat AS, Viru Keemia Grupp AS, Olvi OY.

In addition to new knowledge and experience, those who have passed a training course are issued a University of Tartu certificate. The credit points collected by passing refresher courses can be used in degree studies, if there is a subject with matching study outcomes. Find out more tel. +372 737 5620

I truly recommend that you turn to our industrial liaisons specialists with your wishes. I can assure you that we will do everything in our power to be useful to you. We also have information about national and international support programmes that co-finance cooperation between businesses and universities.

The University of Tartu is becoming more and more enterprising; one part of it is the suitability of our graduates for employers, including businesses. We are interested in your suggestions in this area as well.


▶▶ 70 Bachelor’s, 80 Master’s and 35 Doctoral study programmes. ▶▶ Various forms of study and adjustable workloads to enable studies combined with work and family life. ▶▶ Branches in Tartu, Tallinn, Pärnu, Viljandi and Narva. ▶▶ Previous studies and work experience are taken into account in fulfilling curriculum requirements. ▶▶ A continually increasing number of e-learning courses. ▶▶ Opportunities to study abroad as a visiting or exchange student. Find out more tel. +372 737 5625

“Since we needed a training course that was precisely designed to meet the needs of a distribution network, we chose the University of Tartu as our partner on the basis of their vast experience and capability. This choice justified itself in every way, since the trainers worked on the project with utmost dedication. The strong theoretical basis and experienced teaching staff can certainly be highlighted as the characteristic features of the University.” Tarmo Mere, Head of Eesti Energia Jaotusvõrk OÜ

We are looking forward to hearing from you, since knowledge and skills are the only resources that grow, rather than diminish with use. Erik Puura Vice Rector for Development of the University of Tartu


UNIVERSITY OF TARTU ▶▶ The only university in the Baltic states ranking in the best 3% in the world (Times Higher Education University Ranking). ▶▶ One of the oldest universities in Northern and Eastern Europe, founded in 1632. ▶▶ The strongest research university in Estonia – among the top 1% of the most-cited universities and research institutions in 10 areas of research: molecular biology and genetics, environmental science and ecology, biology and biochemistry, plant and natural sciences, chemistry, geography, psychiatry and psychology, clinical medicine, general social sciences, and engineering. ▶▶ In 2012, entered into new cooperation agreements with 75 companies in the amount of 2.4 million euros. ▶▶ The University cooperates with international enterprises like ImmunoQure GmbH, Nordkalk Corporation, Pfizer Inc, Jordan Oil Shale Energy Co, Borkraft Ltd etc. ▶▶ The largest provider of continuing education in Estonia: more than 1,500 refresher courses with 33,700 participants per year. ▶▶ More than 17,000 students, 800 international (incl. visiting) students and 1,400 doctoral students studying on 70 Bachelor’s, 80 Master’s and 35 Doctoral programmes. ▶▶ More than half of Estonian PhD thesis defenses (101 Doctoral theses in 2012) and more than half of Estonian scientific publications are at the University of Tartu. ▶▶ 3,800 employees, including 1,800 academic faculty members (190 professors). ▶▶ 66 partner universities in 23 countries.


We match your company’s needs with the knowledge and research potential of the University.

Whether you are a representative of a major international company looking for young professionals acquainted with the business culture of different countries or a small starting business in need of an employee with specific skills, the Career Unit of the University of Tartu enables you to advertise your vacancies to current and former students of the University of Tartu, find trainees, part-time employees, or fill a temporary labour shortage, for example during summer months. We will help you find a motivated employee who has valuable knowledge, skills and fresh ideas. The Career Unit offers you


Cooperation with universities offers many opportunities for every business – they only need to be found. The University of Tartu offers a vast amount of opportunities from serious research and development work to refresher courses and student traineeships.


