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Building our future

“We’ve been helping to build the UK’s future since 1824.”

Tarmac Who we are

Building our future Tarmac offers a diverse range of solutions for the UK construction sector, including products, off-site manufacturing and recycling services. We also operate the UK’s largest contracting and highway services company. We don’t just supply materials. We help to build the homes we live in, the schools our children learn in and the infrastructure that keeps the UK moving every day. We’re building pride within our local communities. We’re building long-term rewarding careers for our people. Together, we’re building our future.

Our business isn’t simply about aggregates, asphalt, concrete, lime or cement, contracting services or building products. It’s about people. Thinkers. Doers. Innovators. Collaborators. Tarmac is a place where we welcome diversity, recognise talent and support career progression for all. It’s not where you come from – it’s where you can take us. A strong team of dedicated individuals with a diverse range of talents and skills. All working towards the same goal: to understand and share the challenges and opportunities our customers face. So that we can provide them with the best possible solution for each and every project, whatever the location, no matter how big or small.

“It’s the pride, passion and enthusiasm of our people that make the relationships we have with our customers so unique.”

Our people are our future.

people Our

Tarmac Who we are

“We’re proud to work closely with customers of all types and sizes, from national contractors to local builders and tradespeople.”

collabo We are

Tarmac Our values

Building strong, mutually beneficial partnerships has been the cornerstone of our business from day one, and is the foundation on which we will build our future. We work closely with our customers to help them deliver better outcomes, faster and more efficiently. We work side-by-side with our suppliers, sharing our knowledge and providing hands-on support. We have long-standing partnerships with schools, colleges and universities. We are at the heart of local communities across the UK, supporting local projects, community initiatives, and fundraising events. Everything works better when everyone works together.


“I’m proud to be part of a team that’s making a difference.”

prou We are


Tarmac Our values

We are proud not just of what we do, but how we do it. We’re committed to using our resources efficiently, treating our employees, customers and suppliers ethically, and minimising the environmental impact of our activities. Over the past 150 years, we’ve played an integral role in landmark projects ranging from building the UK’s first motorway to the construction of the Mersey Gateway. Today we provide solutions for projects of all types and sizes, from complex national infrastructure contracts to simple DIY tasks. We’re proud of what we’ve done and where we’re heading.

Our ambition is to help our people, communities, customers and contractors realise their aspirations. We’re honing the skills of our workforce to reflect the changing dynamics of the construction industry. We have long-term strategic plans for our sites to ensure they will meet the needs of local communities throughout their operating life and beyond. We’re developing new solutions to help our customers and their contractors take advantage of emerging technologies and embrace the benefits of modern methods of construction. Tomorrow is what we make it.

ambi We are

Tarmac Our values

“We work with you to understand, share and achieve your ambitions.�



Tarmac combines the knowledge and expertise of two of the construction industry’s most iconic brands: Tarmac, the pioneers of the modern road; and Blue Circle, the company that patented Portland Cement. A member of the CRH group, we are a national company with global resources that prides itself on its ability to deliver on a national, regional and local level.

business Wherever you are, we’re there for you.

Tarmac What we do

7,500+ 400

strategically located sites

“Tarmac has helped to shape the built environment. Now we’re helping to reshape it: by making it more productive and sustainable.”


readymix concrete plants


building product locations


cement and lime plants


120 quarries


asphalt plants


contracting offices

“Together, there’s no problem we can’t solve; no challenge we can’t overcome.”

Tarmac Our approach

solutions Our

We have the capacity to meet national, regional and local needs, and the expertise to provide a solution for any application. For hands-on support, our people are the ones to talk to. Our experience of major infrastructure projects enables us to provide expert advice on transport logistics, groundworks and material placement – the earlier we get involved, the more we can help. We provide tradespeople with innovative solutions that enable them to achieve better results in less time. And we provide householders with simple solutions that allow them to carry out DIY tasks quickly and effectively, regardless of their knowledge or experience. Whatever the challenge, we’ll find a solution.

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do, not just because it’s the right thing to do, but because it makes business sense. Minimising waste and reducing carbon emissions gives us a competitive edge. Providing our people with a safe working environment where everyone feels involved, respected and connected helps us retain a highly-skilled workforce. Building strong bonds with local communities ensures our sites are valued and welcomed. Protecting natural resources and the environment is vital to everyone’s future. We align our ambitions with those of the CRH group to ensure that, collectively, we are minimising the impact of our actions. Our future is a sustainable future.

strategy Our

Tarmac Our approach

“Sustainability is not just about reducing carbon emissions; it’s about building a better future for everyone.�


community events and site visits

4,600 volunteering hours

112,000 trees planted over three years


pallets returned, reused and recycled


CO2 reduction per unit of product since 1990

8.7 million

tonnes of waste and secondary materials used

Tarmac Our business


approach Our business is structured to support customers of all types and sizes, from national contractors to local firms and tradespeople. We operate on a regional basis and employ people who know the local area and understand the needs of the businesses within it. Local sites are backed by a national network of supply, materials, plants and logistics specialists. This enables us to flex to meet the needs of any project, from large-scale infrastructure programmes to one-off deliveries for small works. Our contracting team is equally agile. With 22 offices across the UK, we can undertake any contract anywhere in the country, on a variety of different terms. The only area of our business where we’re not flexible is safety. The health and wellbeing of our people, communities, customers and contractors is our number one priority. Tarmac takes care of everything.

“Tarmac is a national network of local businesses.�

Tarmac is a business that never stands still. We’re continually looking for new ways in which we can help our customers work more productively, safely and sustainably. We are leading the way with new technologies such as paperless billing and digital construction. We are continually evolving our product portfolio to meet new challenges and changing demands. We employ the latest equipment and logistics technology to make sure deliveries are made quickly and efficiently. And, we invest in our people to ensure they have the skills our customers need. Our expertise is embracing change.

Our “I love working at Tarmac because every day is a new challenge.�

Tarmac Our business


Tarmac is the proud custodian of over 100,000 acres of land across the UK, which includes a mixture of active and restored sites. Throughout their operational life, our sites provide stable, secure jobs for people living in the surrounding area, and make a valuable contribution to the local economy. While the land is being worked, we go to great lengths to minimise disruption to local residents, preserve sites of special scientific interest and protect natural habitats. Local communities are consulted on an ongoing basis from day one, and when a site reaches the end of its working life it is restored to meet their needs. Whether that’s parkland and nature conservation or new housing and public amenities, or a combination of both. We pride ourselves on being a good neighbour.

“Our job is to do what’s best for local people and the environment.”

Tarmac Our business



Tarmac is proud to be part of the CRH group, one of the world’s leading building materials companies. With operations in 32 countries, CRH is the largest materials supplier in North America and the leading heavyside supplier in Europe. The group also has a growing presence across Asia with interests in India, China and the Philippines. Our combined product portfolio covers every sector of the construction market. From raw materials and finished products for residential, commercial and infrastructure construction, to specialist solutions for professional building contractors and home-owners. Together we’re building the future, our future.

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