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Educating Hearts and Minds      

Great Scholars, Exceptional People 1211 Arbor  Road.      Menlo  Park.      94025.      650.322.2312.  

St. Raymond is a vibrant and joyful Catholic school that is committed to educating the whole childheart and mind. The goal of St. Raymond School is to graduate children who are not only great scholars, but are also exceptional people.

Mission of St. Raymond School St. Raymond  School  is  a  community  of  faith  dedicated  to  preparing  and  promoting  successful  students.   Continuing  in  our  tradition  of  excellence,  students  are  challenged  through  rigorous  academic,  social  and   spiritual  learning  experiences.  St.  Raymond  students  are  responsible  for  their  learning,  their  actions  and   their  impact  on  society.    

A Message from the Principal, Dr. Rolle Thank you  for  visiting  St.  Raymond  School.  We  are  a  Catholic  JK-­‐8  school  that  honors  the   long-­‐standing   traditions   of   a   Catholic   education   while   providing   a   rigorous   education   supported   by   cutting   edge   technology.   Every   child   at   St.   Raymond   is   a   valued   member   of   our  school  community,  and  we  provide  ample  opportunities  for  parents  to  be  involved  in   the  educational  experience  of  their  child.   A  St.  Raymond  education  can  best  be  described  by  the  solid  foundation  of  academic,  social  and  spiritual   learning   that   is   supported   by   a   carefully   selected   and   well-­‐designed   curriculum.   We   are   proud   of   our   Catholic   heritage   and   invite   families   of   all   religious   backgrounds   to   feel   welcome;   every   student   will   receive  the  benefit  of  a  Catholic  education  that  stresses  Christian  conduct,  family  values  and  social  justice.   Families  that  are  not  Catholic  are  welcome  to  share  with  their  children  how  their  faith  is  different  from   and  the  same  as  the  Catholic  faith.   St.   Raymond   School   has   a   nearly   100%   success   rate   promoting   graduates   to   the   private   high   school   of   their   choice.   The   local   competitive   high   schools   describe   our   students   as   "exceptionally   well   prepared"   while   being   "well   mannered,   socially   conscious   and   kind".   We   are   very   proud   to   hear   our   students   described  in  this  way.   I  invite  you  to  join  me  on  a  tour  to  learn  more  about  what  St.  Raymond  School  has  to  offer  for  your  family;   I   am   confident   that   after   spending   a   morning   here   you   will   see   what   makes   our   school   such   a   special   place.   Blessings  for  a  wonderful  year,                          

Tara Rolle,  Ed.D.    |    Principal,  St.  Raymond  School    

1211 Arbor  Road.      Menlo  Park.      94025.      650.322.2312.  

GREAT SCHOLARS   Education of the Mind

St. Raymond  School  boasts  a  rigorous  academic  curriculum  that  integrates  cutting  edge   technology  to  ensure  that  every  child  is  challenged  to  excel  and  supported  to  be  successful.     St.  Raymond  School  is  on  target  to  receive  Apple  Distinguished  School  status  and  is  a  model  in  integrated   technology  for  schools  across  the  Peninsula.  Robotics,  Game  Design,  Spanish  and  Visual/Performing  Arts  are   high  priority  components  of  the  student  experience.       St.  Raymond  School  promotes  99%  of  graduates  each  year  to  the  private,  preparatory  high  school   of  choice.  Students  consistently  place  into  Honors  and  AP  courses  at  the  high  school  level.     Graduates  of  St.  Raymond  most  often  attend:   Sacred  Heart,  Atherton     Bellarmine,  San  Jose     Serra,  San  Mateo      

                   St.  Francis,  Mountain  View                        Menlo  School,  Atherton                            Notre  Dame,  Belmont      


         St.  Ignatius,  San  Francisco                Castilleja,  Palo  Alto              Mercy,  Burlingame  

