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PATTARAPRAGRIT reative Authentic Thai Spa Co.,Ltd.

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31/61 Kwannon Talakwan Maeng Nonthaburi 11000, THAILAND Tel. Mobile 089-694-5299 Home 02-968-4086 E-mail:, Special skills: Textile design, Graphic Design , Product and Craft Development, Photographer, Stylist, Florist Computer skills: Adobe Ps, Ai, Id, Br, Fl Microsoft Office 3D Google Sketchup Mac OS

Education: 1991 – 2005 2001 – 2010 Experience: 2000 – 2005

Rattanathibeth School, Nonthaburi Faculty of Fine and Applied Art, Thammasat University Organizer and Event Designer, Soka Gakai Thailand


Director of “The Music for Peace “, Soka Gakai Thailand


Intern Product Development and Graphic Designer @ Bua bhat Factory Ltd.,Part, Chiangmai

2007 – 2010

Freelance Graphic and Product Designer

2010 - 2012

Graphic Artist of SAVAN VEGAS HOTEL & CASINO @ Lao PDR.

2012 - present Award:


Conceptual Creative of Authentic Thai Spa Co.,Ltd. Thailand Finalist and 3rd prize of accessories category In Made Jeans Be Me Competition 2006, Siam Paragon


Finalist Sustainable Design camp 2009, Cotto and Doitung


Finalist Home Textile Butterfly Award, Dep Thai Finalist Sustainable Design camp 2010, Cotto and Doitung



Performance & Body Sculpture in Degrees Show 08 @ Central World


Sustainable Design camp 2009, Cotto and Doitung @ TCDC


“Pastraporn 11” Thesis exhibition @ Central World

“เทศกาลปล อ ยแสง 6 คิ ด ทำ กิ น ตอน คบเด็ ก สร า งชาติ ” @ TCDC “Home Textile Butterfly Award”, BIG-BIH @ BITEC Bangna

Divine Mango Heavenly Joy

Do you know mango is a “fruit of Gods” in India? Mango has long been one of the very fruits offered to divine spirits in India and across South East Asia for its luscious aromatic flavor, unique divine sweetness and the abundance it symbolizes. In Thailand we have a unique Mahachanok mango with sweet flavor and fascinating scent and the adorable appearance-the reddish blush on the fruit that only appears on ones springing in the east side where the Sun rises. We traveled to Lumpoon to discover the origination of this mango and inspiring stories of this adorable fruit. We met uncle Dej Tewtong, a native lampoon agriculturist who bred Mahachanok mango by grafting two different mango hybrids. The appreciation uncle Dej has in His Majesty the King Bhumipol Adulyadej’s royal literary composition; ‘Mahajanaga’ in which mango is compared to sustainability-and the kingship virtues inspired him to name the mango ‘Mahachanok’ for its good fortune. Sabai-arom is delighted to present to you a story of a local faith and dedication and a special ‘Mahachanok’ mango collection that features all the good things about mango from sweet and deliciously scents to nourishing benefits it offers.

Siamese Blossoms

Flowerful Memory

This land of smile is blessed with many colorful and beautifully scented flowers. The Siamese ladies of the former times created their own fragrance recipes using the sensually attractive scent of local Thai flowers. The unique sensual smell of Siamese ladies inspired the poets to deeply describe their dearly beloved women to the glamorous scent of Thai flowers. The important role of Thai fragrance recipe has been shrunk since the arrival of western perfumes and rapidly fades away from the memory of people of the new generation. Sabai-arom Siamese Blossoms is specially blended to bring you back to the sweet memory of the flowers you probably have forgotten. We put loads of Thai flowers found easily around our home neighbor (Ex: Champaca, Ylang-Ylang, PiKun, Sarapi, Boonnak, etc). We think you will be very surprised to know that Thai flowers have never gone away from our daily life.

Happy rice, happy life Honoring the organic and grateful way of life

The high respect for rice of Tamor people reflects obviously in the heartfelt attempt to preserve local rice varieties such as Pakakampruen, Pakaramduan or Nian-Guang from being extinct in the swiftly currents of commercial-based rice cultivation. Especially the Niang-Guang rice which is the heart of local auspicious ceremonies, used as a divine sweet, for generations.

This journey has accentuated us about the faith we have in our beloved king’s ‘Sufficient Economy’ philosophy, as we sincerely believe that this way of life is greatly practicable and will help our societies to reach the true meaning of sustainable happiness. We are certain that there are a lot people who agree with us about this…are you one of those?

Creative direction sabai-arom’s happystory

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Wold Spa & Wellbeing Apirl2012 booth design

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Saksit Creative2013  

I believe that human should respect nature as much as technology. We do not determined the feasibility of humanity, But we are defined to b...