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The Earthquake speech @ Ascot International School, Bangkok On Thursday, March 17th, Jon Jon and I went to ASCOT for a speech to raise awareness to the school. I think it was really successful. I talked about the meltdown and the explosion of the nuclear plants, the earthquake and tsunami, and where I was at the time, and in the beginning I introduced myself and Jon Jon. ASCOT’s headmistress went with us throughout the school because we didn’t know where the classrooms were. We started with Year 3, which is grade 2. The kids looked quite interested. They all seemed mesmerized by our poster. We made that poster to show where Sendai was on the map and where Tokyo was. I labeled all the Regions of Japan and it also had a compass indicating North, East, South, and West. I wrote all the Regions in English and then in Japanese. The kids asked a lot of questions. I found out that the school had a Dress Up Like an Animal Day and they raised money. Half of the money they received was donated to Japan. I think Jon Jon and I did a good job raising awareness to the school about the earthquake and tsunami and I think ASCOT will raise a lot of money for the victims of the earthquake and tsunami.

Sammie March Nishimachi Interntational School

Sammie and Jon Jon at Ascot  

tsnami earthquake

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