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THINK AGAIN, OUR COMMITMENT TO FUTURE GENERATIONS WELCOME TO OUR SUSTAINABILITY STRATEGY This strategy marks an important milestone for Lafarge Tarmac in our transformation to becoming our customers’ preferred choice for sustainable construction solutions.

ourselves challenging commitments and 2020 milestones, which take us beyond incremental improvements to business transforming solutions. We have a credible strategy to achieve these targets.

I believe sustainability is essential for the prosperity and well-being of society, our customers, the communities in which we operate and the long-term success of our business.

Our new strategy emphasises the importance of adopting a whole life approach and embedding sustainability into everything we do, from the goods we purchase, our operations and logistics but also the performance of our products in use and their reuse and recycling at the end of their life.

The world is changing, bringing a host of challenges for society and our business, including a growing population, increasing life expectancy, a changing climate, energy security challenges, pressure on resources and urban development. The Government’s Industrial Strategy: Construction 2025 confirms that wider environmental considerations will transform what we build in the future, what we build it with and how we build it. As a leader in the UK construction sector Lafarge Tarmac is set to play its part.

Achieving our 2020 milestones will be challenging and it will need the commitment and support of all our employees, contractors, suppliers, customers, communities and investors. I’m confident that we’ll continue to grow and evolve to meet the challenges ahead and I’ll certainly keep you updated on our progress towards delivery of our commitments.

That’s why sustainability must be at the heart of our business and embedded in everything we do. To guide us on our journey, we established an External Sustainability Panel, chaired by Lord Glentoran, to provide expert advice and challenge. By working with the Panel and other stakeholders, we have identified the key sustainability priorities for our business. We have set

‘Think Again’, is about re-thinking every aspect of our business to achieve our vision to be our customers’ preferred choice for sustainable construction solutions. Our transformational sustainability strategy is an integral part of this thinking. Front cover image: Artevia Concrete, Sainsbury Laboratory, Cambridge University

Cyrille Ragoucy Chief Executive Officer, Lafarge Tarmac

Lafarge Tarmac Sustainabilty Strategy