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Galleon The Galleon was a large multi-deck sailing vessel. The Galleon was mostly used by European countries. It was more stable than the boats before it becauseof its shape. The Galleon was wider and a little shorter than the older designs which were long and narrow and low riding. At the bow it has a snout or a head coming out on the forecastle level. The tuck or stern was rounded. Lots of countries had Galleons, but they all differed from each other. For instance the Manila Galleons were up to 2000 tons when most Galleons we around 500 tons. Galleons were completely powered by wind; therefore it did not have oars onboard. They usually had 3 or 4 mast, the mast at the stern of the boat used Lateen Sails. They were used for war and also trading. The Galleon was used during the 16th to the 18th century. They were constructed of various hardwoods like Pine, and Oak. For its time, the Galleon was a very good boat, and helped a lot in Exploration. It helped in trading becausebeing able to sail farther, hold more valuables, sail faster, and protect itself

{ could carry more cannons}, made exploration safer easier and more profitable.


Galleon boat