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TopProof Watertight concrete


Morrisons Limited, Bathgate, West Lothian, Scotland.

REINFORCED TopProof offers a simple, cost effective alternative to traditional watertight construction methods.

There’s no need for additional finishes or external membranes, so it’s very quick and easy to install. It’s also highly reliable, requires minimal maintenance and it will not leak. Ordinary concrete contains fine pores that allow moisture to penetrate the surface and pass through. The size and volume of these pores is dictated by the water/cement ratio; the higher the ratio, the more porous the concrete. TopProof contains two specially formulated admixtures. The first reduces the water/cement ratio, increasing the density of the mix and minimising the size of the pores. The second fills the remaining pores ensuring a completely watertight finish.

SAVINGS TopProof is less susceptible to early age and drying shrinkage cracks, which are both common problems when external membranes are applied.

Benefits Quick and easy to lay - TopProof is laid in exactly the same way as ordinary concrete so no special skills or equipment are required. Should you require any help all you have to do is ask, Lafarge Tarmac offers full training and professional on-site support. Cost effective to use - Impermeability is built-in, so there’s no need for external membranes or any of the hassle that goes with them. As a result both material and labour costs are significantly reduced. Less risk of cracking - TopProof is less susceptible to early age and drying shrinkage cracks, which are both common problems when external membranes are applied. Quality assured - Lafarge Tarmac delivers quality products through a thorough understanding of customer needs and operates best practice in quality management systems which conform to ISO 9001. Easy to maintain - Minimal maintenance is required and should any problems ever occur they can be easily identified and quickly repaired. Better for the environment - TopProof eliminates the need for oil based chemicals and synthetic materials, greatly reduces waste on site, cuts vehicle movements and is 100% recyclable. Responsibly sourced - We have been awarded a BES 6001 rating of VERY GOOD across all of its product ranges including ready mixed concrete. No other company has achieved a higher rating across so many product groups.



Main contractor

Drake Circus Retail Byrne Bros

Location Plymouth

Concrete contractor Byrne Bros, used TopProof for this retail development in Plymouth which included a 4m deep basement. The development included offices, retail storage and plant rooms (designed to BS8102 Grade 3). Clarke Nicholls Marcel, specifiers for this project, were originally looking to use a membrane system, however they opted for a watertight concrete system based on time and cost savings as well as proven performance.



Main contractor

City of York Council Clugston Construction

Location York

We supplied over 500 cubic metres of TopProof to Clugston Construction, forming the base and walls of the 25 metre, six lane main pool. As well as a beginner’s pool and hydrotherapy pool. The TopProof system was chosen for its ease of use backed up by technical advice given, which together ensured the pool was completed and opened on schedule.


Morrisons Limited, Bathgate, West Lothian, Scotland.

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