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Toproc High performance concrete


Morrisons Limited, Bathgate, West Lothian, Scotland.

PERFORMANCE From chemical resistance to under water placement, there is a Toproc formula for even the most extreme of applications.

Benefits • Far out performs conventional concretes • A more sustainable product than conventional concrete due to its longevity • The first and only UK concrete to gain BBA accreditation (independent third party approval) • Reaches typical strengths of 30 to 40N/mm2 in 24 to 48 hours. • At 28 days it reaches typical strengths in excess of 60N/mm2 (in accordance with BBA) • A relative humidity of 75% is achieved 43% quicker than a conventional RC32/40 concrete • A superior increase in impact and abrasion in the most extreme environments. Fibre technology can also be applied (Topforce range) • Tested against a variety of chemicals and proven to outperform conventional concretes.

TOUGH The first and only UK concrete to gain BBA accreditation

Toproc CR - A concrete with higher resistance to acids, salts and other chemical substances, making it ideal for applications in chemical works, effluent treatment plants, agricultural applications and industrial coating and dipping plants. Toproc ED - Specifically designed to reach 75% relative humidity quicker than conventional concrete, Toproc ED is ideal for fast track installations such as resin toppings, tile and other surface materials. Toproc UW - Designed for use underwater, this high performance concrete has extremely high resistance to wash out. Unlike conventional underwater concretes, fewer alkalis are leached so it is less damaging to flora and sea life. Toproc SY - An extraordinarily tough concrete that stands up to the extreme abrasion and impact found in applications such as docksides, loading bays and scrap yards. Toproc ES - This tough, durable high performance concrete gains exceptional strength exceptionally quickly. In most cases the concrete can sustain light vehicle traffic after just 24 hours. Toproc HR - Formulated to provide heat resistance in extreme conditions, at extreme temperatures, this high performance concrete is particularly suited to applications such as foundry floors and hot material storage areas.


Morrisons Limited, Bathgate, West Lothian, Scotland.



Outokumpu Steel Company

Main contractor

Admiral Construction

North Midland Construction

Location Sheffield

International stainless steel company, Outokumpu, operates a stainless melting and continuous casting facility in Sheffield, UK. When the need came for the company to resurface the site roads, scrap yard and areas surrounding the furnaces, it was clear that the products specified would need to be durable, demonstrate superior strength and be able to withstand extremely high temperatures. Products would also need to possess early drying and early strength gain properties as the project would need to be completed within the steel works’ two week maintenance shut down period.

The solution Toproc has been specified for use at Outokumpu’s site for many years. As the site roads are frequently subjected to loads of more than 28 tonnes and thousands of tonnes of metal being dropped, lifted and scraped along the surface day in, day out, a product with superior strength was vital. Toproc AA was specified by Outokumpu for the site roads and scrap yard areas, combined with steel fibres for added strength. For furnace areas, where temperatures can reach as high as 1500˚C, and for the underlay in the cooling beds, Toproc HR demonstrated all of the required properties. We supplied 433m3 of Toproc AA and 5m3 of Toproc HR.


Morrisons Limited, Bathgate, West Lothian, Scotland.

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