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An Unscheduled Holiday My mom and I walked past an ice cream shop on our way to the supermarket and smiled at a lady and her son sitting next to the heaters I recognized the boy from school. “How about we grab something to eat?” My mom suggested. “Sure” I said, I mean IT’S ICECREAM who doesn’t want it???? I went in and had just ordered when all the staff stopped dead and made funny movements with their hands, at first I didn’t understand, but then I got it. The ceiling was creaking and all the lights were swaying. I ran out the doors and flattened myself against a wall with the ledge of a building shielding us overhead. It was like being on a rollercoaster; the world was going up, down side to side. The telephone poles were swinging really fast. Mom and I were trying to comfort the boy’s grandma who said that she had rebooked the flight 5 times for this! After it stopped (and I got my ice cream) we walked out through to the plaza area, everybody had been evacuated from buildings and it was packed! Suddenly I felt shaking under my feet like a volcano was rising. It was another aftershock not as big this time though. 5:19 pm… 3/15/11 We are getting ready to go to Hong Kong for Spring Break. Leaving on Thursday 3/17/11. Maybe going to London after that. Maybe

This has been an extraordinary adventure for us‌ I hope it never happens again!

Saskia S  
Saskia S  

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