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Tutorials for coloring and engine assembly The engine compartment is PETg 0.5 mm transparent WITHOUT film. The product is to be cut and color. The package also includes the Duomi Bar


Wash the part with soap and water. It starts with the coloring on the back of the motor head (in this case red). No need to mask anything, just make sure not to get the other side.

Now, on the upper side mask the motor head that has just behind and colored by coloring entire piece. Usually the real machines have the inside of the engine compartment of the same color of the body.

Color on the top part of the whole on the engine (hoses, filter, radiator, etc. ..) with BLACK opaque. Use color model or acrylics, apply with a brush.

Now with markers or paint brush colors refine the details of the various components of the engine.


Bend the tabs

Attach to the body with adhesive tape or micro screws. ‌Good job!


All parts are original (no clones) and made by hand, it is possible that you may be small differences from one to another TaRLo.RC STORE: Tarlo YouTube Channel: Tarlo’s Garage:

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Vano Motore R2 by Tarlo_Tutorial-ENG