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UNREGISTERED Every solution starts with a challenge. Tell us yours at LAFARGETARMAC.COM The names 'Lafarge Tarmac Trading Limited', 'Lafarge Tarmac Cement and Lime Limited', all 'ULTI' prefixed brand names, 'Lafarge Tarmac', the 'LT logo', 'Tarmac' and 'Lafarge' are all registered trademarks. Š2014 Lafarge Tarmac Limited.



In 2013, Lafarge and Tarmac joined forces to create the ultimate construction products solution provider. One company with one vision. Committed to safety. Dedicated to sustainability. Combining industry-leading innovation and market-leading supply and distribution, together we offer an ultimate range of products and services: Aggregates for concrete, asphalt and mortar production, sub-base construction, capping, drainage and landscaping. Asphalt and Contracting Services for infrastructure, motorways, roads, car parks, footpaths, sports facilities, stadiums and runways. Readymix Concrete and Cement for the construction of homes, power stations, water treatment works, freight depots, ports, office buildings and shopping malls. Lime and Powders for water purification, soil stabilisation, land reclamation and the manufacture of iron and steel, plastics, glass, pharmaceuticals and animal feed. Our solutions play a pivotal role in delivering the services on which we all rely. Fresh food on supermarket shelves. Clean water on tap. Electricity at the touch of a button. Maintaining these services is a big responsibility. And one that we don’t take lightly.

We work closely with clients, contractors and partners across the supply chain to make sure that the solutions we deliver are not only practical and cost-effective, but also long-lasting and sustainable. All of our products are responsibly sourced in accordance with BES 6001. Our asphalt and concrete mixes increasingly contain up to 50% recycled content, and we are the UK’s leading supplier of recycled construction materials. Delivering sustainable solutions is what our business is all about. It’s what we do. It’s what Britain’s built on. Lafarge Tarmac Aggregates and Asphalt • UK’s leading supplier of aggregates and asphalt • 2,000 dedicated employees • Over 70 dedicated asphalt plants nationwide • Over 110 quarries • 70 recycling operations • 20 marine wharves and 5 ships • 7 million tonnes of asphalt • 40 million tonnes of aggregates

ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE – ANGEL OF THE NORTH, GATESHEAD Lafarge Tarmac’s expertise has been proven on landmark construction projects across the UK, from the Angel of the North and the Forth Bridge, to the London 2012 Athletes’ Village and Heathrow Terminal 5.

OUR VISION “To be our customers’ preferred choice for sustainable construction solutions.”

Our values are at the heart of our business, integral to everything we do.

Safe We always put safety and health first.

Committed to our customers We commit to delivering value for our customers every day.

Passionate about success We are passionate about our business, set ambitious targets and drive to exceed them.

Fast and flexible We act with an appropriate balance of speed and rigour.

One team We are all one team.

Trust and respect We extend and earn trust and respect.

ULTIMATE MISSION Lafarge Tarmac Aggregates and Asphalt is committed to thinking intelligently and sustainably, enabling our clients to be more efficient in their own operations.

ULTIMATE COMMITMENT Lafarge Tarmac converts over 6.5 million tonnes of construction and industry waste into new products each year.

SUSTAINABILITY • 100% of products have carbon footprint information • 100% Reclaimed Asphalt Planing (RAP) recycled for use in new asphalt • 2.9 million tonnes of secondary aggregates recovered from industry waste • 1.5 million tonnes of high quality recycled aggregates each year • 3.5 million tonnes of aggregates transported by rail Lafarge Tarmac is committed to providing construction materials and solutions that make a positive contribution to the built environment. By working closely with our customers, together we can reduce the environmental footprint

of projects and deliver innovative, more sustainable solutions. We take a ‘whole life’ approach, addressing not only the extraction, manufacture and transport of our products but also consider their sustainable performance in use and

opportunities for reuse and recycling at end of life. We use management systems certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 across our operations to continuously improve social, economic and environmental performance. Our commitment to

support our customers and provide sustainable solutions is further demonstrated by certification across our product range to BES 6001, the framework standard for Responsible Sourcing and the Achilles BuildingConfidence scheme.

• 100% of quarries have biodiversity and restoration management plans


With 100+ quarries and over 70 plants, Lafarge Tarmac is the UK’s number one supplier of aggregates and asphalt, offering a unique combination of national coverage and local delivery.

Ever since we invented the modern road surface in 1902, we’ve been finding new ways to make it work

Today, Lafarge Tarmac is the UK’s leading supplier of aggregate and asphalt producing 40 million tonnes of aggregate and 7 million tonnes of asphalt a year. Our nationwide network of quarries and plants is supported by an extensive logistics network, which enables us to supply customers across the UK quickly, cost effectively and sustainably. Aggregates If it is in the ground, it is in our product range. We produce more different types of stone, for more applications than any other supplier. From specialist sands, virgin, recycled and secondary aggregates, to armour stone, high Polished Stone Value ( P S V ) aggregates and bespoke solutions for top dressing, landscaping and specialist sports surfaces.

