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EXTERNAL SUSTAINABILITY PANEL Lafarge Tarmac has established an External Sustainability Panel, chaired by Lord Glentoran, to advise and challenge the business on its sustainability strategy and performance. Panel members provide expert knowledge spanning the wide range of sustainability issues that are most important to Lafarge Tarmac and its stakeholders.

As the Lafarge Tarmac External Sustainability Panel, our mission is to provide advice and guidance, and to serve as “critical friends” of the company as it undergoes the transformation described in this document. We have been working with Lafarge Tarmac since its formation in early 2013. It is commendable that the company, recognising the centrality of sustainability to its development, took early action to establish our role. Since that time, we have had a rich and fruitful dialogue with the Chief Executive and members of his senior team. We have probed and challenged the company on many fronts. In particular, we have urged that sustainability be built into all aspects of the business plan. We have been listened to. We have been deeply impressed by the way in which the Chief Executive and his team have responded to us. Sustainability is built into the vision of the company and is a common thread in the values framework. A great deal has been achieved. This sustainability strategy has been one topic in our dialogue with the company. We are pleased to see that there are commitments, and that it addresses different aspects of sustainability appropriately, given the company’s operations. We applaud the company for identifying priorities - choices must be made – and for setting targets covering the next five years or so. What has proved more difficult is the setting of targets in a longer timeframe; there is also more to be done in building a shared understanding of “sustainable construction solutions”. Both are areas we wish to work on together in the coming year. We are pleased to have contributed to this early, but important, stage and look forward to the next. Lafarge Tarmac External Sustainability Panel


Lafarge Tarmac Sustainabilty Strategy