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Mrs.Frisby and the Rats of Nimh Members Taro Kai Isabelle Pages: Tuesday4 chapters(until page 32) Wednesday4chapters(until page 53) Thrusday4chapters(until page 82) Friday4chapters(until page 111) Saturday4chapters(until page 1) Sunday 4chapters(until page 148) Monday4chapters(until page 186) Tuesday5chapters(until page 226) Vocabulary Black-eyed pea=a plant cinder block=a concrete building block anxiously=eager refozen=to become hardened into ice or into a solid body persipatation crude=in a raw or unprepared state stalked: followed authoritatively=having due authority roundabout=circuitous or indirect briskly=quick and active brace thyelf, be aware of coming events canter=an easy gallop

pipsissewa=any evergreen plant of the genus Chimaphila pry=force gaily=with merriment sputtering=to make explosive popping or sizzling sounds shrew=a woman of violent temper and speech

corn shuck= the husk of an ear of maize complexion=he natural color, texture, and appearance of the skin. Obediently= doing what people say rasping=unclear talking with a hint of pain Hypochondriac=pertaining to or suffering from hypochondria. tedious=wordy so as to cause weariness or boredom, as a speaker or writer; prolix. Sward=the grassy surface of land vantage foreworening=a warning for coming events futile, no use pneumonia= a sickness Main Problem Mrs.Frisby has a sick son that can't leave the house, but the problem is that he needs to leave or the farmers will plow their house down. The Frisby family is going to move and Timothy, Mrs. Frisby's son, is ill with pneumonia and shouldn't move however they have to move or else they will all die. Characters Problem Mrs. Frisby has a sick son that is terribley ill and neads to be taken care of. Relationship Problems

Mr. Frisby is dead and Mrs. Frisby is left to take care of all the children by herself. Physical Problem Mrs. Frisby is also too trusting sometimes. There is a hungry cat in the woods named dragon and it makes traveling across the farm for food hard.

isabelle's thinking time! i think that the rats went and made a plow because they don't want to steal the food or that they think that it is too dangerous to go out and might get eaten by dragon. i also think that when they said that tey had "alot of cleaning uo to do", i thnk that they ment that there was.... cat coffee in the cave because they said that animals lived there. Kai's retell for Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH pages2-32 The Frisby's lives in a slighty damaged cinder block. The hollow kind with two holes in it. It was stangely abondoned. It was almost buried but you could still see part of it. Thats how Mrs. Frisby discovered it. on the farm of Mr. Fitzgobbon for Winter because it's too hard to find food during the Winter, but if you live on a farm then, you can get alot of food like beans, potatos, black-eyed-peas, asparagus, etc. Mrs. Frisby is a widow(her husband died last Summer). One dry icy morning in February Timothy the younger son fell sick. He got ill with pneumonia. That morning Mrs. Frisby wanted to make eggs but an egg is to heavy for a feild mouse and on the way there's a cat named Dragon. So she looked For other food and then found a whole Winter supply of corn. When she gets home Timothy is not at the table and says he's sick. Mrs.Frisby gets mad and sends Martin to go wake him up but he still wouldn't wake up.She went to see what had happended and sure enough he was ill.They're going to leave in 2 weeks but because of this they might not be able to go home ever and the farmers are going to plow the farm during Spring, so the house will get wreched and Timothy is going to be stuck in it., Pages33-53 ps this is a retell. just sayin.I Knowok.

Isabelle's thoughts. ok, i am past the part where you find out how the rats know Mr.Frisby, this is how i think that they know him if jonthan wasn't mentioned. i think, judging by nicadamious or whatever his name that escaped and helped Mr. Frisby escape from the lab... i can also tell that when the rats agreed and rescued

him. Quotes He pronounced Plan with a capital P… i can tell that this means whatever he was saying wasis important. "i see. and your lady mouse friend cannot speak for herself?" said the owl. you can tell that the owl respects woman the same way he respects men and lets Mrs. Frisby speak for herself. also, you can tell that he is a bit posh and picky. and probely not the type you would fight over a seed with. All of the rats snarled and bit the professors to try to get out, I stayed down and obedient . So did jenner, but it was futile. this means that the rats kow that they will be here for a long time before they would get out.

“She looked toward the Fitzigibbons’ farmhouse, and there, on the back porch, lying in the sun, was Dragon.” Mrs.Frisby was looking toward the farmhouse, and saw Dragon. She was probably very scared because she was describing it so much, but she had to, to save her family. “There was not a bit of cover anywhere near.” Mrs.Frisby was trying to look for a place to hide because Dragon was coming and he might eat her. She was probably trying to run away from the cat before she got eaten. “Mrs.Frisby stood beside Justin and gaped.” Justin had just shone her the main hall of the rats hideout. She was wide eyed and was breath taken because of the size of the room and what was in the room. Mrs.Frisby said it out slowly, "Mrs. frisby is scared and is not sure if the plan will work." "Mrs. Frisby stared at it with big eyes" mrs. frisby is shocked "The girl-rat looked at her doughtfully" To the girl-rat Mrs. Frisby looks suspisios as if she were a spy.

"But why Mr. Ages" Mrs.Frisby is worried about The frisby’s are all field mice. The Rats of NIMH all cooperate together. At the end they all lifted the Frisby's winter house together and got it out of Mr. Fitzgibbon's yard so the Frisby's don't have to worry about getting plowed anymore. Jonathan is a name that is known to the woods because he encounters with the rats of NIMH and are in a way, friends. Mrs.Frisby trusts everyone exept the cat because the cat eat Jonathan, Mrs. Frisby's huband.

Mrs.Frisby and the Rats of NIMH  

Mrs.Frisby and the Rats of NIMH

Mrs.Frisby and the Rats of NIMH  

Mrs.Frisby and the Rats of NIMH