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Black Ops… Crawling through wet, muddy, moldy rat smelling tunnels in South East Asia, are you really there? No! You are in your cozy living room slurping your Mountain Dew. From jumping off a cliff to shooting tangos, Call of Duty Black Ops is one of the best “first person” shooting games that are out there. The graphics are far better than any other Call of Duty game so far. The creators Activision also made “Call of Duty World at War,” a game about World War II. The campaign is breath taking awesomeness, and the split screen mode has new and improved capabilities. It has new weapons such as the explosive crossbow and the China Lake. There are also new kill streaks such as the explosive motor control car, SAM turret, and spy plane. There are also the same kill streaks like the Sentry Gun or the Care Package. Some kill streaks are the same, but different like the Chopper gunner (in call of duty 6 it was

infrared now it’s not.) Some of the best guns have names like Death Machine, Death Bringer or even Grim reaper. Black Ops has a Zombie mode just like COD World at War (you are trying to defend yourself against Nazi Zombies.) In Black Ops you can get a contract for a certain type of gun like for instance a Sub Machine Gun, and every time you shoot someone you get money. With the money you can buy attachments for your guns. “It’s the best game so far,” said Viplav. “I love using the RPG to blowup tangos,” added Tai Hirayama. “It’s fun throwing grenades,” says John. It’s so intense,” said Lexi. One Roman Emperor said “Hail Spartacus he who entertains the mob controls Rome,” you can’t rule Rome with this game but you can control your living room.

Black Ops  

Black Ops video game

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