ULTIMATE COVERAGE Asphalt2Go, our fast, efficient asphalt collection service, operates nationally with dedicated units geared up to serve large and small loads – fast.

harder, go further and last longer. Helping our customers achieve more, in less time, for less cost.

Asphalt Products Our range includes everything, from coloured asphalt for road demarcation and aesthetic finishes, to thin-layer asphalts for single-pass surfacing, porous solutions for Sustainable Drainage Sys te m s (S u DS) a n d specialist formulations for runways and sports facilities. If you need something unusual or different, our expertise could make the difference.

ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE – OXFORD AND REGENT STREET, LONDON Surface deformation had been a persistent problem for many years due to a combination of heavy bus trafficking and the poor condition of underlying lean concrete. Since both roads were resurfaced with ULTILAYER four years ago there has been no sign of the problem reoccurring.



The more highly trafficked a road or footpath is the more maintenance it is likely to require. However, the disruption caused by closing whole sections of a busy street, road or motorway for any length of time often means that full depth reconstruction is out of the question. To meet this challenge Lafarge Tarmac has developed a range of industry-leading

asphalt products that allow long-lasting repairs to be carried out in a single pass, minimising disruption to pedestrians and road users. ULTIFASTPATH, ULTIFASTPAVE AND ULTIPAVE SINGLE LAYER, allow pathways, car parks and highly trafficked roads to be resurfaced quickly and cost effectively. ULTILAYER and ULTIMAT provide a fast, efficient solution to reflective

cracking and surface deformation, two of the most persistent problems to affect the UK’s roads. ULTIPAVE and ULTIFLEX are specially formulated for resurfacing motorways and busy trunk roads. At the other end of the scale, ULTIPATCH provides a quick, long-lasting, all weather solution for pothole repairs.

ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE M65 Junction 7 – 8, Dunkenhalgh.


A 20mm layer of ULTIPAVE Single Layer was used to replace both the regulating and surface course of the M65. As a result material costs were reduced by £90,000 and the work was completed in 17 shifts rather than 26, saving a further £66,000.



Conventional asphalt is not strong enough for many heavy-duty applications and only provides limited resistance to fuel attack. To meet this ever present challenge Lafarge Tarmac has created an innovative range of asphalts that deliver long-lasting results even in the most challenging and extreme environments. Incorporating advanced binder technology, ULTISHIELD is very strong and durable, providing a fuel-resisting, practical and highly cost-effective asphalt solution for service stations, bus depots, lorry parks, lay-bys and taxi ranks. ULTICRETE takes our solutions further for even higher stressed locations. Applying grout to the specially designed open graded receiving course provides a jointless surface ideal for loading bays, aircraft refueling facilities and port areas subjected to heavy container point loading. ULTIPHALT HD provides a tough, hard-working surface for commercial applications. Whilst ULTIDRIVE offers a longlasting solution for residential driveways, roads and footpaths.

ULTIMATE RESISTANCE Practical and cost-effective, Lafarge Tarmac’s high strength solutions offer enhanced resistance to fuel attack, ensuring long-lasting performance in heavy load-bearing locations.

L a f a r g e Ta r m a c ’ s e x p e r t i s e i n c r e a t i n g h i g h p e r f o r m a n c e a s p h a l t s f o r t h e

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• The rehabilitation of the southern runway at Heathrow Airport • The redevelopment of the runways and taxiways at Norwich Airport and Liverpool

John Lennon Airport • The reconstruction of the main apron at Newcastle International Airport • The replacement of aircraft stands at London City Airport

ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE – HEATHROW AIRPORT. SOUTHERN RUNWAY, LONDON As a framework supplier to Heathrow we have supplied over one million tonnes of materials for the development of the airport over the last four years. In 2013 we completed the rehabilitation of the southern runway, resurfacing an area spanning 170,000m² (equivalent to 24 football pitches).


To produce world-class cyclists, athletes, tennis players and footballers, you need world-class tracks, courts and practice facilities. To meet this challenge Lafarge Tarmac has developed a range of high performance asphalts, which provide tough, consistent surfaces and deliver excellent weather resistance. ULTISPORT TENNIS and ULTISPORT MUGA provide hard-wearing, low maintenance, fret-resistant surfaces for tennis courts and

multi-use games areas. ULTITRACK delivers a smooth running, parabolic surface for cycling velodromes, which is achieved using a unique, specially developed laying technique. Completing the range, ULTIPLAY is ideal for playgrounds and joint-use sporting facilities, providing the sporting stars of the future with a safe, low abrasion surface on which they can hone their skills.

ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE The only provider of asphalt specifically formulated for use in velodromes, Lafarge Tarmac has played a leading role in the construction of specialist cycling facilities across the UK including Bournemouth and Herne Hill.



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ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE - M25, LONDON Over 17,000m² of the existing surface of the M25 was removed and reprocessed at our Hayes asphalt plant, then returned for reuse on the original site. The new road surface contains 40% Recycled Asphalt Pavement, the highest amount ever on a major road maintained by the Highways Agency.

COMMITMENT SUSTAINABLE AND POROUS SOLUTIONS Meeting the housing, social and economic needs of the UK’s growing population, without compromising our international sustainability commitments, requires innovative construction solutions. To meet this challenge Lafarge Tarmac has developed a range of sustainable products that minimise the impact of the expansion of the built environment. We are the UK’s leading producer of recycled and secondary aggregates, processing over two million tonnes every year. We also have a network of depots across the UK that collect road arisings and reprocess

them for reuse on the original site. ULTIFOAM, our groundbreaking road recycling system takes this a step further enabling up to 88% of road arisings to be recycled and reused on site. ULTIDRIVE POROUS asphalt and ULTIFLOW sub-base aggregates allow water to pass through the road surface and sub-base, reducing the threat of flooding. Whilst ULTISuDS offers a complete Sustainable Drainage System (SuDS) solution, with the option for rainwater to be stored for use in non-potable applications.

ULTIMATE IMPACT Surface flooding typically occurs when rainfall exceeds 150mm per hour. Lafarge Tarmac ULTISuDS has the capacity to absorb 5,000mm per hour, significantly reducing the risk of localised flooding.

ULTISuDS, our unique Sustainable Drainage System (SuDS), allows rainwater to penetrate the porous asphalt surface so it can be filtered through a specially designed aggregate sub-base that removes contaminants, including sand, silt, organics, and heavy metals. It then acts as a reservoir to allow controlled release into the environment or use in non-potable water applications.


Simple, clear demarcation of junctions, cycle lanes and bus routes plays an important role in road safety. Traditionally this has been done by painting on white or coloured lines, which is labour intensive and requires ongoing maintenance. To meet this challenge Lafarge Tarmac has developed a ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE Lafarge Tarmac’s coloured asphalts have been used at many landmark locations including Horse Guards Parade and The Mall, London and St. George’s Square, Glasgow.

range of coloured asphalts that offer all the functional qualities of conventional asphalt and provide a permanent, colour-fast finish. Made using an innovative, clear synthetic binder, ULTICOLOUR provides a stunning smooth, textured surface that will not fade over time. Quicker to install and more durable than

traditional anti-skid materials, ULTICOLOUR BAUXITE offers a longer lasting, cost-effective, solution for road junctions. Whilst ULTIFINISH combines coloured aggregates with a black bitumen binder, which can be removed using jet washing after installation, providing a bright, vibrant finish at a minimal cost.

ANY COLOUR AS LONG AS IT’S NOT BLACK ULTICOLOUR is available in a range of stunning colours. Bespoke shades complement the brick and stonework of heritage buildings and landmark sites. The dynamic primary range is perfect for demarcation.

DECORATIVE SAND, STONE AND GRAVELS FROM ACROSS THE UK Lafarge Tarmac is the UK’s leading supplier of decorative aggregates for landscaping and sports surfaces. Sourced from traditional quarries, sustainable marine locations and recycling centres across the country, our range reflects the rich diversity of the British landscape.

From Highland cobbles and Welsh basalt, to Derbyshire chippings and Cotswold stone. All of our products are responsibly sourced and thoroughly tested at our dedicated in-house laboratories to ensure only the highest quality products are supplied.

Available in Harden Red, Ballidon White and Dry Rigg Blue. Plus many other natural colours.


Lafarge Tarmac l Home ULTIMATE SOLUTION If you’re looking for something new, different or unique, you’ll find the answer on our website. If the solution doesn’t already exist, we’ll create one for you. Lafarge Tarmac’s research and development teams work closely with customers to create solutions that meet their exact requirements efficiently, cost effectively and, above all, sustainably. Combining state-of-the-art laboratories and pilot workshops with large-scale testing facilities, our Research and Development Centre is one of the UK’s leading research facilities for building materials. This facility is supported by a network of regional laboratories, which are able to respond quickly to needs of customers anywhere across the UK.

Innovation in action Over the years we have pioneered a whole range of industry-leading solutions, including more than 500 different formulations of concrete and groundbreaking innovations such as porous, single pass and recycled asphalt. We are acknowledged to be a leading

Every solution starts with a challenge, tell us yours at







authority on the formulation and use of lime, powders and chemical stone, and we are also a leading innovator in the pre-packed cement sector. Our Contracting customers benefit from industry-leading service initiatives, including the use of GPS based tracking, monitoring and management systems.