We offer various continuing education opportunities: ▶▶ Open-registration training courses – training courses of various durations, e-learning courses, summer and winter university courses for managers as well as employees offered in Tartu, Tallinn, Pärnu, Narva and Viljandi. ▶▶ Ordering a training course for your company – we can design training programmes according to the needs of your enterprise and conduct courses where suitable for the client. ▶▶ Participation in degree studies –participants in continuing education courses can take part in degree study courses along with full-time students. ▶▶ Self-directed courses – study programmes that are put together on the basis of the participant’s goals can be taken independently and the results are assessed at the University. ▶▶ Instructor-assisted learning at the workplace – an instructor-led study process based on an employee’s developmental needs and interests and the goals of the organization, which takes place at the place of work and the results of which are assessed in cooperation with the University.

Dear entrepreneur and cooperation partner,



HARNESS THE ENTHUSIASM OF A STUDENT FOR THE BENEFIT OF YOUR BUSINESS GOALS Introduce your enterprise to our students – this is a good opportunity to establish contacts. An interested student can adjust his or her study programme on the basis of your enterprise’s specific aims. You will also find a good trainee from the university to serve the goals of your business. The services of the Career Unit and the Student Web are free of charge. Find out more tel. +372 737 6206

“Eesti Energia employs several hundred trainees each year and welcomes the same number of young specialists who are only beginning their careers. The Student Web helps us to reach many students at the same time. It enables the company to introduce itself as a potential employer and to connect with future employees.” Mirjam Lindpere, Future Generations Project Manager of Eesti Energia

▶▶ The Student Web created in cooperation between Estonian universities ( allows you to enter job and traineeship offers and read the CVs of students. Via Student Web, in addition to the University of Tartu, your job and traineeship offers will reach the current and former students of 10 other Estonian universities. ▶▶ The career mailing list of the University of Tartu, which is read by approximately 4,800 current and former students. ▶▶ A notice board for job offers in the library of the University of Tartu.

INNOVATIVE UNIVERSITY WHERE NOVEL IDEAS COME TO LIFE In addition to the services of world-class researchers of the University of Tartu, you can also use the assistance of our students in developing or implementing your ideas. The IdeaLab of the University of Tartu is looking forward to hearing about any tasks set by you which will then be developed by teams of students from different faculties brimming with innovative ideas. This is your chance to test out new concepts, find innovative solutions to complex problems or new market niches for already existing quality products or services.



Uku Varblane, entrepreneur Find out more

If so, contact the industrial liaisons specialists of the University of Tartu. Together we will find the best way to bring your idea to life or solve your problem!

▶▶ THE BEST RESEARCH PARTNER FOR WORK THAT DEMANDS KNOW-HOW ▶▶ The University of Tartu is a world-class research university, the only university in the Baltic countries in the top 3% of the world’s best universities and in the top 1% of most-cited research institutions in ten scientific fields. Research here spans almost all areas of science from modern technologies to psychology and medicine. ▶▶ APPLIED RESEARCH AND EXPERT ASSESSMENTS ▶▶ More than half of the scientific publications in Estonia are published at the University of Tartu. We offer studies based on the professional know-how of our scientists and expert assessments for the implementation of research and development projects. ▶▶ INVENTIONS ▶▶ The researchers at the University of Tartu have patented numerous inventions of practical application, such as a glass of changing transparency, a sensor for detecting mastitis in cow’s milk, and a linked manipulator operating as an actuator in artificial muscles. ▶▶ ASSISTANCE IN FINDING FUNDING OPPORTUNITIES ▶▶ We prepare interdisciplinary projects, look for co-financing opportunities, and advise business projects. ▶▶ PRACTICAL SOLUTIONS ▶▶ The services of the labs and structural units of the University in the areas of construction and real estate, energy, mining and quarrying, manufacturing, health and biotechnology, agriculture and forestry, information and communication technology, water supply and waste management, arts and culture have been gathered into a continuously updated and easy-to-use database.

“We are developing a completely new product in cooperation with the Idea Lab of the University of Tartu – a device that keeps honey fresh and in a liquid state for a longer period of time. The Idea Lab is a good place for us, since we can gather clever ideas and test different solutions.”

