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Women love us for our defects; if we have enough of them they will forgive us everything, even our superior intellects. Mary Lee Smith, Mrs. Ermon (Easy) Smith I've been so busy with dear Ermon. He has a brain disorder called Arnold Pick's. He has been in a care home for 2 years. There is nothing to do for him—but he's in a lovely home. He has so many other problems—of course he doesn't know us any more. Sometimes he remembers old friends for a short time! I miss seeing the TWA logo! And we miss seeing Easy 's smile and hearing his laugh. Tell him hello from all of us. Russ Day Gene — Haven't sent very much to the Grapevine Editors over the years, but figured now is the time. I became a TARPA EAGLE this past March 9th for whatever that ' s worth The "bod" is hanging together but with some problems. My knees are pretty shot, may face surgery, had my thyroid out 2 years ago, and had a bout with bladder cancer (all cured supposedly) this past year. So much for the $%% A "& "golden years!" My cartoon says it all. Hope you can use it in the TARPA TOPICS. I sent John Gratz the original so if you use it, check with him. I' m still living on Long Island, The last one to do so of our seniority. Joe Stack just moved to the mid—west I heard through our "Long Island" grapevine. I'm either too stupid to move or too much of a "New Yorkha" to leave. I have a boat but want to sell it. Been doing a lot of artwork, been in a couple of shows and even sold some of my art. I'm working mainly in pastels but I do dabble in other mediums, i.e. watercolor, acrylics, etc. Glad I'm no longer flying although I miss the trips. With the takeover by American I'm just as happy with my easel. Hope to come to the convention in Reno, but I have a daughter who is finally getting married and it may conflict. But don't want to miss this one, wonder how many more we'll have. I keep in touch with a few of my classmates, Bill Teommey, John Schulte, Don Killian, and Gus Gustafson and Ben Densieski from the class behind me. We're all hanging in there, but I wonder for how long. I enjoy the easel too, Russ. Wish I could do cartoons. Gene William H. Mikels Hey Rufus, Thanks for the reminder letter. I thought I had paid this long ago. I still remember my 747 rating ride in Flying Tigers sim at LAX in the mid 80's . I had inadvertently kicked the auto pilot off on a CAT III landing, put it on the ground manually and the guy behind you and I never noticed. Who needs autoland. Hope all is well with you. These fourteen years since retirement have gone all too quickly but enjoyably.



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