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MATERIALITY It is recognised good practice to focus on the sustainability issues that we can influence and which are the most important for our business and stakeholders.

Significance to Stakeholders


Lafarge Tarmac’s key priorities have been identified through a materiality analysis aligned with the Global Reporting Initiative guidelines. Gathering input from key decision-makers in the business, external experts, customers and other stakeholders, including our External Sustainability Panel, we map each issue on a materiality matrix to highlight its significance. The key priorities identified by this process form the basis of our sustainability strategy.

Reporting performance

Governance and ethics Community involvement Environmental protection

Resource efficiency

Sustainable construction Climate change


Sustainable supply chain Medium

Economic value Safety and health Our people Innovation and quality


Impact on Lafarge Tarmac In our strategy we have grouped our key priorities under four themes; People, Planet, Performance and Solutions. For each key priority we have set an ambitious long term commitment, a 2020 milestone target and other performance targets.


Lafarge Tarmac Sustainabilty Strategy