New developments in Aggregates and Asphalt • In 2011 we secured a Carbon Trust grant to produce the first national specification for low temperature asphalt in the UK. • We’re developing a range of enhanced workability products for utility contractors that will significantly reduce voids in finished works. • A new, user-friendly pothole repair material will soon be available in tubs and in bulk.


COLOURED ASPHALT ULTICOLOUR Versatile coloured asphalt Urban roads, housing estate roads, rural roads, bus lanes, bus stops/stations, roundabouts, car parks, driveways, footpaths, cycle tracks, playgrounds, tennis courts, Multiuse Games Areas (MUGAs), landscaping

ULTIFINISH Architectural decorative asphalt Driveways, footpaths, cycle tracks

Lafarge Tarmac’s ability to deliver innovative, cost-effective, sustainable solutions is matched only by our ability to provide a truly local service. With quarries, production facilities, offices, depots and distribution centres right across the UK, Lafarge Tarmac is able to offer an unrivalled level of service, based on years of local knowledge and expertise. Whatever you need, wherever you are, we are never

more than a phone call away. Lafarge Tarmac Aggregates and Asphalt has created localised, customer support roles across the country to ensure potential issues are identified and resolved quickly, reducing programme times and minimising project costs.

ULTICOLOUR BAUXITE Long-lasting skid resistance Urban roads, housing estate roads, rural roads, bus lanes, roundabouts, car parks, driveways

SUSTAINABLE SOLUTIONS ULTIDRIVE POROUS Porous driveway surface Housing estate roads, car parks, driveways

SUSTAINABLE SOLUTIONS ASPHALT ULTISuDS Complete Sustainable Urban Drainage Solution (SuDS) Housing estate roads, car parks, Multiuse Games Areas (MUGAs)

ULTIFOAM On-site road recycling solution Motorways/trunk roads, urban roads, housing estate roads, rural roads, roundabouts, distribution centres, heavy trafficked industrial centres, lorry parks, car parks, footpaths, cycle tracks

RECYCLED AGGREGATE SOLUTION ULTITREC Landscaping Footpaths, cycle tracks


ULTIFLOW Porous aggregate sub-base

ULTIDRIVE Durable driveway asphalt

Housing estate roads, distribution centres, lorry parks, car parks, driveways,

Housing estate roads, rural roads, car parks, driveways

playgrounds, tennis courts, Multiuse Games Areas (MUGAs), landscaping

SPORTS AND LEISURE ASPHALT ULTISPORT TENNIS Specialist tennis surface Tennis courts, Multiuse Games Areas (MUGAs)

ULTISPORT MUGA Multiuse games surface Tennis courts, Multiuse Games Areas (MUGAs)

ULTITRACK High grip cycling surface Velodromes

ULTIPLAY Playground/joint sport surface Playgrounds, Multiuse Games Areas (MUGAs)

ULTIPLAY POROUS Sustainable multiuse games surface Playgrounds, Multiuse Games Areas (MUGAs)

FAST RESURFACING SOLUTIONS/ HEAVY-DUTY SOLUTIONS ULTIPAVE SINGLE LAYER Time saving, single layer resurfacing Motorways/trunk roads, urban roads, housing estate roads, rural roads

ULTILAYER Long-lasting solution to cracking and deformation Urban roads, housing estate roads, rural roads, roundabouts

ULTIMAT Long-lasting solution to cracking and deformation Urban roads, housing estate roads, rural roads, roundabouts

ULTIFASTPAVE Fast, durable, single-pass multi-purpose resurfacing Roundabouts, car parks

ULTIFASTPATH Single layer footpath solution, saves time, reduces disruption


Footpaths, cycle paths

ULTINATURAL Coloured chippings, gravel, slate, cobbles, pebbles and rocks

ULTIPHALT Fast resurfacing solutions


MASTERPHALT High performance road surface ULTIPHALT High performance road surface Motorways/truck roads, urban roads, housing estate roads, rural roads, roundabouts

ULTIPATCH Quick, long-lasting pothole repair solution Urban roads, housing estate roads, rural roads, roundabouts, distribution centres, heavy trafficked industrial centres, lorry parks, car parks, playgrounds, tennis courts, Multiuse Games Areas (MUGAs)

ULTIPATCH FOOTWAY Quick, long-lasting pothole repair solution Footpaths, cycle tracks

HEAVY-DUTY SOLUTIONS ULTIPHALT HD Durable, hardwearing asphalt for heavy-duty applications Roundabouts, distribution centres, heavy trafficked industrial centres, lorry parks, car parks

ULTISHIELD Tough, fuel resistant asphalt Bus stops/stations, distribution centres, heavy trafficked industrial centres, lorry parks, car parks

ULTICRETE Exceptional road resistance Bus stops/stations, distribution centres, heavy trafficked industrial centres

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