St.  Raymond  School  is  1:1  iPad  in  grades  K,  6-­‐8  and  1:1  iPods  in  JK     St.  Raymond  believes  that  the  fusion  of  rigorous  and  traditional  instruction  with  cutting  edge  technology   cultivates  engaged  student  learning  and  optimizes  the  learning  experience.       St.  Raymond  School  has  a  fully  equipped  STEM  (Science,  Technology,  Engineering  and  Math)  LAB   and  a  LIBRARY  LAB  that  reflect  the  schoolwide  emphasis  on  integrated  curriculum.     Students  benefit  from  classrooms  that  have  the  latest  technology  including  online  curriculum,  access  to   databases,  Smart  Boards  in  every  room,  and  a  fully  wireless  campus  with  an  on  campus  server  and  network.       St.  Raymond  School  is  proud  to  have  annual  performance  by  each  8th  grade  class  at  a  13+  grade   level  equivalent  in  each  academic  area  tested  on  the  National  IOWA  Assessment     (13+  translates  to  the  expected  testing  performance  of  the  “average  13th  or  above  grader”)       St.  Raymond  School  employs  highly  qualified  teaching  and  administrative  staff     Over  50%  of  the  faculty  at  St.  Raymond  School  hold  Master/Doctoral  degrees  and  all  full  time  teachers  hold   a  valid  California  State  Teaching  Credential.        

1211 Arbor  Road.      Menlo  Park.      94025.      650.322.2312.  

EXCEPTIONAL PEOPLE   Education of the Heart St.  Raymond  School  integrates  religious  instruction  throughout  the  curriculum  in  order  to   actively  engage  students  in  their  faith.     Students  receive  religious  instruction  daily  and  are  encouraged  to  see  opportunities  for  prayer  throughout   their  day.  Preparations  for  the  Sacraments  include  First  Eucharist  in  2nd  grade  and  Confirmation  in  the  8th   grade.  Students  take  part  in  Reconciliation,  student    prepare  Mass  (monthly)    and  morning  assembly.       St.  Raymond  School  is  proud  to  have  five  Sisters  of  the  Sacred  Heart  on  campus  modeling  and   teaching  the  Faith  to  students.     Our  Sisters  of  the  Sacred  Heart  not  only  teach  religion,  but  also  prepare  the  students  for  Mass  and   coordinate  our  Religion  curriculum  with  the  San  Francisco  Archdiocese.  


St. Raymond  School  engages  in  multiple  service  activities  throughout  each  school  year.    


Students are  involved  in  brainstorming,  designing  and  executing  service  activities  that  will  benefit  the   community  at  large.  Ongoing  activities  include  the  Coat  Drive,  Canned  Food  Drive,  Toy  Drive  and   fundraising  for  natural  disaster  relief.   St.  Raymond  School  participates  in  a  Caring  School  Community  Program  that  promotes   schoolwide  emphasis  on  behavior  and  intention  for  all  students.  


Caring School  Community  is  integrated  into  each  classroom  and  includes  lessons  tailored  to  the  needs  of   students,  instruction  in  “acting  with  respect”,  class  meetings  and  student  led  problem  solving.  There  is   parent  participation  as  a  component  as  well  as  cross  grade-­‐level  buddies  and  mentorship.   St.  Raymond  School  believes  in  the  partnership  model  wherein  the  school  and  the  parents  work   together,  in  partnership,  in  the  formation  of  each  child  as  an  individual.    

St. Raymond  School  is  committed  to  engaging  completely  in  supporting  each  student  and  family.  In  return,   the  school  expects  that  parents  and  students  be  equally  invested  in  the  success  of  their  child.  The  school   believes  that,  together,  each  child  will  blossom  under  the  cultivating  hand  of  consistent  expectations  and   morally  grounded  messaging.    


1211 Arbor  Road.      Menlo  Park.      94025.      650.322.2312.  

Learn More About St. Raymond School  
Learn More About St. Raymond School  

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