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We have an important role to play in meeting society’s demand for our products, services and solutions, while ensuring that our resources are used in the most efficient and sustainable way. To do this we have adopted the concept of the circular economy which focuses on designing out waste from every stage of the product life cycle and extending its useful life.

Our strategy to accelerate the transition to a circular economy means eliminating waste from our operations, recycling materials from other industries (as raw materials and fuels) and developing sustainable opportunities to conserve water. We will also support the transition by extending the life of the things built with our products through enhanced durability, designing for re-use and facilitating recycling into new products.

Increase the mass of recycled and secondary aggregates used in ready-mixed concrete to 25% and in asphalt to 20% by end 2020

Achieve zero waste to landfill by end 2020

2020 MILESTONE RECYCLE OVER 10 MILLION TONNES A YEAR OF WASTE AND SECONDARY MATERIALS FROM OTHER SECTORS 100% of operational sites to have risk based water management plans and water inventories by end 2015

Reduce water use (abstracted and mains) per unit of production by 25% by end 2020


Lafarge Tarmac Sustainabilty Strategy  
Lafarge Tarmac Sustainabilty Strategy