The best development solutions in cooperation with the researchers of the University of Tartu

Read more about the opportunities and contact us at

The equipment and experience of the Laboratory of Work Environment of the University of Tartu enable us to mea­ sure satisfaction coefficients of using indoor facilities, noise, lighting, the efficiency of ventilation, etc., thus providing a complete picture of the health of a building as well as the factors influencing its users. In addition to improving the working environment, accredited measurements can also be used as evidence in legal disputes and in scientific studies.

SMART GLASS: TURNING CLEAR GLASS INTO MILKY OPAQUE In cooperation with the Estonian Nanotechnology Competence Centre, researchers of the University of Tartu have developed a glass which can be turned from clear to milky opaque and back again at the flick of a switch. The solution makes it possible to tint glass with several different colours at the same time, enabling it to be used as window glass as well as for many other innovative applications, such as making signs and advertising boards within glass which become visible as and when needed.

HOW DO YOU TAME A SHOESTRING? OÜ Haine Paelavabrik manufactures approximately 2.5 million metres of string each month. To a bystander it may appear that footwear string is one of the least scientific things around, but the reality is different. The Haine factory approached the researchers of the University of Tartu to analyze the problems related to the technology of waxed cotton string. With the support of Enterprise Estonia, the reason why the otherwise strong and durable string manufactured by Haine factory does not remain sufficiently glossy after waxing was investigated. Cooperation has expanded to aspects concerning postprocessing of the strings. Applied research is conducted together with researchers with the primary aim of developing an innovative technology for making strings waterproof for sports, military, hiking and other special footwear. “Studies like these are quite expensive and it is often necessary to turn to foreign labs for this purpose. It was a pleasant surprise for me that top-level research and expert analyses can actually be performed here, at the University of Tartu as well.” Andres Hoop, Manager of OÜ Haine Paelavabrik

“At Eesti Energia Oil Industry we have had a brilliant opportunity to collaborate with the researchers of the University of Tartu in analysing the wastewater from our plant and in the development of suitable treatment technology. I am confident that in cooperation with various parties we will succeed in identifying an efficient wastewater treatment technology and thereby reduce the environmental impact of our oil shale processing technology.”

Kaido Brikker, Environmental Manager of Hanza Tarkon AS

Priit Ploompuu, Project Manager of Eesti Energia Oil Industry AS

VISUAL REALITY DECREASING INDUSTRIAL WASTE In order to decrease the emissions and waste generated in the course of industrial activities, researchers of the University of Tartu are performing technological examinations of wastewater sediment and biological waste handling as well as wastewater treatment plants. The researchers are helping to implement environmentally friendly treatment processes at enterprises and develop nitrogen elimination technologies for wastewater treatment plants. Investing in technological systems helps prevent future environmental problems at the enterprise.

“We received new production premises a few years ago and there were very poor lighting conditions. Another company had been working in these premises for years before us, but the conditions were not acceptable to us. Prior to moving in, I had the Laboratory of Work Environment of the University of Tartu perform light intensity measurements in the entire building and got proof that most of the rooms did not comply with the standards set for lighting. We installed new lights. We have performed other measurements for noise, temperature and other para­ meters. We have been ordering measurements from the University of Tartu Laboratory of Work Environment for five years already.”

If you wish to create three-dimensional objects and prototypes quickly and affordably and are not content with the mere pictures and images on the computer screen, instant prototyping provides the best visual image. The University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy will help your business to think creatively, accelerate design, creative and deve­ lopment processes with the help of instant prototypes, and make the entire production more cost-effective. Instant prototyping is used in many areas from medicine to production and from the preservation of cultural heritage to product design.

“We wanted to develop a product range of confectionery flowers that could be used as a substitute for real cut flowers. The primary requirements for the products were their true-to-life appearance and ability to retain shape. We are very happy with the results. We found many improvements in the course of working with the specialists. Cooperation with the Prototyping Centre of Viljandi Culture Academy was smooth in every way: the working group thought along with us actively and found a suitable solution. We still keep in touch today and I never hesitate to turn to them with my wishes.” Liina Lindsalu, Manager of OÜ Karila

From University to Business  

Info brochure for entrepreneurs

From University to Business  

Info brochure for entrepreneurs